Still loving the twins, feeling good!

After having my daughter who is now 11, I...

After having my daughter who is now 11, I completely lost my breasts. They were flat and horribly saggy, I was devastated and extremely embarrassed to have my husband see them. It's been 11 years and I've decided to finally do something about it. I have seen 7 surgeons, my 6th one I was sure was the one. We met and agreed on everything that would be done. When I went back to meet with her to finalize things she had changed everything we agreed on. I wanted under the muscle, she had decided to do over the muscle disect the medial portion of chest muscle and lower my crease! We never even talked about that. If I had not talked with her again she would have done all this and I would have found out too late! Right then I decided to keep looking. Luckily I found a great PS! I am going with a Benelli lift which none of the other dr's told me about. I didn't know I could get a lift without that lollipop scar. I also have very large nipples and he will be able to make them smaller and better looking. I'm going with 400cc under the muscle and silicone. I'm very scared about the size because I'm only 5"2 120 and right now I'm a 34A/small B. Saggy and flat. I just hope I don't have huge torpedo boobs! I do figure competitions and at times I get really lean. I only do 2 a year but I'm really worried about looking out of proportion. But I will say ANYTHING is better than what I have I would rather be too big than have the breasts I have right now. I'm very excited about doing this and can't wait to get this surgery!

Well, I have changed my mind again. I just did not...

Well, I have changed my mind again. I just did not think my small frame could handle 400 to 450cc. I felt that that would only cause my breasts to sag even more in the future and with the benelli lift I didn't know if that would be enough. I did my research and found a PS in Houston and I did a consult with him through the internet and it went very well. He does an almost scarless lift using your own breast tissue. I will also be getting implants as well and I can't wait. The scars for me is what has been holding me back all these years from doing this. I don't heal well at all and being African American my scars have always been very dark no matter what product I use. The only scar I will have is around the areola and he will make my very large uneven areolas smaller and close to the same size. I can't wait to get this done!!! 29 days left!!!!!

I just cant wait to get this done. April 3rd is...

I just cant wait to get this done. April 3rd is coming up fast. I still have to deep clean my whole house and make sure I am stocked up on groceries for my family. I'm glad my hubby is so sweet, he will be taking care me. One of the main things I'm worried about is the trip to Texas. I will be Driving ( yes driving) from Nebraska to Texas. I hope its not too painful on the way back. Also I'm praying that nothing goes wrong. I don't want to have to immediately fly back because something went wrong. Anyone out there traveling a long distance or already traveled? I would love to know how to remain comfortable on the car ride back. I'm traveling that far because no one in Nebraska does the almost scarless lift. I wont have to have the lollipop scar and I am very excited about that.

I just found out I'm getting smooth, high profile....

I just found out I'm getting smooth, high profile. I really wanted High profile so I am so happy! I really wanted that upper pole fullness that I never had! I won't mind at all a bit of a fake look. My breast have looked way to natural for too long! LOL! Im taking off 2 weeks I hope this is enough. No one at my job knows so I hope I can ease back into work without anyone finding out.

Just added pics! As you can see my right is...

Just added pics! As you can see my right is smaller than left. I think I'm going with 375cc in right and 400 in left. Still undecided. I just don't want to look crazy during my competitions. I really need some advice!!!

Just had my lab work done today. Crossing my...

Just had my lab work done today. Crossing my fingers that everything will be ok!!

I'm trying not to forget any items to buy that i...

I'm trying not to forget any items to buy that i will need for recovery! I will be traveling so I don't want to foget anything even though I know once we arrive I will be sending my hubby to the store for items I forgot!! LOL! I have not heard anything back on my labs yet. I gues no news is good news.

Yay, my lab results are fine so I can stop...

Yay, my lab results are fine so I can stop worrying!!!! Now I have to make sure I have enough button up shirts for my trip. I thought I was getting this done in Feb so the clothes that I bought are very warm. Since I'll be in Texas I will have to get a few lighter tops to wear.

