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40 Years Old 5 Children a Very Much Needed Tummy Tuck!!! - New Haven, CT

So I am super I am so excited I have been wanting...

So I am super I am so excited I have been wanting a tummy tuck for a very long time my first pregnancy at 19 stretch marks came quickly early on in my pregnancy. I had 4 more children several years after that. I have had an ugly belly for 21 years. This is a long time coming!!! I am going to update this very often. My consult is Friday and the surgeon. I am meeting with I am doing the procedure with. I am extremely excited I was told he could do the procedure anytime between the 10-24 of march I am hoping for the 10 the sooner the better!!! Friday is going to be a formality just for him to take a look and for me to nail down a date I will post the before pics then or day before surgery. My goal is to have daily posts to update my progress from day of the procedure and after to help CT. Hopefully after appointment Friday it will be a short countdown to surgery!!!!

1 more day to go for consult!!!

Saving for a really long time!!! I am also going to discuss with the surgeon swapping my old implants for silicone and smaller I am hoping I can afford this too!!! Fingers crossed if I do my boobs It will be a full mommy makeover . I know he will have to do a lift since my current implants are large!!! My boobs got bigger after my last 4 babies and no longer want to be a DD when I got them 18 years ago they were d's want to go with a full C !!! I really hope I can afford the extra cost!!! I will update after consult Friday!!!!

Surgery scheduled Yay!!!

March 5 surgery date I can not wait super scared I will update after!!!

Surgery success!!!

I am awAke right now pain meds and emptying drains. Surgery went well yesterday I was nervous about anesthesia and it went perfectly. I can not wait to see my belly I see how flat it is but I am all bandaged up so I just can not see nervous about that!!! I can not wait to do my breasts in 2 months doc could not do mine because they have to remove old implant do a lift move nipples and place new silcone in. Once this is done I will be a shiny new Mercedes!!! I am not in an enormous amount of pain it feels like I had another c-section we will see tomorrow how pain goes!!!

Day 3 post oP almost over

In a lot more. Pain today pay from the muscle repar and feeling really emotional!!! I am bandaged up girdle will go on me on Monday. Bandages are covering a lot but I could still see some stretch marks and I am freaking out over it. Really sad about jt

Day 7

I still can not post pics taking this girdle off is torturous and my dr will not allow me to shower until drains come out. When I went yesterday for my post op i should have asked for him to take pics with my phone. Sorry everyone. I have to say when bandages came off belly looked great but was kind of distorted because of swelling it was strange but apparently normal. I am having 2 really difficult days since girdle went on. My dr does not place the girdle in the OR the girdle is placed on your first post op visit. So these karst 2 days especially today the top part under my breast my muscle hurts bad!! Any way hopefully I will update sooner thanks everyone ;)

No pic yet

I have to appoligize to everyone I am afraid to take my girdle off I tried and it looked scary and I am freaking out I hope that is normal this is why no pic I do have a pic prior to girdle going on with bandages on and I will upload those right now I also have to say I am surprised that yesterday was the hardest recovery day I had I do not know if it s because girdle came on on my post op visit I dunno. So scared just want a pretty belly and thank all of you for the support you are awesome!!!


Here is a pic on day 8 I am still very swollen and I just do not understand why and still have quite a few stretch marks and I did not think I would have them

Belly was flatter without garment

Any suggestions on a better garment

Yay!!!! Having a great day!!!

I am thrilled that this site is a wealth of support of such amazing strong women that I admire greatly!!! Anyway the garment I was wearing was an absolute to torture device that I believe was causing more swelling so I researched and found design Veronique awesome company!!!!!! Yesterday I called them told this amazing person what I was dealing with I took my measurements and she recommended the non zippered torso brief since I was already post surgery had I called prior to surgery she would have recommended the zippered torso brief. Well anyway I was surprised given I wear an xsmall to a small in all my clothing she recommended a large. I was obviously swollen extremely when measurements taken however she also explained there sizing is not at all like standard clothing sizing. Anyway I received the garment this morning mind you I still have drains in so I was nervous about that I placed the garment on and omg obviously it is snug as it should be to get the swelling down but so comfy I am so happy beyond words. In a few weeks I will have to go down a size to continue having the swelling go down and that is fine for me. I am going to post a pic of the one that I hated and the new one I love to give you all an idea!! I bought a black one and I between the bustling is a really pretty rose I will add that pic too

Wow this week was tough but really great too!!

