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Hi! I'm 5'9 147 lbs. and I'm ready to make this...

Hi! I'm 5'9 147 lbs. and I'm ready to make this move. I chose to do my procedure at Yale University plastic surgery by a resident doctor supervised by their chief surgeon. My consultation was great. I met both the resident and chief surgeon. ThEy were real optimistic and caring. I gave it a week of thought and called today to set a date. I was forced to leave a message for the coordinator to call me back with details. I can't wait to have a date and just feel free from this belly fat that's been with me since I was 10 yrs old!


i also had a tt, lipo and mr there on july 10th. was a great experience! congrats!
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Congrats on setting up a date!!! Gotta say I have the same boy shorts!!!' I look forward to seeing more posts of your journey!!!!
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The heat is on!!!

The patient coordinator gave me a call today! Unfortunately there were no spaces for surgery in October. The soonest date would be November 12th. So pre-op on the 4th and surgery on 11-12-13 what a crazy number sequence! I'm going to work out and eat a little healthier to improve my outcome. If anyone knows of anything that's helpful to eat or do before surgery, please let me know! I'm so happy today!!!


Your results are stunning! I'm glad I found your review. I haven't seen a before and after of any of the residents Dr. Persing overlooks. Congrats!!
Thanks! I will try my best :)
Congrats! I'll love to share this experience with you :)

Huge mistake! I am 247 lbs.

I'm 5'9 247 lbs. I think 60 of that is on my stomach :/. I'm going to try to go down to 225. I'm able
To do it by cutting carbs and replacing All drinks with just water.. Also lots of exercise.


how was surgery, hope you're doing well keep us updated
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good luck tomorrow!! looking forward to hearing from you
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best of luck to you on your scheduled surgery for tomorrow
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Yale University

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