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I am 50 years old. I am 5'3 at 165. I have...

I am 50 years old. I am 5'3 at 165. I have always had large breasts. Now gravity and age have taken over.

I fell a couple of years ago and tore my shoulder. I went through surgery and recovery, and still my shoulder and neck hurts.

I go to an internist, massage therapist, chiropractor, physical therapist and pain specialist. We are all on the same page... I need to lose my breast size. I am on multiple medications, ice packs, creams, and gels, and hot baths just to keep my pain at at 3-4 on a scale from 1-10.

I am worried about how I will look afterward. I have really appreciated this site. I have a surgery date scheduled for July. I have full support from my husband and daughter. They have been so patient with my pain recovery. I really hope this is the key.

Now that I have made the decision, I find myself dreaming about the future and reflecting upon the past. I usually have a compression sports bra to center the weight of my breasts to be more comfortable; however, the indentions from my strap marks cuts deep. Today I wore a bralet in public, because I overslept and rushed to my appointment. I found myself super conscious because I did not have my usual support. Several persons asked me if I had lost weight (I have but not enough to be noticeable). I believe it is related to my lack of 4 pound smashed toward my chest.

I feel sad that I spent the last 30 years feeling embarassed and hiding my large breasts. Now that I have made the decision, I am aware that I will feel better in so many ways.


I am wanting to share my size in pictures. Yet are so embarrassed to take a pic. I found this on google images. Perhaps I will be braver after surgery

Anxiously waiting for the day!1=!!

July 22nd is getting closer. I have collected some comfort items. Yesterday, my husband and I went to look at the pictures of my physician's. It really comes down to the tissues that need to be moved. I will be in the hands of the physician. I am confident that he will do well. Still glad that I have this site to see the success stories and some of the complications. This support is preparing me for anything. Thank you!

6 days post-op!

I am on the other side of my surgery! I must say I am relieved.

The day of my surgery I was ready. My husband took me and stayed during the entire surgery. I was nervous, but not letting myself believe it. No post-op nausea or vomiting. My surgeon has been patient with me and all of my questions. Including "if he had always been an artist" while he was drawing on me prior to surgery.

Day one, two, and three, I was zoned from the pain medications and slept all of the time. On day two one of my drains was pulled and the other was left for a couple more days. I was afraid to shower with that other drain in (even though I could) so I took some wash cloth baths for the next two days. On day 3 the remaining drain was removed and I ran for a shower. I felt great. I also saw what I looked like. One side was a bit more swollen than the other and I knew it would be alright after time passes. My sutures are under my breasts nicely and I am loving my new shape. I instantly look like I have lost weight and my waist shows. My previous shape included my breasts as part of my abdomen, so I had no shape. Very nice.

Today is day 6, I am doing okay. I saw a lot of drainage last night and are worried that I have been over doing it. Bandages are dry since then. I rested most of today. I am a bit more uncomfortable at my suture lines. Taking Tylenol and one lori-tab. I will call my physician tomorrow to discuss the drainage and color tomorrow. Today, I am grateful and found myself wondering about how this amazing procedure was scientifically developed. I appreciate all of the women who have gone before me.
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I am a few years older, but the same height & weight as you. I am so happy to find another woman the same size. I am a 38DDD. My surgery is Thursday! Believe it ir not, I'm worried that they will take too much! I still want boobs...just not so bug and cumbersome. I'm afraid I'll look fat & flat. What size ar eyou and how much are thye planning to remove?
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We are all sisters in boobs. There is nothing to be ashamed of. The pics and story not only document your journey but also help others going through the same thing. You have no idea how many people decide to have the surgery because of our stories. We are all in this together. Once its done you will feel like a new woman :) Good luck and happy healing. Keep us posted.
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Thank you for your kind words. You are right I have spent too much time trying to hide them. I will be great to wear some of my different clothes.
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Welcome to the community.  Girl you are going to feel wonderful when this is done.  I felt like a new woman the minute I sat up in recovery.  You will look and feel wonderful soon!

It's nice to have the girls off the waist and lap..LOL

Keep us up to date.  

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So True, I cannot wait to experience the same.
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