Hi ladies, So I'm finally doing this! I've been...

Hi ladies,
So I'm finally doing this! I've been on this site for a few months now and I'm ready to go! I know I want the BBL with lipo to the stomach, flanks, back, and arms. Now the question is where to go and what to expect! I've checked out a few doctors in NJ but i don't see alot of reviews on them. If there is anyone that has done the procedure in NJ or NY OR is looking to get it done pls hit me up. I need all the hlep I can get. Thanks again ladies


hey ladies, im in NJ too and i understand the trouble with finding a doctor on this site! i've came across a few tho and I really think i'm going to go with Dr. Sanjay Lalla in West Orange. I was actually able to talk with sum1 whos had work done with him over a yr ago and she was very pleased still. that was one of my issues b/c the butt can look great in the beginning but not take after time. his price was about $7,000. theres Dr.Dibenardo in Montclair. His work seems to be good but he was too pricey for me and I felt his staff was unprofessional. I have an abbt with Dr.Ganchi in Wayne and his work looked nice too
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Any luck? I'm in Jersey too...I'm already booked for Salama, but am now starting to reconsider travelling that far.
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Hi there, welcome and thanks for sharing your journey with us. The link Nicki postd is an excellent way to find doctors. All the doctors listed are board certified and most of them will have reviews. Please do keep us updated on your progress.

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Hi ladies, So after my consultation with Dr....

Hi ladies,
So after my consultation with Dr. Lalla i had two more booked, but after meeting him I don't care to go with another doctor! SO I called up today looking for the next available time so I can go over a few more questions and show him pictures. They actually had a time for today! When the receptionist told me that my stomach sank! I can't believe this is about to happen!!! So now I'm scrambling around trying to think of anything to ask him. Ladies please if you've gone thru this procedure or are in the consultation phaze please recommend any questions that I should ask him! Right now i'm drawing a blank from excitement! Hope to hear from yall. Thanks again :^)

Heres my stats 5"5 with the biggest stomach ever!
195lbs :^(
The waist and hips I haven't measured yet


thx girl :^) i got my date OCTOBER 17TH!!!!
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Girl you spoke the truth on this!

So ladies after my follow up consultation on...

So ladies after my follow up consultation on 9/10/12 i decided to go with Dr.Lalla!!!! I literally skipped out the office. Ive been wanting to do this for awhile now and after putting that $$ down it made it so much real to me!. Now its all about prepping!!! Pls I'm taking all tips and suggestions. Any advice on where to get a inexpensive but good garment????


good luck on your journey and congrats on your decision. hope you get the results that you desire :) keep us all updated. can't wait to see your results.
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Of course! i plan on bringing a new name to Realself :^) i've seen his work already and I don't have any doubt hell be able to give me what i want! thx again!
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Welcome and congrats on ur journey! Hope u find the right Dr for u and if u go with the Dr from new Jersey please keep us posted on ur satisfaction of the surgery. This will give the women here a larger selection if Dr's to choose from. Thanks
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Hey ladies, so im going to have to move my...

Hey ladies,
so im going to have to move my surgery date :^( my mom is very sick and its getting worse so with the surgery date being only 5 weeks away i didn't want to b in pain or be a week away from getting it and have to deal with the loss of my mom. so the chapter isn't closed its just to be continued...now lets see about getting my deposit back!


Sorry to hear about you mom I hope she gets better soon!
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If you cant get your deposit back (I will reimburse you) please pm with date I am interested in getting an appt as soon as possible! Best Wishes
THANK YOU ladies very much! I appreciate the warm words. @ cinnamon2 its not easy but family has to come first.
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Thx to all the ladies that sent me their well...

Thx to all the ladies that sent me their well wishes. My mom passed away about a week and a half ago :^( so was very sick indeed. but its better now to know that she is no longer in anymore pain. i'm glad that i postponed my surgery because I wouldn't have been in the right mind frame. with that being said i scheduled my date for JANUARY 18, 2013! So things are still in motion just delayed a bit, but I rather it been this way


sorry to hear about your mom. i know she is in peace
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thx kay chanel, that thought alone keeps me going. its hard to see the ones you love suffer
So sorry to hear about ur mom passing!! U are so right that she's in a better place and is pain free.. We are a sisterhood and are here!
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Hey ladies, just stopping by and giving an update....

