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6 weeks and doing great! NEVADA

Well lets see where I should start.... I am 32 and...

Well lets see where I should start.... I am 32 and done having babies. I had three children in four years. Though I love my babies, I don't love the stretchmarks and deflated boobies. I exercise four to five times a week and have always had a pretty healthy diet. Despite this, certain problem areas remain. In fact, the thinner I get the worse these areas look.

Breasts get even smaller and floppier and the Momma's apron becomes even more lax and liney. Before my little ones were born I had perky little 36C breasts. But after 3 years of breast feeding I am left with flat little pancakes that barely fill a 36A. The stomach is another story. The muscles have come back but the skin covering them has lost all structure and the umbilical hernia is the cherry on top.

I have to say I was fine with everything until I moved to an area where the sun shines brighter and the clothing got skimpier. Now there are playdates at the pool... yikes! There I am a youngish woman in pretty good shape who refuses to abandon her faithful one piece for the more stylish and sexy two piece. Despite my Husband's assurances that "you look hot babe!" "Don't cover-up, you shouldn't be self conscience." I just don't feel comfortable in my new more relaxed skin. So I began the Plastic Surgeon search.

I went to three different surgeons just to see what was out there and what could be done about my "problem areas". They all said the same Breast Augmentation to fill the girls up and Tummy Tuck a mix between a mini and full. In the end I checked everyones credentials and customer reviews and decided on very competent Woman to perform my Surgery. Despite being very excited that this is actually going to happen, I still have flashes of guilt and fear.

The hubby doen't really help with the guilt. I feel bad about the money and the fact that I will be out of commission for a minimum of two weeks. But this is the first thing I have done for Me in the last five years. He keeps saying "why NOW?" " Why not in a few years?" If anyone knows a good way to explain it to him so he could understand I would greatly appreciate it.

I forgot to add my stats... Well I am...

I forgot to add my stats...
Well I am 5'10", 150lbs
I currently wear a 36A on top
I gained between 40 and 60lbs with each kid.

Well I have started increasing my protein intake....

Well I have started increasing my protein intake. Hello protein bars. I have booked childcare for two full weeks and possibly longer. How long till I can load the kids in the car and get them to their activities? How long till I am the crazy active mommy that I am? I also am curious if it is easy to hide everything under large sweaters or zip up hoodie. I don't want have odd looks when I drop my kids off at gymnastics.

I have 11 days till my surgery and I am starting...

I have 11 days till my surgery and I am starting to panic! Yesterday I had a Mammogram to check on a little fibroid I have had for about ten years. Anybody else have fibrous breasts? It never has bothered me until now. I mean it hasn't changed but I think all this attention to my boobies as of late has made me think about it more. Well besides that everything is going well. Lined up child care. Hubby seems to be settling in and has stopped whinning about what an inconvience this is going to be. I am going to try to take him out on the town this Friday or Saturday. Give him all the loving I can while I can.

Got some icky news yesterday post mammogram. I...

Got some icky news yesterday post mammogram. I have lump and it hast to come out. I have had my little lump forever and we have been watching it but it does appear to be growing so it has to come out! PS can remove at the same time if it is not too involved. I have Pre-op consult on the 28th so hope she will agree to it! Just another speed bump on the whole journey.

Well it looks like I am postponed until I have the...

Well it looks like I am postponed until I have the lump removed and everything is healed up. I am so very bummed. Went to pre-op yesterday and the PS has decided to wait untill I get the fibroid removed. Talk about tears. IS THIS EVER GOING TO HAPPEN! The lump is about 3cm by 2cm ovoid right next to my left nipple. Besides my obvious fear that it could be more then just a beniegn little lump. I worry about the damage the lumps removal will leave. My PS assures me that she can fix whatever damage is left but still, who wants to walk around with a golf ball sized divet where their nipple is?

Kinda bummed today... I was supposed to be healing...

