Not sure what to think

I have been very unhappy with my curves since high...

I have been very unhappy with my curves since high school. I chose to have this procedure done, so I can have more curves, and a nicer shape.

Ive had this surgery done before last year, but decided to do it again; and hoping to obtain great results.

I am scheduled in 3 days... Im so excited I cant...

I am scheduled in 3 days... Im so excited I cant wait to see my results.

Ive gained a few pounds for this surgery, hope the fat will last.

I had my surgery as scheduled with Dr pazmino,...

I had my surgery as scheduled with Dr pazmino, everything went well. And I will be posting new pictures. The difference between my last surgery and this one was the pain. This surgery was much more painful. Very messy since Dr. Pazmino now use drains. My last surgery I was able to bounce back the day after. I am still in pain from this surgery, and very sore.

Its been 3 weeks after surgery, almost a month. I...

Its been 3 weeks after surgery, almost a month. I will be a month next week, July 27. Ive added some pictures, let me know what you guys think. I think my butt is still a little small, but if my results last I will be happy.

Right now, my garment is getting big on me, and im thinking of purchasing another garment, or perhaps a waist cincher. I have minimal swelling, and im having a hard time finding out the right one for me. If anyone knows of a good garment that woul do the job, like compressing, and cinching my waist please let me know.

I am still in some pain, but very minor. Only when I take my garment off it feels like everything is so sensitive, so i try to keep it on all day.

My butt is still hard, very swollen, and gets hot from time to time.

I am trying not to sit at all, although I have to sit from time to time. I do use a pillow, or a rolled up towel under me while driving, but it gets extremely uncomfortable, especially on my back. It hurts when you sit on your butt.

Dr. Pazmino said I can sit 2 weeks after surgery, and it has been two weeks, but im afraid, since everyone else seems to want to wait 3-4 months to sit.

If you guys have any comments, suggestions, or questions feel free to message me, or leave a comment.

I must say this surgery is very addictive. once is...

I must say this surgery is very addictive. once is never enough, I guess once you get into the plastic surgery world, your hooked. Especially after seeing amazing results, and what your body can possibly look like.

Ive had this done twice, and im still thinking about doing it one more time. Dr. P did a great job on my surgery, but something about this surgery makes you want "more". Im not sure if its the attention or compliments you receive after having this surgery, but I guess self improvement is the key.

I think im going broke over this surgery.

Its been 2 months since Ive had this surgery, and I think this surgery plays tricks with your mind. One minute I love my results, and happy with everything my Dr done, and the next min, im mad because its not as big as i wanted it. Wondering if this happens to some of us, or all of us. Sometimes my butt feels big, and sometimes I feel like theres nothing there. I do receive lots and lots of compliment now though.....

So far everyone ive met who had this BBL done, had it done twice or more'; so i guess going through this over and over again is NORMAL?

Im trying my best to maintain these results by eating right, and excersizing. You have to maintain these results, or else you start getting fat, and your stomach starts getting big, an your butt begins to look tiny. The bigger your stomach, the smaller your butt look.

Almost 4 months, I was told this is my final...

Almost 4 months, I was told this is my final results. Overall my results are OK, I would of been happier with a bigger booty, but im happy overall. Im working on staying active, eating right, and maintaning these results the best that I can.

Ive attached some updated current pictures, so please let me know what you think.

Ive been getting so many compliments from friends, family, and co workers. Everyone seems to think my waist is "tiny", and I have a very "little" stomach, so thats good.

Most of the swelling went down now. I have no pain, but my stomach gets sensitive if im not wearing a garment. Yes I am still wearing my garment, my doctor recommends wearing the garment 6 months after surgery. So far so good, I actually like wearing the garment. Makes my stomach small, waist tiny, hips curvy, and helps keep my stomach flat. Maybe it also cinch my waist. Im working on finding a good waist cincher, anyone know of a great one?

So its been 5 months now since I had this surgery...

So its been 5 months now since I had this surgery done. I had my surgery done June 27,and today is November 23,so its been 5 months. Ive been taking great care of my body, I have been dieting, excersizing, and wearing waist cinchers for the last 5 months. I am still wearing my garments, as recommended by my surgeon. Ive lost a few pounds, well more like 20 pounds. Im assuming some of the pounds lost were due to some of the swelling, and excersising. I tried not to overdo the working out, and keeping it to a minimum because I was afraid of losing the fat off my butt.