hey ladies, just stopping by and giving an update. Im 2 months and 1 week away now! Still seems far away but i keep imagining what i'm going to look like and i can't wait! i want to buy new clothes but i'm planning on waiting first. i weighed myself Wednesday and I was 200.2 lbs!!! i couldn't believe it. Ive never hit 200 before. So I went into project work mode!. I would like to loose as much weight as i can before but more importantly than that i just want to learn to eat better! i've gotten a few tips from the girls that i'm going to put into practice. Its now Sunday and I'm 197.2! i'm working quickly ladies lol. I couldn't believe i saw 200 on the scale. Im hoping i won't be back to that number again. anyway i'm just buckling down trying to use my time wisely before the surgery. if anybody has anymore tips on how to shed weight and prepare for the surger PLEASE share. talk with u gals soon :^)


Ohhhh a quick tip: not all belly fat can be lipo'ed because we carry it under the muscle, I was told much of mine was under :( tighten it in then pinch, you can lipo was above the muscle, I really wish I would have lost more weight pre-op :(
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My condolences to you and yours.
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thx u for your condolences...i think i'm going to have that issue 2. i know i already wasted too much time not getting things together and here i am almost 2 months away trying to get fit! im going to try to get into the gym regularly until then.

So ladies, im just feeling really down right now....

So ladies, im just feeling really down right now. Idk if its b/c its just that "time" or what. but i just fell so overly disgusted with myself. I wish my surgery was tomorrow! I went to buy some clothes for a party and it seemed like i couldn't get anything to fit over my big belly. :^( i just want the date to be here. I was trying to loose weight and lost a few pounds but i think i gained it all back plus some!! feeling really blah right now


Hi there,

How you doing? Are you feeling better?

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hi, im doing better. i actually go for my last dr. visit today so thats exciting. i just can't wait for the date to be here! my weight is still about the same at 197 tho, but im still trying to make little improvements. thx for asking :^)

No problem! The date will be here before you know it. Once you get Christmas over with it won't be long at all.

Do keep us updated with your progress!

So ladies... the dream is becoming all the more...

So ladies... the dream is becoming all the more real at this point! yesterday i went in for my final doctor visit. Dr. Lalla was so nice and patient answering all my questions for me and making sure I understood everything. I got my perscriptions and information on where to get my garment from.Also i got my script to get my blood work done. I wanted to get that out the way first. Im super excited!!!!! So now i just have to sit and wait til then. Time seems like it won't fly by fast enough. Any helpful information is greatly appreciated! til next time....


Hi Ladies, I too am going have my sx with dr. lalla on 1/18. Which hospital will you be having your sx performed?
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yeaaaaaaa!!! :^) im having mine at clara mass. what about you?
hey krazyray42.... I'm having my sx at St.. Barnabas....serious countdown girl!!!! Wish u all the best!!

Just a quick check in. Im trying to do all my...

Just a quick check in. Im trying to do all my running around now and asking of questions. i just want to be as ready as possible. im still in the process of finding some help for the first two days. after i will have some assistance. so i'm trying to get that all settled now. im going for my blood work tomorrow ans will be going to get my garment and fill my perscriptions. my bbl is allll i seem to talk about lol. anywho im gathering my list and checking it twice ;^) until next time!!


Hey hun...another January sister here. January 14 I'm going with Salama though. Can't wait to see how your dr reps for Jerseyyyyy lol.
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I kno im super excited. ive been using most of my time checking everybodys profile to c what i need! i rather go to st.barnabas. i know they are away now but i'm going to c if i can move it to there. did u get ur blood work done yet?

So today i did my blood work. that went pretty...

so today i did my blood work. that went pretty smooth. the nurse that was tending to me was more excited for my surgery than me! lol it was nice talking to her tho. so now i just gotta wait for the results. i also went to the place my doc recommended me to go for the garment...how in the world do u get those things on???? it took me forever. i can't imagine how long and painful itll b when im all swollen. question to the ladies...did you use the butt cut out garment and if so did u have to cut it some more to fit ur new round thang afta the surgery?


