Neck Lift, Goldsboro NC, Left with Wrinkled, Puckered Skin

I had a vry disappointing neck lift with Dr Eskra...

I had a vry disappointing neck lift with Dr Eskra (labeled as a short scar neck lift with submental liposuction and platysma placation).

On the 3rd day post-op I called the office with concerns about puckering and wrinkling of the skin in the areas under my chin where the liposuction was preformed. I emailed a picture of my chin to the office a few days later with the same concerns and went in to see Dr Eskra a week earlier than the scheduled 2 week checkup. At that appointment and every subsequent appt I complained about the issue which grew progressively worse as the swelling went down. I hated going out in public because the skin looked so unnatural and at 1 month P/O Dr Eskra said all it would take was a simple tuck which he could do at the 3 month mark. A friend who was getting her neck lift done (in another state) took my pictures to her plastic surgeon to say “I don’t want this!” and she was told that the surgeon did not understand how the skin would react to liposuction. Truthfully I felt like a FREAK and still dreaded going out in public.

At the 3 month P/O Dr Eskra numbed the areas under and in back of my ear and did the tucks behind each ear and initially the skin looked much better. Sadly the improvement was only due to the swelling and only lasted a few days before going back to the hideous puckering and wrinkling.

At 5 months I went to a plastic surgeon who had extensive experience in facial procedures and the first thing he asked was why didn’t I go to a certified plastic surgeon. When I told him that I did, he asked for the name so he could “go check the credentials” because he could not believe it. He came back surprised that my surgeon was indeed certified then said, “It is obvious that the surgeon did not understand facial structure”. He asked me to get all the records, pictures, and notes from Dr Eskra and to come back at the 8th month mark. After looking at the records he was astonished at the amount of fat that was taken out and said that even with his 5,000 surgeries he had never taken out more than 1/3 of the fat that Dr Eskra had taken out under my chin. He said that I did not have a fat issue, but one of loose skin. He was appalled at the scarring behind my ears, not only at how the scars looked but that were so far away from the fold behind by ear, then remarked that there was no way to fix my neck by simply pulling the skin back at my ears, that it would have to be pulled in an upward direction also. He explained that the skin on my neck as well as my cheek area would all have to be separated to do it correctly.

I will have the revision done in January at a cost of $7625 after having already had to pay Dr Eskra $6200 to get myself into this mess in the first place – a very costly mistake. While I found Dr Eskra very personable, with a caring manner, and found his staff pleasant, I could not recommend him to anyone I know to have the same procedure that I had done. All they would have to do is look at my neck – it speaks for itself.

Dr. Benjamin Eskra

Like I posted under my experience, Dr Eskra's personality and manner was coureous and thoughtful. His office staff was pleasant. It was the work done by Dr Eskra that has left me feeling embarrassed by a most unnatural looking result.

1 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
3 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
2 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
3 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
3 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
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3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Just wondering how you're feeling now? We'd love an update on how you're doing!

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"How can you tell if a PS specializes in a neck lift or whatever it is you want? "
Don't be afraid to ask how many he has done or exactly what his specialty is. If he specializes in breasts but has done a few dozen neck lifts, find someone who specializes in faces/necks. Look for reviews.
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Yikes! Making me rethink a neck lift. How can you tell if a PS specializes in a neck lift or whatever it is you want? They have a long list of things they do.

Glad you got it fixed. Are you going to sue your first doc to get any money back?
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Thank you so much for your responds. Would you mind a few more question? What made you decide NOT to go back to your original PS for the revision?? Was your revision done in office or at a hospital under general anesthesia? My surgeon says he can do this in his office? You mentioned Laser resurfacing in one of your post, did it help at all? Are you left with scars that show and do you have more numbing in that area? I'm still numb in my temple area on one side from my face lift (it's been 4 and a half months) and sure don't want any nerve damage, but I've been assured this will go away in time.. Sorry for all these questions, but I can't tell you how much I appreicate your comments.I'm just trying to gather information so I don't I make another mistake. Thanks again.
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Granbury grammy, it is an absolute shame to have to go through this when all we wanted was to look a little prettier.
I would recommend another opinion. Not being very experienced in procedures, I was surprised to find hear "we don't do revisions" when I started calling. One PS however, did refer me to someone who they knew that did them. I have been asked who it was, but hesitated to devulge the name because I am not sure about legal action against the first PS. I had asked for a refund and was denied so I may take further action. (I thought a refund was a reasonably appropriate request considering).
Not only did my revision surgeon pick up on errors upon his initial exam of my neck, he found more when he read the notes and saw the before pictures that i got from the first PS: 1) that ALL the fat was removed from the 2 lipo'd areas, not just some of it. 2) that the sutures used in the muscle suspension going from the center muscle of my neck up to behind my ears were done with dissolvable sutures (it is supposed to be permanent). 3) he reincorporated the initial ugly scarring behind my ears and under my chin into finer, more concealed scars. 4) the method used to revise the problem by the first PS had no chance of correcting the problems caused.
I wish you the best of luck getting this resolved.
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I'm really sorry to read everything you've had to go through. I too recently had a neck lift that left me with lumpy and bumpy tissue under my chin. (Pictures posted under "Lumpy and Bumpy after necklift) I will have to have a revision as well. At what point do we stop trusting our plastic surgeons and seek another? My surgeon is well known for revision surgery on scars, but I still don't know how I'm suppose to know if he can correct this situation he got me in in the first place without making it worse. He's proposing a revision in the office and doing the same thing you had done. Any advise?
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Yes, who was your revision PS and what was done? A repeat of the neck lift? I'm in the same boat and could use your input.
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2 months post op after experienced surgeon (who knew what he was doing) did the revision and my neck looks beautiful. I feel pretty again. Was told though that I may see problems when I am older because the first surgeon lipo'd all the fat out in those areas. My advice: Go to someone who is specialized in what you are looking for, not just any plastic surgeon.
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If you don't mind sharing, who is your experienced PS?
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Carey1932 - can you please tell us the name of the PS who made your neck look beautiful? Willing to share photos of the revision?
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Hope they can resolve your wrinkling. From my research the neck seems extremely hard to treat well, and a lot of surgeons seem to avoid the area, and there are so few success pictures. Personally I'm not considering it with the current technology.
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Unfortunately I am in the same boat as you! I am 1 no post Hope with horrible wrinkling under chin. Have been told by PS that as it heals it will tighten up. Its getting worse not better. Last wk started these blue light massage treatments that are supposed to stimulate healing. They said it should look better immediately since there may be some swelling. No, still worse. I see my PS this wk for 5 wk post op. I am so depressed and crying, can't sleep cause I look hideous. I just traded one problem for another.
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kimmer, I am so sorry you are having to go through this. It's horrible when you go into this waiting to see yourself improved, looking prettier, or younger, only to come out feeling like you've walked into a nightmare. Every time you walk past a mirror you want to cry or try to use your hands in different ways to cover up the hideous areas. I hope your treatment works. I will post the results of my revision with my new PS when I have it done.
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Back to the PS today. 1 mo post op. She wants to do laser resurfacing to the area under the chin. Go in tomorrow to start. Will do a series of 3. PS actually doing them as she wants to make sure they are done how she wants them. I'm hoping that this aggressive treatment will correct the problem. Scared that I will make it worse instead of better but I am trying to trust the expert.
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Kimmer44, what happened with the laser? Did it help?
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I am so sorry this happened to you, your first PS was inept. Too many PS's are willing to do anything, even if they are not experienced in the procedure! I sincerely hope your revision PS can turn this around for you. Good luck.
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