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I feel like one of the lucky ones. In three days...

I feel like one of the lucky ones. In three days it will be one year since my procedure, and I have no complaints. Even before I had my neck done, including lipo, people did not think I looked 60. But for a year I looked into the mirror and saw sagging jowls and a profile with no curve left in my neck and decided I wanted something done. It wasn't about looking different for me, I wanted to look refreshed and I wanted to look the way I feel inside, younger than my age and energetic.

Healing went great and I followed everything my Doctors office told me to do. My scars are barely visible and I couldn't be happier. I would recommend it to anyone. And by the way, my best friend and I did this together, she had a different procedure, but certainly easier to go through with a friend by your side.

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Im so happy to read your review since i am scheduled for the procedures with Dr Wise next week. Just wanted to know if you had the laser skin treatment, as well and how long it took to heal. I am supposed to have eyes done, too, but I am rethinking since I just found out that i will have houseguests in a week. Can you give more info on the first few days and how you felt? Thanks so much
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Nita, I am also in NJ and after seeing your photos and testimonials and another woman on this site of Dr. Wise, I am definitely going to him for a consultation on this procedure, but can you tell me this, in your before and after photos shown above, you have a little loose skin under your chin, and then the after photo shows it gone, but your paragraph mentions you had lipo under your chin. My question is: was the skin under your check near you neck tightened as part of the lifestyle lift, or was the chin lipo an extra procedure along with the lifestyle lift? Was the cost of the lift alone $5700? thank you for sharing your photos and testimonial, Nita, you look awesome! I am happy to see those excellent reviews and results right here at home in NJ.
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Nita, love your results. The pics are great. I can see that you took them at home. I live in NJ and have been scanning the web for a doctor who does this procedure. Would you be so kind as to answer a few questions: what was the recovery like? Did you experience a lot of swelling and pain, bruising, drainage,etc.? How long did it take before you could go out in public without looking like you just had a facelift? Thank you for mentioning that your scars are barely visible. I was worried about that. Thank you for sharing your testimony. Best wishes.
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YES THEY DO LIE. Now who's too trusting? Do you think they don't lie???? How do you know they don't.

I think it's very telling that Allentown didn't post back about researching as knowledgable as they said they were. Very interesting.
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They are hiring more board certified doctors, but, that was not the cae a few years ago. Mine said he was, but he wasn't even a board certified ENT. Not according to any medical boards I called.Glad you are happy & got a good doctor. Obviously 'he' took pride in what he does, unlike others.
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Why would you have a LSL with an ENT even if he was board certified? That's just crazy. He's not even a plastic surgeon. I agree there are doctors who lie, but they can't lie about being a plastic surgeon.
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Tell us exactly how you researched your Dr. and the facility and what other alternatives you looked into before you made your final decision? Maybe that will help educate others who haven't had it done yet and give them an opportunity for a better outcome! This would be so GREAT, since you seem to know all about researching this sort of thing. I'm not being facecious, I'm being serious.

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Dear Allentown75,

Quotes from THEIR LSL Guide:

"The vast majority of our doctors are board-certified facial plastic surgeons or board-certified plastic surgeons, and members of the American Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery or the American Society of Plastic Surgery. Before joining the largest group of specialists in facial refuvenation in the country, our doctors were trained in and performed many traditional procedures."

"Lifestyle Lift doctors are highly trained, ethical researchers, educators and speakers from institutions such as Harvard, Stanford, Duke, NYU and Mayo Clinic. Though trained in traditional methods, they now perform Lifestyle Lift procedured for one primary reason: becaquse we provide a saferapproach whil meeting the needs of todays active population." pg.6

"Dr. Koch also oversees the Lifestyle Lift fellowship program where mew doctors undergo a year of intense training. The unique, developmental program ensures the we have only the most qualified doctors in the field."pg.4

I could go on and on. Soooooo what you're saying is we should not trust THEM in these statements, but then believe all the other things they report to be true, when they are so secretive about what actually transpires during the "procedure". "MINIMALLY INVASIVE" MY ARSE!!!!

My computer was in storage at the time and I researched through phone calls to the company and at the facility in Franklin, TN. I read the Doctors profiles. You can't find out anything through the telephone from the state about any doctor, you have to go to the states website in order to ferret out that information.