Hey krazyray42....You have me scared...i am bottom heavy already and i was wondering about the garment. I wil to elizabeth this week to get my garmet. I am also planning on getting the "shorts" with the butt out because he said the hospital will provide me with the waist clincher (im getting a tummy tuck and lipo),,,,oh boy...i am going to get the biggest size they got..lol
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yes girl! they let u try the garment on and i have no butt as it and it was cutting that off! i don't want any dents in it so idk. im now asking other girls wut they did b/c to me it seems too small...i was thinking about buying everything separate. i bought the arm compressions today from there. and as i was looking around i saw the shorts and then i saw a nice stomach one. so if i put them altoghether ill have a suit! and to me i think that would b easier when using the bathroom. im sooo confused!
Good luck girl
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Hi ladies, i feel like im overspending trying to...

Hi ladies, i feel like im overspending trying to get everything! i rather have then not have but im trying to cut down. which has worked better for you the arnica pills, the gel, or did you use both? i already bought the benedryl itching gel and a gold bond itching lotion. HELP!!!! :^)

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So this is it! I am less than 48 hrs away from...

So this is it! I am less than 48 hrs away from CHANGE! Im soooo excited idk what to do with myself. I honestly feel calm n ready for it all! I set my little night table up with all my products I will need in reach. For all the vets pls share any must have items. Im trying to make sure I cover all bases. I will b postin pics as soon as I can. My time is 12noon to b at the hospital n the procedure is set for 2pm THIS FRIDAY!!!!Until next time!!!!


Good luck! Happy healing and sending blessings your way!
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Hey krazyray42...damn, I forgot to get arm sleeves because I decided on that at the last minute..ugh...will go tomorrow and get. I am feeling a little anxious but I'm ready. I am gong to try that stuff on again.. It was tight as hell..lol...I have some butt so it looked big in the garment already..lol...I am getting my hair done in the morning and still need to pick up a few items before I am truly ready....did you get and scar treatment stuff yet?

So this is it. the final hours!!! im very excited....

So this is it. the final hours!!! im very excited. i can't keep my mouth shut anymore and i actually started telling a few more people o_o! i hope i don't regret it. anywho who cares! i just know im doing more. so i got some more last minute things and i really feel all ready. I just have to do sum straightening up around the house and get my eyebrows done in the am lol. yes i gotta look right still to match my new body of course :^) i will take pictures of what i bought and put up a list as i use what i bought. im not worrying because its outta my hands at this point. i just hope the dr. is quite aggressive with lipo and knows how to "fill her up!" til next time! ill finally b on the other side!


You'll be in my thoughts and prayers!! I'm so excited for you and look forward to hearing about your journey!
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Hey Krazyray42..same here..the countddown has begun...I am scheduled for 10am and I am praying for a great outcome. I haven't posted any before pics yet..honestly I've just been too busy but I will..eventually...I bought the arm garments today from the pink room...I feel like I have "build a suit" lol.oh well...good luck tomorrow and I will have you in my prayers...I dont think I will get a wink of sleep tonight.....
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yes it is here! well b good. we have a great doctor ;^) im scheduled for 2pm. i am more than excited. i think im going to eat my "last meal" now before 12 hits lol. i bought the arm garments from the pink room, a garment for my stomach, AND one for my butt(cut out). so trust me i understand lol. i think it will be easier for when i need to use the bathroom. if not i'll order another. i think i spent wayyy to much $$ on things. i just wanted to have it all. can't wait to hear about how things went!

Waiting now to b called into the o.r. Everything...

Waiting now to b called into the o.r. Everything is going smoothly. my time is 2pm!! Til next time

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So ladies, it is all said n DONE! Everything went...

So ladies, it is all said n DONE! Everything went very well. On a scale of 0-10 for pain, my level is 0 1/2! The only pain I feel is my butt. It is very hard AND small.:-/ at least to me....ill put pics up soon n u can b the judge. I kno it takes a lil time and im goin to wait like a good lil girl :-) all the staff was impressed by my mobility. I walked to the car n was hoppin in n outta bed. I honestly.feel great. Ill b wrotong a more detailed review a bit later. Thx for all the well wishes


Glad to hear from you...Happy healing
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Wishing u a safe recovery!!
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So excited for you ! Please keep us updated so we know your all good :))))
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So ladies today is day 1. everything went very...

