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I have been looking at this site for months...

I have been looking at this site for months debating on where to go for a tummy tuck. I didn't want to go to far from home but at the same time I wanted a good price. I am 37 169lbs and 5'8 with four children ages range from 15 to 23 months I live in NC so I am sort of the middle of the east coast. I went to my first consulation yesterday Aug 1, and was quite impressed by the doctor and his staff. Very very professiinal and made me feel very comfortable. I really appreciated his honesty when it came to what I wanted done. I orginally wanted a bbl but was told I did not have enough fat for that procedure :(. I was quoted a little over 10, 000 for the procedure, butnthe are running a special for 1, 000 off plastic surgery. My husband is very supportive in what I would like done and it does help me out with getting my confidence level up for the procedure. I would like to get the tt by Christmas so I can be ready for the summer. I don't do swim suits but wanted to look better in clothes. Trying to get a little help with deciding where to go based on different experiences for my procdure. Will post before pics soon.

Research Research and more Research

Soooo I am trying to ensure I find the right surgeon by looking at all the reviews from the awesome people on this site, looking at the grade from the bbb, and reading google reviews. I don't want to go to far from home just in case, but it is so pricey in North Carolina!!!!!! Don't really want to more than 3 hours away. UUUUUUUGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! Gonna keep pushing. Hopefully the next consultation will be the one.....crossing my fingers ;)
Added my before pics


I am super excited. Went to my consultation today and found an AWESOME surgeon. Answered all of me and husband's questions. Took my pictures sat down and talked with coordinator and was given a good quote for everything that I want done. Now all I need to do is pick a date. Was thinking originally December time frame, but we have Christmas and New Year's soooooo don't really want to be laid up then. So now I am thinking mid to end of October. Is there anyone who could help me with this? Oh by they way have I mentioned that I have NEVER had any type of I am extra scared.


I am so excited......I scheduled my surgery date for dec 19.....I know I is closee to christmas and I won't be able to "work it" for New Year's.....but dang it I will be ok. Just so excited I don't know what to do


Ok...I am 68 inches (5'8") and about 170ish. I don't have fat on my body except for my tummy My debate is whether or not to lose about 5 lbs before my surgery in December. The only part that bothers me is my tummy but not going to really work that area as much, but I am feeling the need to workout. Just want to get some thoughts on it.


So I am about a month and a half from my operation. I wanted to find out what to purchase so that I can prepare for this transformation :). I dont want to just buy everything at one time. My PS told me that I I would be fitted for my garment during my preop (it is in the price for the surgery) but I need to buy another one and if I do when should I get it? Also, my PS told me about the strips that go on the scar and tbat they will provide them, but do I need to get some more? I am starting to worrh just a bit and I want to make sure that I am set beforehand. If any of you can help me
out with a checklist it would be greatly appreciated.


So I am about to start buying my supplies for my tummy tuck since I am about a month and a half out from surgery. I am starting to get nervous but I read the reviews of these brave brave females who have already went through it and it helps a bit. I have NEVER had any type of surgery or been put to sleep for anything in my life. I know that I am gonna be a train wreck the closer I get to my d day. I have my mother staying with me but I haven't told her it is just between me and my hubby. Well it is time to get my mind right and anything that you ladies can say to ease it or any advice you have would be greatly appreciated.


A little less than a month left......OMG OMG....nervous, scared, excited, worried...etc. I haven't bought any supplies yet.....UUUGGGHHHHH. Didn't think it would creep up on me this fast. Already put in my leave until 31 Dec, but not going back until 02 Jan. I hope my drains will be out by then :/. I AM FREAKING OUT RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!! I am so
happy therd is a support system here becuase without it I do not think I would have ever got the nerve enough to even go get my consultation and found my ps. So I want to thank the very srtong ans supportive ladies that I have shared their stories.