Kinda bummed today... I was supposed to be healing up now, but instead I am sitting here waiting to schedule my lumpectomy.... ARGGGHHH... I look at all you girls and your great results and wish It was me! I still have to wait till Friday to have my Consultation with the General Surgeon. Then from there I hope she feels comfortable enough to just take the lump out and not drag this whole thing out with a biopsy followed by surgery. Thank God I have a group of supportive girl friends here who are willing to take me out and help me stay distracted!!

Here I go again!!! Met with the general surgeon on...

Here I go again!!! Met with the general surgeon on Friday and she said we should do it all together!! YIPPIE here I come! Now I am just waiting for my two ladies (PS and General Surgeon) to get together and set the date. So I wont have to live with the divet first. I hope to be all healed up for this summer. Just curious where is lipo of the flank? Does that take care of the muffin top? Good bye lumpy hello Big Ole Boobies!!

Scheduler hell!!! I am only here for 10 more weeks...

Scheduler hell!!! I am only here for 10 more weeks.. and I can't seem to get the two surgeons in the same place at the same time. So frustrating!! Fingers crossed, that this is all resolved today. My surgeons earliest apt. is April 29Th which would leave me four weeks till we move back to the east coast. Not enough time to heal up. If they can't figure it out I am going to have to do this in NY. Another summer without a bikini body.

Well it does appear that I will have to split it...

Well it does appear that I will have to split it into two procedures. One 20min surgery for lumpectomy. Then two to four week wait and then the TT/BA. Yuck.. So first step begins next Thursday. My benign little lump about the size of a golf ball will be removed. Then I have to wait until swelling has gone down to undergo my next procedure. I have to get the OK from all the Dr's first before I schedule. The scheduler is going to talk to the Anaesthesiologist to see exactly how long I have to wait to go under again. Maybe I can do it under Twilight instead of going totally under.

Finally!!! I have everything scheduled. Lumpectomy...

Finally!!! I have everything scheduled. Lumpectomy next thursday. Then the BA and TT the following friday!!! SOOOO EXCITED. Now back to prep mode. Babysitters, zip up jump suits. At least a week of meal plans. Convincing my Husband that having my mom here is a good thing. It is funny how even this has turned out to be about everyone else. I will try to get some bikini before pictures so the before and after can be seen. Well it is off to the gym (while I still can!).

So finally hubbie is jumping on board. He...

So finally hubbie is jumping on board. He hasn't mention money or how inconvenient this is for him. Instead he said I should be apologetic and enjoy this. I am finally getting something I want. So that is running smoothly. But now it is everything else. Babysitters, pre-op appointments. Getting the stuff to make my first days doable. You see I will be staying upstairs for the first few days. The kids will be downstairs with the babysitter and I know I will be in drugged out zombie land for a while. So any suggestions on making your bed a functional nest.

BUSY BUSY... Interviewed a baby sitter... LOVE...

Interviewed a baby sitter... LOVE her! Went to my first preop admission... sat in the waiting room for an hour and then little missy couldn't get the printer to work. Followed by quoting me 8,000 $ bill for my Lump removal. I had to close my mouth when she said that. All I could think is "THANK GOD FOR INSURANCE!" How can that be? It is a half an hour procedure and the following week I am paying out of pocket 10,200 for 2 1/2 hr procedure with the surgeon fee, anesthesia and post surgical garments all included... oh 2000 on implants.... ITS A RACKET!! I was going to wait and see if insurance would pay for the boobie reconstruction but at this rate it is cheaper if I just pay the whole thing and don't bother with them. Besides insurance timelines are different then mine ;)

Well just got home from my first procedure. The...

Well just got home from my first procedure. The lumpectomy went well. My whole breast feels like its on fire. She gave me a handful of pain pills (8) and I hope its enough. But I think I will have to get a few more to make if through the weekend. Why is there so much shame in taking pain meds? I am in pain, and thus I should be allowed to take pain meds. Well enough of my rant. The incision is small about half way around my areola and right now there is no divot. Just a flat spot close to the nipple. I will have to wait a few days to get the biopsy results back but all in all it went well. Now I have candy craving. I think I will indulge. Haven't eaten anything since 9pm last night. I think I will send Hubbie out for bad Mexican. Yummmm..

Dr. made a mistake. She sent me home with only a...

