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I've always struggled with my weight going up and...

I've always struggled with my weight going up and down as much as 100lbs at times. This of course has left my tummy and surrounding areas with alot of stretched out skin. I'm currently 5ft 10 inches and 212lbs. I'm not at the weight I wanted to be prior to having the surgery; however, if I wait for the perfect weight and perfect time to coincide I'll never get it done!

I'm quite excited about the upcoming surgery but find myself in a little bit of disbelief like it really isn't going to happen. I also feel a little guilty for doing it putting myself out of commission for work and my children. I have arrangements all made for both but still find myself feeling guilt...must be a woman thing!
I would love feedback from others as to what things I should ensure I have on hand, things to expect etc. I have been reading other reviews and seem to have discovered that almost everyone feels discouraged at some point afterwards mostly due to swelling. I'm hoping keeping this in mind prepares me better for it.
My spouse will be off the same time I am to help me out with my care and my children so that will be a big help. Apart from that I guess the countdown is on :)


Thank you for the encouragement! I'm back and forth with excitement and guilt on a daily basis but hopefully that will all subside. I'm quite excited to see the results and will try to keep in mind the swelling. I'm amazed with some of the different pics showing how things look at different time periods. I'm not concerned about the surgery whatsoever so far. I've had other surgeries and have always bounced back without a problem. I seem to be a good healer as well. Just counting down the days now!
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Good luck, mine is 21st Jan 2013 so weeks to wait xx
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Welcome to the community:)

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Wow....I'm going for my surgery in 4 days!...6am...

Wow....I'm going for my surgery in 4 days!...6am Thursday!...I'm starting .to think more about it, it no longer seems so far away. The guilt is starting to come back. I just try to read some other comments where ppl are doing so well. I feel like I should have lost weight but I didn't. Eeeek!


I'm 2 days post op and doing very well. My surgery ended up taking 6 hrs and 45 mins vs the 4.5 - 5 hours that was planned. I had a full TT, MR and upper and lower back lipo. The dr took 4 lbs of skin and 5 lbs of fat. I woke up from the surgery with no issue and was home by 5pm the same day. I even stayed awake lots the first night and watched tv some. I'm set up on the couch with lots of pillows propped into a 3/4 seating position. I have a U shaped neck pillow which is very handy! My pain hasn't been too bad, I have a pain pump as well as meds I've been taking every 4 hours like clockwork. I have one drain which was draining lots but has really slowed down today. I go to the PS office Friday and hope to have the drain and pain pump removed. So far I'm pleasantly surprised with my abilities and recovery thus far!
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Thanks! I plan too :)
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I'm with you on the looking forward to downtime just as much as a flat tummy

Day 4 post op and doing well. I have backed off...

Day 4 post op and doing well. I have backed off on the perscription pain meds (Oxycodine) to see how long I can go before I need them. Before this I was taking them exactly every 4 hours. I only seem to take a couple per day now. I finally was able to have a BM for the first time since surgery which felt so much better. I seem to be really swollen today and have a muffin top over top my compression garment....I believe that is due to the lipo he did there. I am getting up for about 15 mins at a time and was even able to stand at the sink and wash a few dishes today. I don't have much of an appetite and nothing sounds good to me that usually would...not sure why. All in all I don't find the recovery has been that bad at all and is totally worth it! :)

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Day 6 Post op...Today I woke up feeling the worst...

Day 6 Post op...Today I woke up feeling the worst yet....not good at all. I think the reason is that my pain pump has finally emptied. I'm really low on my Oxycodone pills too and have cut the remainder in 1/2 taking them sparingly. I contacted the Dr office and got an appt for tomorrow afternoon rather than Friday. I'll see what he says about pain whether I get a refill of Oxy's or if he has a different suggestion. I still have next to no appetite and when I do eat something I feel like I over ate no matter how little it is. Today I believe I will put my feet up and relax think I overdid it yesterday.

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Dr. Husain

Only complaint is lack of communication on how payment to the hospital could be made and where to make it.

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