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I went in for my first IPL treatment today. I paid...

I went in for my first IPL treatment today. I paid 1/3 of the cost of a set of three, because that's how they do it. The RN (Stephanie) explained that it will hurt, that I'll see my sun damage get darker and then about 7 days after the skin will fall off revealing perfect skin underneath.

I have been using SkinMedica Retinol about three times a week for about a year and I had Ultherapy over my midface and neck in December.

I read a lot of bad reviews of IPL, and I can guess, based my own experience and by what Dr Davila and the RN Stephanie said, that those with negative results were burned. Dr Davila and Stephanie tested my skin with various strengths (20, 21, 22 and 23) to see what my face and cheat could handle. They discussed the pain and the heat with me, and didn't rush me.

The procedure took about 45 minutes, it hurt quite a bit (they used a 23 on me) and I felt stingy and a bit tingly after. Now, 6 hours after the procedure, I still have some orange peel like skin on my chest, but not as much as before, and there is no more swelling on my face. There's no pain now, and I have put on moisturizer twice since 11 am.

I'll post again tomorrow morning.

I'm glad to hear you felt well cared for at the office you went to. Did they tell you to use (or not use) any specific products on your face while it heals up?

I was advised to use the Skin Medica redness calming cream (CalmPlex $85), which is for rosacea, general redness and sunburn. I was also advised not to use toner - which is such a habit for me! Cleanse, tone, moisturize...

Stephanie also said - no exfoliation, Retinol, alpha-hydroxy acids or fruit acids, and not to use my Shiseido face brush for at least a week. And to be hyper vigilant about using SPF. I plan on slathering on LancĂ´me Bienfait SPF 30 cream ($45).

Since the treatment, I have reapplied the Calm Plex twice and I'm not red at all. The sun spots have turned really, really dark already. I still have orange peel skin on my chest.

But I trust this group, and if they said I would be a good candidate, I believe them. I'm not worried by how icky I look now. I'm confident I'll be glowing in 5 to 10 days!!

Oh, they also quizzed me up on my ethnic background, because darker skins and Asian skins tend to burn, even if the ancestry is somewhat distant. Since it is my great-great grandmother who is my Chinese ancestor, Dr Davila decided I would be okay.

Okay!! It's the third day, and all the orange peel...

Okay!! It's the third day, and all the orange peel skin is smoothed out. A few of the very dark spots are starting to break up and they look patchy instead of evenly dark. I haven't seen anything disappear yet, but this is just the third night.

I'm still using the CalmPlex, although tonight it really stung when I rubbed it in!

More updates later.

Glad to hear you are seeing some healing taking place. Looking forward to hearing how things look & feel in the next couple of days. Hopefully less stingy when you put the CalmPlex on!!


Okay!! It's Day Six and I'm absolutely thrilled....

Okay!! It's Day Six and I'm absolutely thrilled. Almost all the weird brown dirt-like specks are gone, they really did just wash off, and my entire face looks radiant!

My neck still isn't "dirt" speck free, nor is my chest, but I can cover those areas with concealer and clothing very easily. I suspect I'll need another blast on my neck and chest.

I was a lot more damaged than I thought. I'll have to post my Day Of photo, my Day Three photo and the ones from today so you all can see the results.

Bottom line: only have IPL done by an MD or a highly experienced RN. I am very, very happy with the results.

I will get the next one or two as soon as Dr Davila and Dr Pan think I should. If they think I should wait 4 weeks, okay! Four months? That's okay too. I've had blotches on my neck for a long time and I usually cover my chest in the summer. But now I will ALWAYS cover my chest in the summer!

I'm eager for results, but not impatient. Besides, I'd like the "package deal" discount!

That makes sense - so glad you feel so comfortable with your doctor! :)


That is great to hear you are loving the results!! You had mentioned you thought you would need another treatment, curious if you are planning to have that done soon, or just sometime in the future?


I just posted the pictures from my third IPL...

I just posted the pictures from my third IPL treatment. Stephanie turned up the heat and wow! It really hurt and I wound up with actual blisters But, two weeks later, my skin is so very silky smooth it's almost unreal. And my dark spots are gone! I am very happy.
He Batonrougecutue. The primary intent of my original post was to counteract a negative IPL reputation with regards to efficacy. I consider myself a perfect example and proof of its capability. But there is a big but. You have to know what you're doing and in my case I had the benefits of owning my own professional machine. I could sit in my home and experiment on my skin and its particular problems. Most of my body is clean now with just an occasional touch up but even those times are less frequent. Most of the darker skin blotches were on my stomach and back, I think they call them kidney spots. My skin is between 2-3 so a typical shade for caucasion, and the spots were at least 4 and quite distinct. Skin shade scale is from 1-5 where 1 is the lightest. I had to use less power intensity with a different light spectrum, and the thing with spots is the light focuses on the entire dark area unlike with hair where the intensity focuses more on the folicles. So I did feel the zap more than with the hair and there was redness but I had to use that power to be effective in gradually eliminateing the darkened areas. Your skin will be lighter than mine and that may be to your advantage? That means the light transfer will not focus as much on the skin that is not darkened (light heat energy is absorbed by dark contrast ). I don't know if your face will be any more sensitive than my stomach. I've found redness usually goes away within a day, IF done correctly. Since you will not be able to experiment at home you have to get someone with plenty of experience. Read as many reviews as you can find before handing over significant cash, and remember it will probably take a number of visits. If all is done correctly the elimination of the spots should be permanent. Good luck :)
Thanks for sharing. My dermatologist recommended I get 5 IPL treatments on my face to help with some brown spots and the redness. I was considering it but after reading so many reviews on here that were negative, I'm hesitant. I read your review and it gave me some hope! I'm worried about the pain, blistering and scarring. I have very light, white skin with red undertone in my face. I'm 35 and live in Louisiana. I wear sunscreen and moisturizer every day. I just need help getting rid of some of the redness and some brown spots. I think IPL would work but am scared! I also am nervous to get this done and EVERYONE at work would know cause they would see the burns, marks, "dirt." Can you comment?
Hello... I enjoyed reading your experience Miss Clare. I'm glad your happy and I'm not surprised.

Thought I'd add a different angle. I'm male and purchased a new professional machine a few years ago for personal usage largely for unwanted hair growth - I looked like a neanderthal. Also, underneath the hair I 'discovered' a number of browned spots. It has been a process of trial, error, pain and, very much success. I feel like a different person now. I would say to anyone with money and a patient disposition IPL is very effective and can permanently change your skin, if used properly. It's no gimmick but not a simple office visit either. It takes time and discomfort, especially so if thick hair growth is to be removed for good ;)

Good luck to all.
New Haven Plastic Surgeon

I love this MedSpa! I recommend them to all my friends.This was the second time I saw Dr Davila instead of Dr Pan. He is just as nice as she, and very professional, but with a sense of humor. He was careful to pick the right strength light for my skin, and kept his eye on Stephanie the first few times she hit me with the light.

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