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Hello realselfers, My english is not so good but...

Hello realselfers,
My english is not so good but I'll try to make an understanding story.
I'm from the Netherlands. I've been thinking about a nosejob for 5 years now, and following this website for a long time. I had many consultations. I really want to do it but I'm so scared of bad results.
I cant leave the thought of getting it done.

Could anyone please tell me you should do it or not by seeing my pictures? And your opinion?

Many thanks!!!


Your nose is a lot like mine. It is long and skinny and droops when I smile. Looks like we both need to lift the nose for the profile. Your nose is fine how it is and mine is too, but if/when I get mine done I want to do a lot of research on drs. Since you need minimal changes you need to make sure you find a dr who specializes in only faces/rhinos. Those drs should have a lot more experience in making minor changes since they focus on the face. That's just my opinion. If you get it done, then please let us know. I wanted to get this done already, but the time is never right. I am hoping to get it done next year! Thanks for sharing.
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Go for it if you think that would make you happy. Very pretty girl you are!
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I agree with others you are pretty. If you don't feel comfortable with your nose then go ahead and have it fixed. But you should take your time to reasearch your surgeon. Good luck.
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Nosejob or not?

A few another befores


I think if you choose the right surgeon an improvement can be made, I dont think you really pose many challenges for a well qualified surgeon. If you can find a surgeon who does 5 rhinoplasties a week with over 10 years experience, that would be ideal.
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As well as someone who has speciality training in rhinoplasty and whos gallery of before after pictures please you.
But I wonder how I can discover that.. If you know what I mean haha

The doctor..

I'm feeling good with this doctor, but he said that he honestly did 20 nosejobs in a year. He does also other face-operations.
Do you think that is enough?

What kind of bad results do you think is a risk for me, if you see my nose?


I would choose a doctor that does more surgeries! You do not have a big nose at all, but I see the change you would like to achieve. I believe the more surgeries the doctor does the less surprises can happen. The sergeant I used does about 30-40 surgeries in a month.
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Go for it!! I'm SO happy I did! :)
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Dr van Nimmen

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