PS recommended 255cc teardrop gummy bears OVERS ?! It all sounds uncommon and concerning-CA

First consult was Dec. 13 my PS recommended 255cc...

First consult was Dec. 13 my PS recommended 255cc overs tear drop gummy bears. I'm 5"2 115lbs with enough breast tissue for overs apparently, tho realy I see none! I'm a very small aa and goal is small C. With all measurements it was either 210cc 255cc or 300cc I picked 255 cc but I'm concerned it's too small. I also heard Most PS don't use tear drops because of possible rotation.... But if I go round overs over the muscle is not a good idea ... Girls I need your opinions and experiences especially with small cc's PLZ :) I'll post pics a few months before BA ... Asymetric breast.

Hi NB girl! I went with Dr. Husain. He was super! I had gotten a few reviews from people and Husain is who I ended up going with. My wait time to surgery was 6 months. A year is such a long time! I thoyght 6 months was a long time! I wanted small because I don't want obvious in your face boobs and I'm tiny like you so when I tried the sizers, I actually thought 250 was too big. My PS said it was because I wasn't used to seeing myself with anything so they looked bigger. I ended up asking for 240cc and when operation day came, he said he ordered 290cc, because they would achieve the look of the 240cc and so far I am happy with what he decided. I had complete faith in his opinion and just went with it. I am still early post op so they're still very high and hard and fake looking, but with time that will change. I have after pics on my profile and I will put before pics soon. I'm just waiting for the pics from my Dr.
Congrats!!! Looking good! :)
Please feel free to take a look at a my profile, pics and stats. I went with silicone under the muscle and almost every girl I know wishes she went bigger. I already wish I went bigger and I'm only 3 weeks post op LOL! I would bring a picture in to your doctor with how you want to look and tell him what cup size you want. I told my doc I wanted to be a D and brought in pictures of his own work .. based on that he recommended 425 cc's silicone, moderate, round, smooth silicones under the muscle. A lot depends on how stretchy your skin in and what it can handle. Despite my PS recommending 425s I went with 457s and can not be happier! Good luck! xoxo :)
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