Chin Implant Disaster - New Delhi, IN

I had a nose job and a chin implant 4 months ago....

I had a nose job and a chin implant 4 months ago. The first chin implant came out of the socket and it had to be redone. Now 4 moths later the chin looks horrible. It is uneven and there are several dimples in it. My bottom lip is crooked when I smile. The doctor says it will get better with time, but after 4 months there is no change. Tell me what you think.


Terrible. He has ruined my nose too. I will need revision surgery and this will cost even more. I feel bad for you.
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I feel sorry for you. He ruined my nose and chin too.
Hi! I had a Medpor chin implant (intra-oral) by a doctor in Delhi in ending June 2012...BUT... the implant had to be removed (because of extrusion) after three months. Now, even after four months post-removal, the skin under my lower lip is still quite stiff which doesn't allow my lower lip to come back to its original my lips don't look fuller. Yeah...there are also several dimples when I stretch my chin (though not in normal natural position). Well, I think the reason might be- that the plastic surgeons in India aren't that experienced with the Chin Implant procedures... What else!!!!!???
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