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I Am So Nervous for Tummy Tuck on 11/1/10 is This Normal - New Bedford, MA

I am going in on nov 1 2010 and i am a nervous...

i am going in on nov 1 2010 and i am a nervous wreck. i feel like every thing is going to go wrong, something bad is going to happen to me. i had gastric bypass in july 2009 and that went great but the 6 hours this procedure take makes me extremely scared. i am using a surgeon recommended by my bypass dr and he specializes in gastric bypass patient tt

So i was so nervous i had to go back and see the...

So i was so nervous i had to go back and see the PS yesterday . He made me feel much better and put my mind more at ease. I am still nervous just not as bad as before.So I'm not starting to prepare this weekend is house cleaning from head to toe and I'm going to start wrapping my Christmas gifts yes i shop way early but i so afraid i wont get this stuff done later and i want to just relax and recover.

So im scheduled for 11/1 i now have an abscess on...

so im scheduled for 11/1 i now have an abscess on my tooth and if its not gone they will not do my surgery im pretty upset going to see the dentist in the am hopefully it will all work out :(

Pulled the tooth and went for pre op they say...

pulled the tooth and went for pre op they say everything should be fine i should hear from my ps on Monday i cant believe its about a week away

Well its almost here and i just wanna get this...

well its almost here and i just wanna get this show on the road!!!! All my pre op test came back great. I am to arrive at the hospital at 8:30 on Monday and to come home on Tuesday. Prayerfully everything will go great. I will enjoy this weekend playing lots with my 2yr old son and of course Trick or Treating sunday so that should keep me occupied and my nerves at ease! I will update soon thanks all the support

Well Im home feeling pretty good actually! took a...

well Im home feeling pretty good actually! took a pain med before i left the hospital at 6:30. Pain is not so bad just a burning feeling. i was getting nauseous and that hurt gagging I ate some cracker before i took the antibiotic and have been falling in and out of sleep ....thanks again for all the support

I'm feeling really good going to see the Ps...

I'm feeling really good going to see the Ps today the pain is not at all what i expected my c section was far worse. I'm hoping maybe he'll remove some of the drains I have 4 I'll let you all know how it goes ;)

Saw the PS on wed all drains are still intact...

saw the PS on wed all drains are still intact until next wed. I feel very good overall but i am very swollen I feel i look much more swollen then some other pics i've seen on this site. the Ps gave me something for nausea so i finally ate real food today. will post pics soon.:)

Post op day 8 so i stopped the pain meds on day 3...

post op day 8 so i stopped the pain meds on day 3 feeling really great should have drains removed tomorrow hopefully all of them. I did have to call the PS today because i have a bad burning sensation on my skin on the top of my abdomen its not red i dont think there is infections its just very irritating it comes and goes he says it may be the nerves and tendons healing but as long as i'm not running a temp i should be ok and we'll check it out tomorrow

Still have 1 drain in ahhhhh I hate this. Tried to...

Still have 1 drain in ahhhhh I hate this. Tried to put my jeans on no way!!! when will this swelling go down??? when will my jeans fit??? I took off the binder to get a good look today for the 1st the time and the way my belly felt without it made me so nauseous i had to hurry up and put it back on what was that all about? any insight to my question would be great thanks

Took off the binder for about 10 mins much better...

Took off the binder for about 10 mins much better then yesterday!! Swelling cant go away quick enough

Dr. christian nash ford

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i dont even know if you will see this but you look absolutely beautiful! congrats on weightloss and surgery. i stumbled on your site because of a tooth absess that came on about 13 days pre op and i am taking an antibiotic! hoping all goes well.
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I am so happy to see you had a positive outcome on your surgery! You look awesome! I was wondering if I could get the name and place of your dr. I am also looking into a tummy tuck...the price is what's holding me back the most (although I am a little nervous too I won't lie!) Is 2800 really what you paid?! Thanks!

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How long before you noticed your scar starting to lighten? I feel like that is never going to go down or lighten. Does your stomach ever look blended? I still feel like it will always look like it's in two. I think I'm being to paranoid :)
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I started noticing the scar fading at about 12 weeks.  But everyone is different so don;t base it on that.  Some just take a little longer than others.  Just keep up on the oils and it will happen. 

