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Hey ladies, I'm hoping some of you will be able to...

Hey ladies, I'm hoping some of you will be able to help me out. I check realself regularly but finally worked up enough courage to get an account and post. Im not even sure if i'm posting in the correct place. lol. but anywho, Ive posted pictures so you can see how depressing my body is !! I have one baby and dont plan on having any more for a long while. Im 21 and have never had a butt, except for when I was pregnant! Ive been considering getting a BBL done for about a year now and have researched all the Pros and Cons of the procedure. The only thing I havent done is my research on my doctors, which I know is the most important part! I feel nervous. There is one doctor here in NJ, his name is Dr. Markmann and only from what Ive read on his website, his credentials, and looking through some of his work, he seems great. Havent contacted him yet. But I WOULD like to stay within the tri state area being as i really dont have a lot of money to travel. Speaking of expenses, does anyone know if any doctors accept financing for this procedure?? I hope so. Im just hoping for some feed back and support from some girls who may be in the same position as me !

Hey I'm in Nj n having the same issues
It's horrible ! I feel so discouraged because of it. Contacted dr.markmanns office, they average 17,000 :( that's like , a brand new car or a start to a mortgage. Idk what to do!
i gave up looking in nj im really considering goin to mexico they r affordable n really good

Hey everyone. I havent gotten much feed back from...

hey everyone. I havent gotten much feed back from anyone. still hoping for some motivation. are there any girls out there that went to a GREAT doctor who did a GREAT job for a good price ?! I mean, it seems like every single time I check on realself, people are complaining of their results. which is FINE i mean if would too if i wasnt satisfied with my results, but I have to admit it is very discouraging. I want a BBL ssoooo bad i freaking cant stand my body. but I also have to scrounge up the money to pay for one so i would literally fall into depression if a doctor screwed my body up! Im just lost! are there any girls out there that have had good results that can shed their light on me ?! I want to see pics!!!
Good luck on your journey girly!!! I'm here to answer any questions that you have
Hey love, just understand that your goals aren't always achieved with one surgery, and that you may have to have more than one to achieve your desired of luck with everything :-)
Dr salama Dr ghurani Dr jimmerson Dr campos r a few

Ooook bbl friends its been a while but ive given...

Ooook bbl friends its been a while but ive given it some more thought and i neeeeeeeeed a bbl in my life !!! Im Going to start requesting consults from some docs i have seen that im impressed with (yily,salama,jimerson to start). Does anyone have suggestions on what questions i should be asking ??? Anything to help Would be much appreciated!!

Just wanted to get doctors opinions based on my pics..

Just wanted to get doctors opinions based on my pics..
Dr. Salzhauer :) Dr. Jimerson Dr. Salma Dr. Perry Dr. Campos Dr. Yily Dr. Markman Dr. Mendietta Dr. Ghavami Dr. Robles ...just to name a few. Hope this helps!
Thank u!!!!!! :)
How many patients do they operate on in a day? Aftercare? What is included in the price? Describe your best and worst preop patient? How long have you been doing this? How many have you done? Is this your specialty or just something you do in addition to other plastic surgery......are u better at the lipo or Bbl or both? How long is recovery? When are my results final? What additional costs will I have ( massage, meds, garments,etc)? Hope this helps. Good luck on your journey.

So I have been thinking of going to yily in DR......

