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I am a 41 year young wife and mother of two......

I am a 41 year young wife and mother of two....21yr and 16yr. I am done having babies and I am ready to get back to business...ME! Ihave been married for 20+ years and I'm at my biggest weight/size ever...size 16-18. I am pretty proportionate but like most women on this site, after having kids that baby pouch does not want to go away. No matter how much exercise...... it refruses to girls are constantly looking at the floor and I want to perk them up a Not to mention that bra or back fat that creeps up on you after weight gain, so lipo back there would really be nice too.....I am on the hunt for the best board certified surgeon to give me what I SEXY back...I went back to school at age 38 to finish my degree and this is my gift to me. I've taken care of everyone else and now it's my time to take care of me! Good luck to all you ladies and keep those reviews coming I enjoy reading them! God Bless!

Ladiessss!!!! I had my first consultation with Dr....

Ladiessss!!!! I had my first consultation with Dr. Lalla on 5/217/2012 and it was great! He was personable and attentive. He answered all my questions and made me feel like the best decision would be to go with him. I've already seen his work on RealSelf, He is booked through August but I anticipate getting y procedures dont in mid Sept early October. In order to hold my date a $500 deposit is required. So, I have to pick a date that works for me and then I will start my official countdown! Thanks to all the ladies on Real Self for helping to make my decision much easier!! hand clap!! Once I make my deposit and have an official date I will let you all know! So excited!!

Hi Ladies, It's been a while since I've posted a...

Hi Ladies, It's been a while since I've posted a review but rest assured I have been around reading all of yours. Life has been a bit busy but never too busy to remember to make myself a priority. So, let me update you since I am just a couple of weeks away from my transformation.

I have paid for my sx in full! Yea to me!!! I have been medically cleared (had some blood pressure issues) and now I am just waiting on my surgery date. In preparation for my surgery I have done the following:

- Scheduled the time off work (disability for 4 weeks)
- Filled my prescriptions
- Reduced my food portions and drink more water
- Began taking multivitamin, vitamin C and bp pills (:-)
- Began muscle building exercises(toning)...just 20 minutes a day
- Scheduled hair appt for day before surgery (so I dont have to deal with that after surger)
- Created a meal plan for the first week after surgery (so my family doesn't starve)
- Purchased the following items:
Dial Anti-bacterial Soap
Vitamin C
Boppy Pillow
Body Pillow
Water Proof mattress protector
Huggies (fragrance free) baby wipes
Antibiotics(prescribe as per doc)
Pain Meds (prescribed as per doc)
Benadryl (just in case I get ichy)
Compression garments
Maxi dresses
Yoga pants
Flip flops / cozy footies
Special K protein shakes
Poland spring bottled water (8 bottles daily at minimum)
Thermometer (regularly check temperature)
Treadmill (walk 10-15 every couple hours)
Headbands (to hold drains in the shower etc)
Step stool (to get in and out of the bed..if needed)

I also have a lawn chair that I will cut the bottom out and use body foam over it (bottom cut out also) and use when I just need to sit my azz

I am using this week to clean house, pack up the christmas tree, and organize everything in the house to make things easy for me. Oh! One other thing is I will have laser hair removal treatments on my upper lip, chin, under arms and bikini area! I have had some of these treatments before so I kinda know what to expect. I will get them done next week because the week of surgery I cant. I want very low maintenance during recovery time. I wont have to worry about my hair anywhere on my

I'm sure I probably missed a few things but please ask any questions and I will try my best to answer. I may post a couple of before pics because I know how "Yours" have helped me so I will try really hard to give back.

BTW..I have noticed that some ladies have asked about the larger sisteas 200+, well I am one of those. I am 5'7 &1/2 yes, I am claiming my 1/2 I am currently 240. I think I carry my weight pretty good. Most people say I dont look that big but I can find every, I will try to post more frequently as my date approaches. Good luck to all my sistas having surgery...whatever your having done...smooches!!

Hello again ladies...I am one week away from my sx...

Hello again ladies...I am one week away from my sx date and my blood pressure has been lingering around 150/100. Yes thats high and it has me pissed off..However, I went back to my medical doctor and she upped my dosage of bp meds. I also tried vinegar and it works! My pressure has stablized so far around 127/92.. Thank GOD!!! I have been eating healthy and hope to keep my bp stable.

On another note, I will post some pre-op pic a little later and my one week official countdown will began today. Oh, because I wasn't feeling well I did not schedule my laser hair for tomorrow...I will still get everthing done except for the brazilian laser removal..not sure if i can during the same week of if I have to wait a month or so thats fine.

Ladies..where did you get your femail urinals...