For some reason, I guess im not a good candidate for this procedure, because once again my butt is so small and tiny. It goes well with my frame, and it looks good, but I wanted something much bigger as you can see from my wish pics.

I am assuming that the fat that I lost was mostly from my butt, or maybe the fat just didn't survive.

So now instead of having this BBL/fat crafting once more, I am leaning towards implants. Now I know the risk and complications with having implants but it seems like this is just not working. Im afraid of gaining weight, and having it go everywhere else but my butt, im afraid of my stomach getting bigger, and my waist getting larger. My surgeon ( Dr. Pazmino), did a great job with my overall shape, but my butt got so small. Everyone noticed, co workers, friends, and my real self friends have made comments that I lost most of my volume. I still have some booty left, but its barely noticeable.

Ive posted updated pictures that were taken today (11/24/12).

Im in the process of doing more research on having the butt implants done, but I wish I didn't have to. Im not sure if my butt will come back with weight gain, but I really dont want to try and find out.

This is getting more and more disappointing. I...

This is getting more and more disappointing. I notice how most women post here for 6 months before surgery, and 2 months after surgery, but disappear. I really havent seen many updates after 6months-year from these individuals and im wondering if im the only one thats here after a year sharing my real experience.

This surgery is an emotional rollercoaster. One minute your happy with your new booty, your new shape, and your results, and after 5/6 months it seems like you have little to nothing left.

Ive been getting alot of compliments on my overall body shape, which my doctor did a good job at, but my butt is just so small. I went from 48inch to 36inch, so all my volume/fat/projection is GONE. Most of my friends have made comments about my butt, saying, "OMG your butt got so small, what happened to your booty, or WOW, you lost alot of volume". I didnt tell anyone I had this surgery, but I guess people notice that your butt is shrinking. Because my butt is shrinking, some other body parts arent looking as they were before. My stomach also appears to be getting bigger, but I dont understand why because im losing weight, and eating right, so my stomach goes from being flat to pudgy?\

The pain, hassle, complications, stress, money does not make this surgery worth it. At first most will be happy because your butt is large from all the swelling, but REALITY is, the swelling goes down, and your butt becomes small. I have atleast 5 realself "real" friends that I keep in contact with, and most of are going through the same exact thing im going through. after spending over 15K i think most would want to be happy and achieve good results. But spending all this money, and still having a flat butt, makes you more depress and unhappy then before you had this surgery.

I see alot of women saying how unhappy they are with their butt, their shape, and have low self confidence due to this, if your results arent what you would want them to be, you will go right back that feeling. Im just saying.

So my 6 months is in two weeks..... I haven't...

