Never Again For Botox

Had Botox at the age of 35 for forehead lines and...

Had Botox at the age of 35 for forehead lines and between eyebrows. Went to a cosmetic surgery clinic for this and took around 10 mins to inject 12 needles. This left red lumps that did go down by the next day. Has definately took away the wrinkles (after around 5-6 days), but has also took away my ability to move my eyes / forehead at all. My upper eyelids have been left puffy and overhang the lower lid - extremely difficult to aply make-up and it is now 11 days since injections. The feeling of the frozen head is not nice and I have a constant feeling that I need to force my eyes open wide as brow feels so heavy. Can't wait for this to wear off, was definately better before with just the few wrinkles.

think you just had too much. I been doing it twice or three times a year for the past ten years and no problems. I always went to my plastic surgeon office to get it done. don't go to clinics, some of them water down the botox which makes people immune to it and they always say you need too many units. got half the units at plastic surgeon office then what clinic recommends. botox totally safe.
I went to a board certified surgeon, but believe me that's not enough.He was hurried to go to the next victim.Didn't explain anything,not even after care.I spent a lot of money that day on fillers as well,but it was all really bad.The botox made my brows fall,I feel like I have to force my eyes open,I look like a bull dog.I didn't even care about the slight lines between my eyes.I like the way it lifted the eyes at the outer corners,but he must've injected it too low between my eyes.He charged an arm&a leg&I am going back to try&get my money back.The best sdvice is to get word of mouth referral to someone who a bit caring not with dollar signs in his eyes.
That is not good. I hope you got in touch with your doctor. Some people do get a toxic reaction with botox.
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I don't think the Doctor did snything wrong - maybe just me reacting bad to the botox

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