Having Smartlipo Done on May 24th. Nervous and Excited!!! - New Bern, NC

I am having smart lipo on my upper and lower...

I am having smart lipo on my upper and lower tummy, muffin tops, inner and outter thighs on May 24th 2012. I weigh 140 lbs and i am 5 ft 4 inch. i am 23 yrs old and am a mother of two who are 1 and 2 yrs of age. before i had kids i weighed 125lbs then after having my son i was 130lbs......yes i was still small and i loved my body. But then after having my daughter i was 170lbs.....I WAS SO DEPRESSED BEING THAT BIG!!! Well being a mother of two very small children and a husband who is in the marine corps, it was hard for me to try and lose the weight. Either i was tired from a long day or i was sick...i didnt have time to lose the weight. finally after my daughter was about 7 months i got the strenth some how to go to the gym in the eveningis. i lost 30lbs in 4 1/2 months. its Been 14 months since i lost the 30 lbs and i am still having trouble dropping the last 10 lbs. i have some stretch marks that are not really noticable and very little cellulite. I JUST WANT TO LOOK AND FEEL SEXY AGAIN..LOL!

I have been researching about Smartlipo for the past 4 months and decided to get it done. i am really nervous but excited at the same time.

Well had my smartlo done this morning around 7:15....

Well had my smartlo done this morning around 7:15. Was done and out of the Surgery Center at 11a.m. In a little bit of pain but i can see a huge difference. Doctors and nurses were very nice :-)

Will post before pics later on today. The after pics will have to wait till my 1 week post op appt on wed. I will be sure to post then

Sorry for mispelled words... These meds are...

Sorry for mispelled words... These meds are kicking my butt lol

It has been 5 days since having smartlipo and i...

It has been 5 days since having smartlipo and i feel good. Not in alot of pain right now but i am able to move around ALOT more!! The drainage was very small. Stopped bleeding the second day i was home. I am still i little bit swollen but can see a big change. have to thank my hubby for taking care of our 1 and 2 yr old kids...they are a handful lol

It has been 2 1/2 weeks since my surgery. i am...

it has been 2 1/2 weeks since my surgery. i am feeling great and am back to doing my usual cleaning, cooking and taking care of my kiddos :-) he week after i had smart lipo my weight went up from 140 to 151...maybe my scale was messed up or something because thats 11 lbs. but then i weighed myself this morning and i am back down to 138. i love my results..and i couldnt be any happier. had a follow up appt last week and Dr. Zannis said that my results were looking great and that i will be getting smaller. so i am looking forward to the next couple of months or so :-)

my Garment is getting really loose and i adjusted the straps but thats not helping so i had to order a smaller one online.

Doctor told me to wear my garment as much as...

Doctor told me to wear my garment as much as possible. So i have been wearing it 24/7 but take it off when i have to shower.

Lost a couple more pounds :-) So went shopping...

Lost a couple more pounds :-)

So went shopping yesterday for a new outfit for date night with my hubby. I was so nervous trying to find something to wear. Before smartlipo i wore size 9/10 jeans. well it has been exactly a month today since i had it done. While in Rue 21 i just grabbed a pair of size 5/6 jeans just to see if they would fit and they did. But they were really loose on me. So i tried on a size 3/4 and the fit perfectly!!!!!! I cant believe i wear a size 3/4 in jeans again! Never thought i would go back to the old size i was before having kids!! Stil have a long ways to go to see more results but i love the way i look now.

