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Here is my experience so far. This was done in...

Here is my experience so far. This was done in West Orange New Jersey at a plastic surgeons office. It was $845.00.(Everything in N.J. is ridiculously expensive!) I had my Melanage peel 7 days ago.I am 40 years old caucasion with decent light skin with some olive undertones (tan easily) (not sensitive) and very few wrinkles but definate hyperpigmentation and sunspots. I have used Retin A nightly for 1 year and stopped it 3 nights prior to peel.

I had the peel on Wednesday left it on for the full time 10 hours and was able to go about my normal activities Thursday with a pink glow to my skin. Friday and Saturday I laid low with a lot of peeling starting around my mouth area and spreading outward althougth the peeling was less on my cheeks.

I have used the Melanage cream 2 every night (followed the written instructions to the letter) but like Julie, my chin area is really scaly and dry. I don't know if I should discontinue use of this cream in that area or just keep it going and maybe that is what my skin is suppose to do? A lot of the brown patches are better but some spots are still there. The corners of my mouth are sore and scabby. My chin is very very dry and scaly. My face has a nice pinkish glow to it (besides the dry areas) and I think that is the reason I feel like my skin looks good right now... pink is making all the colors blend in so they are not so noticeable.I have only worn the provided sunscreen during the day and no foundation as of yet. I think I am not suppose to judge the results for a full month.

I feel like I have more fine lines then before (UGH) the peel but wondering if that is because I am dry?? I hope that goes away when there is moisture back in my face. I don't know if I should use moisturizer at this point or just keep following the protcol for the next 3 weeks and see what happens. Does anyone know if this is as good as it gets or should I judge it at the month point??

I will keep you posted but I am not sure I can recommend this for over $800.00 maybe if it was $500 or under I would say go for it but I don't want to make a final decision yet.

I had a horrible experience with this peel in October 2009. I saved for it, since the $899 it was priced at then was not something my beauty budget could absorb without some planning. My aesthetician, who had been providing me microderms for months and ostensibly knew my skin type, put the heavy sell on this peel. She cooed about what it had done for her and how my adult acne and minor skin discoloration would benefit tremendously. Within 48 hours, my redness and pain increased but was tolerable. At 72 hours, it was almost intolerable without 800 mg of Motrin. I followed the directions to the letter, but the foam felt like acid on my poor raw face. By Day 10, I was still peeling in sheets and had begun to break out in cysts on my chin. I suspected it was because of the anti-redness balm (which is heavy) and the thick sunscreen, so I resorted to my own Jan Marini sunscreen, though I did plod on with the balm. Fast forward three months because it was more of the same for the first 30 days. I spent the holidays holed up when I could, or with the thickest concealer available when I couldn't. By the end of January, my skin was still such a wreck that when I walked into Sephora to buy a gift for a friend, a Perricone rep accosted me and asked what had happened. I told her. Worn to a nub by now, I bought the duo of Gentle Cleanser and Finishing Moisturizer she suggested and within one month, my face began to clear. Finally. With continued use, it continued to heal and I've had one (ONE!!) cyst since then, which cleared in a few days with no scarring. I would NEVER recommend Melanage and think something is amiss with this formula and marketing practice. When I told my aesthetician about my experience, she suggested I'd not followed the directions. I haven't been back. I sure have ordered more Perricone, though.
I also had the peel done at the same office in West Orange NJ. My advice is:do not do this peel. I had the peel done 6 days ago. Part of the process is an anti-redness soothing balm. My bottle was empty!!! I could not drive back to the physican's office and get another bottle because we were traveling to Va. 2 days later, my chin area and around my mouth were very red, swollen, cracked and painful. the pain was so bad it was hard to sleep. The doctor's office was very supportive and wonderful in trying to alleviate the redness and pain. They called the rep in to tell her the bottle was empty and I had a bad reaction to the product. The rep refused to listen. I then called the company, Young Pharma, directly to complain to ensure this did not happen to another patient. The person who answered the phone(Sophia) would not talk with me and hung up the phone on me! Not very professional. I would not recommend using this product.
Hi KTA not worth it. My skin looks somewhat refreshed but not at all like they claim and I followed the directions to the letter. : ( On to the next scam. lol

Not worth it at all

Not worth it at all


What is the best face moisturizer after the melanage peel? I'm 17 days out from the peel. Very happy with the peel but my face continues to be a bit dry (not as bad as it was few days after the peel). I would like to know the best over the counter moisturizer instead of having to go back to the doctor's office. Thanks for the feedback.


Hey Bobbi2013,

You can also ask the RealSelf Doctors this question by clicking here.  They may have some suggestions for good OTC moisturizers.  Good luck! 

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