Pre Op

Hello hello excited, nerves, joyous, and scared all at once. Thanks to everyone on this site I had a WHOLE bunch of questions to ask my ps......answered every question (most before I asked). Was sized for my compression garment and paid the rest of my tab :). I did add lipo for my bra line(can't stand my back fat). Soooooooo now I have 2 weeks until I am in pain, miserable, and my husband has to wait on me hand and foot. About to start getting my supplies together now...I move soooooo slow. I did find the website for newgelplus. It has excellent reviews so gonna get some of that. I will post my after surgery photos on the 19th (as long as I am not completely drugged up)

Some help

Ok ok ok...I wasnt going to update until after my surgery...which is on thursday......but have a few questions. Soooooo I was wondering about the scar sytils that some of you purchased or was given. I am debating on whether to get the scar away or the new gel+. The new gel+ is what my ps recommends but it is sort of pricey.....the scaraway isn't cheap but less expensive. I know everything depends on your own body but just wanted to find out what other people where using. If I can get some aid and assistance i woukd be soooooooo very grateful :)


So me and my hubby decided to come early because it is 2 1/2 hours away. Figured we would make a day out of it. A little disturbed that my surgery isn't until 130 pm.....and I can't eat after midnight.....gonna be soooooooooo hungry!!!!! Really nervous now but hope I will be able to sleep. Tomorrow is the day I have been thinking about for years so gotta get it done. Will try to post pics tomorrow.

Day Of........

I am going to be super hungry and super thirsty. I don't have to be there until 1230 with an operating time of 130. Any who wish me luck and will update later...... fingers crossed

All donr

Just wanted to let everyone know that I made it free and clear. .....will post updates later


Up and at it early in the morning....made it through my first night without issues. I was able to get up and go to the bathroom by myself......walked extra slow. There is so much pressure when I get up it is crazy. Been trying to feel through my cg to feel for anything but will wait until this afternoon when I take a pic to look. Husband is sooooooo very helpful. Wouldn't trade him for anyone else. The nurses wants me to be able to walk up straight before my appt on 27 Dec. I will try :). The nurses called me last night to make sure that I was good and taking my meds. Love that. I downloaded and app to help me to remember to take my meds because I wouldn't wake up to do it....just lazy. It works very good. We are about to take this 2 1/2 hour drive back to the house so that I can lay in my recliner(had a chair with an ottoman last night). Hope all is well around and will post pics later

Day 2

Nor feeling to bad.....actually got up and walked downstairs with my momma. We sat and talked about the surgery for a bit. I did take off my cg but didn't take any pics :(. The pain is tolerable because I am taking my pain meds every 4 to 6 hours. I figure if I wait to long that I will feel more pain. So while sitting in my recliner my baby girl who is 2.....leans on the leg portion of the recliner....OMG the pain was too crazy. She looked at me and ran out the room. I have so much gas in my stomach it is ridiculous. Just waiting for something to just come out. Until next time my fellow rs ppl. Smoochies

Day 3

I finally got got the nerve to add some pics. I think it looks good. Gotta a little pleating on the right side buy I know it is going to go away. Just want to know how to take a shower without getting my scar wet?


I just to make sure I am not crazy. So I felt my stomach for for the first time today and it feels really hard like a piece of cardboard is under my skin. Has anyone else felt like this?


Well this may be too much info but......I finally pooped!!!! So excited didn't know what to do. I am feeling better now :). I am standing up like 90% now. My nurse told me that I should be standing straight bout time I have my first post op which is the 27th. I can't wait to get these dang drains out. The left is draining more than the right. Both of them are less than 25 cc so I should be good. Gave my hubby a break yesterday and I did all of my own stuff. This isn't as bad as I pictured. I received my newgel scare treatment strip the other day. Can't wait to start using them. I appreciate the compliments that everyone gave me. Wasn't sure about how I looked so thank you. I did feel my stomach swell yesterday it was crazy. Wanted to get another compression garment do anyone have any suggestions?


Flowers from my PS office


OMG......THESE DANG DRAINS!!!!!!! I go to adjust my cg and I accidentally tug on my drain next to the incision.....UUUUUGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!! The pain the horror!!!!! I have done this like 3 or 4 times. Just want them gone. Not really draining that much....thank goodness......just waiting until the 27th. So I got out of my fear of getting my incision wet in the shower. I thought something woukd happen so I was taking birth baths hitting the hot spots. Talked to one of the females on this site and told me the trick with the belt and.......WALA......ALL CLEAN...except for feet. Everything is going really good starting to get some feeling in my skin always a plus. Haven't taken ANY pain pills today :). I did feel a little swelling yesterday though I was losong my mind. Wasn't too bad....don't think. Will post my day 5 pics a little later on. HAPPY HOLIDAYSTO MY HEROS ON THIS SITE!!!!

