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I'm not quite sure how to start this off.. Im...

I'm not quite sure how to start this off.. Im around 5'3", weigh between 135 and 140 pounds and am a bra size of 34DD. I'm quite nervous I'll get a lot of harsh judgement for my age as I am only 17 years old. So I'm feeling a little uneasy posting this. I'll hope for the best though because I've seen nothing but support for others on here.

As I said I'm only 17, but with the pain my chest causes me I feel much older. Ive had trouble with my back for years. More then once I had gone for X-rays to try and figure out what was wrong, yet nothing would ever show. We came to realize the problem wasn't my back. I work in an environment where I am constantly on my feet now, and will in the future as well as I am planning on becoming a hair dresser. Although the way it is now I won't be able to do so. I constantly find myself twisting and turning or bending over to try and relieve my back and shoulder pain throughout the day.

Along with the pain I'm not comfortable with my chest at all. It just doesn't look the way it should. Im very embarrassed of it all the time, especially seasons where it is harder to hide andnp conceal. Trying to find a bathing suite during the summer, and then after finding one constantly readjusting in it to make sure nothing pops out just isn't how it should be. I should feel comfortable and happy with how I look.

I've always wanted smaller perky boobs. And now it seems like that might happen for me. After speaking with my family doctor about it she referred me to a plastic surgeon. I expected it to take forever but within a month and a half of being on the waiting list I got an appointment!

I had my consultation this past thursday. It was fairly quick and to the point. Ive had this doctor before when he was working on my keloid scar, so I was familiar with him. He looked at me, answered my questions, told me about the incisions they'd be doing ( which is the anchor, what I was hoping for ), and then gave me the okay.

We're now waiting to hear from his office for when the surgery will be. They're booking it in December, we're just hoping it coincides with my winter break from school.

I'm unbelievably excited. I spent so much time on this site reading others' stories and couldn't wait to have my own, its finally going to happen! Of course the doctor said I still have the option to back out, in case I change my mind, but this is like a dream come true. I can't wait for the relief it'll be and how great it'll feel to have the pain gone!

Ive been reading through different posts on here...

Ive been reading through different posts on here and I've seen lots of people talking about drains and how painful they are. I didn't think to ask about this at my consultation. Could anyone help me out and inform me of what these are? I'd really appreciate it!

The countdown begins today, I got my date for...

The countdown begins today, I got my date for surgery! It is booked for the 19th of December. I am so excited! Finally having a date set makes it feel so much more real now.

I can't wait for how much better I'm going to feel about myself. I'm anxiously awaiting being able to be comfortable in my own skin.

57 days to go!
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It's very exciting to see more women in their teens finally getting brave a posting on here. I know there's a lot to think about, especially when you're young and healthy already and you're deciding to go into surgery. One major concern for me was that I was getting the surgery mostly to feel comfortable with my body. The pain and the opprotunities that arise after the reduction is also a factor but it was mostly living with big breasts as someone so young and pretty small. Don't feel bad about wanting to make yourself feel comfortable. Love yourself and love your body enough to do something good for it. I'm very excited for you and I can't wait to follow your process! Good luck and it'll be totally worth it.
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Welcome, bmep! You will find nothing but support and encouragement here! Most of us were big girls when we were your age and wish we had done it long before we did! I too am an old lady past 40 and trust me when I say that DD would probably just continue to grow as you age, so doing something now is only going to help you in the long run, especially since you are already suffering from such significant back pain. Feel free to cruise the other reviews and never hesitate to comment, it really is the best way to get to know the other girls and let them know you are out here! Holler out if we can be of any help!
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Thank you so much! It's such a relief to read that! Ive been reading through plenty of others' stories I was just too hesitant to comment. I won't be anymore though.
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I was also a 34dd and now a 34c. Such a relief!! I am 46 and the surgery wasn't too painful. But I'm an old lady so you will have no problem and will probably bounce back in days. This is a great forum for loads of information. Congratulations for making this decision. In my opinion it is truly life changing!
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Thank you! I'm hoping I'll be able to bounce back soon after! Even if it takes a while it'll be worth it!
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