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I've been wanting butt implants forever so I...

I've been wanting butt implants forever so I finally went to a consultation & was told I can do a MED size butt implant! I'm 5'2 & 120 pounds. I feel like that is to small for me in not sure how ima look. My desire is to have a big butt. I'm also thinking of getting lipo with it . I have a 2 year old daughter I don't want a Brazilian but lift becus I don't have enough fat to how I desire it. Please helpp

My desires

This is how I want to come out

Implants with LIPO

so im going to get but implants with lipo and I want them to put the fat onto my hips so I can have shape ..

Consultation Today

I have another consultation today at 5.30 with Dr. Kassir who is located here in New Jersey. Cant wait to see what he has to say. I will know today which doctor I plan to choose.


So im finally getting it done by the end of this month, I already got approved for the Care Credit I cannot wait.

Everything is SET !

Going to get the surgery done in 2 weeks. Butt implants plus Lipo and fat transfer to my hips for shape. Im kind of nervous. Im not sure how long I have to be out of work for since I sit at work all day. I work like 3 mins away from my house anyway.. If anyone please can tell me how long it took them to go back to work & to sit down ...


Next week is my big day I cannot wait. I will be posting pictures after my surgery. I am going today to get a Garment at the Brazilian store. My surgery will be at 8.30 AM. Im going to get the blood work 2mo .. :)


I just bought a Brazilian Garment I paid $110 for it Im a very petite girl & size small didnt even wana zip so I am going to return it for a size Med ..


so this this Thursday is my big day I cannot wait i will be getting my blood work done 2mo.. I'm not even scared or nervous I just want to get this over with. Since I had a c-section with my daughter I want to see how flat my stomach is going to be. I hope the butt implants doesn't hurt alott :/ I will be getting it done in Staten Island..

Help! What 2 buy

Should I be buying anything now for after my surgery all I bought was a garment.

Day one

Get guys my surgery was today they started at 9 am & I woke up at 3.20 my surgery was 6 hours he was working my stomach alot , I got lipo and transfered the fat to my hips and but implants! I can't take any pics now cus I'm in pain from the implants ... I'm wearing my garment & I'm dying to take it off its so tight .. I can't sleep on my back so I'm laying on my side ... I woke up fine from the surgery I didn't feel sick just pressure and pain..

Day 3

Still feeling pain all I wana do is sleep, the doctor taped down my butt so it's really uncomfortable.. I need help to walk and to use the bathroom .. I have to go back Tuesday to the doctor so do he can take off the tape .. My hips hurts to since he injected the fat there .. Hopefully I feel better soon .. :/

My 3rd day

Here's a pic tape coming off Tuesday


So yesterday I took the garment off cus it was to tight I was walking to the bathroom and fainted. Thank god my boyfriend was holding me . Today I feel better It's so hard to sleep. 2moo they far taking the tape off so I will post pictures of my new bit and hips

Day 5

I'm upset cus I wanted it to be bigger he added fat to my hips which I see the big difference but my butt is not really noticible :/ I wanted it to pop out

Another pic

Picture p

Not sure

It's been a week already my butt is not forming how I want to its a round implant but doesn't look round and I only see a little difference. ! I hope the results change in a few days I would hate to have to get this done again !!!

2nd week

Here are some pics I can see the difference hopefully it gets bigger cus I wanted it big I feel much better starting to walk faster and leaving the house

Loving my new hips

Started sitting already I try to put most of the pressure on my thighs, went back to work yesterday !

Another pic

Love my shape !

Doctor visit

It's been 12 days since my surgery. doctor said I'm healing well. & that the implants are suppose to drop and when that happens I will see more results he put round implant 270 cc ! I wanted it bigger but he didn't want to over do it. He said I can go bigger if I ever want to do this again. But there is a big difference ! I will put my before pictures 2mo ..

before pictures

I was in shock when I saw my before pics

4 weeks

its been 4 weeks since I had my surgery. I am feeling great! It wasn't as painful as I thought it was going to be. I'm also hitting the gym already working on my upper body. I will start working on my lower body & doing squats maybe in 2 weeks. I don't wanna over do it. But I am happy with my results. I am planning to go bigger hopefully in 2 or 3 years. I want 300cc. I wish the doctor could have went bigger but he didnt wana over do it ! so theres nothing I can do about that but this summer I will be wearing by bikini :) finally I can wear one now that I have a nice shape. I will post up pictures. also in the future I am going to get a tummy tuck :) cant wait !

6th week

This is my 6th week feeling great! I saw my doctor yesterday I healed nicely he said if I wana do this again I can do a much bigger size whatever size I want! So in less then 2 years I will do this again I want size 480CC ... :)
Dr. Eliot hesser

Thinking about going to this doctor in NJ

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how did u travel from hospital to home/hotel right after surgery ? I cant think of how i am goin to do it without sitting!!
  • Reply
My mother came with me I sat on my side with a pillow for support in the front seat with the seat down. My house was only 25 minutes away
  • Reply
I sat in the front seat on my side with a pillow for support.
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U look amazing! Question where are the scars of the butt implants? Am thinking of getting butt implants but my scars dont heal well
  • Reply
There on the side you cant see them unless I am not wearing anything and bending over
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Hey girl how's your butt coming along ? Hope all I well :)
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thanks everything has been good I really don't feel pain anymore just a little burning feeling where my incision. I'm definitely going to do this again maybe in 2 years. There's a difference from my before & after but I want it bigger. I at least want 350cc & I only got I believe 270cc round.
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Looking better day by day :)
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Looking good! How does it feel to be back at work. I can only take two weeks off, but was told that wasn't enough time to recover.
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it feels good, I'm still stiff and a little sore and I walk slow, but its ok as long as you dont do any lifting you should be fine. I sit down all day so im good with that I put the pressure to my thighs.
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Thanks Hun! Maybe I can get away with 2 weeks only also!!! You results are looking lovely. Has anyone at work noticed?
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I think it os starting to shape nicely. I agree it looks very natural.
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It looks good, really natural on you. Hopefully it turns out how you wanted tho.
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Looks nice and very natural. You should ask your Dr. How many cc's your implant is.
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I am ima see him on Tuesday
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It looks good girl! You have a tiny frame. I think it fits you perfectly.
  • Reply
Thank you but I wanted it bigger :/
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I understand. We all havecthis image we are seeking. Mine is a lil big right now. Im hoping the swelling will go down some so it looks more narural
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Give it more time my butt looked horrible! But day 6 it popped out of no where like other girls are telling me give it time :)
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For your width he should've def have you bigger implants !!!
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Did you ever find out what size he went with?
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You look good :) and I understand you projection wise if you have a good doctor I'm sure he'll add more plump!
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Omg! It looks good! Happy healing hun
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Looking good girl.. I bet you cant wait to get the tape off. Cant wait to see more pics.
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What size implant did you get?
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