Dr. made a mistake. She sent me home with only a few Pain pills because she thought my next procedure was this Friday. But in fact it is scheduled for next Friday. So I am in a pain pill haze (doesn't take much for me.) Watching MTV and stressing about next week. Lefty is looking good. It is a little hot and hard right now due to the swelling. I have another presurgery consult on Tuesday where I will hand over the money and have her take a look at my newly modified left breast. Right now it is still larger then my right due to the swelling. Normally it is a little smaller. Well I think she will beable to figure this all out. This is not her first rodeo! :)

Well thought I would just update my left boobie....

Well thought I would just update my left boobie. This is her lump free and with a new scar. I took this a couple days ago and so the swelling has gone down leaving boobie looking even more deflated and bruised. The incision is zigzagged because the surgeon followed the outline of my boob and so when all was said and done and and the aereola shrunk back down it is all funky. Pathology came back lumpy was large but harmless.

And on a happier note. I have completed pre-op admission and my pre-op consultation it looks like I am going 500cc MENTOR gel mod profile or high profile. (depends on the pocket) She will determine which one once she is in there. Very exciting.... hello boobies!! I hope they are big enough!! As for the tummy tuck and lipo she is going to take the muffin of my hips and smooth the waist line with lipo and see exactly how much skin she can pull down. I am really excited and nervous. I real custom experience.


ONE DAY TILL MOMMY MAKEOVER!!! YIKES.. made a cleaning chore list. Wanted to get to the gym one last time and still need to do my final grocery shopping day. I wanted to a complete top to bottom clean of the house before I go in. I am recruiting the kiddios (bribery works a quarter a room/chore). I did almost all the laundry. I have picked out their clothes for the next 8 days and have them with all their underthings hanging up in order so that even a monkey can have them dressed. This feeling of anticipation reminds me of when I was about to give birth!

I have all the take-out menus ready for hubby. I think he will work from home a few days but later next week he will be back to work and I will be left here with the babysitter. The only problem in this whole process is that my left side is still week and starts aching about mid-day, (half a pain pill and it is quite manageable) but still it is slowing me down! I have lost almost 5lbs since my biopsy on Thursday and I have a sinking feeling it is almost all muscle since I have had to give up lifting for right now. Bummer.
Pre surgery
So right now I am 154lbs at 5'11''
I tend to loose weight when I am sitting on my ass. I am one of those skinny fat people. I loose muscle quickly when I am not using it and it is replaced by fat. Hello flat ass... ick... I worked hard this last year to get a butt and now I am going to loose it.

Is it easy to get back in fighting shape after sitting around for 4 to 6 weeks?

Well Friday was the big day. Everything was fine...

Well Friday was the big day. Everything was fine until I woke up. Then the pain strarted. My whole torso was on fire. Despite the pecocet it was killing me. Initially it was the boobies that were killing me, under the peck muscle. Then they seemed to relax and then my whole belly burned and pulled. First trip to the bathroom was torture. I popped two pain pills and waited for twenty minuts but it was still murder. Whenever I move it feels as if my stomach is ripping.. I also have this horrible non productive cough that props its ugly head up every now and again. Each hacking cough leaves my in swets and curled up in fetal position. THIS IS WORSE than a C-section by FAR. The elephant sitting on my chest makes me worry that I am not taking deep enough breathes. Oh please forgive the tipos. I literally can not see straight. Probably from the anti nausea pills. As soon as I get the binders off I will upday the pictures.

Finally I think the pain has become manageable....

Finally I think the pain has become manageable. Honestly I don't remember yesterday at all. I am still taking pain pills like they were candy but now I stand up and it doesn'f feel like I am ripping things. Yesterday was bad. The pain when I stood up would cause be to sweat. But now I sitting here a little stoned but quite comfortable. I have my first PO tomorrow. I am slightly bruised and swollen and besides that I am doing quite well. I took my binder off just to wash it because there was quite a bit of leakage where the drains are. The pills cause me to wake and fall asleep randomly. Can't wait to be off them. But I will not try to ween myself off till some of the wounds and swelling goes away. I am horrible when I am in pain and stupid when I am on them. . Hubbie is taking great care of me. He gets mad when I walk down stairs but I hate handing over all my control. Well just thought I would let you know I am doing better and to upload a picture of the girls. My eyes are refusing to stayawake.

