Round 2 BBL read my story! Choose your PS wisely!

I have been researching fat transfer to the butt...

I have been researching fat transfer to the butt for years. I am turning 31 this year and finally want to treat myself to the procedure. I want other procedures too, including a tummy tuck after having 3 kids, but the recovery period is too hard and long having a small baby at home. Had a great consult with Dr. Pan last month and decided I am ready for lipo and fat
I just got turned down as doctor would only remove fat from tummy ,, gutted as he said no. I never considered a NO ,, I can't believe I have to gain weight to made fat to later transfer.
Awesome! I also live in CT and am interested in a BBL as well as other procedures in the future! Hope all goes well!
Thank you!!

Change of date :(

So my boss would not approve my time off request for Sept 3, I have to push it back to Sept 10. Im so inpatient !! Lol
Welcome to RS!

32 days til

Signed all my paperwork today. Carecredit card came in the mail. New pictures and measurements taken. Surgery booked for Sept 10. 32 days countdown begins now. Excited!!
me too
Please post pictures!! I'm interesting in this

21 more days

21 more days until the procedure. I am so anxious I cannot wait. I am very nervouse about sitting on my new butt tho... Dr told me stay off of it for 2 weeks, online research tells me longer than that. I will be back to work on day 7 post op and sit a lot during the day. Gonna try and not sit as much or sit on my thighs and not my butt... Dr said not to use boppy pillow or cushion as they can leave dents. Anyone have experience with this?
Get a air rubber ring, or haemorrhage cushion ,,, this works but may look silly , but who cares.
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10 days til

Im really excited. I would like to hear how the first few days are after this procedure. How strict should you be with keeping pressure off your butt? Some people say sit on a donut cushion, others say a boppy, but my dr says nothing--they can cause lines and ridges.
Good luck....can't wait to see your after pics!
I'm from the New Haven area and would love it if you posted before/after photos. At 51 things are starting to go south, and I'm seriously thinking about a BBL down the road. Wishing you all the best! Bet you're gonna love it!
Thank you JKC. I posted one before pic above but I will take more before I go in.

2 more days... Getting nervous

My family keeps talking about death and how im putting my life on the line and i have children. I wasnt scared before, but i am starting to worry. Im especially worried about fat embolism. I had lipo back in 2006 but it was a small area and i was fine. This time im getting my whole stomach, my flanks and my right hip. Ughhh!! Anyways here are some embarrassing pre-op photos of my huge belly, my back rolls, and my flat, cellulite ridden butt. Hoping I will have a much better shape soon. Im thinking about how hard its gonna be to not sit down for 2-8 weeks. I really dont know how im going to do that. I have to try my hardest! Its sunday is at 7:30 am on wednesday morning. Wish me luck!

Pix didn't upload

I'll bet everything's going to go well and you'll look fabulous! Before you know it, we'll all be commenting on your beautiful after pics. Keep us posted!
Are you going to cryo bank some of those stem cells? Better to do it when you're young.

Its showtime!!

Its 8:24 pm the night before my procedure and im so excited. Im not nervous...yet. Wish me luck!
Good luck

24 hours post op

So i had the surgery yesterday. I went in very nervous but seeing Dr Pan and my anesthesiologist took that away instantly. All went well. I was in recovery for awhile because i felt like crap from the anesthesia. Pain wasn't that bad, about a 4 out of 10. I immediately reached back to feel my butt and i was disappointed to not feel a difference. I had my friend take some pix which i will post below. Come to find out there was only a total of 1000ccs harvested, 500 avail after processing, and 250 split between the cheeks. The doctor put it all in the top, so its round at the top but flat under. I was really hoping for a bigger, rounder, butt all over as my wish pics look like. I know its only been 24 hours but i do not like what i see. My compression garment did not fit so the dr sent me home in an abdominal binder only. I cant shower until Saturday. Last night i could not get comfortable and trying to get up out of bed took me 1 hour. The pain with movement was extremely intense. I started taking dilaudid 4mg every 4 hours but started hallucinating so i did not take it since 12 this afternoon. I haven't been able to sleep or eat; I've had small bites of different things here and there but i feel full immediately. I also still feel dizzy and when I stand up I cant look up or I feel sick. I am already planning on my next surgery to lipo my thighs and get more in my ass. I just cant believe I went thru all this pain and money and my ass is not good.
your butt looks nice. Way better than mine
Way better than mine too!
Ha !! U guys r crazy!! Post some pix in sure i dont look better

