Never Should Have Done It

It has been one month since I had the neck lift...

It has been one month since I had the neck lift procedure done. I am a thin person so I didn't need the liposuction. The right side of my face has been slower in healing than the left. The scars behind my ears are still painful and pronounced as well as the incisions under my earlobes. Bruising was nonexistent due to a wonderful homeopathic herb called "Arnica Montana" and an increase in my vitamin C to 2,000mg per day for two weeks prior to the procedure. I reccomend it for anyone who bruises easily. My neck is better than it was, however the procedure has left my cheeks draping like priscilla curtains and the crows feet that were only apparent when I smiled are now VERY pronounced even when not smiling. I now look older than I did before the procedure. When I returned home after a tech. removed my stitches, my husband had to remove three stitches she left in. Driving over 70 miles to the office did not warrant a return trip for removal of the stitches by a support staff that I no longer had any confidence in. I cannot say, with all honesty, that I believe they have the training needed for the tasks assigned them. I am now in the process of searching for a board certified cosmetic surgeon that can repair the negative effects of the lifestylelift. NO, I would not do it again.

I had the lifestyle life and also neck lift on Oct16, my sister inlaw had it done the same day she called me very day to ask me how i look,as of know it looks good i have some tinder spots in the back of my neck, but over all looks good, getting stiches out on Monday 26. a friend saw me and she is going with me to see my doctor.(I just hope it last)
I had a necklift done 17 days ago, and it has left me feeling very depressed i wish there was some kind of operation to reverse this as i feel the tightness inthe nightime unbearable, i now regret it. i also had a plane lift and i have not been able to go to places where i normally go as my cheeks are lumpy with dents, i have had people staring when i have gone out shopping, i will never do this again, i think i looked better before than i do now, its the biggest regret of my life.
I also had a necklift and SMAS facelift about 11 days ago and I too have dents and dimples on both sides of my face. I am deeply traumatized because I always had beautiful skin. I had some jowls that I wanted to correct but I still looked much younger than my age. I can only hope that somehow this will correct itself but I don't see how. I trusted this doctor and he is board certified and I really feel deeply traumatized. I am so afraid that I will remain deformed.
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