Also, i have started to exercise and run. Husband has been running with me and pushing me to stay fit. So i have to thank his military motivation lol
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Hi do you recommend Dr . Zannis? Do you know more people that made some surgery with him? I wanna do tummy tuck But I don't know anybody here? Thanks for help me.
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I do not know anyone else who has seen him. I was extremely disappinted with the results of the surgery I had (spent almost $25000.00 with him) and even more with his post op treatment. He promised he would fix my thigh that had a large indention in it but he wanted to wait one year for final results. He then would not even look me in the eye and said he would not attempt to make it better because it might get "worse"!!!! I have an apt June 11 with a Plastic Surgeon who sees alot of patients with bad results and she works at making the results more accetable. Will cost me no telling how much to fix the surgery Dr. Zannis did on me. If it was possible to sue Plastic Surgeons for malpractice I would sue him for destroying my arms with the laser lipo...even sent me home with "ace bandages" not the promised compression garments on my arms. Biggest mistake I ever made. Would never ever recommend anyone allow him to use smart laser lipo on legs or arms where they show alot... Buyer beware....keep looking......great Doctor in Durham/Chapel Hill area...name Dr. Ruff....perfect almost invisible stitches.....several friends went there... Another plastic surgeon in Greenville with great reputation...lots of friends go there Keep looking.
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Skin elasticity is everything. Your wight gain was for a short period of time. If you had been overwight for many years and then had a large weight lose your might have had saggy skin that the smartlipo would not tighten. Your results are absolutely beautiful!!!!
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Your results look great. Make sure your skin is young and elastic. If you are older and your skin is starting to sag you might not be so happy with your results. This will remove bulk but will not tighten your sagging skin if you are older. Skin surface can end up looking saggy and bumpy :-(
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Im 24 and dont have sagging skin. Lol but thanks for the advice
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Hi, How are you? Check your Inbox when get a chance. I don't think the site updates you when someone replies to an inbox message.
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How is everything coming along? Friday is the day. I can't believe it's almost here. I'm excited and nervous.
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Everything is going great! Love the new me! I hope your surgery goes well.
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Wow! That is awesome about the jean size. You look fantastic!
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Thank you!
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Hey!! Your results look great! Im considering getting SmartLipo and your review was very helpful. I live in the same area so I would like to know what Dr. Did you go to and was the price $6,500 just for your abs? or did you get something else included?

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Well that is up to u. I honestly cant give you an answer for that. Sorry
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My surgery is Tuesday, June 19, 2012. Do you think w/ in 30 days you could take a trip (cruise)?
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You should Ask your doctor
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Oh wow! Will be very interesting. Good luck!
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I'm having upper and lower abs plus my outer thighs. I'm not driving home. I was told by the doctor that I may feel well enough to drive afterwards, but they don't let any patients drive. So I will be taking a taxi to my hotel. I'm having surgery in another state, because this doctor was highly recommended and I've not found a doctor I was comfortable with in my area. This should be very interesting.
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You look great. Your looking summer ready. I can't wait until my surgery on July 6. I'm so excited. I have one question. Kinda weird, but how comfortable/uncomfortable is it to go to the bathroom with the garment? Also, is the opening large enough? Trying to prepare myself for everything since I will be taking care of myself the first 3 days with no help.
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Thank you! What all are you getting done? Your question isnt weird at all. Well if u are having your thighs done it might be a little bit difficult to sit on the toilet the first couple of days or so because of the pain. It was hard for me because i had inner and outter thighs done. The opening in the garment was large enough for me. Oh wow all by yourself? Will you be driving home after surgery?
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WOW. Your going to be supper skinny!!
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lol yeah!
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Hey, How are you currently tracking w/ your results?
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I had my procedure done yesterday and i look the same! i guess im still swelling up. i can wait to see me results tho! i had my upper and lower abs done. good luck to you!
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I'm having upper/ lower abs & flanks. Yes, I agree....I will have plenty help. That great to hear.
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Wow, there most definitely a noticeable difference. You already had a cute shape. I can totally relate to you; however, I just one child......& a very demanding career. Are you pleased w/ your results so far? I'm getting nervous about my procedure. Any suggestions?
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Thank you! Yes i am very pleased. Cant wait to see what i look like a couple of months from now. What all are you having done? If you are having more than 1 area done.... It helps alot to have someone help you around the house or take care of your child.
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