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" The Best for Last" - New Haven, CT

After 2 years talking about it I finally had a...

After 2 years talking about it I finally had a medial thigh lift. Today is 19 days since my surgery and I'm doing great. My journey began 1995 with gastric bypass surgery and with 160 lb weight loss over the past 9 years I needed a lot of corrective surgery. When you gain that much weight your skin really stretches out and there is only one way to correct that, plastic surgery. Over the years I have had a breast reduction, brachioplasty, total abdominalplasty, upper and lower bleph , and finally the thigh lift. (Yes, after weight loss, I had bags of skin under my eyes that made me look so tired, and nearly every day people told me how tired I was. ) Prior to my medial thigh lift in preparation, I had Cool Sculpting to reduce the fat in my upper thighs, which was very successful. I had this done 3 months to the date prior to my surgery, and did not require liposuction with my thigh lift as a result of this. I am thrilled with the results. I knew I needed to follow my instructions to the "t" and I still am. Today I had my drains removed and am keeping my activity at a minimum. My thighs are sore, but wearing the compression garment really helps with the swelling. I can't wait until the summer when I can wear shorts and for the first time in many years not have then skin of my upper thighs rub.
Immediately after surgery you could see the difference. This was one of the best decisions I made, and I would have never been happy without having this done, because the excess skin and discomfort was a daily reminder of my previous weight. I feel like a new person.
Dr. Deborah Pan

I have known Dr. Pan since my first consultation with her in 2009. Dr. Pan performed my upper and lower bleph. (This really made me look rested still looks great). In 2011 Dr. Pan performed my total abdominalplasty which was amazing. The contouring is great and my muscles are nice and tight. In 2013, I had Ultherapy and had fabulous results, and then 3 months prior to my medial thigh lift had cool sculpting. Dr. Pan is very compassionate and a gifted surgeon. My vertical incisions that go down the inside of my leg to my knew are so well hidden, no one would see them. My legs look normal finally. People who meet me for the first time would never know I had these surgeries. I am so grateful to have such a skilled surgeon and look the best I have in years.

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Welcome and thanks so much for sharing!

If you don't mind me asking, does it hurt to have the drains removed? I need this surgery and I'm really not good with pain at all!

Please do keep us updated with your progress. :-)
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Hi Kirsty, I didn't hurt at all to have the drains out. My surgeon cut the sutures holding them in and gently pulled them out. It was not a big deal. I was worried also. Good luck to you when you have the surgery .
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Thanks so much for getting back, that does calm my nerves a little! :-)

Please do keep your review updated with your progress, I'll be keeping up-to-date! :-)
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Thank you for sharing. Sooo happy for you! I did my thigh lift on November 25th after gastric bypass. I lost 160lbs too! So far it's definitely been wonderful. I cannot wait for the swelling to go down completely to see the final results!!!
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So happy for you. Will you be sharing any pictures? The vert incision scares me.
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I just had the drains out and have dressings over the puncture sites so I think I'll wait a week. I wish I thought to take pictures before my surgery. My surgeon has those pictures. I spent so many years in spanks trying to hide the excess skin on my thighs I would never take a pre op picture, but the post op results are great. I'll follow up in a week with a photo. I have seen all of those vertical scar pictures people have posted who aren't happy with their scar placement, but mine was really done beautifully.
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