Tummy Tuck Scheduled 1/27/11 - North Carolina

I am a 34 year old mother of three wonderful...

I am a 34 year old mother of three wonderful children. When I was younger I never had a flat stomach but after having three children what was once just a "pouch" is now a full gut! I do carry most of my weight in my upper body. I am 5'4 and around 150lbs with 36D chest. I know this sounds like a lot but really I consider my ideal body weight around 135-140. I am not a small boned person and have always been very strong except my tummy!

Our youngest child is now three and I have decided to just go for it. I run several times a week and have seen improvement in all of my body and overall fitness but except my tummy! It is just so frustrating. I have the lower "hang" as many of you are familiar with but I also have fat in my abdomen area. I just hope I will be pleased with the results.

I am nervous about the recovery but I expect that will be awful but manageable. I am more nervous about the surgery in general! I just want to wake up and come home to my babies! I am so nervous about this I cant be worry about the recovery!

I went for my pre-op this week. I was a little...

I went for my pre-op this week. I was a little concerned that it was not more involved! Of course they answered all my questions and told me what to expect. The did the general health questions and vital signs but no blood work?? Is this the norm? I had my last physical with blood work with my OB/GYN in September? Should I go have another physical before the surgery?

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Hey, I live in Graham and am going for a consultation Dec.8 with Dr. Au. What Dr. are you going to if you don't mind me asking? Can u post before pics ? I am 165 and 5'4 . I would like to lose some weight before .Good luck with everything and keep us posted!
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Wondering what doctor you went with and how it all went!

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I think that it depends on you doctor. My doc did do bloodwork, I don't recall though if that was standard with the other doctors I interviewed. Is your doctor possibly going off your bloodwork done in September?? I would definetely inquire with you doctor on why he is not doing bloodwork prior to surgery.
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It sounds like you have a great plan lined up. I know that everyone is different with the meds, but having a supportive husband and not having the stress of caring for the kids was extremely helpful to me and I'm sure will be to you to. Getting lots of rest and not having to have any responsibilities is wonderful for those first few weeks so that you can allow yourself to recover. Good Luck to you and wishing you a speedy recovery. Please keep us posted.
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Hi Vacaville 25,
I do have someone lined up to pick up my kids in the morning (2 are in school all day and my little guy will be in child care all day) and then my husband will pick them up from school. If need be, my husband will take additional time off, or work half days. My husband is very helpful and I will have no "house" or "child" duties until I feel able to do so. I'm glad to hear you were able to get off all meds within a week. Meds are one of my biggest concerns with regards to the recovery process. Thanks for all the tips!
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You are having the exact feeling that I was prior to surgery. I am also a mommy of 3 ages 3,4 and 7 and had such reservations going into this procedure. The pain and recovery was not my main concern, it was waking up and comming home to my babies. I suggest having someone to care for only you for at least 3 days and then for about 2 weeks someone with you to care for your children. I have to say though the recovery has been easier than I imagined. I was off all meds within a week and took extra stength Tylenol for a couple of days after that. Friday I was 3 weeks PO and I have been very pleased with the recovery and my results. Although I have to tell you that I busted my butt to get in the best shape that I could before my operation.. Up until surgery I was at the gym 4-5 days a week for at least 1-2 hours. I am convinced that it helped tremendously. I am about 5'5" and in the last year lost 45 lbs. going from 170 to 125 lbs day of surgery. All I can tell you is get in the best shape that you can and get to the weight that you want to be prior to surgery. Good Luck to you.
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I am SO nervous too. My surgery was scheduled for Jan. 12th but is now postponed until the 19th. I am 33 with three kids, run a few times per week and even trained and completed a triathlon but still have this "thing" for a belly! Best of luck to you - stay positive and focused...the end result will be worth it!!!!
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Thank You! I wish you luck on the 19th. I go for my pre-op on Tuesday and hopefully that will calm my nerves! How young are your children. I am so nervous about not being able to do for them!
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My pre-op is Wednesday. I, too, am hoping my nerves will be calmed and my questions answered. My kids are 4, 6, and 8, although they are pretty self-sufficient and my 8 year old is a HUGE help. I'm having my surgery on a Wednesday and my husband will be with me until Sunday but then he goes back to work on Monday. I'm crossing my fingers I'll be able to take care of myself or he may have to take off another day or so. This is my plan thus far!

