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I am a 38 year old female and very athletic. I...

I am a 38 year old female and very athletic. I work out 6 days a week which includes 6 days or cardio, 3 days of weights and 3 days of Yoga. Although I work out that much the back of my arms and inner thighs still have a small pocket of fat I cannot get rid of. I had a TT 6 months ago which included Tickle Lipo on my stomach and flanks and the results have been amazing. I am scheduled to go in tomorrow to have my arms and inner thighs done.

Day 2

Well Realself is supposed to fix my Doctor listed because that is not him. Anyways day to not as bad as I thought, I am still having some draining and feel sore and look like I have been beaten by a bat, especially my arms. I am sure the 2nd day will be worse.
Dr. John Hamel - Complete Laser Clinic

Dr. Hamel is amazing with Liposuction. He really can contour better than I have ever seen on a lot of different sites. At the 2013 Aesthetics Show in Las Vegas he won the Best Surgical Body Contouring Category. He has spoke at many different conferences around the country on the type of techniques he uses. The staff there is fantastic and goes above and beyond to make you feel at home and part of the family. I cannot imagine going to anyone else to get anything done. I even drive almost 2 hours from my home to go to his surgical center but it is well worth it.

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I have seen a few iffy reviews for him, but I am considering him (after seeing good reviews lol) and am wondering if you would consider him again? I would be coming from out of state and it would be worth his prices. Did you feel pretty comfortable with him, the office, and safety?
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So how does your arms look now? I got slim lipo this past Thursday and even with swelling I can see a big difference! What are you using for compression? Hugs my twin TT sista!
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They look great but hurt like a mother. Did you get your arms done to? I am using a madera sleeve one. It was 80 but I live in it. After lipo compression is your best friend.
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The doctor here is not my doctor, now I am sure he is great but he is a dentist cosmetic surgeon so I am not thinking I would have him under Lipo but you never know. How can I change this?
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