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In my 50's, 2wks post-op - New Haven, CT

Almost did a rhino last summer & chickened out...

Almost did a rhino last summer & chickened out..I am very active and fit and did not like the idea of downtime...and afraid the doctor would do too much of a drastic change.

I dont want to be someone else, just want to be a more attactive me. I also think that while my nose might have been OK when younger as one's face is fuller.

procedure is in 13 days

Reading this posts and getting a bit nervous. I am...

Reading this posts and getting a bit nervous. I am going to Dr. Henley in new haven. Any comments?

Surgery on monday...a bit nervous. Any suggestions...

surgery on monday...a bit nervous. Any suggestions out there from last minute things I should buy? Just wondering. My doctor said the tip wiill pint up for a while & other folks have mentioned swollen nostril...I'd be interested to hear what others have experienced.

Day 2 post op...yesterday was quite rough, really...

Day 2 post op...yesterday was quite rough, really uncomfortable, no sleep, etc.
Today there is lots of swelling & bruising under the eyes & my upper lip quite swollen. I think If I knew the recovery was so bad would not have done the surgery. No going back now though. Bothers me to be shut-in and claustrophic with this cast. Very sad and depressed last night, feel somewhat better mentally as time is going by. Friday the cast comes off which doesnt seem too far.
Not using pain meds anymore as they dont seem to do much.

Day 4 -OMG was able to sleep last night & swelling...

Day 4 -OMG was able to sleep last night & swelling gone way done this morning. Drinking lots of water and walking as much as possible. Watching Olympics to pass the time- I hope I can go swimming again soon, maybe in a week or two? Starting to see and end to this and the cast off tomrrow will be a great relief I am sure. It was weird to wake up and find the cast still on my face - like a bad memory. I think the plastic surgeons & their staff do not prepare you very well for the reality of post-op and not just speaking about the doc I went to as i consulted with several and they all talk about how great you will look & not how long & miserable you will feel getting there. I am understand that my nose will look weird for awhile & my face too, hope that I can get thru it.
I showed my daughter the worst old photos of myself & I was happy she said she understood why I went thru it. Of course it is vanity and not so important to everyone but for me it felt like my nose was so disproportionate to my face as I am rather thin & I got tired of being the woman with the big nose! Its a learning experience & I will say I dont think I will do anymore aesthetic surgery after this unless I have to make a revision.

Day 5 doc took the cast off this afternoon..have...

Day 5 doc took the cast off this afternoon..have been reading so many scary reports I was prepared for the worst.
But guess what, he took the plaster off, unplugged the packing (which did not hurt) -and VOILA! It looks great!!!
I am so happy. Took me so many years to do this & if I have any advice it is to make sure you consult with LOTS of doctors until you get the right one. If I had settled for another doctor, I dont think it would be what I WANTED.

Not posting a photo yet as I still have tape over my nose for another 5 days & a lot of bruising - but I can see it will look really nice.
Dont have hardly any swelling or weirdness, it just looks like a straight pretty nose.
Funny thing is on the way home, stopped at the grocery store looking still very brusied & taped, (altho I had dressed up for the day with summer dress and big hat) - and no one seemed to notice at all!
The post-op sucked but I think the new nose will make me more confident and happy. So glad not to have to wear that thing on my face anymore!

Day 9 Nose revealed - tape off. So happy, should...

Day 9 Nose revealed - tape off. So happy, should have made it smaller but anyhow its a big improvement over
the enormous nose I had before. I made my doctor promise not to take too much off so he didnt - I have seen so many botched jobs and once its gone, it cant be put back. But having said that I believe my doctor is an artist and excellent surgeon, there was not much pain or swelling just some discomfort the first couple of days ...and cabin fever.So Im posting my photos and have been out and about wearing my nose like I won an Olympic medal! Not young like most on this site but I feel so much better. Wish I had done it years ago. Next I am going to get highlights in my hair...change is so important!

Its been two weeks, I am basically happy I did it,...

