Excited for my Mommy Makeover 21 March! =) - Nebraska

Okay, so here's the deal. I'm not...

Okay, so here's the deal. I'm not questioning ethics of the Mommy Makeover... in fact, I'm ALL for it. Maybe I'm questioning my own ethics as I'm feeling extremely selfish & wondering if I'm jumping the gun... you see, I'm scheduled for my surgery 21 March 2012 but I'm NOT done having kids (well, hopefully I'm not). Once my bf and I decided we wanted a child together, we stopped using b.c. (6 mos ago) & I lost a full cup size in my breasts. I began looking into only a breast lift/implants but soon discovered the amazing outcomes of a full tummy tuck with lipo. I've reached a point where I'm tired of the "belly flap" that hangs over my waist. I had my consultation... thought on it for some time & scheduled my surgery date. I explained my plan to have another child with the staff & my P.S. They didn't explain the risks, if any, of becoming pregnant post surgery but did say it would be possible to have a mini tuck later if needed. I am planning on using b.c. for the first 6 months after surgery. After the 6 months, we won't be counting ovulation cycles or using fertility but we won't avoid sex either. My bf supports me either way... if I wait to have the surgery or have it now. If I do have another child & need a follow up mini tuck, he's supportive. He just wants me to be happy & I'm truly not happy with my body as it is. I have PCOS & becoming pregnant isn't an easy task for me but we aren't fully ready to try fertility either. Since it could be a couple of years, I want the Mommy Makeover now. After all, there's no guarantee for tomorrow and no guarantee I'll even have another child. So my question is this... AM I CRAZY?!?!

Originally I posted in Forums but requested to...

Originally I posted in Forums but requested to have it moved to the Review side... thank you RealSelf for moving it per my request!

I'm reading all the hints/tips and trying to quickly get things in order for my surgery date. My BF has scheduled to take off work the day of/after surgery. I'm attempting make extra food at night so I can freeze a few meals to make it easier on him the nights we have our kids. I know him, he'll probably just order pizza or grab fast food but there will be food in the freezer if he wants to pop it in the oven. Or, I'll use it once I'm back on my feet but still not 100%.

I'm trying hard to drop a few more pounds before surgery... I have a few weeks left and would be happy if I got 10-15 off. It's okay if I don't but I'm trying.

Btw, I already have problems with my bowel movements & fearful it might cause some pain (constipation) after the surgery. Any suggestions to aid in becoming more regular and helping things go smoother for after the surgery?
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I am looking at having a mommy makeover also....I have a friend that told me I could stay with her in Nebraska, but I don't have much info on good doctors. I live in Alaska now and am looking at $17,000 for TT, BL, and BA. So if you can help me out with costs and great Dr.s that would be great.
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Welcome Tulipgirl, Sure is nice to have you here with us. I guess your doctor doesn't think it's a problem to get pregnant after the MM. I can tell you that if it was me I would get the BA/BL and then try to get pregnant before going through with the TT just to avoid going through all of it again. I'm not sure if they can do muscle repair with a mini tt but alot of times after we are done with pregnancies we need that repair and it can be done with a full tt. I know what you mean about the skin though so if you want it gone then go for the gold!!! We will support you all the way!
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Hi TulipGirl,

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Thank you!
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We will be surgery buddies; I'm having a BL, BA on March 22. I will wait til the fall for the Vaser lipo on the belly. I think it's important to do whatever makes you feel better about how you look/feel. Like Kimmers said above; life doesn't always happen in the order we hope.... go for it!
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Awesome! Is there a way to follow a person's review? I'm hoping to get pictures up soon. Thank you for the support also. I'm excited to have it all done at once but nervous as I remember what the c-section was like so many years ago. I guess the positive is I won't have a baby to lift and feed! ;)
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Thank you so much Kim! I have a friend who is looking into a mini TT next year (she just has the tiniest bit of skin she wants removed) and she reassured me that there was nothing wrong with doing this now and if needed, again in the future. I'm excited and thankful I've found RealSelf so I have an outlet or place to voice my concerns and questions. Most of my friends only know I'm having breast augmentation. Thank you again.
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First let me start by saying NO your not crazy.  Your a woman who wants her body back but also wants a baby.   Things in this world don't always happen in the perfect order.  So please don't beat yourself up.

Pregnancy pretty much destroys the tummy and breasts so you do run the risk of needing another tummy tuck.  

This is a painful and long recovery so you would need to prepare yourself for that.  I can honestly say that I would do it all over again for the results I ended up with.  

I have attached a couple of links with some great information.

Pregnancy and Tummy Tuck

Revision Tummy Tuck

Can I Get Pregnant After a Tummy Tuck?

I hope this helps:)



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