I Need Surgery As a Result of Lipodissolve

I thought I would try the lipodisolve. After all,...

I thought I would try the lipodisolve. After all, it was offered at the Doctor's office. Well, immediately after my second treatment, I suffered a hematoma (actually there were 2). They blistered and broke open. Consequently, I got a severe infection that involved my entire abdomen. I was nauseated and ran a fever of 101 to 102 degrees for 3 days. Fortunately for me, I received my treatment through the doctor's office. I was treated for the infection for about 2 weeks. After that, now I have such a gapping hole in my abdomen from the infected "blister", I had to go to a plastic surgeon. The plastic surgeon had to cut out the dead tissue and this made the hole "bigger". It is about an inch deep and about 3 and 1'2 centimeters in diameter. I want to let anyone that reads this see that this is a VERY REAL possibility. I am aware of this happening to at least 3 other people in the same city.

Had I known about this, I would have never had this done. It is not FDA approved. I did NOT do my homework. It does not happen to everyone, BUT in the small town that I live in, I am aware of three others beside myself. Don't take the chance, go to the gym. I was going to the gym as well as getting the treatments. I just wanted a little "jump start" and now I have been on my couch for 3 weeks and am going to have surgery, complete with general anesthesia, to repair this hole in my abdomen. I won't be able to get to the gym for at least another 4 - 6 weeks.

I have two more treatments left that I paid for but am SURE NOT going to have done. I am waiting to hear if the doctor will reimburse me for those. I am racking up medical bills that I didn't even see coming. I think the FDA needs to be made aware of these life threatening side effects.

I have had 2 lipodissolve treatments with excellent results.I was a body piercer for 11 yrs and am well versed in aseptic procedure. i had an appointment with a cosmetic surgeon initially and pulled out before i was injected, because the nurse who came to 'prep'' the 'doctors 'sterile field washed her hands but made no effort to wear gloves while opening my sterile items (field pack, needles etc) if i behaved like that in my piercing studio i would have been shut down instantly! the doctor who did my lipodissolve was a ├žosmetic doctor. and she took as many precautions as i would expect going in for surgery! The fact is infection is bacterial, viral, fungal etc in origin, and anything unexpected like excessive redness, heat, itching needs to be seen by a medical professional immediately...waiting to 'see how it goes' is not a viable option. part of the problem is that people feel nervous about questioning their doctor, just because he has a qualification....you dont know that they didnt just scrape by and were last in their class...there are good and bad in all industries...if you think something isnt right or doesnt add...it probably doesnt...so while some procedures can go wrong and people can have bad reactions, after all there are people in the world allergic to water, it is not just the doctors responsibilty to make sure the procedure works, the patient also must be responsible for their aftercare and seeking help earlier rather than later whether it be lipodissolve, ear piercing or surgery
I am a registered nurse of nearly 30 years. You don't need to wear gloves to set up a sterile area. The sterile field is created by the packs that are used. Sterile gloves are put on when touching objects etc inside the sterile zone. Infection is a risk with any invasive procedure, the skin despite being cleaned with a solution still has bacteria on it. Also this lady experienced a haematoma, this is from a blood vessel that has been punctured (needles can do that) obviously the haematoma has created compromised vascularisation to the area, hence the tissue has broken down, It appears that infection occured later. All procedures come with a risk, this is why we are asked to sign consent forms. It is unfortunate when things don't go to plan, from what the poster has said the doctor & the clinic did everything they could to ensure that she received good after care to ensure that her outcome will be a good one

I had lipodissolve done 3yrs ago in kansas spent about 2,000 dollars .What happen was they injected me to much on one side now the right side of my stomach is way bigger than thee other i'm in furious try to call moved and closed

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