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Age 24: Botox and Radiesse after Accutane! After...

Age 24: Botox and Radiesse after Accutane!
After endless amounts of research, I’ve been unable to find a review specific enough to mirror my circumstances. I wish I had, so, I hope my review helps someone in the same predicament. –At the mere age of 24 I have made the decision to get both Botox and Radiesse. My appointment for the procedures is scheduled for the end of this month (February, 2013).

In my teenage years, I never had issues with acne. At age 20, I randomly formed an acne-cyst in my right cheek. It was exceedingly deep; approximately the size of a penny and it took several months to go away. When it did heal, I was left with a deep, pitted “rolling” scar. A few months passed without any acne issues and then I randomly got another acne-cyst. This time, it was on my chin, much larger than before and it took even longer to heal. Once again, I was left with another pitted scar. It was all downhill from here; every few months the same thing happened! I never had more than one cyst at a time, so I never appeared to have “bad acne”.

Finally, I saw dermatologist whom prescribed several things from adapalene gel to clindamycin pills (laser treatment was recommended too, but, I could not afford it). After two years of steady regimens, my skin had zero improvement. Nonetheless, I was hopeful so I stuck with my prescriptions for another few months until I had an acne cyst so bad it sent me to the emergency room! The cyst was on my right cheek, near the middle of my nose. One morning I woke up and the cyst had become so swollen my right cheek was level with the bridge of my nose, literally! At the emergency room they told me I had an abscess and drained it!

After the abscess healed I decided to see a different dermatologist. As a last resort, my new dermatologist put me on Accutane. Despite Accutane’s bad reputation, I had minimal side effects during my 5 month treatment! The best part, it worked! I’ve been cyst free for 6 months now!

All the years of cystic acne and harsh treatments have left my face looking weathered, furrowed and riddled with scars. Because of this, my self-esteem/confidence has plummeted. I want to put my best face forward immediately, so I am getting Botox and Radiesse! – Parallel to my decision, I’ve had several family/friends criticize my decision to get the procedures telling me I am too young for Botox or fillers! Some tell me to opt for something else like peels or laser treatments because I am too young to live with the results of a bad Botox/filler procedure. WELL, I think their criticisms are close-minded and bias. My reasoning: I am an adult who made an educated decision on both treatment and doctor. I am a full time nursing student with a part-time job, which leaves me with no down time to heal from laser/peels or go to multiple appointments. I do not have the funds to pay for the amount of laser/peels needed to “correct my face” to my ideal. I want the immediate results of Botox and Radiesse. I know they are not a permanent solution, but, they are a very real solution.

I will post pictures of my Botox and Radiesse RESULTS after my appointment! The current pictures I’ve included show my skin currently. When I smile my pitted/rolling scars fold and make me look like a 90 year old.

I have a similar story... I never had acne as a teen. When I was 29 my Mom was diagnosed with cancer (that was March, she passed in Dec the same year. January came and I got my first cyst. I never had more than one at a time and but sometimes I would have a normal pimple or two to go with it. I would wake up and the cyst would be swollen so much I had no contour to my face, just a big swollen mess. Then it would turn to staff. I went to Dr after Dr for 8 months! Some dermatologist some were just general medical. No one really addressed the issue. They just said quit picking your face and it will stop, I was NOT picking my face. Finally a dermatologist listened to me and asked what was going on in my life when it started and I told him about my Mom. Bingo! He said...stressed started we have to stop the cycle. Accutane is awesome, it is totally worth t he risk. Now I'm left dealing with the scars. Reading your story and solution has opened my eyes to a solution that may not be typical but sounds right up my ally. So thank thank you so much for sharing your story. I would love to hear how your results turned out and to see a pic or two. Thanks again for telling your story.

I had great results with ProFractional laser treatment of my pitted scars from cystic acne. Discomfort and expense, but worth it in the long run, because results are wonderful and permanent!


You do what ever makes you feel better! I am 43 years old and people don't understand about acne and scarring unless they have experienced it. I have scarring and have had 15 chemical peels. The peels have worked out great and aren't all that expensive. I have only had to pay $150 to $200 for a peel. However, I do think if you are going to try the peels you need to have at least four before you decide if they are working for you or not. I have had a lot of people tell me that my face looks great! I have noticed a big difference. I also get botox to help with forehead lines. I pay about $400 every 3 to 5 months. You do what you want! Who cares what everyone else thinks. I think a lot of it just is jealousy!

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