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Pitcure a 18 year old girl, no cavities, but super...

Pitcure a 18 year old girl, no cavities, but super overcrowded teeth and no chance of affording braces. Now fast foreword 15 years and two kids later. That girl stopped taking care of her teeth for a while and now, at 33, can afford to fix her smile! I've had to have three teeth extracted and 6 cavities filled. My next step is Invisalign and then implants for the missing molars. I also had to have a full mouth debridement (thankfully no gum disease!) I've had the molds made, and am anxious for the meeting with my dentist on Monday to see if I qualify and how long/much this will be.


OMG how do they go about doing a full-mouth debridement??  Wait...maybe you could write about that in your review?  I've never heard of that before.  Unless it was just hydrogen peroxide gargles, but that sounds unlikely.  Keep us posted on what your doctor says on Monday!!!

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Only 19 trays!

I went in today and got the final price quote and tray count. It will be 19 trays (so 38 weeks) before the possibility of refinement trays. Total cost $4,900. This total covers up to 3 rounds of refinements as well as the retainer after. It also includes the shaping/filing of my teeth to even out the rough spots when it's all done. They also will be placing in "teeth" where the missing ones are, so I'll be going in every 2 weeks to get the new trays prepped, but again, that's included with the price. I'm super excited to be starting this. Hopefully the first tray will be in before the new year!

About the full mouth debridement I had done, what it entails is the dental hygienist scraping off all the built up tarter tooth by tooth. It's pretty pain free, they do use a numbing agent on the gums. My build up was so bad it took 3 hours in the dentist chair the first visit and another half hour the second (the gums do swell up and your teeth feel loose for a few days) I think the sound of the chipping and scraping was worse than anything else (it really sounded like they were chipping and breaking my teeth).


Congrats on starting your smile make-over journey! I look forward to reading your review as time passes and you move through your treatment! I have some additional dental work to do after my invisalign is done as well. I assume the missing teeth are in the back (molars?) If so, you won't really need the pontics (that's what they call the material they use in the trays for missing teeth) as no one can see in the back. I am missing 4 molars on the bottom - 2 on each side and I don't have the pontics. The trays fit over my wisdom teeth (still have on bottom but not on top) and they create "fake" spaces for the missing teeth with the trays. You may find that having to go in every 2 weeks isn't near worth the trouble if the missing teeth are in the back. :) Time will tell! :) Let us know when you have received your trays! :)
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Congratulations!  And thanks so much for explaining about the debridement.  Wow--three hours is a long time to sit in the dentist's chair.  Sounds kind of nice, actually. Three hours without kids asking for stuff ;).  But that's great that you got that done.  I think it's akin to what they call a deep cleaning at my dentist's, but I'm not sure cause I've never had one before.  I've only had a semi-deep cleaning, but that was nice.  It was only an hour, though.  Hopefully your mouth will be super healthy now!!!  And after you're done with the Invisalign, and you get everything filed and shaped, you can do whitening, and man, you will not even recognize yourself!!! :D  

When are you going to get your first set of aligners?

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Set one is in!

So I have 8 "buttons" that I barely notice, and choose not to bother with the pontics for now. That way I only have to go back every 6 weeks. It felt like forever to get them in since the practice was closed over Christmas and we've had some bad, bad weather too, but I finally got there and spent about 40 minutes having the buttons put on, which I think was the worst of everything. It just felt so dry (which it was) and when my mouth gets too dry, I start to gag, so that wasn't fun, but it was doable. I took advice that I read on here and took a couple Advil before I went in. They are uncomfortable right now, but again, I know that's normal. It's not painful so much as irritating.


Congratulations on getting your trays and finally starting your treatment!  After reading mlb502's comment, it sounds like a blessing you didn't go with the pontics.  I'd never heard of pontics in anything other than dental bridges before (it usually refers to a fake tooth in a bridge) but now I looked it up.  Fascinating what they are capable of nowadays!  But I guess it means they'd have to refit a pontic for each tray.  What a pain!  Though some Invisalign patients are seen for every tray and love that they can get immediate feedback on whether they are progressing well.

I'm glad the pain isn't too severe for you, and at least you have the satisfaction of knowing the treatment is working ;).  Do expect for some tooth looseness and difficulty while eating.

Thank you for keeping us updated!  I look forward to seeing how you manage after a couple of days :)
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3 hours may have been a long time, but my dentist offers netflix to the patients. Wonderful bonus of going there. Keeps us from getting bored.
Wow.  Posh! :D

Day 3 of tray one.

Just posting a quick update. It's only been three days but those first two ended up being painful!! At the end of the first day I had to really talk myself into putting them back in after dinner I was in so much pain (and I was using Advil on top of that). Now that I've taken them out a few times each day it's getting easier. I miss snacking, and hot coffee whenever I want it. I've managed to time it right, make a coffee, prep it, get breakfast ready and then take out my trays and I can enjoy the hot coffee that's cooled down enough I can drink it right up. Testing food while cooking isn't doable either. Now my kids get to be the taste testers and tell me if it's ready yet, lol. Tonight's my first night back at work (work third shift in a assisted living facility) so I can utilize my travel kit I've made up for the first time.


