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I wanted to fix the gaps in my smile. I had to do...

I wanted to fix the gaps in my smile. I had to do a two part process, first I used Invisalign to put my teeth in the correct location then my dentist used bonding to shape my smile.

I found the pros of Invisalign were that it's invisible and that its just as effective and quick as braces. The cons were that it costs just slightly more than braces and you have to take out the trays when eating.


Hi, and thanks for reviewing your doctor :).  I wonder if you could give us before/after pictures, and especially tell us a bit more about your Invisalign treatment.  Like how long was it, and how many aligners, and whether you had refinements.  And how much bonding you had.  Thank you! :)
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Dr. Lerch is very professional and careful. She made sure that my smile was perfect. Every step of the way through my Invisalign and the bonding process was carefully monitored and executed. She did a fantastic job with my smile!

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