So Monday was a great day in since 1 of my drains were removed Yay!! The left one was removed and this was the one that was really bothering me it hurt and the stitches were pinching me all the time and with the garment on it was causing pain. My right drain no problem did not bother me at all with the garment on no pinching nothing. Still was a pain in the ass in other ways and you girls know what I am talking about!!! Anyway when I went Monday my Dr. His name is Dr. Anup Patel I have 2 doc worked as a team Dr. Pearsing chief of plastics at Yale. Anyway my appts are with both but I do spend more time with Dr. Anup Patel he is awesome so is Pearsing I mean obviously he is the Chief let me tell you super sweet kind and very gentle amazing bedside manner!! So now about mDr. Patel also absolute sweetheart I can not say enough good things about him he is a gem also very kind and gentle ans so sweet and here is the kicker he is soooooo hot he is adorable and just incredibly good looking so I tend to get a little nervous with both but with him maybe a little more because he is so damn handsome!! So you know how it is your clothes are off you are wear that god awful gown and i do not know about you ladies but I am completely exposed not bra but my private area no undies so gown goes open he examines me thoroughly so it's a little nerve tacking and I feel like that even if they are not handsome. Anyway he took a Loki said things are healing as they should however he and dr Pearsing felt I still had fluid in my abdomen that he gelt by roughing me there obviously so the 2nd drain could not be removed however I could have kissed them both because they allowed me to start showering. I was forbidden since surgery until drain would be removed his as made clear prior to surgery they have a very conservative approach there. Anyway 1 drain out they said ok I was so thrilled and took the longest shower when I arrived back at home. While I was there both doc are having me add extra compression on my tummy and belly button area they gave me a bunch of thick baize until I could get to the store to purchase wash cloths small ones the ones used for washing your face. I used the gauze until I would have a chance to get to walmart to purchase wash cloths I am going to sleep now so will finish this longs ass update tomorrow to finish telling u about the rest of the week g-nite

18 days post op and still have pain wtf!!! Not excruciating but enough.

So obviously since I was updating sooooo late last night you see I made a lot of mistakes poor spelling hopefully you gals understood. Anyway I woke up this morning an my entire left side under my breast the entire side finger to the middle I between the girls hurt like hell I know it was the muscle pain and to be honest I have not experienced any pain like this to this extreme

Finishing my update for the week hit update button by accident

Anyway after the left drain was removed I was having some sharp pains where drains were located inside my belly not anything crazy but strange so I asked my dr the hottie we email or speak on a daily basis still even 18 days out!! Anyway he said what those sharp pains are is your nerves regenerating in the area and that's what causes the sharp pains. I find it fascinating the way the body heals! So that was Tuesday the day after when he was checking on me so Wednesday when we spoked we discussed possibly taking the right drain out the following day I was still. Having some

Hit button again wtf!!' So sorry

I was still having some fluid output that I thought was a decent amount but it really was not so he said he would give me a call Thursday am to come in that day to have removed. Mcdreamy called me Thursday in the am and asked if I could come into have the drain removed at 4:15 no problem. It was great when I arrived it was the end of the day so I was the only patient there it was so cool the secretary said just walk in and Dr was right there he took me into the room I got unfersee

Seriously again sorry but seriously what the hell is wrong with me!!

So in the room I got undressed and he came back in took a look at my healing said it was looking really good. Then came the drain removal holy shit this time it hurt coming out not pleasant not like it's suppose


Not that it is suppose to be pleasant when removed but this one hurt like a bitch so I must have just been more sensitive on this side of my belly. When the left one came out on Monday it pinched and when completely out the the hole hurt slightly that was all. This left one was pain all around once he got to the thick wh

Omg this has never happened to me I am an idiot or maybe it's the site

The left one was pain all around once he got to the thick white part that stays in the belly and once out the hole hurt a lot as well. So after I left I was so relieved to have the last drain removed it's a relief even if you feel some pain such freedom and nothing annoyingly attached to you and emptying yucky stuff out. So it's awesome to have them out I had the right one in for over 2 weeks just 1 extra day over the 2 weeks but still and the left one for almost 2 weeks. I do not understand why some lucky ladies get them out after 3 days or just a lot less time. My mom had a TT 27 years ago and even she only had them in for 3 days. So of course I got a bunch of opinions and other things love my mom but it just seems at times she feels she knows more than the drs do Lol!!! Love her to pieces her support has been great unfortunately has only been on the phone because I live in CT and she is in miami beach where I am from born and raised!! The nice thing is I do go every summer and spend 5-6 weeks on the beach and get to spend incredible quality time with my mommy and my sister she is awesome too she has been a godsend as well but also in miami damnit I miss them and adore them any way happy healing ladies so sorry for all the long posts!!

18 days post op


Swelling and Jeans

I have an obsession with jeans I am going to add a pic of my closet I know u are all going tot think I am crazy. I tried on 1 of my favorite pairs could not get them over my hips I am a size 26 so I tried on a 27 went up high enough to be able to close but there was 2 1/2 inches between the button and the closure. All of my jeans with the exception of the 1 27 I have are 26's. I have what I call a fat pair of jeans same thing did not fit!!! Please please tell me it is the swelling and in a few months I will fit into my jeans. This will kill me!! I hope you all can help and tell me to chill and they will fit it's just going to take a few months. My PS is having me use terry cloth cuz I have too much swelling just to give an idea.. :( Help please tell me I am crazy!!!