So my 6 months is in two weeks..... I haven't noticed muhh difference between last month and this month..... I will post more pics
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I think you look amazing! To me, you look even better now than you did right after surgery! Nice, nice curves/shape and your butt still looks juicy to me. I would be happy with this result!
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You have a really nice shape. I think you could bulk up your butt by heavy squatting in the gym and bulk up your hamstrings, too. Your legs and backside would look fierce.
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HI YOU SAID IT'S YOUR SECOND BBL PLEASE are there pics of your first? and your pre-op comparisons?
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I have pics of there from before....the second surgery
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Ummm....... Hardly looks like any work done to me. That's disheartening as this doctor was a contender as a possible choice...not anymore. I'm sorry for your experience
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Consigning to this comment looks like he did do well with lipo but not the butt wow I'd be devastated :/ r u going to try again with a different dr?
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I decided not to do this again...I figured I tried it twice no need to do this again.....besides I don't think I have enough fat.....and I don't blame it on the doctor everyone's body is different and their fat may act diff then mines....dr p did an amazing job on my lipo but my booty is so little...but I still get alot of compliments...
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How many lbs have you loss since the surgery? Remember fat leaves the entire body... You've loss a lot of weight.
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Ten pounds girl
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yep... you're a bad biiiiiiiish in those pink undies the swimsuit body is my desire, not a 3-6-mafia up in the club booty
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wow, you still look amazing!
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*I think you look beautiful girl! Embrace and love yourself no matter what.
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Thank you for taking the time to post about your experience. I'm sorry you were not happy with the post op results. Although I do think you look beautiful regardless, your body is very curvy and you have that arch and some projection from the back. Nice hourglass. From what I've read it makes me think I should request the highest amount of cc's possible for a future sx, which is something I originally debated about. But
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If you have enough fat you can request it. But how much they can transfer depends on the amount of fat you have and the amount that survives after its lipo'd. Requesting is one thing but reality MAY be a different thing depending on what happens when you're in surgery. Good luck!!
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My goodness you body is FAB!!!
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Im so sorry you didntget the results you desired.
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I really appreciate the time that you have taken to keep us posted long term. Not many people do. I am always curious as to the long...long,long term results. Do you think that you should go bigger initially to help out with this? I am scheduled for 1/17/13 and I want all the info I can get so I have been on this site every moment that I get so I am fully armed for surgery! i do feel like your second surgery was more successful. You have good projection and even though you have lost weight, your booty has remained proportionate and still looks nice. I feel like the up and down of the mood is pretty consistent with us women in general, sometimes I feel cute, sometimes not so and this is pre-op! haha. I have a feeling this surgery is gonna be a bit of an addiction, you will never be as high as your first hit! and will always be chasing that same high the moment we see our new booty for the very first time! I think you look great and thanks again for sharing!
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i agree with Msdiva2U too. i dont know if it would help but i spoke to a memeber on mmh who went thru the same thing u went thru her doc never informed her not to lose so muc weight and she loss alot of volume in her booty. and then about two months later she was happy again and posted more pix and her butt had increased. she uped her calorie intake a lil just to keep her self at her weight and she informed us she was no longer dieting but just remaining stable on her weight. she also said she found this website its actually a site not just for weight loss but this personal made this site for different peoples body and different ppls weight issues and target areas but long story short. he has this section where he has these really hard exercises for the butt NOT FOR WEIGHT LOSS but to bulk yr butt up. she swear by them! and she was so happy! i honestly think u dont look bad i think u look like a smaller of yrself after surgery, yr stomach looks very sexy and u do have booty girlie you really do but i know wut u mean u want POW WOW DONKA DONK !!! like i mentioned before dr.chugay in cali does nice implants, ive seen one girl who went with jimmerson and well i was not to impressed with the implant but it could have just been she so small frame and i know u said u didnt want to go out of country but dr. jaime campos by far his implants so great on the girl they look so natural but had that nice BAM look at this i could not tell they were implants. i worked in the entertainment industry so alot of ppl are reall hush hush bout the doctors or even get a lil upset if u question them. oh wait and i want to mention some real ugly ones i saw by doc mendita and i was really really surprised he left someone like that. there is one thing all girls with implants have told me. at first the implant is very uncomfortable and they take a lil while to get comfortable with. good luck girly!! and i just want to mention u look nice u really do dont be so hard on yrselk okay!! i think there might 100 girls would like to have wut u got!! good luck on yr journey again and i will keeping with yr journey to see where it takes u!!
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im sorry for all mis spelled owrds and left out words my darn ipad has this dumb mind of its own its so frustrating.!! errr
