New Booty NJ I did it!

I am having butt implants in a couple of weeks....

I am having butt implants in a couple of weeks. Thankfully I have tons of vacation time left and one of my family members will be staying with me. For anyone that has had the implants done in the USA under the muscle, can you tell me how the implants feel today? Is it really that noticeable when touched? I hear so many different things. One lady I met the other day told me her "new man" didnt even realize she had implants in her booty. Any last minute tips will be appreciated. We are in the process of moving but I can assure you I will come back with before and after photos. Please feel free to comment on anything you think I need to know. Is the pain horrible? for days? Thanks RealSelf family :)


Hey you must be gettin excited! I got my but implants done June 19 2013. Best choice ever! You can't feel my implant at all! It's under muscle also 500cc n got done in USA using soft silicone! It feels full and like I've been working out! No guy can tell unless they are butt implant doctors lol! You will need at least 6-8 weeks to feel normal again! I'm at 8.5 weeks and my butt has softened and become more full by each passing week. I guess that's what fluffing means. You will need a hand grabber to help you pick up things when ur alone. It saved me many times! Hope everything goes well! I had no complication or infections. You will be fine and don't listen to negative stories, those people don't want you to look good so they say don't do it. #haters ! Good luck!
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Thank you! How are you doing?
I am picking up a hand grabber great tip girl. You look fantastic. Please continue to update us :) thanks for sharing. I will post when I am back from surgery :)

Wahoo! I made it :) Butt Implants & Lipo NJ

Hi everyone. I want to first thank all of you. This forum has been a huge help. Many of you reached out and PM'd me with very helpful info! The Lipo was only a small amount. I weigh 125 but has ver small love handles from when I gained weight during pregnancy. I didn't want a crazy huge booty. I already was a decent size just wanted a little extra :) I'm excited to see my results! I just had my surgery yesterday!

Ok recovery...well I'm very happy to say I can walk around, slowly of course. I was nervous I wouldn't be able to walk at all. The pain is definitely there, but I tolerate pain pretty well. I have had a BA years ago, and the pressure I had then on my chest, is what I'm feeling on my lower body. I go next week to have the bandages removed. I will be excite because I can then take a real shower, rather than washing my hair in sink, and doing the whole "bird bath thing" :). The pain meds and Valium are helping me sleep and ease the pain. I think just like you guys told me, it would be pressure and uncomfortable. I don't mind sleeping on my belly, I do usually anyway. I wish all of you well and will continue to update.

Thanks again!


It only coasted 2600
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What's better over or under the muscle
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Congratulations ...... Just wondering if you could post some pics ???? There are several of us girls out here in RS land that are interested in having butt implants and your pics would really help ! There aren't very many of us having the implants so all of us implant girls need to stick together .... Lol !!!! Seriously tho , look at all the pages of all the girls that have had BBl's ..... They all stick together , share everything with one another , update one another every single step of the way !!!! On the other hand , butt implant girls .... Where are y'all ??????? I will be posting my journey start to finish to help others like myself ! I strongly believe its so much easier to get through our journey with the support of one another ! So, I think I speak for us all when I say .... Can u please show us the money shot .... Show us that Ass girl !!! Be proud ! We wanna see !!!!!!! Lol ' : )
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