So swollen over 3 weeks PO and in pain needed help to get out of bed in the am today what is going on is it the residual effects of me carrying groceries like an ass last Tuesday????? Posting pick of belly

Photo of swelling

I should have taken it standing I feel like I about 4 months pregnant!!!

7 1/2 weeks PO

Sorry it's taken me so long to do an update my household has been insane trying to get my daughters medical stuff under control and realizing it's going to take a long time!!! Anyway happy with my belly not 100% happy because I stayed with stretch marks and I really wanted to wear a bikini I guess I need to try some on and see. Love the way my clothes fit!! Anyway it was a very hard recovery for me because I hurt myself and the female surgeon I saw when I was almost 3 weeks post op and pushed my 72 pound son in a cart I asked her about my stretch marks snd she said unfortunately all of them almost never gone. I asked her if she was me would she wear a bikini she said hell yes so I hope I look good with one I just am trying do hard to get past the marks and I can not :( anyway still gave no regrets because I look 100% better than I did but I guess I wanted perfection and that just does not exist!!! Would be great if they could figure out a way to get rid of all the marks I hope everyone is well I am sooooo happy my pain is gone!!!!

Another pic

Dr. Pearsing & Dr. Patel

Both surgeons were absolutely amazing and kind great bedside manner. Explaining everything in detail the 2 night before. I was extremely nervous and then when I received the phone call nerves went away I was not even scared walking to the OR and laying on the table it went perfectly and in a few months my old implant is coming out with lift and silicone instead of the saline I have and I will go smaller I am way too big dd after my 5 kids I did not think that round happen so I want to be a full C in proportion with my body and when I do that I will be a shiny new Mercedes Yay got get thru thus first!!!!