So ladies today is day 1. everything went very well at the hospital. i got there on time. did everything i needed. and was just chilling til my time came at 2pm. i was taking to another waiting room at 2pm and we did not get started until 3:30. the doctor was VERY nice and comforting the whole time,asking if i were ok. we took some before shots and i SHOWED him pics of what i had wanted. everything in the o.r. went well they had plenty of warming blankets for me. when i woke up in the 1st recovery room i felt fine. i was on my stomach and that was great. i asked for some water because i was very dry. i didn't know if i was going to b sick to my stomach or if it was just the discomfort from the lipo. she gave my something for if i was gonna throw up. i stayed there for about 30 min and then they took me to the next room where i waited with my family. they took my vitals which were fine and gave me a muffin n sum soda to eat. i was trying to feel around on my butt to c what was what and to me it felt SMALL :^( they wanted me to go to the bathroom before i left and i was eager to get there anyway. so the nurse went with me. i was walking fine and moving at an ok pace and feeling great like i didn't even go thru anything just a little sore. i didn't know if it was due to the meds or what! i live about 15 min away so i laid in the backseat of the car and was going home! i just rested and took a pain pill. i was feeling fine but didn't want the med to where off and i was in hella pain so i just wanted the meds to overlap. i started drinking water. sleeping wasn't bad. i kept waking up to go to the bthrm tho, but i didn't mind. i was able to get up on my own and use it without a funnel or anything. im not wearing any garments or underware. im just wearing this long loss moo moo lol. so i just lift it up and go. i have a towel rack thats right infront of the toilet so i'm able to hold on with both hands and make it! after looking at my results i only c a slight increase on my butt. im actually not feeling that, im hopin in a few days it will get a lil more plump but idk. my stomach is lookin a flatter than i expected so thats good. im just gonna wait and c. it is what it is. today i didn''t take any pain meds and walking is sore and a bit stiff but it is quite bareable. idk what some of the pain some of the ladies were discribing out b.c i don't feel it! im happy that i am feeling pretty good. til nxt time. i will be posting pics in a few. i think u guys will understand theres NO DIFFERENCE :^( any questions just ask away


Im not rushing you but dieing to see results!!!!!! Why are you not wearing any garments?????? Did they put one on after surgery?????? God bless and continue to heal well.
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hey there. i just tried putting my new update and pics up twice! idk y its not taking. after surgery they put me in ace bandage for my arms and a binder for my stomach, but now i'm wearing my garments. im gonna try again to post my pics. this is aggreviating
Oh no!!! I'm so sorry to hear you're not happy with your results!!!! Maybe you"re as tolerant to swelling sensation as to pain? I'm going to pray your swelling is localized in areas that make the BBL features not as noticeable right now... Praying for the best!!!
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Ive attempted to update 3 times already. so im...

ive attempted to update 3 times already. so im going to keep it simple! i on day 3. im seeing some changes, but im still very swollen. i wanted my butt to look bigger from the beginning. idk if itll get to the size i want it. today i showered and washed my garments and that felt good. i've been using the pee in water bottle trick and that does work wonders. the pain is ok. its more of a soreness. only took 1 pain pill the night after surgery. my first post op visit is thursday. im going to try to get a massage sometime next week. the dr told me to wait 3 weeks but i think im gonna do it sooner. til next time


The dr didnt have u in a garnent right away? Hmm thats different... How flat is ur belly? Cnt wait to c happy healing glad u arent in tons of pain
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Wow I'm impressed that u have hardly no pain. I'm extremely sore and tight feeling.do u know how many ccs were injected? I think it's to early to judge results.give it some time. Happy healing!!
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Ok from the angle of the pic its still hard to tell. How is the tt??? Where are you going for massage?? Im sure you are going to look awesome dont worry :)

Hi all, so this is day 4. same ol same ol. idk...

Hi all,
so this is day 4. same ol same ol. idk what to think. im about healing and knowing it takes time BUT i don't want to b lied to. if this is as best as its gonna get this is no bueno! i weighed myself today and i gained 10lbs since the day of my surgery on friday. so i am well aware that i am very swollen because i haven't been eating much. everyday gets better as far as mobility and soreness. im getting up more with ease and thats good. im making sure im going outside and taking my 15 minute walks 2xs aday. im watching how much i drink towards the end of the night so i don't have to keep gettin up. so far im getting better with sleep. i wake up 2-3 times to try to reposition myself. the peeing in water bottle trick is helpful but its 80% effective at times lol. ive been missing it a few. so im going to maybe try the cup trick. let me know thoughts, ideas, or any helpful hints!

