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55 Yrs Old. Raised in the South Fla. Sun & Former Smoker for 25 Yrs.I - New Braunfels, TX

This is my 2nd DOT treatment. Had my 1st on done...

This is my 2nd DOT treatment. Had my 1st on done in Nov. '13. So pleased with the first one that I was willing to go through this again. I was an avid sun "worshiper" & former smoker for 25+ yrs. And had scars from a car accident when I was 26. My skin had brown spots & my mouth had the "smoker lines". As I have grown older, the loss of collagen has made the scars more visible than when I was young. I don't have a before pic of the 1st DOT, but the results were AMAZING!! I decided to have a 2nd treatment due to a 58yr old lady at my Medi-Spa. She had had 2 treatment & her skin looks like a 40yr old. I am extremely pleased with the outcome of the first treatment.....but hey......why not be better? I am going to post my daily pics so you know what to expect. After reading all kinds of reviews I have concluded it's not the machine.....it is definitely the operator. Also, my package includes "LED Gentle Waves" therapy (free for 1 yr.) and 1 Hydrafacial & 1 Hydrafacial & Vibraderm. Dr. Smith also starts you on antivirals (Acyclovir) 3 days before procedure for a total of 7 days. Dr. Smith & the Staff at Millennium MediSpa are the ultimate professionals.

SmartXide DOT Laser

I wasn't able to post pics this A.M. but now can. I will update daily pics!!

Day 2 Post Op

Didn't sleep well, kept getting up to fill up ice bag.

Day 3

Day 4

Starting to itch....swelling has gone down dramatically. I've kept ice bags on my face much more this time around.

Day 5

Most of the skin has peeled. Have that extreme sun burned look today. Swelling has gone down too. My face is still very warm to the touch.

Day 6

Most of my skin has peeled....Now I have that "extreme" sunburn look......Going very well, since this is my 2nd I knew what to expect. I have done so much better this time around....less swelling (due to ice bags at night) & more cleansing!!!!! Skin starting to look good!!!!

This was right after treatment..

I posted a pic with those black contacts in my eyes.....I thought it was right after treatment....it was before....this is what I looked like right after the laser!!!
Dr. Charles Smith

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I'm considering a DOT on my face and belly (stretch marks/loose skin). How long does the sunburned effect last, and how long do the total effects last? Do you expect to need upkeep treatments every couple of years?
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It lasts a good 2 weeks, however you can wear make-up to minimize the "sunburned" look. I didn't & was fine. I would expect to have to have another DOT in a couple of years, but I also will be a couple of years older too! :) The owner's mother of the medi spa where I go to had the laser on her tummy. She was quite swollen & uncomfortable for about 6-8weeks. She told me that she would not do this again as the results were not that great vs. the discomfort. She has had 2 DOT's also and her face looks great. She was my inspiration for getting the second one. I will post a pic later that was taken Labor Day. The results I have from this 2nd one are much better than I expected. Good luck if you decide to get a DOT. I have read horror stories but I am not one. I would definitely recommend the DOT!
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Glad that you are healing well :) Thank you for keeping your review up to date. 
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I'm about to have a second DOT laser under my eyes next week. The first one was done during surgery and I was under general anesthesia. Kind of nervous this time, and wondering how soon I'll be able to go to work. Keep posting, and good healing to you!
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Thank you!! I'm really surprised at my recovery this time. Maybe it's that I know what to expect but I've been told the 2nd time around you heal quicker. Good luck to you & hope you get the results you want!!!
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Welcome to the community, so glad you took the time to share your experience with us including photos. Happy healing and look forward to your updates. 
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Thanks!! I wanted to share because of the reviews I read here really helped me. Hope I can help someone else with my experience.
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