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Hello, let me just say I'm sooooo excited to...

Hello, let me just say I'm sooooo excited to finally be able to get my BBL done. I'm from NJ, 28 years old w/ 2 kids which after I had them my body was perfect.. I just let myself go now I'm 228. My height is 5'8 so you can't tell I'm that huge.. Most of my weight is in the mid-section. I usually suck in my stomach which is something I do naturally lol.. So I'm considering getting a BBL w/ lipo.. I'm choosing Dr. Duran because I love her work.. I've been stalking this site.. I've emailed Dr. Duran & also on the whatsapp.. Praying see responds soon!!
When r u planning to go ? 
Hey loveee .. Welcome to R.S .. I'm from jersey too !! Ill be going to Duran in January . 
Hey love & thx for the warm welcome.. I plan to have the sx May 9 2014!! Im so excited.. I will also be following ur journey!!

Finally heard bk from Dr. Duran yayyyyyyyy!!

Sooooooooo Dr Duran finally hot me bk on the whatsapp so stated in order to receive the results I wanted I would need a TT... TT is not something I want done... So I asked her if I lose 20-30 would only lipo be ok? She went on to say if I lost the weight then yes.. So now I'm waiting for price, confirm sx date & send deposit.. I'm so ready to have this done.. I want a K. Michelle booty lol

Wish pix

Wish pic


I need help finding "THE PERFECT" Pre-op & Post-op list... Please RS sisters helpppppp!!
I have a very thorough bbl prep list on my page (prepared by Rs community manager kristy).. I will c Duran nov 5th n awesome wish pix .. Best of luck on your weight loss journey!
Thanx so much for the help & congrats and good luck on ur surgery.. I will be following ur journey!!

Found helpppp

Sooooo bklynbeauty helped with my surgery list... Im super grateful for that... Still waiting on Dr Duran to quote me & confirm my date.... Ughhhhhhh lol

Searching for a reputable RH

Im stuck between Yazmin RH, healing haven RH or Angelas RH... Please if any of you ladies have previously stayed at any of these RH please share or even plan to stay there.... Thx goodnight loves
Welcome BBL buddy!! :-) Just a heads up, you may be tempted to take alot of clothes. They are not necessary at all unless you are planning to stay for more than just the surgery. a couple of maxi dresses and a jacket, is all u need. You'll pick up more tips along the way, i'm sure.
Hey, thx for the tip... Im pretty sure I will pick up/ learn new tips... I'm so ready for this surgery lol
How do I find her on whatsapp ?!!

Decisions, decisions, decisions

Now I'm unsure of who should do my surgery!! Ughhhhh Duran is taking forever to respond bk to my text... Now I'm considering Dr Baez but I really dont see what I want... Dr Baez is cheaper & my friend wants to go to Dr Baez.. I'm still unsure... Hopefully Duran hit me bk ASAP


I think I will be flying back from DR first class.. I need to be comfortable and waited on lol!!! First class is like $500 & up but I will pay the $$$$

Me!!!!! Ughhhh....

More wish pix

Hello honey! Is the only way you heard back from Duran through that app? I emailed her 8 days ago and just got an automated response. Help me love :)
Hey love :) I heard from her through the app but my fren heard from her thru email.. So you just have to be persistent.. I guess she's receiving alot of emails, text etc., she's kind of a big deal now lol I'm still trying to get a quote from her.. I've been emailing & texting thru the app..


Hey dolls, I have good & bad news... Which one you want 1st?? I will give the good news.. Finally heard Dr Duran again but she wanted me to answer a few questions related to my health.. Bad news: I didnt get a quote & Dr Baez said I need to be under 200lbs... :,( :,(

More good & bad news...

Dr. Duran got bk to me ASAP, she stated that I need a TT, I really didnt want that but that's what I need so I will suck it up and get it.. Im tired pf all this FATTTTTTT!! So, she sd that with TT, BBL w/ Lipo is $4,800us... Im cool with that so I will send deposit & lock in date... Im excited but the TT has to grow on me..
That's why I love duran. She will operate on you as long as your BMI is under 35 & you are healthy ! I have no idea why yily or baez won't operate on 200 plus women. some women are really healthy at 200 pounds they never think about height smh.
yily and baez DO operate on patients over 200 even up to 245.

Summer 2014

Just sitting here thinking that next summer all all I'm wearing is crop tops & booty shorts!! Lol I'm letting all my thickness out the cage.. Lmbo

Losing Weight

I'm going to lose 30-40lbs before sx.. I really dont want a TT... But if I lose the weight I'm hoping I dont need one.. If I dont then I'm getting a BL.. I want to be transformed into a new person.. I'm going to have an alter ego lol

I gotta DONK, she gotta DONK!!!

OOhhh I'm just now seeing you heard back from Duran!!! Good stuff honey! I don't know if I invited her the correct way on Whatsapp lol. It just sent her a text to download whatsapp. Laawwd I need help because this lady (Jazmine) from Bellavita trying to charge $150 just to get a quote from Duran I think.

I need a revised quote...

I emailed Duran yesterday & she responded back ASAP.. I asked for revised quote to add BL.. Silly me forgot to send pic w/o bra, so now I'm waiting for her to reply with new quote...

Oh I also have a travel buddy.. Yayyy! She's cancer just like me.. She's so sweet & pretty.. Im bout to make her one of my bff's & she dont even know it.... :D #teamdurandolls #boom
How can I get in touch with Duran? I wanted cabral but lately I have been a little scared
Which recovery house are you staying at ? I heard angie is good
Hey doll, we're going to stay at Yazmin RH...

My PCP visit!!!

Soooo, in my mind I was going to tell my Dr that I was having sx in another country... Buttttttttty I punked out & didnt say a word smh lol... My next visit I'm def telling him.. Lorddddd knows I'm gonna need sum pain meds... Lol until next times lovelys... Muahhhh muahhhh


I wanna shout out my boo's Radiance25 & BonAppetit.. #redbottomcrew #powwww


So, my sx is now sched for May 5th... The school semester ends 4/28 so that's a plus.. I have 3 wonderful sx buddies/friends/sisters!! I'm so ready for this transformation.. I can taste it lol.. School starts 1/13 so I'm going to be busy I'll update as much as possible... TTYL????


Good luck! I hope to hear from her soon, she may suggest a tummy tuck to me also, Im a few lbs more than you, bummer, I wanted to avoid that!

No longer going to Duran!!!

So after all the BS I talked about Dr. Cabral, I've decided he will be my doc. I'm sched with him 6/17/14 & I couldn't be more happier. I know he will provide me with the results I want. 33 more days & I'm READY!!!
Hey doll ! update us ;)
hope everything went well with your surgery I can`t wait to see your result. xoxo
Hope everything is okay. Update us please! Thinking about going to the KING too! I'm from Europe and there are NO good BBL surgeons here what so ever! Ughhh
Hector Cabral

My doctor is Hector Cabral but I can't change it.. No longer going to Duran!

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