3 days left!! I'm packed and ready to go. We leave...

3 days left!! I'm packed and ready to go. We leave for Texas Sunday morning.I can't believe this is happening, I'm so ready. This morning I woke up freakin out about being put under! It was like I was having a little panic attack! But then I took one look in the mirror at my saggy boobs and thought I wont have to look at you any more after tuesday! I immediately felt a lot better! Still undecided about size leaning towards 350 in left 375 in right. I know 400 is not that much more but just thinking of the number 400 makes me feel like im going to be too big. I know it sounds silly. In the end I am going to let my PS decide what will look best. When I email pics to him he said he was thinking 400 so we will just have to see.

Ok, I know this is so late. I have been fighting...

Ok, I know this is so late. I have been fighting with my hotel people all day!!! My hotel was so horrible but I finally got my refund and checked into a better place. I did not need that stress today. Anyway, my doctor told me that he wanted to do 400cc in my right and 300-350 in my left. He will have to see with the sizers which will look best. I'm going to trust him and go for it. My surgery is tomorrow at 7:30 and I am so excited! I will keep everyone posted and try post a review to tomorrow.

Hello ladies, I did it!! I'm so happy that I did...

Hello ladies, I did it!! I'm so happy that I did this. I waited 10yrs for this day!! I can't see the girls till tomorrow morning. I promise that I will post more later this evening! I can't keep my eyes open to type. Hubby thinks this is amusing. Oh, don't know how many cc I got yet.

Hello Everyone, I did it!!!!  I'm soo happy that...

Hello Everyone, I did it!!!!  I'm soo happy that I did this, it was definately the right decision.  I can't see them till tomorrow morning at 10am but from what I can see I love them!  I don't know excatly how many cc's I got but i will find out tomorrow. When the Dr. came out after surgery and spoke to my hubby he was not paying attention at all! I asked him how many cc's did the Dr. put in, and my hubby told me I think 200! he was not listening or these are the biggest 200's I've ever seen! Anyway this has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. 
I arrived at the Hospital at 6am and waited 1 hour sitting in the waiting room trying not to fall asleep. It was finally my turn and I went into a room and changed into that lovely hosptital gown. My nurse was so nice we were laughing and joking the whole time. When I was gowned and all prepped my anesthesiologist came in and he was very nice. He asked me some medical history questions and then told me he had a drink that I woud just love. He left to go mix the cocktail and then my dr. and hubby came in. The Dr. took pics and drew on me with the sharpie. we talked about the size I wanted to be again. I told him full C, he then took a few more measurements. After he left I was given the cocktail in the IV it burned really bad and then.........I REMEMBERED NOTHING!!  I woke up in the recovery room with pain in my chest. There was pain and pressure for me but more pain than pressure maybe because I had a BL and BA. I stayed in recovery for about 1 hour with the meanest nurse who just wanted me out of there. Maybe she couldn't go on a break untill I left. She kept asking me how much pain I was in and when I would tell her it feels like a 7 she would say "Still?, I just gave you pain meds". Every time she would ask and it stayed at 7 she seemed so annoyed. Sorry lady can't control the pain in my boobs!!  Anyway I was finally released and saw my nice nurse as I was leaving. I thanked her for being so sweet, I wish she had been with me during recovery. My hubby drove us back to the hotel which was an hour away but it felt like it was 15 mins. Probably the drugs. I arrived back at the hotel taking my pain meds and just relaxed. I will take pics but I wont be able to post untill sunday:( Again, this was not nearly as bad or painful as I thought this was going to be. Everything went smoothly and I am so greatful for that!  Now the hard part is waiting for tomorrow. I can definatlely see upper fullness and I just love it!. It looks like I'm C cup from what I can see. I can't believe how good they look just bandadged up!!!!! 

Ok, I'm very surprised but pleased! He used 350cc...