So to believe or not to believe. That is the question. I say not to believe.
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I am not talking about LSL as a whole, impossible to do since I dealt with one office and one AMAZING doctor. If someone is thinking about doing this, whether with LSL or any other facility, it is your responsibility to do the research on both you procedure and your doctor. I can tell you that if my computer was in storage, I would have found another one before making such an important decision. I would definitely do it again, and I recommend LSL in Little Falls NJ and Dr. Wise to anyone to asks.
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I had mine done by Dr.wise in august of 2010. He is wonderful.
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Definitely an excellent Doctor and surgeon. Glad your experience was a good one, too.
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Why haven't you responded to the query for helping everyone out on how exactly you so expertly research your doctors, since you obviously realize that THEY lie about how they hire only the best doctors.
Are you afraid to respond or are you into only running people down?
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I was on vacation, not that I need to explain that. As I said before, I posted my comments on my experience at LSL in Little Falls and Dr. Wise ONLY. I never claimed to know anything about any other LSL facility or doctor. This will be my last reply to you since it is apparent that you are very bitter about your experience and taking out your frustrations on here. Your comments benefit no one. To bad you didn't spend this much time researching your doctor.
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My dear, I was only responding to your "You should have dones." If that's all the advice you have, then it's good you won't be posting again, since you have nothing beneficial to say. And calling me bitter? More like scarred and damaged like so many others who are posting here. And we're working to make the ones who have damaged so many people accountable for their actions.
I'm so sorry you can't understand that!
Take care and have a nice life!
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2trusting-I've read a number of your posts which, despite your points re the importance of researching physician credentials ( e.g., ABMS Board Certification in the specialty area ), I suspect that you have an underlying agenda to push rather than a sincere and unbiased interest in imparting information to others. Your posts often come across as hostile and almost juvenile, and frankly, to my mind, they make transparent in your objective.
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I'm hoping your not paid by Lifestyle. I heard on a TV show that many of their "testimonials" were by paid "models" with touched up photos. I am going to a Life Style office in New Jersey (Trenton area) and am aware that if you don't have a Board Certified Surgeon you're nuts. But they told me all the surgeons in their office are board certified. (I have to check but haven't done so yet) Is this where you went? The doctor they assigned me to is a different name than yours. I'm about the same age as you. You look great. I would love to get my chin back again.
How bad was the pain and how long before you could go back to work? (I work with the public so it's important to me + I can't get too much time off???)
Mello in Delaware
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I don't know if that is true about being paid by Lifestyle, but I can tell you I wasn't. The pictures you're looking at weren't even taken by them, I had my husband take the pics before and after my surgery. The office I went to is in Little Falls, NJ and Dr. Wise was amazing. I will tell you, I researched his credentials myself, I believe it is our responsibility to do that and not just believe what the office tells us. He was double board certified and everything I needed to know about him was easily found on the internet. I cannot say one negative thing about my experience. I had almost no pain after the first day, there was bruising and swelling, but I stayed home from work for one week, probably could have went sooner, but that was what I had told my office I would be off. Thanks for the compliment, I hope your experience is as good as mine.
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Dear Toms,
Please be carefull. Board Certified Surgeon can mean any type of surgeon. Many of them are listed as Board Certified Plastic Surgeons, but to quote Dr. Prendiville, "I would like to remind this patient of one basic concept: if performance of a unique, revolutionary procedure was feasible "in about an hour" don't you think every Board Certified facial Plastic Surgeon and every Board Certified Plastic surgeon would be doing it?" Dr. Stephen posts frequently and his information is spot on! Study more. Are you really willing to take that kind of risk?
I'm one of the large percentage who did not have good if I were you, I'd look elsewhere in an accredited facitly where if you stop breathing they'll have some way to take care of you.

Best Regards
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Dear Allen Town,
I'm soooo thankful that you had good results and are happy! With all I've studied I guess it's a crapshoot whether or not you get a good Dr., even though they advertise that they search far and wide for only the best and most qualified Drs. My Dr. had lost his license in IL for disfiguring a woman with a laser so badly it caused her to have to have another procedure done. He also had been disciplined in my state for narcotics but still kept his license. He was hired by THEM as one of the best and most cutting edge Drs. Does that not make it Fraud?

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I'm sorry your experience was not positive, but it seems you should have been able to find out all of that about your doctor before you made your decision to have your procedure done. For me this was the same as if I was going under the knife for any other kind of surgery, which I have, and I researched those surgeons in the same way. Dr. Wise is a Plastic Surgeon with his own practice, and shares his expertise with Lifestyle a couple days a week. The facility in Little Falls was clean, professional and I found no fault with anyone I came in contact with. Believe me, I was very apprehensive, and met with this office and the Doctor 3 times before making my decision. I can only make comment on what I experienced, and as I stated, everything went great for me and my friend who did her procedure at the same time. I'm sorry it wasn't the same for you.
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Thanks for sharing your experience. Your results look great. :)

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