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Genetics were not kind to me, I inherited a short...

Genetics were not kind to me, I inherited a short neck which began dropping in my thirties. After noticing the neck and faces of older relatvies and turning 50 I knew a neck lift was in my future.

Two weeks ago I had the procedure, along with a couple other procedures, which are NOT reflected in the above cost. I wanted to write my review in the Neck section as this was my primary concern and there are fewer reviews here than in the FL reviews.

I did my homework and chose my MD. Get the book by Charlee Ganny and Susan Colini-"2 Girlfriends Guide to Costmetic Surgery". Another woman reccommended it to me and it was very helpful.

As the DR instructs,4 weeks prior to proceure, stop all blood thinning meds and supplements, no alcohol a week before (and after). I spent the week before the procedure "getting my affairs in order". Stock up the house with food you will eat afterwards, get your hair done, visit with people you may not have seen in a while because you won't want to see them anytime soon after surg if you're not disclosing you've "had work done". Eat well, exercise and be in the best shape possible before your surgery, which will help with recovery.

My surgery was preformed in the DR private operating suite at his office. I had intrevenous sedation (propophol) and local anesthesia. I slept through the entire operation. My doctor reccommends a 2 night stay in the hospital, for which I questioned but in the end was VERY grateful for. I was very groggy and sleepy afterwards. The nurses take care of all your needs and can give you stronger pain meds in the hospital.Although it is an added out of pocket expense, do it if you can. I was not in a lot of pain afterwards but that is due to the meds. I had drains in my neck to catch the fluid from the incisions for 48 hours which required changing every 2 hours.They were removed before I went home. Arriving home I went straight to bed and stayed there for the next 3 days. I was not in extreme pain, just a lot of discomfort. It is hard to find a comfortable position to sleep. Much of the work and incisions are along the ears, so sleeping on your side is impossible, even two weeks out.

One aspect which has been surprisingly difficult for me has been this period of time waiting for the busing to go away. I chose not to tell anyone except my immediate family(those that live with me only) and my boss about the surgery. The hiding and deception of it all is a bit distrubing for me. I have quite a bit of bruising. A very large, dark purple bruise on my chin, which is still evident now, 13 days later. Also bruising and swelling around the eyes and near the ears. I look like I've been in a fight or accident. I do not yet feel comfortable about going out. But, I do have a history of bruising easily, so I am not surprised.

Since it had only been 13 days post surgery, I can't say for sure if I am TOTALLY satisfied. My neck does look fantastic and if that is the only procedure you want or need done, then I would definately reccommend my MD.
He did however, suggest and do other procedures (which increased the cost of course) and I am still waiting for the brusing and swelling to heal before concluding on those.

As time goes along I will update this post. It is still to early to rate my overall satisfaction accurately. But my NECK LOOKS 100% BETTER!!

I read so many posts on this site before making the surgery decision and was very grateful for the suggestions and advice I received. Thank you to all who took the time to post and respond to my questions. Be well!

Thanks Elizabeth. I am considering a neck lift with Dr. Feldman. Can you update me on how you are now? Do you know why you have bruising in the eye area? Dr. Feldman told me you can return to work in 2 weeks. Is this true in your case?

E.J. D., Boston
I am now four weeks post op!
I had a lot more than a neck lift-also a face lift, lower bleph, and bilateral temporal brow lift
which would explain why I have bruising in the eye area. I really didn't have an excessive amount of bruising in the neck area but did have quite a shiner on my chin. I have always bruised easily, and still after four weeks have a little bruising on my cheek area.
I actually took six weeks off from work! Two weeks would not have been enough for ME. Seriously, I did not leave the house for three solid weeks and even when I finally ventured out last week (with a heavy dose of demablend) I still felt self-conscious. However, if you are only having your neck done two weeks may be enough for you. As Millie at Dr. Feldman's says "everybody heals differently".
I was just looking at some of my before and after pictures and I must say my neck looks SO much better. I'd be happy to answer any other questions you may have.
Keep us posted on your decision!
Good luck!

Thanks for writing such a helpful review, Elizabeth! I'll have to check out that book.