Day 3 post op

I pretty much spent most of yesterday crying. Seriously-- I cant believe this is what I look like. And im tired of everyone saying just wait and see... My dream butt is not going to "appear" magically out of this. My back rolls are deflated so the extra skin is hanging, thats fine I know it will retract some eventually. But theres the same lumpy bumpy flat ass.
Aww I'm so sorry ! I could understand it looks nothing like the wish pics and I curious to know the outcome pls keep us informed and pls send more pics as ur bbl starts to settle in
Now that you are standing up and your entire backside is in full view, I would have to agree with you. However, when you were laying on your side, it really looked round and plump! what is your doctor's "return" policy, so to speak. Will you be able to get a "touch up" when the time is right? Wow I'm so sorry to see that you are not satisfied. My doc is allowing me to return and get my BBL fixed, my stomach fixed and finish lipo in the areas that he wasn't able to get to the first time around, free of charge. It sucks to have to do Rd 2 but it's better than walking around unsatisfied. Good luck and Best wishes to you! '
I am hoping to find that out at my post op on monday, but for some reason i doubt she will hook me up like that-- she sent me a few emails last night and she was saying i cant base my expectations on smaller women's frames but i don't, every picture I've shown her has been a thick woman like me. I didn't get a BBL after all I'm realizing that now. And she had no before/afters of fat transfers so that should've been the red flag. Ill update Monday after seeing her.

So dissapointed

So apparently during my surgery I had 2800 ccs pulled that only purified into 250 cc per
Cheek. Needless to say I had zero results. Dr said this was rare. I hope to one day get the body I was wishing for. Waste of time, money, and sanity. Before pix have pink bra, after pix have black bra. Lipo to abdomen and flanks and Right hip with fat transfer to butt. Notice the difference? Yea neither do i. Any surgeons out there care to comment on why this happened?
Hello im new at this RS but i was reading your story and OMG what did that Doctor do, no offense but looks like nothing. Sorry that you had to go thru that and not get the results you wished for.

Second time around

I am on my way to finally getting done by the best in the biz-- Dr J Curves. It's kinda hard getting thru to his office but they finally contacted me today. I had to pay a $50 fee for a phone consult with a "patient coordinator" not even the doctor himself, which I thought was odd. This is major surg and he is not cheap so it would be nice to speak with him. I have so many questions with this being the second time I am going under. Phone consult is oct 9. Then I have to watch required webinars. He is booked out til nov 2016 unless u are paying cash. Im not in a rush. I gotta get my husband back on board since i just had a failed bbl and shit aint cheap!!
Hi I'm sorry your 1st sx wasn't successful, I'm scheduled with Dr.J in Atl on Nov 6, our body frames are similar so I'll be sure to post several after pics so you can see my results :)
good luck sweetie!!!.. xoxo
Hey ladies. Thank you for keeping up with me. Even tho my experience wasnt a good one with results, I have to say all in all my doctor was really professional and caring. She returned my money back to me. I am still out $3500 for surgical center and anesthesia fees, but I did get $4500 back. Makes me feel a little better. Planning a trip to ATL with Dr. Jimerson next year. Husband ain't having it!!

My second chance! Dr change!!