Its been two weeks, I am basically happy I did it, could be a bit a smaller. I also changed my hair to deflect attention. Anyway, a couple friends said I look younger maybe because my face has swelling.The right side and upper lip are till numb.
Name not provided

I read lots of review on the internet I liked that he is a bit older & the surgery done in a hospital where he teaches

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Thanks. I am finding one is never too old, it is when you are ready. Also I think faces change as we age not usually for the better...
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Wow you look fantastic! I am considering rhinoplasty at 44......I thought I was too old until recently. Your results and story encourage me to keep moving forward. Congratulations!! :)
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You do look younger and it's a little known fact that this procedure will often give those results. Also, you have to remember since you're early in recovery that your nose is still swollen. It will get smaller. Mine made tremendous progress between month one and month three. My friends and family who knew definitely noticed the change during that time period. Hang in there. You look fantastic already.
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Love the new pic - your nose really fits your face. My tip and alumna are still numb - I think a lot of nerves need to regrow.
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Nice ... now the focus is not on your nose, but your pretty eyes ...
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So glad! yay!!!
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Yes, what a relief...one thing I have learned from this site is that people have different procedures and recovery times will be different. you have to trust what your doctor tells you. I am kind of health nut so I am very conscious not to eat any salty food now, drink lots of water, take baths, all of which reduce swelling. I use epsom salts in the bath which is very relaxing & also reduces the fluid puffiness, very old fashioned but works.
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My husband is Raw Vegan (me...not so much but I do eat fairly healthy with him) I drink LOADS of water and i actually just bought epsom salts the other day haha I will try some baths with them. I had no bruising and minor swelling for only half the day Saturday I think a good diet def helps that! I really need to watch my sodium intake as that will not help my swelling go down if i eat too much. =)
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I am still limiting my salt. I will try the epsom salt bath - I wonder if that will help my still very swollen tip?
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The tip will take forever to go down! Mines huge right now. I know some people where is took nearly 3 years for the swelling to completely subside
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YAY!!! I am so happy for you! Isn't it such a relief to get that thing off?? I thought the day would never come. I cannot wait to see your results, I bet you look fantastic! Keep us posted on how you are feeling
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Glad to hear you were able to finally get some shut eye! You definitely have to inquire both the staff and your surgeon about post-op discomfort. I, personally, had little pain following both my procedures (rhinoplasty and minor revision work), I think everyone responds very differently and of course your surgeon wants to present the more positive side of cosmetic surgery. What pain medication were you prescribed? And did the doctor break your nose (septoplasty) during your surgery? Can't wait to see the final result! Don't forget swelling takes forever to go down, and I do mean forever :)
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Yay! So glad you are feeling better! Also good that your daughter is helping :)... I also have a 20 year old daughter. I am looking forward to your cast - off pic tomorrow. I had to laugh when I saw your update: I have always been the skinny teacher with the loooonnng nose. And I have long black hair, which overall contributed to a witchy appearance. Not exactly my dream vision of myself. Anyway, I hope you get good sleep tonight.
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So glad you are feeling better and it's good timing with the Olympics...fun to watch. I started a discussion around fun things to do while you are healing for people to collectively add ideas to get you through this first week.  And after we can share across multiple communities. Hang in there...one more day of the cast. And thank goodness for your daughter...always great to have family around. Please feel free to add to the list!