So I have been thinking of going to yily in DR... I haven't heard back from her yet but in the mean time I have been doing some reading on the dangers and risk factors of getting surgery across seas. I will admit it makes me nervous that dr yily doesn't speak English. You would think as intelligent a woman she is and as many American patients she has that she would know how to communicate in English. I am nervous there may be some communication problems due to the language barrier and I will be misinformed or under-informed. I really want to consider her. Does anyone have any suggestions to ensure a safe surgery when traveling abroad ?
"You would think as intelligent a woman she is and as many American patients she has that she would know how to communicate in English." that's a very ignorant thing to say. She doesn't have to speak English for anyone but herself. She isn't begging anyone to go to her . I think at least she is trying by having assistants that speak English . Also she knows a little bit of English as I spoke to her on the phone when I arrived in DR. Her assistant is in the room with you when you talk about what you want so there would be no miscommunication.
I apologize for sounding ignorant but understand my concerns. This is my life in her hands and i am not under estimating her intelligence as i have stated already. Its all just scary to me and not knowing what im doing PLUS the language barrier makes it even more worrisome. I sincerely apologize if it sounded offensive to her or anyone else. She does great work, and her results show that so im sure she doesnt need to beg anyone to go to her.
If you are not familiar with the make me heal site, please get familiar. Search through the Buttock Augmentation forum and you will be reading for days. There is ALOT of information about Yily available there as well as here. Search Yily de Los Santos to find all reviews here where many girls have already had surgery, planning to have surgery and thinking about it. Please understand that no one is attacking you, just understand every woman's position. We are all here pretty much here for the same reason. When you have girls who are planning to have surgery with a doctor, and someone comes on board insinuating that a doctor could be a scam artist, it doesn't leave a good feeling especially when the person really hasn't done their research. You clearly stated that's why u were here to learn and ask questions which is perfectly fine. However, there are too many girls who have had surgery (right here on this board) with Yily for one to possibly think she could be a scam. That offends them to say their doctor is a scam, especially when they are proof Yilys work. Then you have people who are already nervous about the surgery and they here 'scam' and get terrified and begin questioning there decision altogether. It kind of makes me people feel uneasy. We are here to learn from those who have been there, so lets leave it up to them to review and determine the negative/positive. Just like you, I had the same reservations about going abroad for surgery, but I just researched rather than implied certain things about the doctors. I questioned whether or not fat was actually being injected based on her after care instructions, because they were so different from what most US doctors are doing. Me being ignorant to the fact that every doctor has their own preferred methods to surgery and it doesn't make it wrong simply because they do things differently. Another thing is RS doesn't put any doctor on their site. They have to be certified before joining and they can't just join, they have to be invited by RS to join. Keep this in mind and not to say that there aren't good doctors out there who aren't listed here, but this is a good starting place to find a decent doctor. It helps to have real people reviewing. There are some fake reviews planted so be careful. All I can say is read, read and more read! ALOT of your concerns are normal, so just by reading you will find the answers to alot of your questions and concerns. There are many girls changing doctors every day. I changed probably 4 to 5x before I found a good match. I based my decision on research, honesty, integrity and results. Yily seems like a sincere doctor who genuinely wants her patients to be happy and will do what she can and honors what she says. You also have to determine the doctor's skill, what they can offer you based on your wants/desires. I felt Yily was great with both small and heavier patients. She is an artist and sculpts you based on you. Some doctors give everyone the same shape and you know it's their work before ever looking to see who the surgeon was. I did not want this. I wanted my own identity. I have not seen one Yily patient with the same exact shape. Do what's best for you and not based on popularity. Alot of girls are being accused of jumping on a bandwagon. I can say firsthand that for me, not so! Im smart enough to research and choose based on what I want, not because everybody else is doing it. If you have an iPhone or iPad, download the app., iTranslate, if not use google translate. This will help with the language barrier and also how most non- Spanish speaking girls were able to communicate while in DR. I hope I have helped in some way. I understand your position, but also understand others positions and that we are all here for support and encouragement. Good luck with your search!!

Just wondering if anyone has any dates for sx in...

Just wondering if anyone has any dates for sx in may with yily... I want to lock in a date with her , but I was hoping to save a few bucks by booking with a real self sister for the sx & RH.. Any takers ???
I'm going in may with Yily.

Just a few questions .. 1. I believe the email...

Just a few questions ..
1. I believe the email said she offered insurance ? For $250 I believe... Does that follow me back to the states ? Does that mean If I get it I'm insured if a PROLEM occurs?
2. Can somebody please clarify the faja that she uses ??? I found the brand fajates website but they have sooo many body suits that I'm lost lol. Which is the secondary one that yily sells for 140 that people are saying is 80 dollars online?
I know there's more! Brain fart !!

Where can I expect to have scars, if any? What is...

Where can I expect to have scars, if any?
What is the difference between general anesthesia and the epidural block?

Also- do you guys seriously think I har enough fat...

Also- do you guys seriously think I har enough fat for Yily??? I'm 5'6 and I fluctuate between 135-140... Most of the girls who I see get bbls are a lot shorter than. Me & the same weight! My belly is FAT tho, I'm gona add more pics of me sitting down so u can see just how fat & gross it is haha
Insurance covers u while u r in DR.P shoukd a problem arise. It's tricky if u have insurance already, because sometimes your US imsuramce does or does not cover you out of the coverage area. Call them if this applies. Correct Faja can be ordered from or They are about $142. Scars are made inside armpit, navel, pubic area, and in between butt cheeks Epidural block is used and safer than GA. To get answer about weight gain, it's best to find out from Yily. She finds fat, but I would say 10 extra lbs wouldn't hurt.
Just out of curiosity have you been able to get your quote from Yily? Is your date set? Good luck with your research, I am just starting my research and there is sooo much information to read.
There certainly is! I got my quote email about a week and a half after my initial email to her. The quote email (i think) is just an automated emailed . I got no personal message in mine so don't expect much. I sent her another email saying that I want her to LOOK at my body in the pictures to make sure she can do the SX on me, I don't want to book a flight pay for the SX, get to pre-op just for her to tell me she can't give me the results I want, ya know? But I haven't gotten any reaponse back after that. I plan on calling her office as soon as I find out which is the best way to call. I read someone said google voice, or a calling card. My BF might have international calling though, so I'm not sure. After I hear what she has to say, ill make my deposit to set a date - most likely the first week in may. Good luck on your journey!