I'm sure if you have landed here then you have already read my first review. This time around I am going with Dr. Delvecchio. He specializes in LARGE volume fat transfer and that what I wanted in the first place. Let's see if he can get this right. I foundb him here on Realself when he responded to one of my questions. He is whay NYC needs!
Good luck the second time around. I have a good feeling that you're going to be happy with the results. I made a big mistake with my labiaplasty but am satisfied with my revision by Dr. Alter. We get wiser and make better decisions after our mistakes, and it seems like you did your homework this time. Wishing you the very best and cannot wait to see your after pics!
I AM SO PROUD OF YOU! I KNOW YOUR EXPERIENCE IS GOING TO BE AWESOME! YOU'RE IN MY PRAYERS! after that awful first experience you deserve nothing but the best!

Consult with Dr. Del Vecchio

Hi ladies! I met with Dr D in NYC on Friday. I promise to update on everything that happened I am just waiting to do it on the computer because typing all of that on my iphone is a lot. Stay tuned!

Consult with Dr. Del Vecchio went well

I met with Dr. Del Vecchio in NYC at Central Park South. It was an unmarked building with a door man, I even had to ask, is this SmartLipo? I was then led to an unmarked locked door and was let in. Dr. D operates out of this SmartLipo facility for now, mostly every Monday. He reminds me of Dr. Christian Troy from the show Nip/Tuck for some reason. More so attitude than looks. I liked him. He told me he could get 1200-1500 cc per cheek this time. We are not sure what the first surgeon did. I was under for 3 hours for my previous surgery and had no add insult to injury...I got a bill from my anesthesiologist because I "went over my anesthesia minutes" for another $500. He told me this time the surgery will be done in 1-1.5 hours. I am so excited. I requested Feb 9 and the following 14 days after that at work. Let's see if I get it!

With my first "bbl" if you will...I was extremely sore the night of and the day after. I was very nauseas and dizzy coming home from the procedure and for the rest of the first operative day. Considering I was under anesthesia for 3 freaking hours!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My fault was that I did not start taking my pain medication until the middle of the 2nd night. I did not stay on top of it, and I should've known better, I am a nurse. Make sure to stay on top of the pain or it will consume you! I can expect more pain the second time around because Dr. D is more aggressive with the lipo. This time around we will re-do my abdomen (my whole belly since the first time only the lower pouch was done), my whole back, and my thighs and knees.

I have 3 children including a baby who I must play with and pick up constantly. I tell you, day 2 from previous surgery I was already back to normal mommy duties including cooking and cleaning and dealing with the baby. I did it through the soreness. I was back to work post op day 7. This time around I am requesting 2 weeks off of work because Dr. D says to stay off my butt for 3 weeks, straddle a foam Nerf football if I need to sit, or sit on a stool with the buttcheeks hanging off. Even though I am a nurse I do sit a lot doing administrative tasks so the more time home laying on my stomach the better. I wish I had someone to help me with the baby so I can fully rest and recover. My problem is my husband works nights in the city and when he is home he is sleeping.

Either way I don't care I will fight through the pain to get what I want. I called care credit and increased my available credit to cover this surgery. It made my credit score go down 33 points! but oh well! Worth it! I am looking forward to this surgery and finally being happy with my butt once and for all.

I had lipo on my hips in 2006, lipo with "fat transfer" this past September, booking revision BBL in I crazy to be thinking about my tummy tuck and nose job in the future too? That's all I want, I swear! lol
HOLD UP! my surgery is before yours homie! you will be able to see my results!! YAY!!! im so happy im going to him- i pay him the full amount when i see him in Boston 11/18. I only have 2 weeks off too so im back on my butt on a boppy after 14 days. i will just have to stand up constantly- not sure what else to do??
hmu if you need anything girlie! support, prayer anything!!!
Ur the bomb


To all that said "give it some time"

Love this

So There is a dr on IG whose work i love also here is a wish pic
Good decision!!!.. I cant wait see your results..xoxo.

I yearn for a big bubble but

My friends n family think im crazy for wanting it bigger. I think its wife n flat but i can poke it out with certain poses and angles. What do u think? To me its flat!
New Haven Plastic Surgeon

Great doctor, just didn't work out for me.

3 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
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5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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