Ladies..where did you get your femail urinals from? I tried walmart and they did not have them.

Hi Ladies, Its been a minute but I have made it...

Hi Ladies,
Its been a minute but I have made it to the other side healthly and thankful. So, I will catch you up to where I am now.

Day 1 - This day was tough but I was certain things would get better. So, I arrived at the hospital on time and ready. Everything went pretty smooth didn't have to wait on the doc too long before he came into the room, took pics and measurements, answered some last minute questions and I was off to the operating room. The anesthesiologist gave me ann IV in my hand because I was getting lipo on my arms. He then told me to breathe into a mouth peace and I was out. I woke up on my back and craving ice or water or anything liguid to sooth my throat. I took some pain meds and used the bathroom and was release around 10pm that night. I could have been released earlier but because I was eating pain meds like candy and my heart rate was high I stayed a few more hours to get my heart rate down. My arms were wrapped in acebands and my tummy in a binder.

Day 2 - Was a little better than day 1. Still very swollen, soar and wanting to see better days. Took meds on schedule, ate pretty healthy and slept.

Day 3 - Still on schedule with everything. I was not taking any stool softeners just eating a lot of fruits and vegetables and water. I finally had a bowel movement. It wasn't bad, The hardest part was cleaning myself afterwards but I was able to do a pretty good job. The last couple of wipes I had to place my foot on the tub and wip with baby wipes (hubby was at work..didn't want to put my son through My body is becoming more flexibile and everything looks good thus far.

Day 4 - Each day continues to get better. I moved my bowels again with no problem. Continuing to take meds, water etc and all seems to be progressing. Stomach is still very swollen but I finally get a look at the incision and not so bad. It's low and thin. It's better than what was there, I'm thinking I am going to be pleased with the end results. oh, I got to take a shower today. Day 3 was too hard for me to take a shower so the doc said I could wait another day.

Day 5 - Much better day today. My husband gave me a shower. I used a card table chair in the shower and my husband lathered me up and rinsed my off. It felt good and I didnt' get light headed or anything. i was just very fatiqued and my back was really bothering me but i want to get a good wash in to help me get comfortable later that evening. After the shower my husband put neosporin on the scar, wrapped me up in gauze and put the binder back on. The binder seemed to be more bothersome because my scar was so low but I get to see the doc soon to hopefully get these damn drains out.

Day 6 - My first post opt appt, Yea!!! I was anxious and ready to hear the doctors thoughts on his work. As always he was pleasant and personable. He makes you feel like you have been friends for years and your stopping by to chat. Anyway, got into the office, took the binder off and he went to work. He removed some stiched from my arms and pubic area were the drains were. I also had tow stabled in my right arms because it wouldn't stop bleediing...not that I knew this because I was out of it. The drains were the worse to get out , then the stiches and then the stables and in that order,,,,I hope this is the first and last tummy tuck I will ever had to those drains!! They make sleeping and moving just uncomfortable. At this point, I am still not using my body binder because of the drains...I was ok with that because I cant imagine trying to manauever all that with the body binder on. After my visit, the doc said I can put the body binder on tonight..not me...I needed another day and shower.

Day 7 - I feel sooooo much better. I have not put my binder on yet but I will tonght. I have been using my boppy pillow and its been a life saver for sleeping and sitting. BTW.....I walk 4-6 times a day...sometimes only a few minutes at a time but I still get it in...I'm sure I missed some things so if you have questions ask. I am also taking finals for school right now so thats another reason why its taken me longer to provide an updated review. Yes,I know, crazy to have so much happening all at the same time but after this week I will be done with school and 1 week out from surgery and hope to be feeling better all around, So far I am pleased with my results and looking forward to continued improvement.

Day 9 Period is due to come on soon so, not...

Day 9

Period is due to come on soon so, not feeling my best today. Still in swell hell...still bent over a bit and looking forward to standing straight
West Orange Plastic Surgeon

I gave this rating because my experiennce so far has been great. Everything the doc told me to expect so far has happened to the day. The office and all the staff feel like family and I had no doubts in my doctor's ability to give me a great outcome while putting my health first,