Ok, I'm very surprised but pleased! He used 350cc in my right and 260 in my left. I would totally have thought the 260 would have been too small! He said I had enough breast tissue that the amount he put in brought me to a C or small D. I can't believe they are the size that they are. If he had put in more like we first talked about I definately would not have been happy, i would have been HUGE. I love my size! With this internal lift he uses your own tissue to lift up the breast and that alone gives you a bigger size. The implant just added that extra oomph. I can't wait for them to drop and fluff. The dr puts you in a underwire bra that helps support and shape your breasts. I am wearing a 36 D. There is a little room in the cup that he says will fill out as they drop. I am very happy with the results.

I wish I could post pics but I won't be able to...

I wish I could post pics but I won't be able to till I get back on Sunday:(

Yesterday, I met the sweetest lady at the surgery...

Yesterday, I met the sweetest lady at the surgery center. She was afraid because she saw her breasts after surgery and kind of went into panic mode. She had her surgery right after me and was now in the office talking with the PS. He asked if I didn't mind talking with her and showing her my results. I said sure! when she saw my areola incisions she immediately felt better. We instantly became boobie buddies and i found out she traveled here all by herself. I went to meet her at her hotel room which was 5 min away from mine. We compared boobs and complained about pain. Later on in the evening she called me and said she thought she was having a reaction to meds so I came right over and we ended up having a post op slumber party. She is doing fine now, just developed a rash and had to switch meds. My hubby said thats why he didnt want me to come down here by myself because he was worried if something happened who would be with me. He didn't mind at all that I stayed with her, It's like we didnt hesistate he said are you goin over there, and I said yes right away. I kind of feel like a protective mom even though I'm just a little older than her. She is so nice I really hope her recovery goes smoothly. We stayed up late looking at real self on our Ipads and she got a lot of info. She is going to start a review, I told her all the ladies here are so helpful and supportive this is just what you need! Well today is Day 3, I definately have MORNING BOOB! its worse than yesterday! My pain is on the top part of my breasts and the sides. Otherwise I don't feel bad at all.We are going to the Dr. together to get her new subscription. Hopefully getting up and walking around will help. Also I know this is TMI but I'm hoping to poop today! I've been taking the MoM but nothing has happenend yet. I'm hoping today is the day! Well over all just sore boobs and I've been really hungry. I've had no nausea so I've been happy about that. Still happy with my results, I'm so glad I did this!

Wow, my morning boob has lasted all day. It feels...

Wow, my morning boob has lasted all day. It feels like my implants might fall out of my chest now. I have a very supportive bra on hoping that will help but this still hurts. I'm icing them right now hope it helps. I just want a good night sleep. Even though my boobs are sore I'm still in love with them!

Today I saw my dr. one last time. He said I was...

Today I saw my dr. one last time. He said I was doing great. I will email, call or skype him from here on out if I need to contact him. My breasts right now look huge! We walked around for awhile at the mall and I tried on bras. I fit into a 36 D!
That was so crazy to me but I know it won't stay this size. They are still very swollen and high. Hoping just to be a C! I can't believe I was thinking about getting bigger implants than this! I'm glad my PS made the decision he did. I had a little bit of the blues earlier but once I got walking around outside and got some sunshine I felt much better. I'm in for the day now relaxing propped up with all my pillows. I will Be fine on the drive back. I just can't wait to see my daughter! I'm thinking of different outfits to camouflage these babies at work!

Just posted my after pics! I can't believe I have...

Just posted my after pics! I can't believe I have breasts that are not lopsided tube sock!! As you can see the girls are pretty high and swollen right now. I'm hoping just to be a C. That Bra is a 36D!! I'm really happy with the results right now. The tape will come off with time. If it is still on after 2 weeks I can remove it myself. I can't wait to see my nipples, my PS made them smaller. It's hard for me to get a good look at them right now with the tape on. Today I over did it and I'm very tired. I am just going to relax for the rest of the evening and not lift a thing! Tomorrow I start work but I'm only going in for a few hours, I'm starting off slow. No one knows I had my surery so I'm looking for outfits that hide the girls. I'll let everyone know how " Operation Hide the Boobs" goes. Funny I get the bobs and now I'm trying to hide them!