Soooooooooo bored

Can't take it anymore...... watching TV...sitting in my recliner..... Being careful not to pull my drains(which is painful)....Just noticed that I am bruised from the lipo. UUUUUGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!! Figured I would play my Xbox 360...oh dang it had to update.....geez. oh well posting pictures makes my day go by pretty good :).

Merry Christmas

I am so excited 2 more days and I believe these drains are coming out :). Hope everyone is well.


So excited!!! Can't wait for my appt. It is at 3:30 leaving my house at 12:30 with he hubby. Fingers crossed that I get both drains out :). I would hate to go back to work in my acus(military thing) with one drain :/ would be very uncomfortable. WISH ME LUCK :)


So went to my ps yesterday and only got one drain out :(. He did tell me that if I drain less the 30 ccs by Monday I can get the other one taken that was a plus. When the nurse took out that husband said that he seen it come from the top of my stomach. I couldn't do anything but sit there with my mouth open. Wasn't that bad but felt really weird. So ladies don't be scared :/. Any who he said I was looking good to be a week post op and have some swelling at the bottom of my tummy. Until next time!!!!!!!!

Thank goodness

FINALLY got my second drained removed today........I thought it was going to be worse than what it was but the second tube was pretty short. I thought that was crazy because it was the one that was collecting all of the fluid....oh well. Got my next appointment on Monday and I start with the massages to get some of this hardness in my tummy. Still a little numb and have some swelling but other than that all is good :). Haven't tried to put on any of my clothes yet just been walking around with my vs sweats..... Good thing I have a couple is pair. Well post more pics after my next appt.
Criswell and Criswell

Awesome Plastic Surgeon. His staff were so helpful all the way up until time and date of surgery. They also called and checked to ensure I was taking my pills. I would recommend him to anyone in the Charlotte area and behind. I went In very nervous and they made me feel so much better. I gonna go to him when I do my breast.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Great news on the drain. Everybody says they are the biggest pain, but I think it's gotta be better than no drains (fluid build up etc). Take care and Happy New Year!
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You are looking great! Yay for getting the second drain out. Feels so good! Your going to love the massages. I have my 4th massage tomorrow, going 2x's per week. Feels great, provides relief (not a soothing great). It is invigorating.
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Looking good happy healing!
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hi mocha, you are looking great!!! Glad the drain removal was easy :)
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Looking good...happy healing
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One down, one to go. Looking good. Continued good healing and Happy new Year in your "new" bod ;-)
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Good luck! Hope you get both out.
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You look great! Such a cute tummy!
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Woo Hoo! Looking real good lady. Merry Christmas
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Looking good girl,, I'm 4 days post op today, and it was my first time I went to the "bathroom" too
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The drains are always the worst part... Hope you get them out soon. Happy healing!!!
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Such a nice gesture from PS! I got one too. Shows they care.
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Lol, hey, NEVER underestimate the power of a good poop! Plus, it also signifies the complete restart of the digestive track...everything working right is IMPORTANT. In any case, good for you. Sounds like things are going well. Best wishes for continued great healing and recovery, you look awesome!
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Yes! It is all fluid. It will travel into your whoha too!
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Your looking great too!
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Oh my.......didn't know about any of this....dang it. How long does it take to go away
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Thank you
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I've read most subsides within 2 months but it really takes 6 to 9 months to feel normal again
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Yes, below the bb area it feels numb and tight. I will be glad when it returns to normal. by the way you look good. I still need to make an appt. with my ps I hate to say it but, I haven't seen him since he did my surgery I do have a ps that did my butt implants here in Ky. But, I,d rather see the other one down in Col. GA. So I will follow up with him sometime next year. As long as the roads are good.
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Thank you
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Yes and mine still feels like that at 6 weeks post op.
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U look good chica
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Thank you :)
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