Ladies I can't stop thinking About this surgery. I...

Ladies I can't stop thinking About this surgery. I think about it from day to night. I'm almost obsessed over it. Idk what's wrong with me !
Now for the past 2 days I can't stop thinking negative thoughts.
I really don't think I have enough fat !! And the other thing is money is going to be SO tight... I can do it but its seriously so tight. I want to get the insurance but I want to save $250 too! It cn go towards my stay at the RH or some massages! Ughhhh help me ladies :( how much extra after the 3000 for sx should I generally have ? Bc I have that but I'm worried Abt all the extras

Hmmmm I've been looking and I know I've seen girls...

Hmmmm I've been looking and I know I've seen girls saying they were going to get their heparin shots at a local pharmacy but is there any of you ladies that have actually DONE this? And did jaqueline bring you there ? Because I won't have a car to drive to a specific one, and I'm assuming there would have to be one close enough to the clinic. Also, more importantly, has anyone gotten a price for JUST the heparin shots & antibiotics from yily? Was looking and couldn't find any girls with info on that. I plan on giving her office a call with all these questions as soon as I get a calling card! Thanks ladies mwuah!
You need to start doing your own research and maybe you won't be so negative. Alot of the questions you ask have been talked about so much on the blogs already. Also is a fascinating thing. What are your expectations ? Do you want a donk or do you want just a slightly bigger butt ? If it's the latter then it can be expected from the amount of fat you have , but if you want a donk then you may need to gain weight and I don't recommend to anyone to gain more than 10-15 pounds for surgery because you can tend to look...fat in the face.However ask Yily as she is your doctor and told me if I should gain or not. When I was in DR I did not have the $250 insurance option (or at least I don't think I did). I paid $250 for additional meds. You need about $800 extra- if that much. I was cheap and barely bought any new things except for vitamins. You need to pay for the recovery house $90 a night / $75 if you buddy up, massages - was $25 when I was there but now its $31 i believe, you need vitamins for speedy recovery, wee wee pads, for me I used more money buying food to gain weight than anything, extra garments (not needed - just use what Yily gives you and don't cut it up), benadryl . If i remember any more i'll be back
I do do my own researchbut I just felt I needed some comforting information from ladies who know already. Thank u very much for all ur info. I'm spending 500 on my flight alone unfortunately so I'm worried ! But ill figure it all out ! Thanks much again. How many massages did u get ? All 10?
No i only got 2 BUTTTT i was in the wrong, you should get as many as you could in DR since it is cheaper there. When I came back to my home I never had time to go and get massages because the place was always closed when I was finished work and I was halfbroke. So everyday in the shower I would get soapy and rub reallly hard and massage as much as I can. I got about two massages out of my boyfriend but then he would get too horny so i stopped that short.

I just weighed myself I'm 141.9 .. So basically...

I just weighed myself I'm 141.9 .. So basically 142.. But it's the middle of the day and Iva had about 3 donuts from Dunkin already today, a few choc covered strawberries, all kinds of crap who knows I'm probably less than that in the AM. But it's good because the last I checked I was about 138. All I'm doing is NOT watching what I eat! I have to say, I feel discusting !! My goal weight is 145 by my sx in May so i need to sloooooow down. I feel like a fat heffer lol. Anyways. Just wanted to update ! :)
Thank youuuuu

Unfortunately after planning & gaining weight...

Unfortunately after planning & gaining weight I am now stuck between getting the sx or getting a car.... My car runs fine but my bfs doesn't so I would get a new one and he would get mine, which I do want a new car. He said I deserve to get the sx and doesn't care what I choose. But until I figure out exactly what I should do with this money then I'm not doing anything! It's so horrible because car shopping is a pain in the ass!!!!! I hate it! And I'm done shopping for the
Sx I know I want yily I had a plan as far as money and traveling went. Not to mention yily told me to gain 8 lbs and I already gained 5 so now I feel like a super tubby and have to work out extra hard to try to look like SOMETHING by summer. I'm not ever going to look "bbl fabulous" but I don't want to look like Shamoo this summer. *sigh* why can't I be rich. Lol
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