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Well after paying 14K to have this surgery done its really disappointing to have the results I have now. Since the day after surgery, I was not happy with the size of my butt, but because my overall shape looked amazing, I didn't complain. I think my doctor did an awesome with my overall shape, but I was looking for a nice big butt, which I dont have. I never had that big full round shapely butt I was looking for. I believe I had enough fat to obtained the results I was looking for, but my doctor does not completely remove all the fat. Even the first time after having this surgery done, I had alot of fat laying around my belly, my back, and upper back. I was told it was swelling, but when all the swelling went away I still had a large amount of fat which remained. Although I had 4 other consultations with other surgeons I chose mines because of safety. I like the whole idea of having this procedure done at a surgery center, with other medical professional staff around incase any complications came up. Although all my other consults the doctors promised to inject 800-1000 cc of fat, my doctor didn't. The first time, I received 400 cc of fat in each butt. 400cc is like nothing, barely noticeable, and was not what I wanted. But i was scared going to other doctors and risking my life or possibly having other complications. On the scale of 1 to 10, I think im a 6 being happy with my results. Its a 6 because of my overall shape. Ive never had a flat stomach, no matter how much I worked out, ate healthy, and did sit ups crunches, I had alot of stubborn belly fat. I refuse to believe that my butt has shrunk solely because of my weight loss. If I lose 20 pounds, all the 20 pounds cant be all in my butt. Perhaps 10% came off my butt, and 10% every where else. In the past when Ive lost weight, I have always lost all over, my arms, legs, stomach, back, thighs , ect, so now that I lost 20 pounds, it cant be 20 pounds off my butt. The first time I had this surgery done, I did not lose weight, and still ended up with a small butt after 4 months. I notice alot of girls would post for the first 3 months on here,and disappear, perhaps when the "real" results sets in they get disappointed, and just erase their profile. Its not many members on here that had this surgery done, and is actively updating their profile on a monthly basis. They post immediatly after surgery with all the swelling, then post when the fat fluffs out, but when the butt is getting "tiny" they disappear. I talked to alot of different people on here, on a regular basis. I speak to many of Dr. Pazmino's patients, I also keep in contact with some of Dr. Salama's, Dr Salzheur, and other surgeon's on here. Almost all of the ones who had this done, and has been a year out, is going through the same exact issue im going through. I do understand everyones fat reacts diff, while some fat may be stubborn enough to survive, after lipo, cleaning the fat, and injecting the fat, some fat may not be able to handle all of this, perhaps most fat die while its being cleaned, or injected, or after being injected, who knows. I was thinking implants only because I saw some reviews, very few where people liked their implants, and has had success. I also saw some surgeons mention the low risk with implants now, and how theyre using a softer butt implants now which looks and feels more natural. I wish more women would get butt implants so I can see if they are worth getting or not. with butt implants you probably wont have to go through as much as BBL, perhaps the recovery time is less, and plus you wont have to worry about the fat reabsorbing, dying, or having a flat butt with weight loss. I can keep my waist tiny, my legs toned, and still have a nice bum bum.
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I have a few things to kind of say and hopefully it will make sense to some. 1-if you lose a drastic amount of weight such as 20 lbs, it will come from various areas of the body. In SmileyJ's case i'm thinking she loss a lot of volume from her butt due to that, 2 - Everyone's body is different, Some body may absorb the fat a lot more than others. Also, if it's easy for you to lose fat in areas such as your stomach where the fat used is harvest then chances are when the fat is grafted to your butt you will lose it there as well. 3 - It does something to me when readers moreso those that didnt' have the surgery say that "you chose the wrong doctor" when in fact the same thing that smileyj has gone through others with the highly recommended Salama, Jimmerson, Marksmann and Campos has said the same thing. It's not the "wrong doctor" it's what you're body can or cannot tolerate. I did not lose my fat in my 3rd month, in fact i "fluffed" in months 3 and 4. When i had my round 2 in October, I went in for MORE volume and MORE lipo NOT b/c i loss any b/c i didn't lose much at all. 4- When you go into this operation understand your outcomes and have realistic expectations. If you want a video vixen butt and you just dont' have the fat then you will NEVER have what you sought out to get! It's important to not get obsessed with butt and how one may perceive you with or without it. Afterall, it's more to me then just my butt... I dont know about you all but I look at it as an enhancement, it's not what defines me as a woman. I feel MORE sexy with it but just as sexy without it. Whereas it's true that some get "ghost" on here after their results, there's one that's very close to 1 year whom updated her profile and she has the best butt that i've ever seen! Danielle01 Check her out. I think that what adnitegirl stated would help as well: booty excercises. I for one hired a personal trainer and stressed to him that i'm not concern with weight loss (which may cause loss of butt volume) but toning. He does not use weights. Weights depending on the amount of lbs used) make you bulky in the waist and other areas so you really need to know what you're doing... do your research on this procedure as well as excercises to do as post op care and reassure yourself that you're not doing yourself more harm than good. ~Peace, Love and BOOTY BOOTY BOOTY for all who desires it! Smooches.
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Wow!!!! I agree 100% also smiley j I think it's important that all the ladies understand the true meaning of a bbl which prettygirlslim very well explained on one of her comments on my page! Ill find it and post it for u if u don't mind!! With the outcome u were hoping for u may have been better off getting implants in the first place.
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Totally agree 100%. I am sexy with or without. I understand what at Smileyj is going thru so u are definitely not alone cuz I am going for my third round with either jimerson or salama in August. The first time in nyc, it was nice but not enough projection, second time was exactly 1yr later with salama for projection, and the projection is ok but one cheek is bigger than the other, which goes to show my body heals the way it wants. I like the flat stomach but the butt matters more to me cuz I do plan to have children so I no the flat stomach won't be forever. Anywhooooo, I do feel the reason y ppl don't post after about six months because 1. There's really not much to talk about because your sort of adjusted to the new u, 2. When u do post updates many women don't read the previous comments or updates n they ask the same questions over n over n over I do understand totally what ur going thru because u are not alone, I'm going thru the same thing too
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That would be fine
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