18 Year Old-Weight Loss of 100 Lbs-no Skin Elasticity

Hi! I'm 18 years old and I recently lost around...

Hi! I'm 18 years old and I recently lost around 100 lbs after being overweight most of my life. As a result, I have a LOT of excess skin covering most of my body-with the worst area being wrapped around my abdomen. I know for sure that I am getting a tummy tuck, but I want to pair another surgery to go along with it. I was thinking of getting a breast lift. The only problem is that if I do get it, when he removes all the excess skin I will go from a solid B cup, to a small A cup. I am considering implants, but I'm worried about the effect it could have on breast feeding (not planning to get pregnant for AT LEAST 8 years) and the other side effects. Any advice would be GREATLY appreciated-especially those who have gotten pregnant after implants! Hopefully I can get my surgery over Christmas Break this year, as I will be attending college as a freshman in the fall.

Second Consult Scheduled!

I have finally gotten my second consult scheduled! Unfortunately, I couldn't get in until August 18, two days before I move into my college dorm. Hopefully, I can choose between the two PS and get my surgery scheduled for sometime around December. I have about a month off for holiday break, so I think that's the best time to do it. Is it reasonable to believe I can get the surgery that soon? I hope so.. I'm so ready for this loose skin to get off my body, and stop influencing my self esteem. After losing all that weight, I still feel depressed because of how my body looks, and it takes a lot to remind myself of all the work I did.
I have decided that I believe I want breast implants. Ultimately, I feel like I should try and keep as much of my skin as possible, and to do that, I need to get implants. Also, my wider torso would not look very proportionate with small A's, so I feel like I would achieve a better look with say, a mid C?
Any feedback is greatly appreciated!
Hopefully, I can upload some pictures later, just a little self conscious!

Body Lift or Tummy Tuck??

I have recently looked into full lower body lifts as an alternative to the tummy tuck, and I think it might be for me. Ultimately I will ask the plastic surgeon at my next consult for his professional opinion, but I'm very confused. I believe I will also need a little work on my inner thighs as there is extended visual wrinkling forming "pouches" along the inner side. To be honest, I can live with the little looseness I have on my outer thighs(it's better than the fat I used to have!), and my butt is okayish...I will just wait and see what the PS suggests! I just can't wait to finally see the results of my hard work of dieting and exercising pay off.

Body lift?

From the research I have done on my own from this website-looking at pictures, reading doctors answers, I believe I may actually need a lower body lift instead of a tummy tuck. The excess skin continues all the way around my body, so a lower body lift may be more beneficial. Is ther any way I can transfer this review there??
I will know more about what my body needs after my second consultation tomorrow!! I am so excited and hope everything works out with this doctor. My past PS wasn't bad, but I want to get another's opinion. I believe I have also decided to get breast implants, too! If I'm getting a breast lift I might as well go all the way right?!? I want saline, under the muscle. I hope to be a full C after the operation is finished and I am a new, confident, woman! Haha, I've never really thought of myself as that before! Not with my saggy chest!
Thanks for the support!

Second Consult-BLOWN AWAY!

I literally just finished my second consult with Dr. Finkle, and I have nothing but good feelings! He is definitely more expensive than the last PS I went to, but the consult was so much more in depth. The staff there is incredible and I would recommend the facility to anyone! The only problem for me is the cost... But I don't mind having a job in college haha! For me, it's worth getting rid of all this excess skin that makes me feel ashamed of the weight loss that I should be proud of. Dr. Finkle's opinion was that I would benefit from an extended tummy tuck 3/4th of the way around, and a breast lift with implants with an extended anchor scar to correct the excess skin that hangs on my sides. The scars will be severe, but I would rather have marks on my skin than excess skin literally in the way of everything. The total cost is somewhere around 15,000 dollars, which is an extreme investment, but I'm ready to appreciate all the work I've done to lose the weight.

Surgery Date?

So I called my PS's office and none of the dates I asked for were available :(. I'm in college, and my PS recommended taking at least two weeks off from school. But I think I found a date that will work! Dec. 19! It's the very first day of Christmas Break! I know, what a present right?!? Santa must think I'm a REALLY good girl haha! ????

Some Background Info About Me

Weight: 150 lbs.
Height: 5' 6 1/2"

For a while, I became too thin and had to gain weight to look normal again. I got down to about 125 lbs, which made me look sort of like a skeleton with hanging skin. Since I have gained the weight, I have maintained it for about eight months. I feel a lot healthier, but am constantly self conscious because I look like I have the excess weight around my middle because of the loose skin. I feel like I have wider hips, but broad shoulders to match, so it works out in the end. I have decided to post pictures (before and after) when I get closer to the actual date.
Thanks for reading!
David Finkle

So far, both Dr. Finkle and his staff have been amazing and the most helpful people I've met. They answered questions with honesty, and without being judgmental. I went into this appointment thinking I knew what I wanted, but they explained more options that I have, without forcing me into a decision. They printed out an entire care plan detailing every aspect of the surgery and recovery time after, all just for my consultation! Kim was absolutely fantastic, and her experiences with plastic surgery definitely made me feel more comfortable and the whole idea of improving my life with it much more realistic. I am so lucky that Dr. Finkle and his team are located in Nebraska!

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Thank you for starting your journey with RealSelf.  Congratulations on the weight loss, you should be very proud of yourself.  

You will feel 100% better having the extra skin removed from your tummy.  It will give you a completely new shape around the middle.  You better start purchasing bikinis for next summer.  

Breastfeeding With Implants is generally not a problem.  Continue to do your research and make sure that you schedule at least 3 consults before deciding on a doctor.  You have a wonderful support network her in the community so please ask all the questions you need.  
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Thank you so much for replying! I've never worn a bikini before and never thought I could! And thank you for the answers about breast feeding. I just get nervous about rupturing the implants! I have had one consultation, and am in the process of scheduling another. The first doctor told me that the implants would last a lifetime, which makes me uneasy since I have seen multiple posts about replacing them at at most 10 years. Thanks again!
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You bet.  The best advice is to go and have a few consults.  Research and prep pay off every time.
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