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Im trying to load more pics up but after i...

im trying to load more pics up but after i complete it the pics don't show up. i will keep trying


How much did he charge? Does he offer any type touch up service if your not satisfied ?
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idk if he does offer any touch up service as of yet. my first post op visit is thursday so we will discuss things. the charge was 7050 for lipo to the upper arms, chin/neck area, stomach, flanks, and back with fat to the hips and butt. so to me that wasn't a bad price
Yes it was a great price

Hi ladies, so im getting thoroughly frustrated...

Hi ladies,
so im getting thoroughly frustrated with realself and putting pics up. im not trying to hid anything tho. i know pictures are a big piece in making these kinds of decisions. if anybody wants to see more pictures i can email them to you as i did for another realself sis. im still trying on getting the pics up but in the mean time if u leave me ur email address i can send them to u.

so as far as an update everyday im feeling better. this is day 5! i started using some 2lb and 5lb weights for my arms. im making sure those things are nice and toned! i washed the dishes this morning and last night my friend and i went to the store and just walked around. i was giving my butt a debut lol. so far im feeling around that thing and it seems to be taking a little curve here and there slightly. i just don't know ladies but im excited to see what the doctor has to say about all of this. at the end of the day im not worse off then when i started so im thankful for that. its either im going to do it again or not. that simple :^) so far ive had noooo itching. and i haven't had to use the stool softner. my first #2 was yesterday(tuesday) and since then i hadn't gone since thursday. long time i know but i was scared to actually go lol. but just eating greens, beans, raisins, and all that good stuff made it go on its own. i also switched from the pee in water bottle method to pee in cup. thats better and softer and its more flexible. til next time ladies...stay positive :^)


What two reviews did u c, b/c id like to c them 2! I know mrsnewnew had surgery with him the same day as me, but I haven't been able to reach her to c how things went!

Today was my first post op visit at 1pm. i had...

today was my first post op visit at 1pm. i had called at 12:30 to see how on time they were because i didn't want to go and have a long wait. the receptionist told me "come now!" i came,signed in, and was seen right then!. so that was good. the visit today consisted of taking out my 9 stiches and making sure i was doing ok and any questions i had. he said that i was healing nicely. i had spoke to him about my concerns of my butt and he said he put in as much as he could to the point it was oozing back out! idk how that works and my butt still doesnt look completely round lol. anywho he did say that it will get softer and round out. soooooo if that does happen i will be a happy camper. so until then im just going to wait and see. i hope there is more good to come. i have to be honest and say i was disappointed UNTIL he showed me the pre op pics he took right before the surgery! there has been a nice improvement i must say. is my butt as round and big as i wanted it right from the beginning...NO, but i am happy so far with whats happened in a week. he is going to give those pics to me on my next visit and i will try to post them. i measured my stomach and i went down 2 inches so all in all im pretty happy. im already planning on my round 2 bbl in october but im going to surely wait 2 months to see how im looking!

as a physical update. everything is great. i honestly feel i could go back to work...but im not lol. im scheduled to go back feb.6 but i do feel good. i took off my garments, showered, and put them back on all by myself. the only issue is just bending over/down. ive been going #2 regularly now and everything seems to b A ok. i would go thru this again(call me crazy) but its not as hard as some ladies described it as. i know we are all different so keep that in mind for your own surgery.any questions or if u want to see pictures just let me know...until next time....positive thoughts :^)


Hey Hun. I just got back from a work trip and am so happy to see you're feeling and doing better!!!
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Thx :-) I am. Seeing the pre op pics really said something. Im looking of pics of how big I wanted my butt that I want even noticing there was improvement! So ur back at work already?
If he said he injected so much to the point where u were oozing out doesn't that mean he put in as much as your booty would take? If you were to do a touch up later what if your butt doesn't take anymore fat cuz its full to the max.
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Day 9 and counting! so far everything is the same....

Day 9 and counting! so far everything is the same. its kinda getting boring being at home. im not the type to just sit around. i want to get in my car and drive somewhere sooooo bad lol. anywho looks like my stomach is slimming down quite nicely. im seeing more improvement in the butt but it seems to be slow! i hope it keeps on getting better tho.

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Oh and i was told at my post op visit 3 liters of...

oh and i was told at my post op visit 3 liters of fat were taken out(smh i wanted more) 1 liter in each cheek and 380 on each hip(im waiting to see that!) i can c improvement from where i started and that is a plus!


