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I am a 34 year old mother of three wonderful...

I am a 34 year old mother of three wonderful children. When I was younger I never had a flat stomach but after having three children what was once just a "pouch" is now a full gut! I do carry most of my weight in my upper body. I am 5'4 and around 150lbs with 36D chest. I know this sounds like a lot but really I consider my ideal body weight around 135-140. I am not a small boned person and have always been very strong except my tummy!

Our youngest child is now three and I have decided to just go for it. I run several times a week and have seen improvement in all of my body and overall fitness but except my tummy! It is just so frustrating. I have the lower "hang" as many of you are familiar with but I also have fat in my abdomen area. I just hope I will be pleased with the results.

I am nervous about the recovery but I expect that will be awful but manageable. I am more nervous about the surgery in general! I just want to wake up and come home to my babies! I am so nervous about this I cant be worry about the recovery!



It sounds like you have a great plan lined up. I know that everyone is different with the meds, but having a supportive husband and not having the stress of caring for the kids was extremely helpful to me and I'm sure will be to you to. Getting lots of rest and not having to have any responsibilities is wonderful for those first few weeks so that you can allow yourself to recover. Good Luck to you and wishing you a speedy recovery. Please keep us posted.
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Hi Vacaville 25,
I do have someone lined up to pick up my kids in the morning (2 are in school all day and my little guy will be in child care all day) and then my husband will pick them up from school. If need be, my husband will take additional time off, or work half days. My husband is very helpful and I will have no "house" or "child" duties until I feel able to do so. I'm glad to hear you were able to get off all meds within a week. Meds are one of my biggest concerns with regards to the recovery process. Thanks for all the tips!
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You are having the exact feeling that I was prior to surgery. I am also a mommy of 3 ages 3,4 and 7 and had such reservations going into this procedure. The pain and recovery was not my main concern, it was waking up and comming home to my babies. I suggest having someone to care for only you for at least 3 days and then for about 2 weeks someone with you to care for your children. I have to say though the recovery has been easier than I imagined. I was off all meds within a week and took extra stength Tylenol for a couple of days after that. Friday I was 3 weeks PO and I have been very pleased with the recovery and my results. Although I have to tell you that I busted my butt to get in the best shape that I could before my operation.. Up until surgery I was at the gym 4-5 days a week for at least 1-2 hours. I am convinced that it helped tremendously. I am about 5'5" and in the last year lost 45 lbs. going from 170 to 125 lbs day of surgery. All I can tell you is get in the best shape that you can and get to the weight that you want to be prior to surgery. Good Luck to you.
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I went for my pre-op this week. I was a little...

I went for my pre-op this week. I was a little concerned that it was not more involved! Of course they answered all my questions and told me what to expect. The did the general health questions and vital signs but no blood work?? Is this the norm? I had my last physical with blood work with my OB/GYN in September? Should I go have another physical before the surgery?


Hey, I live in Graham and am going for a consultation Dec.8 with Dr. Au. What Dr. are you going to if you don't mind me asking? Can u post before pics ? I am 165 and 5'4 . I would like to lose some weight before .Good luck with everything and keep us posted!
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Wondering what doctor you went with and how it all went!

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I think that it depends on you doctor. My doc did do bloodwork, I don't recall though if that was standard with the other doctors I interviewed. Is your doctor possibly going off your bloodwork done in September?? I would definetely inquire with you doctor on why he is not doing bloodwork prior to surgery.
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