My tummy is smooth and blended now - I did have a little trouble with that early on but that straightened out.  I wonder if your is just from swelling and fluid retention?
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Hi Kimmers,
Just wondering where I find your pictures? I never did get to check them out. I did not take any pictures. I haven't been on in a about a month, things are going well. Did you find that your upper stomach gets tight and sore, almost like a twinge sensation when it gets sore? I also ended up with a tiny dog ear, doctor said I may be able to rub that out but I don't think it's going to go away unless I go back in to have it fixed. Overall I am happy with my results.
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Hi Salem,

Yes my upper stomach was very sore for a long time.  It just takes weeks for all of that to heal.   Do try massaging the dog ear pretty firmly and that may help.  It is worth a try..

Here is the link to my profile and pictures..

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I ended up finding the pictures after I wrote to you, OMG!!! You look fantastic!!! You should be very proud of yourself! Heck, I don't even know you and I'm proud of you! LOL!! Good job!
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Thank you Salem.   I still do not believe it myself; it is all totally crazy to me.   It is funny because when I go into a store clothes shopping I always go directly to the size 16-18 racks.  My brain still has me large. 

It takes a long time to build confidence up and realize the changes.  Boy I sound like a mental case...LOL

It has been a long hard road but all worth it.
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I can understand that if you wore that size for a long time. And no, you do not sound like a mental case! LOL!
I have another question. I bought the Mederma gel instead of the cream. Do you know if there is a difference? I do know that it is kind of drying and man, have I have been extremely itchy!!
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I did the same thing at first and hated the Gel.  It didn't give me any moisture and I was all flaky from it.  That is when I changed over to the cream. 
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It is making me flake too. Also, my scar is still a dark purplish color, doesn't seem to be fading much, i'm starting to get a little ansy about it. And my daughter said my upper stomach doesn't look as tight as it did. Did your stomach losen up a bit too?
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Hi Salem,

Yes your skin will losen up a little bit.  It is so tight in the beginning and then as you heal and settle you will notice a little more skin.  But at least we don't have hanging muffing tops now!!

I do a ton of leg lifts every day which helps in tightening the tummy.  They are killers but seem to work well.
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I'm totally fine with it being a little looser, just don't want it to get big again! I can't wait until I can start doing stomach excersises, but I know that won't be for at least another 3 months or so. January 15th will be my 3 month mark so I am hoping by March I can start working out somewhat normally. Thanks for all your advice and always responding, you are such a big help to me!
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Did anyone's belly button get a red ring around it? Not sure if this is part of the healing process? some of the stitches in that area have come out (like they are supposed to).
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Yes my belly button had/has the red ring around it.  This is where the stitches were placed.  My is fading more and more every month so no worries.
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ok good, thanks for the reassurance!
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When did you start working out again?
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I started back at the gym at six weeks but only doing light treadmill.  It hurt and I had horrible swelling.  Then at 12 weeks I started adding light weights back in to the routine.  Only up to 10 pounds though.  At that point I was able to do some lunges, arm exercises and increased the treadmill to the dreaded hill mode.  I was also running again at 6 mph for 30 minutes at a time. 

My doc did not clear me for any Abs until six months post op.  Even at that point I went slow and easy.  Try different things and if they hurt or pull your abs just don't do it.  You know your own body so just listen to it and go slow.  I had  my trainer work with me on a modified ab program to ease me back into the workout.  That really helped me because I had no idea what I should or shouldn't't do. 

I am now back to my booty kicking boot camp classes and loving it. 
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great thanks. I have a treadmill so I will try that first. I swear to God i've gaine weight in the past week. I miss working out so much.
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I know it is really hard just sitting around waiting for the healing to finish.  When you are use to working out on a regular basis it is so hard to just do nothing.  About makes you crazy.

Just try some treadmill and that really helps.  It will get you moving again and make you sleep better too.
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Love the before/after pictures - how are you feeling? Did you get that stinking drain tube out yet? Those were the worst! Would love to see some new pictures!

Hugs - Happy Thanksgiving
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Hi Jodilynn,

Those jeans won't fit well for a few weeks.  Hate to tell you that but this swelling is something else and takes weeks to go down.  My jeans did not fit or feel comfortable for 4 months.  Hang in there.  Before you know it you will be in them and have space to spare.  The results will just get better and better each month.

If that binder makes you feel good definitely keep it on.  It is good though at night to lay down on the bed and try to stretch out and lay flat without it.  Not for long; just long enough to get a little air on it and stretch.  It hurts at first but does get better quicker if you can do this each night.

Hang tough and know it will get better.  In the end it will all be worth it and you will be so happy.
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Glad everything went well!!!! Keep us posted & we'd love to see before & after pictures
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best of luck as well.  We can't find your doctor on the web! Does he have a website?

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im not sure he's part of south coast hospital groups he's new to the area.
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