Did your stomach go down? If so how did you get it to go all the way down?
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it has. the first week 2 inches. i haven't measured it this week yet. all i do is keep as much compression on my stomach as i can. there is still more to go. drinking water helps b/c ur going to the bthrm more and letting fluids out!

Well last night was the first night my gentlemen...

well last night was the first night my gentlemen friend came over and let me tell u he was quite happy lol. he sees a big improvement in my shape and hes liking it! all the attention was quite nice i must say. he couldn't keep his hands off....but had to! im only 10 days out and im not doing anything to damage what i got going on!

ive ordered a new butt cut out garment. im trying to figure out how long i need to keep wearing this? any suggestions please let me know. i started slacking off on my arnica pills and bromelain but im going to start back on that. everything has been the same. just getting really bored from staying inside. hopefully my friend will b able to get me tomorrow to run some errands. til next time...positive thoughts!


Looking good mama! You can definitely see the difference and it looks like things are starting to fill it. Give it a few more weeks, and your gonna look bangin!
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thx so much! i think things r gonna work out. i def wanna keep updating since i said i wasn't happy in the beginning. i don't want to discredit is work if there isn't a need...did u go to ur appt monday??
No, I ended up canceling. I live in DC and found a doc way closer, and also cheaper. I was able to finally see some of his work and speak with some of his patients so I decided to go with him. My sister did, and she's booked with Dr. Lala next month for breast implants.

If anybody can give me any information as to where...

if anybody can give me any information as to where to get the foam or boards from i would greatly appreciate it. also how long did you use them. thx. i will post my 2 week post ops pics tomorrow


thx ladies for the info. that really did help. i keep hearing all the talk about it but didn't know where to get it. im going to order them today!
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Lipoexpress has the boards for $20. Contourmd.com has the foam for $7.50 per sheet.
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I have the board from lipoexpress that looks like a figure 8. I also have the board from Annmichelle.com it is wider and covers more but costs twice as much. I started with that on and am using the 8 recently at night.

Today is 2 weeks! i made it! so far so good. i...

today is 2 weeks! i made it! so far so good. i feel a little pain/soreness/tightness when i move a certain way and when bending over but nothing to complain about. so i do have the green light to sit BUT IM NOT!! i still wanna make sure im keeping everything the way it is. as much as i can im going to try to stay off of it for another 2 weeks. i will be going back to work next week so i know i will b driving but its only a 15 min commute...anywho as im looking at alllllllll the things i bought i really c that i over did it! im looking at returning $75 worth of stuff SMH! so here is first off what i bought:

1. arnica pills ( i bought 2 bottles and used both)
2 bromelain (i bought 60 count and stopped with 25 left)
3.bed pads ( i only used 3 pads)
4.stool softner (never used)
5.benedryl itch gel (never used)
6.gold bond itch lotion (never used)
7.dial bar soap (never used) i had some liquid dial left only used that a few days and went back to my old soap
8.bacetrin(however u spell that for cuts and stuff) (never used)
9.boppy pillow (haven't used yet but will for driving and sitting)
10.3 pairs of 2xl sweat pants (only used 2)
11. 1 2xl hoddie (used for day of surgery and when going for walks)
12.2 pairs of pj pants 3xl (never used)
13.1 pj shirt (used)
14.1 mu mu :^) (I LOVE THAT THING so comfy. i wore that everyday basically. no fuss for the bthrm either)
15. gauze (never used)
16.alcohol (never used)
I bough soups, protein shakes, gatorade, plenty of water, eggs, milk, pineapple juice. The only thing i really needed was eggs and the water. i had an appetite unfortunately so i was eating regularly.
i was soooo mad about getting the bed pads b/c the hospital gave me a free pack once i left. so i didn't even need them. so basically its good to b prepared but don't over do it! especially if u have someone thats gonna b there for u, they can run out and get what u need as needed.

overall im happy with they way things r turning out with my body. the swelling in my upperback is crazy tho. i just want that to go down and my booty to pop a lil more and i'll b good. BE PATIENT!! everybody is different. wait at least the 3 months to see how YOUR body reacts. i was told by some ppl the "fluffing process started week 2, a month later, even 2 months later. so we just have to wait and do what the doctor says. that night after surgery i was ready to schedule my round 2 lol because i didn't c my butt where i wanted it to b. so im just waiting and seeing whats gonna happen, but i do c a difference and i am happy.