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Day 4 Post-Op Feeling much better!
I feel funny about having friends see me just yet. I have my (20yr old) daughter with me which has been great, she has been so supportive during the worst hours. Yes to ice cream! Not doing much other dairy as my nose is so stuffed doesnt seem like a good idea. Anyway today, doing much better and thanks for the message. Hard to read as I need glasses & have had bad headaches until this morning. Also muscle pains in legs, so I am doing some mild yoga stretches which feels good. Cast off tomorrow - can't wait!!
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Sorry to hear that your in such discomfort! Don't worry though l, the pain passes! As for being trapped inside, I relied on movies and Netflix for entertainment, a good book can't hurt either. If you've told any of your friends or family about your surgery, have them come hang out with you! My friends brought me ice cream and we watched a movie after my surgery. Don't worry about be a recluse, you'll be free to walk outside in less than a week!
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Can not breathe thru my nose at all..but on the plus side I was able to take a nap, then got dressed and walked around my house which seems like a major step! yes I noticed the botox effect on the the lips, too bad it looks so crooked! Thats interesting bout your mom...I told only a few close friends, one I know thinks it is silly. My guess is nobody really cares!! I dont think the arnica is doing much, the best thing seems to be walking around & drinking lots of water.
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Don't try to smile for a bit. I think that my doctor cut some muscles that attach the upper lip and the nose tip, so that the nose doesn't get pulled down when I smile. The only people outside of my partner who mentioned anything are my family and two friends, all who knew that I had a nose job. My two friends thought I looked younger, and my family said it looks the same (clearly it does not!). Before my surgery, when I told my mom that I was having it done, I figured she would sing the 'you are perfect the way you are' Italian mother song - instead she said, yeah, that's a great idea. Shocker. When I go back to work in September I will be curious to see if anyone notices, but I bet no one does - I don't think others look at us very closely.
When my upper lip was all swollen, it erased the lip lines I have from being a former smoker of 25 years :) (quit 4 years ago), now that the swelling is gone, my lines are back. PHT.
Anyway I hope your day is tolerable...can you nose breathe at all?
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I agree with you about the upper lip issue getting annoying. I believe it happens because the nerves at the tip/base of the nose and upper lip are interconnected. When you mess with one, it affects the other. It just takes time, but they will come back to life. I remember that my nose felt like a piece of wood on my face for awhile too probably because of it being so swollen and numb. Again, that also resolves itself and it now feels like a member of my body once more. I did tell close friends and family what I was doing in advance, so I'd like to think that their comments of how natural it looks are truthful. I've only had one person who I didn't tell actually mention anything to me. She guessed after staring at me for a bit that I had my nose done. She said she couldn't believe how it looked so natural and made me look energized more youthful. Even if she was lying, I'll take it!! I do feel different about myself, I feel better! More confidence and no more obsession about my profile. Nothing to obsess about - I'm free!
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thanks for the insight about having patience (not my strong point) for both the post-op & after. My goal is to make it thru to friday & try not to freak out when the cast comes off. I had to look up Valdemort..pretty scary. I wonder why the upper lip gets frozen, really annoying.
Not making a film, just kind of recording the process to give me something to do...I wonder if you feel a like a different person if you have a new nose? Does everyone notice, or do you just think they do?
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I just had my nose done at 45 back in April. I am a little over three months out and I can tell you its definitely a process. Physically you'll probably be out and about in a few more days so hang in there, but from a results standpoint you really have to be patient and let the swelling subside. I am fortunate in that the majority of my swelling is gone at this point . Also, it took awhile for my upper lip to regain normal movement, it was quite stiff and my smile was asymmetrical for a few months. In time, it all resolves itself though. I am so pleased with the results, but it didn't look this good in the beginning so I can understand any feelings of uncertainty you might be feeling at this moment. Again, be as patient as you can - it takes time to see the final results.
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Day 2 and 3 seems to be the worst according to all the reviews (and my experience). Yeah, I had the cast - claustrophobia as well :(... just two more days, though - you'll feel a lot better once that gets popped off. Remember that it is going to look weird at first! (When I first saw mine, I though oh no, it looks like Valdermort from Harry Potter. Then it fluffed over the next few days. Are you doing a film of the recovery? By the way, I freak a little every morning at my lopsided tip, have to remind myself that I have a long way to go.
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the first week after rhinoplasty is rough for most, if not all of us ... you look in the mirror and you can become depressed at what you see ... your nose looks like it does not belong on your face, like some plastic stuck on your face, you have trouble breathing, eating is difficult ... you say "what have I done?" ... and wonder whether your face will be normal again. Hang in there ... look after yourself well ... things start improving in the second week, and by the end of the 3rd week, your nose looks like it does belong on your face even if it is still swollen ... week by week, you will see improvement ... best wishes.
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My wife traded her Picasso nose for a (Dr.) Friedman in 1974. Since the surgeon was very experienced, she discussed in general terms what she wanted done, then told him to use his judgment about size, proportion, etc. We have remained pleased with the results for these 37 years. Everything still looks really good.
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Good, glad you are post - surgery. I am sure it will look great! My upper lip was also numb for a while - like a week!
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