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I have been back and forth about having a...

I have been back and forth about having a reduction for the last five years or so. I am a busy mother of two teenage daughters and a 10 year old. I feel like it is finally time to do something for myself BUT I am chicken about "elective surgery".

I love to exercise , however my boobs have always gotten in the way. Running is out of the question, even with a good support bra. I have the usual neck and shoulder pain that comes from a large bust. I am currently a 40 DD. I consulted the PS with my husband and he said I would qualify. My insurance is covering the procedure, however the doctor suggested that a I go home with a pain pump. (NOt sure what that is) It is not covered by the insurance. Anyway, I am nervous, excited but really don't know how to prep or recover. My Pre OP appointment is next week, so I should have some more information. I need any advice, tips etc...

Question: Anyone have liposuction in conjunction...

Question: Anyone have liposuction in conjunction with the surgery? My doctor recommends lipo on the side of my breasts.

I totally agree with Kat. I didn't have much pain. Just took Tylenol #3 for a couple of days post-op and then went to regular Tylenol. I didn't have lipo at the time of the BR, but had it a few months afterward and that was more painful than the BR. I think the surgery was completely worth it. The healing wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be and at 41 years old, I have better boobs than I did at 25!
My cousin bought the pain pump and she was glad she did. I really depends on how you handle pain. I did not have the option of a pain pump with my PS, I had a continuous drip overnight and then went home with Vicodin. I only took 1 pill a day and now I only use Tylenol and take that only at night. Be ready to sit and do nothing. It's your best bet. I have a TV/DVD player in my bedroom and tons of movies. I basically go from the bed to my recliner and back. Drink tons of fluids to flush your system and you will be fine! I am 8 days Post Op today and other than the drain tubes. I feel really good. I haven't had any pain meds in days. I took Tylenol last night because my sides are sore from the drain tubes. As for breast pain, I have none, just mildly sore. hope this helps!! good luck!!

July 30, 2012...Today is my pre op visit. Surgery...

July 30, 2012...Today is my pre op visit. Surgery is scheduled for August 15th. Of course I am second guessing my decision. I am looking forward to talking to the PS today. I am going on vacation the week before my surgery so I have to start thinking ahead! Any suggestions on items that I need to have on hand to make my life easier??
Haaaaaaaaaaaaa I wouldn't fit into a medium anything!! (Actually fits up to a 40 D)
**Which is a crack up because they consider that a Medium. Imagine what they think a Large or Extra Large is!?!!? LOL So funny what society considers "medium, average, normal".
I went bra shopping last night and it looks like I'm (now) a large B or small C...which is fine with me. The difference is crazy! Now if I could just lose this stomach!

I am at my sixth week post op. Things are going...

I am at my sixth week post op. Things are going well. I still have a scab that is taking sometime to heal. Side incisions are still painful but all in all so happy I did it!. I am a full C cup now but have yet to buy a real bra because them seem to change day to day.
Monday will be my first day back at my "boot" camp class. I would say it has taken the full six weeks for me to feel myself again. I am nervous about excersing again but I will ease myself into it. I am posting before and after pictures.
You look great! Congrats :-D Make sure you have a very supportive sports bra before bouncing around the gym!
Let me just say, you're post op pics look AMAZING! I can only hope my 6 week post op pics look as good. I am only day 6 post op. Keep us updated! My story and pics should be posted sometime today. Thanks for the great review.
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