i swear by my garments too but don't go crazy! check with ur doctor on what they recommend. its sooo many different styles. i actually bout the arm garments, a butt cut out garment, and a vest. i never did the whole piece suit simply b/c i thought this would b easier for me. were gonna to keep getting smaller (whoo hoooo) so ur gonna b buying more unless u find a tailor to resize your garment. Im looking into that now so if anybody has done that and live in the nj/ny area pls let me know where u went. sry for talking your ears off. til next time....positive thoughts :^)


Good luck love! Your gonna look great!! One thing your list is missing is a face-down pillow for stomach sleeping. A cup or urine funnel. And body wipes for the days before showers can be taken. Good Luck and God bless :)
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Thx, ur right. wipes were a huge help! I used the.cup for the bthrm n I didn't use the pillow. it wasn't so bad
I'm so sorry here is the Ann michell link. Idk why it is listed under "bras line".http://www.annmichellstore.com/detail/index.cfm?nPID=3468

So I was dreading this moment thinking id ruin my...

So I was dreading this moment thinking id ruin my new merchandise, but it worked!! 1st off I need to get out the house! I felt like a prisoner n starting to feel a little depressed. I kept hearing how some of the vets drive but it didn't make sense til I actually tried it! I put my seat straight up(no more swagger leaning when driving) n put a rolled up yoga mat under my thighs n my boppy pillow against my back n EUREKA it worked lol. I was sitting up high enough that I could put my hand under my butt, it wasn't touching! So off to new york I went! I had such a great time. It was needed. If I knew it was that simple I woulda been driving. Til next time...positive thoughts :-)


Just checking in! Hope you're feeling okay!
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Although it says we can resume normal activities in 3 weeks such as driving I haven't started back myself. Good to know because I am tired of looking at these walls myself :)
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YES! Iam a very active person and these past couple of weeks can be so depressing! i had a few friends come over in the beginning but now everybody is back to work and im still at home laying on my stomach lol. im trying to stay off of it for 4 weeks so im still being selective of driving

Hi all, Since the last time I posted I have gone...

Hi all,
Since the last time I posted I have gone back to work! Im a hair stylist so i don't sit much. My first week went by pretty good. We wear stylist jackets so no one can really see my new shape and thats fine with. I have been driving around and things are working out pretty good. Im just starting to have some concerns/worries that Im not doing what I need to as far as what garment i should be in and sitting ;^/ i don't sit much, but i have and i finally ordered another garment. i full body one straight from Columbia so the compression is firm! I went for my first massage and that was great! ladies there is a difference b/t a regular massage and a lymphatic massage. Its actually a machine needed. I love the women I went to. First she put me on this shake master for 10 min. just shaking me up! then she put a gel(used to liquify fat) on and did some ultrasound thingy. Then she did ANOTHER gel(used to firm the skin) and the ultrasound thing and THEN she put a spray on and used the lymphatic massage thingy and that helped with actually sucking fat out AND THEN she massaged me! it was great. She has a lot of post op customers and she is very informative. Im sheduled to go back next week and cant wait. so far the body is ok. its only 3 weeks outta 3-6 months. so i know this is only a stepping stone. im happy with the overall look of things and im just waiting to see whats next. til next time...positive thoughts :^)


Did you bring your boppy pillow to the massage or just layed straight on your back? I'm going to my first massage tomorrow at envy.
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i just laid flat. i am 25 days post op. so im sitting only when needed here and there. otherwise im still trying to stay off of it. how many days post op are you?
Oh I'm only post op day 12... I was going to bring my boppy pillow with me but feel kinda funny bringing it.... but oh well... i rather have them look at me crazy than mess up my results! LOL...

Can't believe time is flying :-) overall I'm...

Can't believe time is flying :-) overall I'm liking the way things are going. Can't wait to c the final stage. One month down two more to go! I'll post pics as soon as I can get them up.