Shoot I just lost everything I wrote. Well lets...

Shoot I just lost everything I wrote. Well lets start again. Day 3PO. Everything looks awesome. I finally took all my garments off and took a look. I have to say I am very happy with what I see. She did a lovely job. BB is tiny and icky looking but I won't know what it will really look like till I get the scabs to come off. Incisions are not as bad as I thought. In fact they are very thin and straight. I got a T incision for my TT because my BB was so high. She said that if it bothers me she could get rid of it but I have to wait 6 weeks to see how everything heals. Anybody else have to deal with this? Incisions are also not taped she pulled the tape on my day 2 PO. Does it matter on healing? Right now I am just trying to take it easy, keep up on pain meds and muscle relaxers.

Boobs are awesome. Even lumpy looks great. When I rub the left one I can feel a little of the scar tissue from the biopsy but you can't see it. Whoopie.

As for the belly button it is tiny and scabby right now but I think once it starts heal it will be a cute little thing. Now that I have had this done and I have seen her work I want her to remove a keloid scar on my shoulder thats bothering me. Talk about addictive.... but thats it.... promise... oh and a few spider veins....

Well right now I am just relaxing . Which is my only job right now till next Monday. Then I think I have to find a mommy's helper. Any suggestion.

I am sleeping well but getting up to pee in the middle of the night is an ordeal. The drains and the garment with snaps are real pain in the ass. Especially when your a little stoned on medication. When do I start weening myself off all these drugs? I am already taking only one or a half every 4 to 6 hours and I take muscle relaxer when I know I can take a nap.

Today is my youngest girls Bday. So I did crawl...

Today is my youngest girls Bday. So I did crawl out of bed and made it downstairs for the festivities. I have to say my husband did awesome. I ordered the cake and balloons but he did go and get them and hang them up. He got the presents and wrapped them all up. It was beautiful when I made it down The kids had a great time. I put on a brave face and tried to enter into the fun but I was nauseous and my movement was limited. But the little one had a great time. We got her dressed her up as a princess and the babysitter took her and all the kiddies for a fun day at the kids museum. Wish I was there... Makes me a little sad. I hope this is bugging me more than them.

Just as afterthought. Where I got lipo on my back...

Just as afterthought. Where I got lipo on my back right ontop of my hips it burns and feels bruised. Also the skin is kind of deflated. Does it snap back or fill up. Just curious. I am just full of lumps and fluid right now and running my hands over my stomach and sides feels funny. Part of it hurts other parts are numb and then there knots and lumps. Does everything even out after a while? How long does that normally take?

PO 7. Got my drains out yesterday so I also got my...

PO 7. Got my drains out yesterday so I also got my shower. I have been sleeping quite well. Not quite flat but not completely sitting up either. I can easily get up and down now and I am even helping hubby out a little. I come down stairs and hang out with the kids. Sipping my tea and reading them stories. Feels good to be engaged in the family dynamic again. Still taking a pill in the morning and then a half in the afternoon and another in the evening. But it has definitely cut down. I cant stand the Valium and only take that before going to bed when the back and pecks spasm..

As for drains, YES IT HURTS. But it is all relative. It is a hot burning feeling as they pull those tubes out but nothing compared to the horror of waking up after a tummy tuck. Take your pain pill before your appointment. Breath deep and its over before you know it!. I am almost standing upright. Which is great but only for 15 minutes at a time. It is exhausting. I also ran around for a few minutes without the binder. I have changed my tune. I love my binder.. I need my binder. In fact I am in the process of shopping for another prettier one, perhaps a thong style. Any suggestions?

All in all I feel like I am healing quite quickly I just want my waist back. I have lost another five pounds but putting me at about 150lbs but looking at my waist you wouldn't be able to tell. I am shaped like a rectangle. But the Tata's look good, huge swollen and a little funny shaped but good.

