OK, My Consultation Date is Set for 05/23/12 - New Jersey

I always had hope that a real treatment would come...

I always had hope that a real treatment would come available during my lifetime, and age 51, it appears that it may have. My consult appt. is with Dr. Haramis, who works with and was trained by Dr. Dibernardo. Are there any other 50 plus ladies that have had this procedure, and if so, did you have to get a chest xray and ekg prior? Seems like a lot for a "Minimally invasive procedure."

Like many others, my determination to rid, or improve the appearance of my cellulite has been very expensive, and has produced no results. I have tried endermology (sp), AWT, Velashape, the shots (forget what they are called) creams, pills, you name it! It has been very very frustratiing, and a waste of a lot of money. So I'm hoping this one is the real deal.

After reading the doctor's replies on this board...

After reading the doctor's replies on this board regarding the EKG and chest xray question, I have cancelled my appt. with Dr. Haramis, and am searching for another doctor.
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Hi Tootnick! Dr. Haramis did my procedure yesterday - you must have seen him after he was done with me because he spent a LOT of time on me. :) I'm surprised to hear about requiring a chest xray and EKG. I'm 43 and he didn't even mention it and was a really good doctor. He was really nice, took the time to answer my questions, and seemed very thorough. Time will tell when it comes to results!
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Sorry, not yesterday, my surgery was the 23rd.
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Krissy, Glad to hear your procedure went well, what areas did you get done? Dr. H's officer called me on Wednesday, and Dr H got on the phone wan asked if there were any questions he could answer for me. I told him about my concern about the chest xrays, based to the replies i received from other doctors. Dr H replied that he is very caution because the procedure is so new, and that I may not need the xray. Being that summer is only a few weeks away, I think I will wait unitl Sept. to get it done, and may reconsider dr. h. for a consultation.

Do you mind sharing how much your cost was?
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Hi Tootnick!

My procedure was $6000 - they took 20% off when I mentioned this site (they advertised on this site that if you booked your surgery in May you could receive 20% off). I got my front/side and back of thighs done. Wednesday will be 2 weeks - I'll post a review here when I know for sure if it was worth it or not (not sure how anyone can see results immediately with all the bruising and swelling!) with before and after pictures. Right now I'm still pretty bruised and sore (although it gets better every day). I did like Dr. H though - he took his time and was very nice.
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Tootnick, I would definitely ask Dr. Haramis' office why they felt you needed the EKG & chest x-ray. There may be a very good reason that we simply aren't aware of, perhaps something he noted in your medical history that he just wanted to double check on. I wouldn't cross him off the list for being overly cautious, but those are just my thoughts.

Whatever you decide to do, please keep us posted so we can know how you are doing! :)

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I don't have any medical issues and I don't smoke. Before cancelling the appt. I told the woman answering the phone that I had done a quiry regarding the chest xray, and received response from doctors stating that a chest xray is not a routine requirement for the Cellulaze procedure. Hoping this would prompt her to seek further information on the matter, to my suprise, she seemed more then happy to just cancel my appt. Business must be really good. Anyway, I now have an appt. with Dr. Bond in early June, and a chest xray is not a routine requirment for those over 50.
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I think the EKG is standard for the procedure regardless of your age. I am in my 30s and told I needed to get one and I am in great health.
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Megan P.,
Thank you, I'll be looking for replies.
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Not even a couple of weeks till your consult! You must be excited!! Glad you are on here doing your research - smart lady!

As for your question about the need for a chest xray and an EKG, I'm not entirely sure but am assuming they just want to make extra sure everything is on the up & up health wise before they do the procedure.

I'll submit this as a question in our Q&A section so the board certified doctors who volunteer on here can share their opinions with us. They usually start to post info in 24-48 hours. You can click here to check for answers.

Until then here is an existing Q&A that can at least shed a little light on this for us:

Blood Work and EKG for Smart Lipo?

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