Funny how you make so many adjustments.  I'd completely forgotten about the whole no taste-testing food thing.  Most of the time I can't anyway because my diet is more restricted than that of the rest of my family, but when I make my own food--I used to basically eat the entire time I was cooking.  With Invisalign, that was no longer possible.  Sometimes I put my retainers in just to keep from snacking while I eat (it's horrible and I'm not allowed to do it anymore, but yeah.)

I hope your next tray is less painful…it kind of varies depending on which teeth they're moving.  Thanks for the update!! :D
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The first few days of the first aligners were hard for me too. Really painful. The second tray has been no pain though, just tight/pressure. Hopefully that will be the trend!
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Tray 2 day 1

So, by yesterday, I was feeling like a pro taking off and putting back on my aligners. And they were feeling almost too comfortable. I decided to switch to tray two at about 1:30/2 this morning after lunch at work since it would be about the longest time between needing to take them out (since I knew I was going to lunch at noon with some friends I knew I'd be skipping breakfast and am not sure when I'll actually be getting more than a couple hours of sleep). I was actually pleased with the discomfort the new set of aligners brought me, it makes me feel like something's happening and it wasn't painful at all like the first set was. I'm assuming because in a way my teeth are still loose from the first set so I'm not dealing with solid teeth?


I think you're right. Disrupting the bone that has been there for years, undisturbed, with the movement of the aligners causes the first aligners to hurt a lot. Then, when your teeth have been moved out of their positions, it becomes easier to move them around with the following aligners...aligners 2 and 3 for me have been a breeze compared to #1. Still, it would be interesting if any of the others cause as much pain as aligner 1.
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Yay!  And I think you're right--that the not having solid teeth helps a bit. :)
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Tray 3

Popped in tray three during my lunch break this morning at work. Minimal pressure for about an hour, then feeling fine. And it wasn't bad when I took them out 12 hours later this afternoon. There was a dangly piece of plastic on the inside of the top tray that I had to file down only because it was annoying (not painful). I'm amazed at remembering how sore my mouth was just a couple weeks ago while I was getting used to wearing the trays to how much easier it's getting to just deal with these. I'm also adding a comparison pic of pre Invisalign and the start of tray three, and while it's not much I CAN see a small difference in my front teeth and that makes me super excited.

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Did you have an underbite to start?  In your comparison pic it looks like your top teeth are a little behind your bottoms, but that could just be how you smiled for the pic.  Just wondering. :)  Congrats on getting to the next tray and that the pain is a little less!
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Just the way I was smiling. I actually have a bit of an overbite, but nothing too extreme, (just the crowding). I'm not sure why I do it, but when I smile, I tend to jut out my jaw even though when I'm relaxed my top teeth are in front of my bottom.

Oops... I never came back, but I'm officially done.

Well, I have always been bad about staying committed to anything (even something as simple as checking into this every two weeks. But, I picked up my retainers today. Let's s tart where I left off first though.
Trays 4-10 were the same as the first ones... Mildly uncomfortable for the first couple days but eventually feeling ok. I had a dental checkup during these trays and was happy to find no new cavities. I had random tooth pain once in a while and wasn't sure if it was a cavity or just the trays. It was just the trays but it felt good to know that.
After the tenth tray I had new impressions taken to check my progress. I ended up needing only 12 trays vs 14 on the bottom (but they added 2 more buttons on one tooth) band my top stayed at 19 trays. Those final trays on top really focused on my 6 front teeth and I felt it. I couldn't eat apples anymore. And other harder foods that I bit into. I've been doing a lot of cutting up of food (and I really missed corn on the cob this summer, just painful to bite into). I had a few IPR sessions nothing major, just to make it easier to floss. Last week I went in to finally have the buttons taken off (they had been on since day one) and get a good look at my teeth without them. I am so happy with them!! I know they aren't perfect, but I'm 34, my teeth have been misaligned my whole life, they will never be perfect. The dentist filed and shaped them up a bit, there were some good sized divots in them. I'm not afraid to smile anymore!
Now onto my retainers. I had impressions done last week, the normal gagging fun (super bad gag reflex here). I picked them up today. They are the Viviara (sp?) ones. Super thick compared to the aligners. And the top one goes back a bit on the roof of my mouth, which ip has given me a lisp till I get used to them. They are so much harder to get in and out!! I'm in them full time till April 1st when I go to sleep time wear after.


Wow, great results! :D You should be so proud. The difference in the before and after is tremendous.
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Congratulations!!!!!!!  Your smile looks fabulous!  And yeah, those Vivera retainers are super hard and tight.  Breaking them in is a pain!  Glad to hear that your doctor is recommending 6 months full-time.  Your result will be nice and stable by then!  Thank you for updating us!
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you got such amazing results! your new smile looks great.
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