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Today was my second appt with my fabulous masseuse...

today was my second appt with my fabulous masseuse lol. today she added on a treatment that helps with water retention! so i started off again with 10min on the euro shake master and then after we did the cavitation treatmeant which helps burn fat. then she did a treatment to tighten and then lift the skin. after she did the lymphatic part which she uses a vaccum to help with suction of the fluids and then some light massage AND THEN she gave me the water retention treatment! shes great. i put on my garment feeling like i went down a size lol. before i left i used the bthrm twice so shes moving some type of fluids around!

anywho im feeling great each and every day. i go back and forth with how satisfied i am. i am always satisfied but some days it can be a little less because i wanted a bigger butt. but everyday i am thankful b/c it has been a change :^) a couple of girls from work have already asked me if i was losing weight and how good i look. that made me feel great of course. im officially sitting now! im one month post op so when i need to sit i just do now. at home im still staying off of it but everywhere else im back to normal. i started going back to the gym too. i want to do my part in keeping this sexy body lol. til next time...positive thoughts :^)


U look good girl...
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thx u. i appreciate that. i keep doubting everything now a days
Why? it's natural we are our biggest critics...what ever ur not total satisfied with is in your hands now...no need for doubts just solutions to making it even more fantastic. Work outs, weight loss ect. What ever it is..it's still to early but when u get the green light make u more fabulous..it is an improvement, you can only go up from here...Blessings.....think positive!

So far everything is working its self out smoothly...

So far everything is working its self out smoothly. i keep on with my massages once a week and i do feel its helping. i started going back to the gym 3 times a week and feel better and better after each work out. i wasn't a small girl when i started this so i knew there would need to be more work. the doc did his part and now i'm trying to finish it up :^) im going on vacay for 2 weeks to New Orleans and im kinda scared wit all that good food they have down there. Im going to try to be good cuz i dont want to mess up my improvement thus far.

went for my 6 week doc appt and he said things are looking good. i did ask about a round 2 and of course they said give it 6 months. im only wearing my arm garments at night now. im still wearing my vedette stomach vest and my ann chery body suit along with foams...and at night the board! im not playing any games. til next time...positive thoughts


Can I ask, where you go to get your massages at!!
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i go to a place in union, nj on stuyvesant ave called zaloe salon and spa. soon she is going to be working out of the doctors office in west orange too. her name is Jenny and she is great!

Hello ladies, Its been awhile since ive posted....

Hello ladies,
Its been awhile since ive posted. so far i am 1 week shy of my 3 month mark. I give props to my doctor for STARTING me off in the right direction BUT i think a round 2 is in order to get what im looking for. So with that said Im going to go out the country. i spent a grip once I don't want to do it again(even tho it will probably be around the same amount after everything is said and done)


im watching the blogs trying to figure out whos the hottest! if anybody has gotten there surgery from one of the docs pls hit me up and HELP!!!

My question is recovery homes! How are you finding out where to stay and how long are you staying for? Do you bring someone with you or just go alone? Im looking to go in January 2014 so that will make a complete year post op. I figure if i start now i will get a response, quote, and the date i want. has anyone heard bad experiences about these doctors either. im all ears trying to plan accordingly. Thx!!


Hey krazyray42. I went to Lalla also. I feel as if he rushed my procedure, should have done a lot more lipo and definitely should have made my butt much bigger. I showed him a picture and he did what he wanted. I see improvement but for $6500 i wanted to see DAMN! I was 144 going in surgery so i wasnt a big girl. I was thinking of round 2 but not with him. Im pissed that i wasted money. Did u tell him about your concerns with the lipo? Did he offer a round 2? Is he trying to charge for a round 2?
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hey lady. i didn't feel as if he rushed but i do feel u on the more lipo and bigger butt deal! i paid 7050 when i went! like u i c an improvement but i feel that was a good START, but im ready to have a nice finish lol. i was 190...and i still am smh! i told him about my concerns and he said to wait the full 6 months. im 3 months and i feel im gonna c the most of the procedure now. i haven't really really been on him about round 2 b/c im not tryna do it with him. i feel if he didn't do it right the first time i don't want to wast the TIME(not money) with him again. r u looking to go again?
Yes I am looking for round 2 but not with him. I am just not totally pleased with his work and my butt still looks the same as before. So disappointed.
West Orange Plastic Surgeon

I found him on realself and spoke to a couple clients that had gone with him as their doctor. im still waiting to c about the after care and response before i answer that. sweet doctor tho! so far he is a very nice and attentive doctor. i only give 3 stars b/c of my results so far. im only 1 week post op so im still waiting.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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