Hope your recovery continues to go smoothly. Keep us posted on your progress please. :)


Well, four months out now! My neck looks great,...

Well, four months out now! My neck looks great, but there are still very slight depressions along my cheek area. Doc says he's not sure what caused that. I keep hoping it is temporary. I will wait at least 6 months or more before doing anything about that. (Sculptra??) Also, the little milia that formed near my eye is still there, but smaller.
I can still feel the tightness along my cheekline area, although it is lessening. The recovery period for this procedure is much LONGER than I ever expected. Yes, you can return to your routine but the scars still get a bit itchy at times, I still can't wear my hair back as the creasing behind the ears has not yet fully relaxed and I am still using a heavy dose of dermablend on the under chin scar. Anyone with questions feel free to ask!!
I had a neck lift done 3 weeks ago and still have swelling after 11 days my neck was uneven I think there was fluid in there it continues to improve eveyday make sure you wear your neck strap as much as possible and try massage.
I had my neck lift done 11 days ago. I am scared. My doctor says it will be fine, but I can't imagine it. I have a "hammock" look under my chin I never had before. It is tight in the middle and the skin drapes down on each side going toward my ears. Can you tell me if you had this experience. At this point, and I realize I'm inpatient, but no one I've talked to has had this experience. I can't say I look better now than before. Any help you can give I will truly appreciate.
Hi Branine,
There is nothing scarier than waiting for the final results. I know. At ll days, or even 4 weeks out, I remember just wanting the bruises to go away, and it did, in fact take a good month. However, I do not recall having the "hammock" like situation which you describe. Yes, I felt alot of tightness under the chin (and continue to do so). I couldn't feel or see my jaw bones along the sides, as there was a lot of swelling.
Did you have drains after your surgery? If not, then it may be fluids collecting which I am sure, will disappear as time goes on. I also had a lower FL along with the NL so perhaps that helped pull things up and away...
The internal healing and recovery from this procedure takes a long while.
I had many concerns post-procedure for at least 3-4 months. Many have resolved, a couple I am still waiting on. (It's been 5 1/2 months now). Just today I noticed that my jaw line now is well defined. Time will resolve many issues as so many others told me.
You may want to consult with your Dr. again, and also post the question to the MD's on this site. Many kind DR.s responded to my questions when I was initially recovering and it helped me cope a lot.
Best wishes to you,. things will get better! Keep us posted.

Well, a year has passed, and I am "glad I did it"...

Well, a year has passed, and I am "glad I did it" BUT happy the long recovery period is over. My neck and jawline are very sculpted, the waddle is gone. My face is smoother, but I still have that "tight" feeling along the sides of the face. Dr. says that is what I paid for!!! It is not pain, nor discomfort, but the face does feel different than before.
Two points to consider; be prepared for at least a month for INITIAL recovery.
And do it as soon as you can when you think you need it. I believe the longer you wait the more obvious it will be afterwards that you "had work done" because the changes will be more dramatic on a 60 year old than on a 50. good luck, feel free to ask questions!
Hi there, I am considering having a neck lift with Dr Feldman. I was quoted 16,000 to include fees and a hospital stay of 2nights. Is this the right ammount? Is it necessary to stay in the hospital for 2 nights? Dr Feldman appears to be really good at platsyma plasty and defining the jaw line and this is where I need help. Any suggestions or tips would be highly appreciated. Maggie
I had a neck lift with lifestyle lift my total bill was 7000 and that included my eyes I dont know why you are staying in a hosp0ital for two days it should be outpatient proceedure I would shop around for 16000 you could have a lot of p-lastic surgery
Hi Maggie, Sorry, just seeing this now.. Yes that seems about right. He is very expensive but worth every penny. And a hospital stay may not be mandatory, but this is major surgery. If you are over 50, why risk complications (blood clots, infection, etc.) ? It was helpful for me to have the nurses change the drains, and check on me even though I had a lot of help at home I felt safer staying in the hospital immediately after the surgery.
Boston Plastic Surgeon

Dr. F is "the Neck Dr." in Boston. He has many years of experience, trained and teaches at Harvard Medical. He is more expensive than many others in town, but for me, I had to have complete confidence that the person working on my FACE was top notch.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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