I forgot to mention I have almost all feeling in...

I forgot to mention I have almost all feeling in my left breast including the nipple. The right has almost all feeling but not in the nipple yet. I know there is a chance that I may not regain feeling but I hope I do.

Well, I dare ANYONE to beat my back to work record...

Well, I dare ANYONE to beat my back to work record of 40 minutes!!! That's all I lasted was 40 min. I feel like I have been hit by a truck! Going home to rest!!! I know my hubby will sing the "I told you so" song!! What was I thinking?!?

I'm back home in my comfy pajamas and on a sea of...

I'm back home in my comfy pajamas and on a sea of pillows!!! I will be here for a while. Don't make my same mistake, get some rest!

Ok, so today I will not be going back to work. I...

Ok, so today I will not be going back to work. I am taking it easy and relaxing! After my 40min fiasco I will not attempt to go back for a few more days! My breast are starting to feel softer and are already lower than they were the first day. I can't wait for my tape to come off so I can get a good look at my areolas. My PS made them smaller so I can't wait to see them. My breasts are still sore and tingling sometimes. My Ps said the tingling is the nerves regenerating so thats a good thing. I'm happy I have all feeling in my left and most in my right except the nipple. I'm still very happy that I had my surgery, just wish I could fast forward the recovery.

I've been trying to post my review all day, hope...

I've been trying to post my review all day, hope this works! Well I went back to work a full day! I was only going to go for a few hours but I felt so much better than on Monday. I also had meds and just took them when I needed. There is still some tightness and pain but it is a lot less than it was last week. I'm going again tomorrow so I guess I'm back for good! I just wish these babies would drop!! I'm on day 9 so I don't know if that is too early or not so I'm trying to be patient. I can't wait to see the end result!

Today I went to work today. I went in at 12:30pm...

Today I went to work today. I went in at 12:30pm instead of 9:00am. Getting to sleep in was great. I took it pretty easy and did not push myself. Im glad my job allows me to flexible if i need to. I sent in my pics to my PS today and he said everything is looking great. One thing we discused before the surgery is maybe needing a second surgery if I felt I was unhappy with anything. I may get a second surgery if I feel that my nipples are not as high as I would like. I can tell they are a little low. I will not have to pay for the surgery if I want them to be raised higher. I would have to wait 6 months for another surgery which would be fine with me but before I make any surgery decisions I am going to wait till everything is healed and dropped!! BEACHMOM you jinxed me!!!! LOL Just Kidding!!! Today I was driving home and felt the zingers!! WOW talk about sensitive nipples! You said it happened to you day 9 well this is day 10 and I certainly felt it. I'm thinking of buying the nursing pads until my tape comes off and my incisions are healed. Until then I will be researching what I can use on these babies. Right now I'm still sore on the sides but I don't have a lot of tightness, I hope that doesnt happen to me later! Well I hope all you ladies are healing well.

I totally forgot to mention that I got free botox...

I totally forgot to mention that I got free botox treatments with my Surgery. At first I was not going to do it. My PS said you don't need it at all, but I told him I've always wanted to try it and its free give it to me! Well I'm a big wimp because OMG it hurt! I will say this, I can see why people become addicted beacuse those few lines that I had are completely gone! I furrow my brow a lot and can't see it all anymore. Since I am a big baby I wont be doing this again unless I realy need it in the future, way in the future! But it was it was an interesting experience and I can say that i tried it. I feel what I reaaly will need is something to fill in the laugh lines on either side of my mouth. Anyone use any filler like restelyn? Did you like it? Anyone else have the free treatments with your Surgery?

Hello ladies! I just need some reasurance. My...