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Hey I hope your doing better. The swelling is the pits. I have to say it takes a long time for your body to adjust. Please be patient and don't get discouraged. I had my TT in December but still have a little swelling. Take tour pain meds and rest is the best thing to do. Keep us updated and good luck
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How are you? Hope you're taking it easy and do take the pain meds when you need them. Try not to worry too much, you didn't hurt anything and swelling is normal. happy healing!
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Thank u!!!! You are so sweet I think I upturned a corner yesterday no Moore pain meds and they will not give me any and it's hard to take Motrin u still have pain uggggg!!! At least like u said no damage!!! Happy healing to u too ;)
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Thanks for posting such an informative review of your early post-op days. I hope your swelling goes down soon, your tummy still looks pretty! ;)
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No problem happy to if you ever have any questions please do not hesitate I have been having a hard time by my own fault. I dunno if you read but I am almost a month out and messed myself up last Monday it was really stupid!!! Take care and happy healing!!!
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Oh yo thanks for the compliment on the tummy I hate that I stupill have some stretch marks it's a bummer :(
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Did not mean to say yo it's so stupid auto correct sorry that sounded dumb
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Thank you. It's so hard NOT to try to do regular activities, bc we don't always have someone around to help.
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I know that if I ever have a TT, I'll still have stretch marks too. I'm covered in them bc I gained about 60-70 lbs with each kid. I was able to lose it, but left me with lots of loose skin as well as stretch marks. :(
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I just read the 50-70 pound thing and I gained that too each with the exception of 1 49 my last one I gained 78 pounds and I was taking step classes spin and body combat up to the 8th month I was obviously doing modifications because they told me since got prior to pregnancy do not go over 145 cuz I ran 5-10 miles a few x a week too stopped running cuz of hills could not control heart rate but I found out 2 yrs later I had celiac wich inflames the joints and maybe that's why I gained I do not know, however I got all my stretch marks all over my belly from my first baby at age 19 turned 20 when I had her, Also stayed a bit link too I did not get any new stretch marks with the other 4 thanks god did you? Also I read most people there marks shrink if you look at my picks mine stayed wide and I want to wear a bikini sooooo bad!!! Did your shrink and turn silvery? I am still sooooooo swollen too when the heck is that going tot finally go away I know I had a complication but still see significant swelling some has gone down for sure. But not enough!!! I see these beautiful women who had TT's and they are super flat after a week. So happy for them good for them just wish it was me the funny thing right out of surgery I was flat like a wash board no garment yet for some reason my PS has you put it on at post op visit. But I do not know if it was because I have that extra inch and 1/4 scar go out my belly they said they had to do the surgery that way because they had no tissue to work with above belly button no fat the one time I wish I did have fat hopefully silicone strips work!!! I also yesterday got diagnosed with strep and walking phenomena!!!! Oh joy it feels like when I swelling little it's glass tried everything you can imagine chrooseptiv spray and same brand lozenges vague drops you nap it and it all hurts like a bitch!! I called my md obviously not the PS for this and she is changing my antibiotic and giving me Vicodin cuz I told her I popped 8 Motrin and it's not taking pain away no belly pain at all yay!! But now chest feels like knives going in and swallowing glass sweet anyway phew sorry for the book!!!!
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No apologies needed. I did get more stretch marks with my second pregnancy. And they aren't just on my belly. Arms, breasts, tummy, hips, thighs, butt, and calves. I wish my doctor would have warned me what could happen if I gained too much weight. He didn't tell me until I was 7 months that my weight gain could be a problem. Everyone said I could eat whatever I wanted and exercise during pregnancy was bad (my relatives and friends of course). I used a product called Strivectin after my pregnancies, you can use it no matter how old the stretch marks are, and it really helped smooth them and lighten them! I was so impressed with the quality of the product, but NOT the price tag. It's around $100 for 6 Oz. You can get it a bit cheaper off of Ebay or Amazon now though. But I literally tried everything out there! It's nice to be able to talk about this with someone who has also gone through it. :)
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I'm sorry about the pain you are experiencing, but we appreciate your honesty. I want to know exactly what to expect when I get my tummy done. And you may have a sensitivity to some foods that is causing excess bloating. Try cutting out wheat for a couple weeks, then try cutting dairy for a couple weeks, and continue like that until you find the culprit. My stomach is only flat when I cut out wheat and soy (which means you can't eat anything), so I do it sporadically if I need to look good for an event or something. My best friend bloats and swells up constantly bc of her food sensitivities. The only foods she can have that don't cause swelling and bloating are chicken, fish, fruits, and veges. She also has celiac. I hope you can get it figured out bc you deserve to have a flat tummy after all you've been through. And that's the end of my book. Lol ;)
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I am going to have to try that on what's left on my belly you would think by by now they would have perfected a way to rid of all, stretch marks but no!! Really annoying so I will for sure try that cream!!! Thanks for the tip I am still so swollen it's so annoying!! Anyway take care and thanks again I can not wait until my step and phenmonia go away it's knocked me on my ass and I took a nap from 2-7 so I am wide awake at 12am uggggg I have to see ENT for my throat tomorrow thru think I may have an abcess I really do not care nor will I worry until he knows fir sure if there us one he rill have to adore ate with an 18 gauge needle and I will gave to have tonsilectomy in 3-6 months following so we will see talk to ya soon ;)
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I'm so sorry you're having so many health problems. :( I sure hope you get to feeling better soon! Let us know how you're doing. I'll keep you in my prayers. :)
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You are a sweete heart in am feeling much better today so hopefully it continues on that direction.
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Forgot to say thank u ;)
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I'm glad you're feeling better! :)
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S I feel better strep and phenmonia wise and over did it a bit so I have belly pain :( it's not horrible but it hurts and Motrin not doing the job I am glad to be getting rid of the illness!!!! One of my sons had an emergency with a very bad rash all over his body and we almost went to the er last night but his dermatologist just had me take a bunch pics text him he told me what to do for the night and we did saw him today and we have to go back he is like a raw piece of meat his skin al most all over butt mostly the thighs are raw and u know how it is we suffer so much when are kids are in pain and uncomfortable :( I hope this really stong cream. He perscribed tomorrow I see a difference. There was a slight difference with a steroid cream I used for his excezema for this rash slight change with the pat and the and this new one is suppose to I knock it out hopefully fast!! Phew and my tpe 1 daughter had some issues in the middle of the night so no wonder I have belly pain!!! How are you doing
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U hope you can take it easy and I feel for you since u have 5 little ones. Around 3 weeks, I don't think we are allowed to carry anything more than 10-15 pounds. I am just exactly 3 weeks as well and have a good and bad day with the swelling and tiring, Please relax and get well!
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I hope...
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I know it's hard, but try to relax! All of this takes time, our bodies have gone through a LOT! How many days post are you now? I just had a set-back, and yes it's hard....but I'll get through it, and your swelling will stop. Take care girl!
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Oh, and thanks for the garment recommendation! :) xoxo
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Thanks sweetie today I am 1 month in and swollen like a ballon still I need to be patient I know it is not something I am not good at!!! You take care!!! Your boobs are sensational I would be surprised if he. Had to do a lift if I read your profile correctly!! Happy healing thank you so much for the encouragement u are fabulous!!!!
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1 month today
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Thank you! And no I was talking about a butt lift, lol!! ;). I'm not good at patience either, but trying to be better at it. Take care, eventually the swelling does stop! ;)
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