Finally! After 22 Years I'm Getting It Done! So Happy! - New Haven, CT

I had my first son at age 17, at 20 I had twins,...

I had my first son at age 17, at 20 I had twins, my belly is saggy and though I have never gained weight,I'm very self conscious about my belly. It's been thinking about a TT for many years, but there was always other priorities. Finally after 22 years, my TT is scheduled for July 5th in New haven, CT. I trust my doctor 100% and I'm confident he'll do a great job. I'll post the before pics before surgery. I'm so excited!

Hi everybody! One day after surgery. I had a bad night, I threw up, it was so painful! OMG well, after that I felt better.I had to go th=o the bathroom like 6 times but I haven't had any BM yet. My left drain was clogged with blood clots, but I managed to unclog it and now it's passing through. I try to walk as much as I can as the doctor said though my back hurts being in that position. i have an appointment to see the doctos next Tuesday,I'll keep you all posted.
Congrat girl! Glad everything went smooth for you. You're really lucky to have so much help from your friends & fam. Are you sleeping on a recliner? I can't wait to see your post op pics. Get plenty of rest & keep us posted:)
Hi there! I did it! everything went well, I've been sleeping a lot since I got home, my two best friends came to help me out and to give me the meds,, I'm so grateful to have them and my husband. I haven't had the need to take the pills for nausea yet.
I have two drains, one of them doesn't have that much fluid, the other fills pretty quick, It only hurts when I get up or I change position, it's like a burning sensation on the incision and the thing around me feels very tight but at the same time I feel like it's helps a lot. So far I only had one yogurt and a lot of water, not hungry at all, but I'll try to eat something light later since I don't want to take the meds on empty stomach.
I noticed the incision is very low, near the pubic area, I'm doing great so far, luckily I can handle a ot of pain. :)

Two days after surgery, I', feeling a lot better,...

Two days after surgery, I', feeling a lot better, though I'm still taking all the medicines for pain and muscle spasms. I'eating just salads, jelly, crackers and lots of fluid. My left drain has only yellow fluid no more blood. I can walk better and more straight too. Yesterday a had a call from the hospital asking how I was feeling and after that the doctor called too. I have an appointment on Tuesday. I'll keep you all post it, so far I'm feeling good. thank u all. I haven't seen my belly yet so I don;t know if has been worth it but I'm sure I'll be happy with it.
feel better!♡
So sorry you had a bad night! Cant wait to see your after pics once you are feeling better. Hang in there from what I read it seems to get better every day!
Yes, you're right, everyday gets better and better, though it's been only 3 days I can feel the difference, I can get up with a lot less pain. No BM yet, I'm taking the stool softener but, nothing yet. So far I've been able to get up, walk more straight and wash myself with a washcloth, I try to walk the most I can. The drains still have some fuid but it's more clrear now. I'm taking the the antibiotics and the valium, I only take the oxicodone at night, and I sleep 5 hours in a row. I'll keep you guys posted. Thank u all!

Hello! I had my first doctor appointment after...

Hello! I had my first doctor appointment after surgery. I'm feeling great! the PA was impressed about how well I feel and look, I'm only taking pain meds during the night. I still have the drains, next week they might come off on my next appointment. When I saw my belly I couldn't help but cry of happiness, my husband was with me and he could not hold his tears either. He said that now he really understand how important was this for me. I can't believe how flat my tummy looks! and the PA said I'm still very swollen! :) I can't wait to see after! here are some after pics.
Than you Coco! I'm so happy! :D
wow you look amazing, glad it all went well. xxx
Wow girl you look great! You don't even look swollen.

A week after surgery, still with the drains, but...

A week after surgery, still with the drains, but feeling great! just bored of being home between 4 walls, though today I went out for a few hours, it felt wonderful!
lookin' good! you're not far from me, i'm in bristol, ct.
very close! :)
Love your new tummy.... really great scar and looks so flat too. A new women xx Hope you are doing well and still resting. x

Hello! there's not much to report. I'm pmsing so,...

Hello! there's not much to report. I'm pmsing so, my mood is not the best if u know what I mean! Just waiting for my appoinment tomorrow and see if the drains come out, I hope, because they're only draining like 25ml each a day, if not oh well, I'll have to wait a few more days.
It does not hurt to get up from bed anymore! today I drove to my friend's house, only a few blocks from mine, it felt good, though you can feel the muscles working when you steer the wheel. I'm posting a today's photo, can you tell a difference? a big hug for everyone of you! how are you all doing??

14 days and both drains came off! It feels so...

14 days and both drains came off! It feels so good! and the scar looks amazing! considering it's been less than two weeks. The doc says it looks beautiful! the tegaderm was replaced for a new one that I have to change in 2 weeks. Next doc's appointment it's in 3 weeks. feeling great! I want to go back to work but my job it's physical so, I'll wait one more week and I'll start light. I don't want to mess up the fabulous job the doctor did!
you look great! i just answered your question on my page about sun!
My drains were on the side too, I think it was more comfortable. I went to the beach a few weeks aer surgery and just stood knee deep in the water when I got too hot, and I took it easy and just walked back and forth and then went back to hiding under the umbrella :)
Oh wow!! You look amazing!! What great results you have. I just read your updates glad you are doing so well and finally got your drains out!! whew hew I like how yours were placed on the sides. Mine is down below the incision in the pubic area. Very sore! ouch

HI ladies! it's been 18 days. I went to the beach...