Hello ladies! I just need some reasurance. My boobs still look the same! That high odd square shape, how long does this last and when do they start looking normal? I know, I know!!! I'm supoose to be patient but I can't stop staring at them and wondering. I read on this site somwhere that I shouldn't even look at them for awhile but I can't help it. Some ladies boobs look great right after their surgeries,I'm so jealous! Well I know everyone is different and i should be patient but it is soooo hard! I'm still sore but it is getting better everyday. My nipples are super sensitive and I am constantly feeling zingers. My underarms are also very sore and I just noticed bruises there for the first time. Like I said it is getting better day by day but I still have to remember to take it easy and not push myself too hard.

Sorry my pics disappeared!! I removed them when I...

Sorry my pics disappeared!! I removed them when I thought a coworker had gotten on this site. I'm almost sure she did because I left the site on my computer history and I'm sure she looked at. I did not tell anyone at work that i had the surgery but im sure she can guess. Its none of her damn business and she has been asking me too many questions and talking about platsic surgery when im around her. I didn't want her sending those pics out to god knows who so I took them down. It's my fault but oh well. I will keep writing reviews I stayed off a while but now I'm back! I don't know if I will post pics again. But I don't have a prob private messaging anyone:) Ok, my breasts are feeling soooo sensitive it's driving me crazy! Especially my nipples any slight touch or brushing against them is awful! Anyone have any remedies?

I just started the silicone Scaraway Sheets...

I just started the silicone Scaraway Sheets yesterday. I hope they work! Anyone else have these? I got them from CVS. I looked for the Blue Emu cream but they don't carry it. Anyway I'm still sore especially my right there is a really sore area on the sde. Im hoping that gets better. Otherwise I'm just waiting for theses babies to drop and fluff! Can't wait for them to look normal!

Ok Ladies, I really wish i could go back to my old...

Ok Ladies, I really wish i could go back to my old gym schedule! I really want to be able to do weights and to push myself hard! all I did at the gym yesterday was 30 mins on the treadmill. I have never done JUST that! I know I will have to be patient but it is hard. Especially since I'm at my heaviest right now and nothing fits me right anymore! Ok, Im done whining!!! lol! I still need to drop but I can see a difference. My left areola is a bit oblong shaped but my right is perfect! I will be going back to my DR to get this fixed and to raise them up more. He is going to do this for me a no cost! I've been extremely happy with his willingness to listen to my concerns and wanting me to be happy with my results. Hey I paid this much, I might as well be completely satisfied! I wont do any revisions until about 6 months after surgery. Anyone else out there back at the gym? How long are you waiting to lift?

I'm liking them more and more everyday. They still...

I'm liking them more and more everyday. They still need to drop more but they look great in clothes now. I really wish my left areola was not so oblong shaped but oh well I'm getting that fixed later on. I'm still sore on the sides but it's not too bad. I have very sensitive nipples that are still driving me crazy. Hope the sensitivity ends soon. It's been 1 month since my surgery.

Every day I am feeling better and better! I am...

Every day I am feeling better and better! I am really loving the way that they look! I think today I am going to buy a really cute bra. I still need to drop some so I'm sure this is not my true size but the bras that I have are too big and I need to get one that fits better. The sensitivity is less now which is great! Still a little sore but it's nothing I can't handle. I just can't wait to really start working out hard at the gym.I don't want to mess things up so I will ease back into my workouts especially upper body.

Ok, so today is my official day of clean eating...

Ok, so today is my official day of clean eating and getting back regularly to the gym. I wont be able to lift really hard yet but just getting back into any routine will be nice. I am loving my new breast just have to have a little tweak here and there and I will be completely happy. My Dr. called and said I could come down in 3 months for my revision. I will try to go in August I'm just not sure if my hubby can go at that time and I really don't want to go by myself. Again my revision will not be a major thing just getting my areolas raised and my left one is a bit oblong shaped so I would like them to match better. Other than that I am very happy and I can't believe I finally have boobs! It's weird not having to dress to try to make them look bigger or to be worried that I wont fill out my tops. I'm still a little sore and sleeping on my side is still uncomfortable and I can forget right now trying to sleep on my tummy! I'll say it again I am so happy I made this decision I wouldn't go back to having those droopy deflated boobs for anything! It was all worth it. I will be putting my pics back up soon!

