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Scared Outa my Mind! - Nevada

I am a 30 year old mamma who has finally given up...

I am a 30 year old mamma who has finally given up on trying to diet and excercize my way into a flat tummy. I weight 110 lbs and am 5 feet short :) I love almost everything about myself except my tummy. I am very lucky to have a supportive husband who will be taking time off to help me get around the first few days and my child will also be there to help out.

At this time I do feel slightly guilty for going thru with this procedure as most people look at me like I am crazy due to my small size. My tummy does not actually look to bad....as long as I DONT EAT! The moment I eat (POOF) my stomach looks 6 months pregnant. I did have a c-section and so I think that maybe I have somewhat of an idea as to the pain I will be experiencing. I promise to have photos uploaded later.

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Hi all! Maybe Im weird but I seem to be having a...

Hi all! Maybe Im weird but I seem to be having a little nagging fear in back of my head about going under anesthesia. Is this normal? Is there any other way to go about having this surgery without going under? Im a freak about not being aware of whats going on..


Yes, that fear of going under is so so so normal. I think 95% of us are somewhat afraid of it. Please keep us posted as the big day nears!

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Hi Celycia, Im having my TT done on the same date, I wish august would hurry up and come. Wish you all the best of luck
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We are exactly the same weight and height. I totally know what you mean about feeling guilty about it since most people carry on about how "small" I am. I think I'm good at hiding my tummy. I also feel guilty about spending our families hard earned money just on myself. Should be put toward debt, saved or spent on a great family vacation. How can I justify spending on such a frivoulous thing that will only affect me? It's a tough one.
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Hi all!! So it's getting closer and I am feeling...

Hi all!! So it's getting closer and I am feeling anxious. Someone today asked me why I was doing this and looked at me like I was nuts. I did feel slightly stupid. Oh well. I need to just focus on myself and not worry about other people's opinions. I have 21 days to go!!! I have now posted my pre op pics. Thanks everyone for the comments. I do feel slighly better about the anesthesia.


Hi all!! So I am 2 weeks post op and feeling ok. No pain meds for the last week. My only complaint really is the super tight feeling when standing. It feels like i have a bad sun burn or something and cannot stand even the lightest touch Hopefully that goes away? I was not as bad off before as some posts I've seen. I wish I had only had loose skin so that I did not have to get a full tt. Cuz recover bites :). Any ways. I will post more pics once the swelling goes down.
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hi Cylicia, i checked ur pics, i think your tummy is not that bad, just want t know r you doing a mini tuck or the big tuck??? all the best and am going in for my first consultion with my ps on the 13th ,then ll take it from there
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I am getting full tt because my muscles are separated. If it was only skin being cut out it would me a mini. Good luck to you!
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