The belly button is tiny but it does resemble a cats asshole with all the scabs. I do hope it will be beautiful and cute. The PS has reassured me that in a month that it will be a cute little thing. But right now I just want to band aidandaid over it till all the healing is done.

So what does a good One Week Belly Button look like?

So what does a good One Week Belly Button look like?

Happy Easter. Here I am stuck at home and the kids...

Happy Easter. Here I am stuck at home and the kids are with the hubbie at the park. Damn it.

Well still retaining water like a bitch! About 5lbs as the day goes on. All in my middle and thighs. ICK. Tried to get into shorts today but nothing fits! How long does this last?

Scars a looking good, scabs are falling off. Belly button is still scabby but shrinking. Left breast is still super swollen and refusing to drop. But that is due to the lumpectomy trauma. PS said it is just going to take extra time. Yippie.

In a funky kind of head space right now. I know this is just part of the journey but that doesn't mean it doesn't suck. I am going have to order some new undergarments online. I can't go out with what I have right now. Also need to get some stretchy clothing so that I can actually get out of the house. Stretch is necessary because of the swelling. It really is no joke!

Sorry I am sooo very negative right now. I think a pain pill and a shower will fix it. I took a tumble yesterday. My ankle twisted and now it aches worst then my boobs. Thank god nothing else was banged or pulled.

I have started weaning myself off the meds but I notice that at certain times of the day I need something stronger then a tylenol or motrin. Especially at night. When does the PS want you to stop using Narcotics?

Thanks everyone here for listening to my rant. Just in an ugly way today. My CUP will hopefully be half full tomorrow. Best wishes and happy healing.

Every morning it gets better!!!! Swelling is...

Every morning it gets better!!!! Swelling is going down and the breasts are huge but are slowly dropping into place. Lefty is a little slower than righty. I am sooooo happy with my tummy. It gets smaller and less tingly everyday. The muscles are also stretching out a bit so standing doesn't take as much work as it once did.
I have changed my mind. BINDERS ARE GOOD. I just ordered another one. A thong... Well I got measured this weekend. Right now without working out and still swelling I am a 34DD. OH MY!... I do hope they will go down. My girlfriend claims they will in a month or two. Until then, hello dolly!

First week without house help. Wish me luck.

Well I have been taking care of all three of my...

Well I have been taking care of all three of my kids on my own but I live on motrin right now. Mostly because all this moving around is really hard on my back. In the morning I feel awesome but by 3 or 4 pm I hurt. My left breast swells pretty bad by the end of the day also. That is the breast I had the lumpectomy. I still am taking a vicodin at night when I can not sleep or get comfortable because of the cramping and pain. Did anybody else have this issue at week 3. A lot of these stories talk about gettin off all pain meds except tylenol after the first week. Right now after an active day with the kids Motrin is not enough. Is there anybody else who had this issue. Just want to know if I am normal? Or do I need to just "deal" with it?
I know everyones journey is different and I am just feeling weak and alone right now. Be nice to know if anyone had the same experience.

Don't get me wrong. The scars are healing beautifully. The breasts are slipping into place. I can stand up straight (takes a little work in the morning and a warm shower helps in the morning). I am up and around. It is just this in the evenings.

Roller coaster ride is right!! Like the pain,...

Roller coaster ride is right!! Like the pain, your emotions run the whole gamet! I had a lovely weekend with the kiddios. It was a balmy 75 degrees and we spent the whole morning at the park. We then had a bbq and a nice walk along the green belt. Sounds normal! Felt normal. After the busy day I spent the remainder of the evening on the sofa with my feet up. Not in pain, just a tad swollen and exhausted.

The following day I woke up stiff so I took a handfull of motrin and an extra long shower, which does wonders. I felt quite good but energy level only lasted until noon. I was then stuck on the sofa again. Later that night I woke up with in great discomfort. My abs felt like they were cords pulling my chest toward my knees. I took have a muscle relaxer and pilled pillows under my knees and added and extra pillow behind my head.

I have been super busy these last couple weeks so...