Hey ladies I finally put my pics back up. I am...

Hey ladies I finally put my pics back up. I am still very happy with my results. I am so glad not to have saggy deflated boobs! I really feel confidant and I am able to wear things I never thought I could. I am now a 34D and I love it. I thought I only wanted to be a C but in clothes you can't really tell that I am a D at all. It's been 8 weeks I still have pain on my sides if I strain to reach for things or lay on my side for too long. All feeling has come back to both breasts and I am very happy about that! I don't feel like they have totally dropped yet, but I am being patient. I am still going back to get my areolas raised just not sure of the exact date yet. But don't get me wrong I am very happy with the results. Anything is better than what I had and I have no regrets, I would do this all again in a heartbeat!!!

Still not able to lift weights. It Is painful and...

Still not able to lift weights. It Is painful and very uncomfortable to try. Anyone out there with a lift and BA lifting weights? How long did you have to wait until you starting lifting? Other than not being able to really hit it hard at the gym I'm doing very well. I will be going back for my revision in mid august.

Ok, so this mornining after I got out of the...

Ok, so this mornining after I got out of the shower I noticed a small bump on my incision and there was just a little bit of pus coming out of it. I squeezed it and just a little bit more came out and then a few drops of blood. I then noticed a stitch poking out which happened to me before but there was no pus before. I called my dr. And he said I did the right thing and that the little drops of blood were a good sign. He then told me to cut off the poking stitch which i did.The bump was completely gone, it was about the size of a pimple so it wasn't very big. Im just freaking out a little about the pus. To me thats never a good sign and I have heard too many bad stories starting with ”there was pus!" Ok I'll calm down ans see what happens tomorrow. The spot is sore but I guess that's normal. I'm going to call my dr. here and see if they want to put me on an antibiotic.

I'm feeling much better today, I guess spitting a...

I'm feeling much better today, I guess spitting a stitch is more common than I thought. I read that some ladies pull them out or trim them themselves after speaking with their Dr. I was told to apply betadine solution until redness goes away but I really don't have any redness. I would tell all ladies who experience this don't hesitate to call your Dr. If you think you might have an infection or you feel something isn't right. My dr. said if I had waited for it just to go away it could have gotten a lot worse. Well, I went to the gym and lifted weights! It was nothing heavy just light weights which was so weird but it was good to get back to the gym. I took it easy and did not push myself too hard. My dr. said it was ok to go back and lift weights lightly. I'm also eating clean which feels better too. Hopefully I will be back in my favorite jeans soon!

I just did a really good workout today! I did...

I just did a really good workout today! I did lower body almost as heavy as I use to. I did upper body yesterday but only did about half my weight I usually do. If I go to heavy on upper body it starts to hurt so I lower it to a more comfortable weight. Ladies if you workout any body part, implants or not ,and it hurts STOP. Please don't risk hurting yourself. I feel so good to be back at the gym and able to do more than just the stepmill.

I just saw pics from another lady who went to my...

I just saw pics from another lady who went to my PS. Wow, her breast lift looks amazing!!! Go to SDR her review is titled ultimate breast lift and her results are amazing!!!! I love the ulitimate lift with no verticle scar!
Dr. Gary Horndeski