HI ladies!
it's been 18 days. I went to the beach on Saturday, It was really nice, I was careful with sun and heat and lucky me it was not humed or extremely hot so I was fine after the shade. I was really tired when I got home and slept like a baby. Yesterday we went to the movies and must have caught an stomach bug or something and I threw up everything I ate during the day, which it wasn't a lot, since after surgery my stomach seems to have shrunk of something but I fell full with very small portions, even better right??
Thank you so much for the info! I went to the beach and lucky me, it wasn't humed and extremely hot, so I was fine under an umbrella, I even got a face tan. it felt good to be out. I'll be careful in the future with sun and heat! how are you doing?

OK I know I said this before but, I'm running out...

OK I know I said this before but, I'm running out of patience! I just want to feel normal again! tired of the swelling, specially in the pubic area. I know it's healing well though. My husband won't let me go back to work yet because my job is physical and he's right, I better wait one more week and start very light. None of my clothes fit yet, I don't know what I'm gonna wear when I go back to my normal activities. I hope the swelling goes down. any experience to share about that? have a good day ladies!
I can imagine! I was lucky that when I went it wasn't that hot and there was a nice breeze too. I don't think I would have made it through the day if it was hot and humid. are you still swollen? I am, and sick of it. though my friends say i don't look swollen I feel it. it's a weird feeling.

3 weeks today! I'm feeling pretty good, only the...

3 weeks today! I'm feeling pretty good, only the swelling is bothering a bit. The upper part of my abdomen is very sensitive, like sunburn pain, but around my belly button I don't feel anything, is numb as well as all around the incision. I assume that this is normal and it will go away eventually, I have an appointment in two weeks, I'll ask my doc if this persists. I want to go back to work next week, let's see how it goes. hopefully some of my clothes fit by then.
I am 24 days post op and had same experience where my upper abdomen felt sun burnt, and I was very swollen. The past few days have been a huge turning point for me. The burnt felling in my belly went away and the swelling went down considerably. My posture still suck, but I'm working on that. Hang in there, you'll likely see some big improvement soon.
Thank you! I feel much better knowing that my body is just going through the normal healing process. It's scary to see how surgery have gone awry for some people. I'm just happy the worst has passed. I'll take a look at your profile :) thank you for your support! we're getting there! yayy
I agree, it's hard to know if what we're experiencing is normal. I try to patient with myself. I had to travel for work this week and have been amazed at how good my body has reacted. My swelling has gone down so much that I had to buy a different control garment. I don't have to wear one any more, but I'm far more comfortable with it on. I find it helps with my posture. I will post more photos soon, now that the glue has finally come off my incision, and my swelling has gone down. Happy Healing

23 days OP the swelling seems to be less, I can...

23 days OP the swelling seems to be less, I can move around lot better. The only problem is that I get very tired, I've been sleeping a lot! I'm not taking any medicine. Is it normal to feel this tired? I want to go back to work next week and I'm worriedabout my energy levels. Any thoughts or comments about this? The holes where the drains were are still a little open, I change the dressings every day and apply ointment. I hope you all are doing great! have a wondeful weekend!
I knew you'd be feeling better soon. As you know, I had a similar experience. I worked from home for 3 days (post op days 7-9), and then went back to work after that. The three days at home was helpful. It was nice to get back to work, but I was tired. Good luck going back to work, I'm sure you'll be fine.
Thanks! you are actually only one day ahead of me! does your tummy still feel tight? my back hurts a lot in the morning, once I get up the pain goes away.
I am at 27 days post op and went back to work one week after surgery. I have been able to work but I've made a point to try to get to bed as early as possible. My energy level has picked up a little recently, especially since my swelling has gone down. I think you'll be OK, just take it easy.

28 days OP. Slowly going back to normal. still...

28 days OP. Slowly going back to normal. still very swollen, my clothes won't fit yet. Going back to work on Monday. Wish me luck! It's amazing how time goes by so fast! Have a great weekend everyone!
Thank you Pocahontas! :)
Looking good!!
Good luck with work ! Are you still wearing a CG?

Hello Ladies! I had a doctor's appointment today,...

Hello Ladies!
I had a doctor's appointment today, everything went well, except that where the left drain was there's a hole that it didn't close properly, so the doctor said that he wants to repair it, but we have to wait 3 more months because it's still healing. I trust my doctor so whatever he says. I'm still swollen and he said I have to be patient. He took the tegaderm off and I have to leave it that way for 3 days and then put a new one on, after that I have to change it every two weeks. He gave me the ok to go to the beach and go in the water I'm so happy! I just need to avoid the direct sun on the incision. I don't have to wear the CG anymore and he suggested that some people wear spanxs, but I don't have to, only if I want, if I feel more secure. Well, that's the update, my next appointment is in two months. happy healing everyone! I'll be posting pics as soon as I can.
New Haven Plastic Surgeon

I have heard only good things about Dr Restifo, my friend saw him on TV a while ago and I've seen pictures of his work, I can't wait! Now that I already saw the incision I see he wasn't lying when he said it would be low! I'm very happy so far.

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