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Amazing! Dr. Rappaport in new jersey was very...

Amazing! Dr. Rappaport in new jersey was very knowledgeable and a great choice. Had my first fraxel last night and I already see about a 90% improvement in scars on cheeks. I do have to say I pretreated my skin with vitamin c and copper peptides for about a year prior to procedure and I do not know if that helped with scar reduction but I already see a SIGNIFICANT change in skin . Does anyone know if I'm seeing such a dramatic change because I'm swollen ? I'm wondering if it's temporary or the real deal. I can't wait to see how this progresses over the week ! I will definately post photos for y'all.

UPDATE: JUNE 1, 2012 Second Fraxel Restore...

UPDATE: JUNE 1, 2012

Second Fraxel Restore performed two days ago.... doctor up'd the settings! It definately hurt quite a bit more, on a scale 1-10, I'd give it a 6. Face is very red and I will post a picture. Scars are once again completely gone from swelling. Office pictures showed a 20% improvement from first fraxel, hoping for another 20% improvement this time! I am considering Fraxel Repair next time ! I would definately recommend this procedure to anyone that is looking to clear up dark spots on their skin, because it removes them 100%. Also, fine lines and pore size have been reduced.

If you want to see a close up, check out my last...

If you want to see a close up, check out my last photo. Its one week after my second fraxel, and I'm definately still healing!!!!!!! Red bumps and weird texture but my scars are visibly smaller.

10 days in, my forehead looks AMAZING! Absolutely...

10 days in, my forehead looks AMAZING! Absolutely no pores/scars up there!!!! Wish my whole face looked like this!!!!!!!! Definately going for one more Fraxel Restore, TCA CROSS and than I think I'm going to do one Fraxel Repair on just my cheeks, my scars are definately shallow boxcars.

My skin is a beautiful pigment as of now... very bright and rosy. I was very skeptical but I guess this procedure DOES just take time. One procedure will NOT work, it takes a series.

UPDATE: I am getting Fraxel REPAIR done at the...


I am getting Fraxel REPAIR done at the beginning of July. I want to see what all the fuss is about with the REPAIR! Will post details ! My skin is back to normal now. Scars are diminished, but I want better results.

3 weeks in and my skin is still improving everyday!

3 weeks in and my skin is still improving everyday!

Update : I have had 4 Tca 30% peels . Skin is...

Update : I have had 4 Tca 30% peels . Skin is still looking better and better


Hello, its now January 2014 and I have deceided to get 2 rounds of silicone microdroplets and punch excision
Dr Rappaport

Great doctor worth the wait time

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Yes, I recently got Silikon-1000 plus excision
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My skin glows due to the restore and peels :) Its important to take vitamins and drink lots of water
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did you end up by also doing the Fraxel Repair? I am doing 5 fraxel restore (going for my 5th now) and see a better skin texture and less noticable scars (rolling type). But I want to do something more radical for next winter (avoiding the old co2). like dermabrasion, TCA or Fraxel repair. I would be more interested in Repair but most of the critics are bad.
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No I did not, buy I might try Repair if I have some type of scarring from the excision I just had done. The Silicone also worked wonders
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thank you. i think i will continue restore and use tca local for the most deep ones
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Your final picture looks great, may I ask what type of scars you have on your face? 
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I had a mixtue of rolling, ice pick and boxcar with some indentations and larger pores
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Sorry if you may have already mentioned this, but how did you treat your acne problem?
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On June 17, you commented that you were getting re:pair done in July. Did you ever get that done or did you decide to just go with the peels?
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No, I deceided to go with only the 2 restores and chemical peels
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So glad to hear an update from you! I had a vitalize peel done about a month ago and really liked the results, but found the few days of peeling to be pretty inconvenient for my busy schedule. Are you having the same amount of peeling each time, or does the amount lessen with each peel?

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No, its about the same
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Hi Soham-
I'm not sure what total fx is. I got the fraxel restore done....its not the Co2 laser. I am going for the fractional Co2 in July. Fraxel restore is a lighter procedure with less down time. I've gotten 2 treatment done as of now. Honestly, every day it looks better and better!!!!! I'm very satisfied with the results but I have some deep scarring thats not reacting to the fraxel restore, so I am going for co2. I attached another photo for you.
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Hi ,

I am also going through Total Fx procedure of Fractional co2 laser.I already have done one treatment with negligible improvements.Now I am going to have my second on July,first week.May be doector is going with minimal setting as I have Indian skin.Do you know which settings your doctor used nad also if you can please post a bigger pic of yours.....
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Soham, He used a high setting on me and I am Italiano. I recommend doing a lighter setting at the beginning to see hw your skin adjusts
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Have an appt with doc to discuss ..
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So I am guessing you are doing REPAIR and opting to skip the TCA cross at this point, is that right?

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Meghan- I Posted a close up for you! Its the last picture!!!!!!!!
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Thank you!! I know it can take a dose of courage to post a picture of yourself in harsh light - so thank you for helping me to see!! :)

So you sent me on a quest to figure out what the difference is between TCA Cross and TCA Peel. I think the answer Dr. Coleman gives in this Q&A provides a pretty good explanation for anyone else wondering:

Is the TCA Cross Method Effective for Acne Scarring?

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I've never had bumpy texture before so I'm freaking out!! Lol it's definately from the laser :)
TCA CROSS is a different procedure than TCA Peel...:-)
I want to do both !!
Have a great weekend
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Oh, I have been toying with the idea of trying a TCA peel! Can't wait to hear how this all goes for you!!

Thanks for uploading the new picture. Its a bit hard to see too much in it. Is the bumpy texture you refer to from the healing/peeling, or do you mean bumpy from the scars?

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Hey ! Yes I know he must have really upped the settings! He just did a slight pass on my forehead but 100% pore reduction on forehead! So happy! I'm still a little red, and my skin is raw but healing . I'll post another photo. As for my scars they are smaller but still there. I am planning on TCA CROSS and two more fraxels.
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It's been 3 days now, swelling has gone down and scars are gone!
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That is awesome to hear!! If its only day 3, there may still be some swelling going off what other community members said, so please keep us posted if you start to see the scars reappear in the next couple weeks.

Your little cheeks are sooo red in that picture!! How is your skin feeling??

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How long has it been since you had your treatment done? I know many people have commented that the initial change they saw was due to swelling that later subsided.

Here is a forum where people discuss how long it took to see results:

Fraxel Re:Pair results?

Here is a Q&A where the board certified doctors share their thoughts on a similar question:

Fraxel Laser - How Long Does It Take to See Improvement in a Series Treatment?


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