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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How are things now? Did you get te revisions? I just did and curious to see others results I was amazed at the immediate change for me.
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How are you my Diva friend? Unfortunately I developed capsular contract on my right breast 8 month PO, I had a revision a few days ago so fingers crossed that it's not coming back. Hope yours still perfect! Xoxo
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hi, do you have before and after since you were a grade 3 you say? thanks :)
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I just got done reading your review because another girl recommended it. I work out a (lift weights, run, etc...5 to 6 days a week). I was kind of discouraged when I saw how long it took before you could hit the weights. To top it off, I'm having hernia surgery too. Did you lose much muscle? I know I'm going to go crazy! Also, I took a full week off from work, but now I am rethinking if that will be enough. I know I should be worrying about bigger things than that, but it's such a big part of my life. My surgery is in 3 weeks. Thanks for your detailed posts. They are very helpful.
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Hey, how are you & the new girls? are you using scar treatment yet?
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I'm feeling great! Still using scargaurd, they seem tp be healing nicely.
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Thats too early to apply but wanted to find out what's working before I spend money on products that are worthless...any new pics?
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I can send you some!
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Hey girl. I have posted pics of my flap jacks, lol. thanks for all the info.
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Your review is great..I have been going back in forth about the size, figuring 400 is too big for my frame.. Can you post pics so I can see the high profile/ I selected that as well..I keep going back in forth about the confusing
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Hello Fitluv. Are you going to post pics of the revision? Also why did you stay so far from Dr's office?
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I will private message anyone who wants to see them for now. I'm thinking about putting my pics back up but still a little scared after a crazy coworker got on this site. I don't think I stayed that far. I stayed with a friend who lived in Houston and the drive to his office was very short! She was a friend from RealSelf ( scrappy ) and it was very nice of her to let me stay with her. Once she found out I was staying by myself she offered let me stay in her home. I am taking my bandages off tonight and will betaking some new pics. I'm very pleased with how they look. I didn't think they could look better but they are higher and I love the shape!
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Glad things are going well. I love Dr H's work. Right now I'm still healing from the tuck, but definately considering a lift. How did the scar away sheets work? Can you pm me your pics? Thanks
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Oh I saw you wrote you & your hubby had a problem at the hotel when you came???
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Hey Fit, have you gone for the work you said you were going to do in august. Hope all is well!
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I'm sent a request to Dr. H in Houston August 3. When doing research on another type of lift, I came across some literature on this technique. It is different that most other procedures for breast lift. Here are a few rapid fire questions. Please answer only those you wish to respond to. I know you have a very busy family life.

You describe a significant level of pain. Do you think this is due to the technique, or to breast lift or implants in general? Where did he locate the implant? Under the muscle or partially under the muscle? I am asking only because of muscle healing. And capsulation issues. Not to be nosy. Lastly, did the doctor say how long has the doc been performing this surgical technique?

Any good hotel suggestions? Thanks.
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Hi Fit,
How are you? How are your workouts coming along? It's been almost 4 months since your surgery, how are you feeling? How are your girls? Hope everything is going great! Can't wait to see updated pics. :)
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You look GREAT!!! So glad to see your success story :)
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Hello pink! One of the best cardio machines is the stepmill. It's one of the only cardio excercises I do. If you can do 30 min at a moderate pace 3 times a week at first that is good. Try to work up to 40mins. Keep working with the weights! Gradually go heavier but only if there is NO pain. Weight will burn fat faster than cardio. Right now I'm back to normal and I am lifting heavy again finally! I am losing about 2lbs a week with my training! Finally getting this fat off! 
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Hey Fit!
How are you doing? Thought I'd see what's up. Are you still going to post some updated pics before your revision?
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Hey scrappy! I'm doing good! I will post pics soon, I've just been sooo busy! Hope evrything is going well with you!
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Hi Fit,

How are you doing these days? I'm trying to get back into a workout routine and having a really hard time staying motivated, even 20-30 min of cardio seems to leave me winded. I have been scared to try any upper body exercises but I am at 2 months out right now and figure now is as good of a time as any to get back into a routine of some sort.
Do you have any advice on how to proceed with workouts or anything to avoid? My dr gave me the okay to resume normal workouts unless it causes pain with the exception of lifting weights on weight machines (light free weights are okay I guess).
Thanks and hope you are doing well. Love your results and have been following your recovery but not posting as much as I was around my surgery :/
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I'm doing great. I'm going to try to post new pics this week!
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Ok, cant wait to see!
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