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Hey Beautiful!!!!!! Im so freaking excited. For you! So you finally put them pics up huh..:-) cant wait to see your fabulousNess at work. You get it girl!!!!
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Hey Sunkysd!...yea I figured what the hell...feeling hella betta today....still very swollen though.
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Did u have your surgery? Are you happy with Dr Lalla's work?
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Hi Undecided bbl...yes, and yes. I am very pleased with dr. lalla's work. great doc and does very good work.
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How u feelin mama?
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Hey krazyray42...I am feeling better You looked great! I checked your butt out in the office...there is a difference. Also, remember its takes time. I had the BBL, TT, Arms, Chin, inner thighs and lipo of the full back and sides...sooooo you can imagine why I've been out of it for a bit...I have to post come pics but they are on 3 differnt devices.. I hope to get to them soon.
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im glad to c ur ok. i kept checking for your post right after lol. sry i called u out in the office. i was just taking a chance to c if it was u :^) u did look good too, that coat was working those curves lol. i did the bbl with lipo to chin, arms, stomach, back, and sides too. he showed me the pre op pics. hopefully he can have them printed out for me when i next come. my nxt appt is in 2 weeks. i didn't have to get any drains either i guess b/c it was just a bbl i did. im trying to stay off of my butt til at least 2 weeks. if u wind up driving before pls tell me how u do it b/c im still lost with that! glad to hear that ur doing better. i c u got a lot on ur hands with a family and school. im just doing nothing but being bored at home lol. tlak to you soon :^)
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Hey're lucky you didn't get any drains...i hated those things and I had 2! next appt is this coming Thursday..again, not sure how Im getting there yet but once I confirm I will let you know...the ride to the doctors office was horrible for me..ugh...I was sooo impatient and just wanted to blink and be, I am online now trying to finish my final paper for this class and im sooooo not feeling like it so that means I will be attempting to complete it allllll, happy healing to you and keep me updated (:-))
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girl u look great! c if i looked like u right now i wouldn't be considering round 2 smh! that is exactly the size i want. how much did he take out and but back in? when u go in for ur next appt call ahead of time to make sure they are on schedule so u don't have to wait any.
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oh and what garment did u get?
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Krazyray42....I don't know how much he took out and I think he said h only put in 600-700 but I nada little something back there already but. Will double check...I actually was sleeping on my back a couple days cause this sucker was think it has gone downbut my husband says it hasn't gone down at when I walk now, that thing jiggles!!! feels so funny....
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Krazyray42... I got a couple...I must admit I took the full body one off because it was cutting up the crack of my azz... Lol...I washed it and will try to wear it tonight...I am actually wearing a waist clincher I had prior to surgery...nothing on the butt...besides the body shapers are more for swelling... My butt is just about soft all over now...thank goodness!
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i think thats what obviously makes a difference too if u have a lil somethin to work with before hand. and i did not lol. mine is starting to get softer but its still hard in the middle. this is sooo fun lolol. don't mind me :^) i just ordered another butt garment b/c i tried getting creative and cutting a hole in mine so i could use the bathroom and now the hole can fit my whole leg in it! i keep hearing about all this talk of foam and boards so idk i might get one of those things. i just want my stomach to go down as much as possible.
  • Reply are hear ya...I am thinking of purchasing the foam as well for the stomach. I am still very swollen and hard in spots...i didn't really get lip on the front stomach because I had the tummy tuck but i feel very bloated. I'm still not walking completely upright and hoping for a big turnaround this week. I go back to work on Feb 19th...I dont want to look like a mess when I go back...Let me know how the foam works for you.
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Well wishes tomorrow on your New U...
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let me know how u figure out to drive when u get to that poin b/c i have no clue! also i read from some other reviews about the girls using paper cups or a water bottle with the bottom cut open, or a auto kinda funnel for a urinal. im going with the water bottle :^)
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Hey krazyray42..I plan on using my boppy pillow. I have my second appt next thursday...not sure how Im going to get there but i will let you know if I have to drive. With the drains out Im feeling like all things are husband bought me a femail urinal...and its the best..Its cost about $10 from the pharmacy.
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I know you are excited!!! Just remember to drink A LOT of water. It really does help. I keep seeing these long list of supplies that everyone is getting and i can honestly say that I haven't needed hardly any of it. The female urinal would be great but I couldn't find one either. The step stool came in handy for the first 3 days. Other than that, I really didn't need much.
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Hi Dreamin'..I have been drinking a lot, thanks. My husband was able to find the female urinal in a local pharmacy for $10. It's the best thing ever!
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Omg were having sx on the same day!!! And both from jersey!! Best wishes to u!!!
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Did you ever book a date?
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Hi Blonde in Bluffton...yes! my date has been booked...yeaaaa! 1/18/2013...Im excited...feeling some anxiety and soooo ready for the change.
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Hey! I am getting a tt,lipo, breast aug and lift in October! I use to live in PA! Are you excited?
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May I ask what PS you will be visiting? I live in NY and traveling June to Florida for surgery
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@Eliabutwubzzz.....I will be seeing Dr. Sanjay Lalla in West Orange, NJ....Good luck!!
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