I have been super busy these last couple weeks so I haven't been able to update my healing progress. I am doing great! Everything is healing well. Scabs are off and the scars are going through that dry and tight phase but nothing a little lotion and massage can't work out. I love my results! I no longer worry about my roll or my little titties. They have become a non= issue! That alone makes it worth it. My head is screwed on where it should be and I am back to my usual happy self. I will try to upload new photo's later this week. I am still swelling at the end of the day but that seems to be norma. Thank god for a loving husband who is finally on board for putting up with the craziness.

I have started hitting the gym again, got to work on my cardio and muscle tone. All this taking it easy has left me weak and flabby. Got to get in shape so I am able to take on the summer! (Remodelling the outside of our home!) Best of luck everyone and happy healing.
DR. Mccormack

My Doctor McCormack. No unrealistic promises and she does excellent work. I decided to work with her because of her aesthetic and her reputation. I didn't want to walk out of this looking like a blow up doll. I wanted to look like me but a pre-three kid me. Athletic yet feminine and she got that. I also wanted tight thin scars which she also understood.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait tmes
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Hi, just wanted to know how you are doing. I've put a deposit down for a PS in my area but I'm having seconds thoughts because he doesn't do a TT and BL at the same time. I really don't want to go under the knife twice. Happy healing :)
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You look awesome!! Glad things are going well!!
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Thanks, everything is going well I feel like I can move on . My body is no longer a source of pain and depression it is a non issue! Totally worth it. How are you?
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I feel like I just read the last page of an awesome and inspiring book. Great story...many will be grateful for the time you've taken to document. Congrats on the gym...I know you'll build stamina quickly. So happy for your head and heart. Can't wait to see the updated pics!

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Thanks, I have been getting back to the gym for the last two weeks but I haven't done more then cardio up untill yesterday. I had my ass kicked!! But I know in a few weeks I'll be back! Thanks for the support!
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So good to hear your update. I think you look great.. and more importantly you FEEL great!
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Glad to hear that you have been recovering nicely. You look phenomenal and can't wait to see photos.
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Next chapter...WOW!!! U look spectacular!!! I love ur results n ur belly button is awesome!!!!!! Your vertical scar is hardly noticeable...I'm wishing my PS would have chosen that instead of pulling my tummy skin downward moving my bb too lowww. Keep up the healing ;) hugs
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You look gorgous, I'm a little jealous. :)
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My skin has relaxed just a little but still SOOOOO flat... glad it relaxed or I would hurt.
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Good. It can relax a little. That would be good. As long as the flattness remains.
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you look fabulous
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your results look great i had a TT 2 years ago and i am unhappy with it wish i lived here when i had money to do it lol now i have to have it redone can you post a pic of after with you slightly bent over like in one of the before picks would like to see results
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I'll try to get a hang over shot as soon as I have a moment. Skin crinkles but does not hang. It only crinkle when I do a full crunch over. Just bending over it is quite tight an smooth. I do hope the results stay!
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You are so tiny!!
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You look amazing! My husband and I laugh all the time about you saying your belly button looks like a cat's asshole! I think it looks cute, and don't see the resemblance, but you posting that is halarious! Glad to see your cup is back to half full, and things are going well for you!
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I just thought it resembled one when it was fresh and full of blood and scabs... It is scab free now and growing on me!
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Wow you don't look swollen at all!
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Youll be ok with out house help.. just dont try to be superwoman....
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You look awesome NextChapter. After a BA...clothes in the closet just do not fit the same. Somehow, they look more revealing, sexy and tighter. Which is good, but it is tricky in wearing some things so you are not looking too sexy and revealing. That dress is awesome and looks awesome. Just think...when you go out with you special man...you can wear it just like that. Caliente! And when going to a gathering with a lot of people, you just have to make those puppies look more PG rated. :) Ha!
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Wow! You're looking more awesome everyday. Your results are making me excited about my appt with Dr. McCormack.
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Good. Be excited. It only sucks the first two weeks.. If you can get help those first weeks the it is a cake walk.
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You look amazing!! Love the peach dress, hubba hubba!! ;)
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