I Had Them Removed After 8 Years - New Jersey

I had my silicone, over the muscle implants...

I had my silicone, over the muscle implants removed yesterday and I feel great. I did not like having what felt like boulders on my chest. They looked unnaturally round and too high for my age (37), didn't move...plus they were starting to droop, looking like two footballs from the side. If I were to wear any form fitting shirts, they would just look vulgar and fake. They also made my proportions look out of whack, thick and short-waisted. I feel like I lost weight (I did!) and they feel more sensitive to the touch again. I can now focus on losing weight, as I'm more conscious of my stomach, butt, and legs. I am so happy to be natural again after 8 years. I don't want to be looked at for having big fake breasts and now I can hug people again without feeling those balls between me and the person. I look like the girl next door and not some stripper. I can wear a dress again and not have the tell tale 'ball look' in the front, but a normal tear drop shape. If you are thinking about implant removal, I say do it.

Hi starrymidnightsky74,

Congrats for doing this, I hope u r feeling better n looking better too. Take lots of rest when u can to heal. My bandages came off today, being exactly one week post explant. I think they look so much better today then ever. Also im bigger than pre implants.

Keep updating n keep healing. All the best n well done!

Hooray for you! Thanks so much for sharing with us here on RealSelf. Are you experiencing much soreness or tiredness? It's amazing how simple removal is compared to augmentation.

I'm so happy for you that you're au naturel again.

Thank you so much. I haven't been sore or very tired. I don't really think about it much and it has only been about 12 days since I had it done. I think I just feel more at ease mentally. Now I can just continue to age without worrying about something foreign in my body. I'll never forget a crime story I saw once where a woman was murdered and they ID'd her by her implants they found floating in a stream. I guess that is a positive in a way, but I just thought that I wouldn't want them to be my marker. I also worried about being in a car crash and having them splatter inside of me like two silicone balloons...I guess I think about strange things, but I'm happy they're gone...thanks again for your well wishes.

Here are before and after pictures. The after...

Here are before and after pictures. The after pictures are 10 days post surgery. I am probably going to get a breast lift in a few months. They were saggy before as well as after.
Me too, mine are bigger than before as well. I was afraid that I would be as flat as an ironing board! Congratulations to you. I hope you heal perfectly and best wishes to you too!

I have added the doctor's name. I must say,...

I have added the doctor's name. I must say, however, that he did not put the implants in..that was done out of the country...and there were no complications or problems because the original surgeon did a great job and I had an excellent experience to begin with. Dr. Rhee did an excellent job with the explant, however :)


I dobt think you need a lift at all! You have beautiful breasts. They look exactly as they should. Why bother with more scars, and possible complications of dead tissue? i say just enjoy the boobs you got :)
Sorry I'm so late in responding...I hardly check that email account. Thank you very much. I will consider that...I didn't know about possible complications. I'm still not sure about a lift. :-)

To anyone considering this...just do it! I had a...

To anyone considering this...just do it! I had a breast lift a few months later and I am more than content with smaller breasts and no foreign objects inside my chest waiting to turn against me and become rock hard or a threat to my health. Having fake breasts always looks kind of like water balloons on your chest. It is always a little obvious...especially as you start to age. Get rid of them and forget the worries of what can happen to them down the line.
How did you find the lift process?.xx
It was pretty easy for me. The doctor just went around the nipple. I was bruised for a while and just got a natural looking, moderate lift. I don't have any major scars except around the nipples; however, it isn't really that noticeable because they were never perfect circles. I just feel like the whole back to normal breasts process is over and I am so thankful. The most worrisome thing about implants is the thought of future surgeries, possible hardening, an unnatural appearance as you age...

I'm happy with my breasts now. The lift around...

I'm happy with my breasts now. The lift around the nipple was enough to lift them to a normal degree with minimal scarring. The doctor touched up the nipples to match exactly. One is still healing. I just feel a lot better without the implants. I didn't really like the attention or the weight of them. Thank God they're out.
your boobs loook lovely.xx
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