How old are your kids? Have you told family members about your surgery and will you have help during your recovery? My family thinks I'm just having my umbilical hernia repaired. They don't know about the TT, thus my husband is my only caretaker...as of now!
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Yes, I am not too worried about our 7 and ten year old but very concerned about my three year old. I have told my mom and one of my sisters( I have three) I think they would be fine but I just don't want a lot of people to know yet, maybe after the fact? I have told work that I have a hernia repaired or "just female stuff". That seems to stop most of the questions. My mom will keep my three year old for three days then after that he can go to daycare during the day and hopefully I will be good for the evenings. My husband can help but you know how that can go? If mommy is in the house they want mommy.
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I was also concerned about my 3 year old, but she really hasn't been affected. My husband was off work for one week then I had a girlfriend stay with me for a week. For literally those 2 weeks I did pretty much nothing and I think that is why I have had such a good outcome. I didn't tell many people either. My parents still don't know, only my sister, brother, and 5 friends. They were all very positive and supportive.. What have you told your children? Mine just knew mommy didn't feel well and that I was very fragile.
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My ten your old has heard my sister and I talk about having a "tummy Tuck". So she ask if I was going to have one done? She of course has no I idea what that involves. I have also told her that a have a hernia that needs to be repaired which is true. For the younger boys I am just going with mommy has a boo-boo. My seven your old has a lot of neighborhood friends and stays outside playing for as long as we will let him, so he is no trouble. My three year old is very hands on! I have my husband and my sister lined up t help for as long as needed but hopefully it wont be too long!
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Good to know that you have help on hand. Here are a few tips that I would like to share with you that people shared with me or that I discovered through the process..

1. If you don't have a recliner you may want to barrow one just for at least a week or so. It was a great help I didn't even attemp to sleep in my own bed for at least a week. Your tummy will be soooo unbelievably tight that it may hurt to manuever in your bed. 3 weeks out and I still am very cautious and have to have my pillows just right.

2. I suggest taking your pain meds for a solid week at least. The ones I was on made me pretty sleepy I don't think that I suffered from too much pain because I did have my meds. I only took them for 4-5 days and then felt like I was doing pretty good. Seriously within the first week I went to Trader Joes and Target( 2 separate outings)with a friend not to personally shop but to get a little walking in. I felt good but think that it caught up with me. I got my drains out on day 5 but had to get some fluid
(5cc's) removed at my next appt. It may have been due to me being on my feet more than I should have.

3. I am still amazed how numb I am (3 weeks later). I did not forsee that comming. I was informed of that but just didn't realize how that would feel. It is the weirdest sensation to have your whole tummy numb. That could be also why I didn't feel actual pain PO just severe tighting(more discomfort than pain). Week 3 I started to feel a little pinch of pain where below my incision skin was stretching. It caused a little discomfort getting in and out of the car but I just had to be cautious.

4. Naps are very very important. If your body is tired don't fight it let yourself nap your body needs rest to recover.

5. I didn't get the green light to do any exercize until week 3. In week 3 I walked 2 miles ( 40 min)on Friday then another 30-40 minutes on Saturday. By Saturday night I was exausted, bloated, and feeling like I had definatly over done it. Take it easy and allow your body to heal.

6. Remember each day that passes your are healing more and more. Healing from this surgery is a very long process. Just take everthing one day at a time.
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Hi Flower18,
I recommend that you definately have a back-up plan. Do you have a caretaker lined up for your little one? Do you have someone to drive the kids to and from school. If you are on your pain meds you may not be able to drive. The first week PO I was really tired and slept alot. 2nd week was better but still not able to do any housework or caring for my kiddos. I did have a friend with me through the 2nd week. She pretty much didn't allow me to do anything. Week 3 Girlfriend went home and husband went to work and I had to sink or swim. I did ok.. My oldest was at my parents mon-wed so I didn't have to worry about him and my 2 younger girls had school on Mon and Wed until 2. On Tue my girlfriend took them for the day so I could rest. It is very nice to have help lined up so that you don't have to worry. It is so important to get lots of rest to allow yourself to heal.
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What you're feeling is completely normal. You'll cross the recovery bridge when you get to it. And you will get to it.

Yes, we're all very familiar with the "hang" and with exercising our hearts out and not losing the tummy. Very frustrating.

Please keep us posted on your progress, and if you can, let us know the name of your surgeon.

Thanks so much!

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Thanks! I know it's crazy that is my biggest concern! Actually making it to recovery! I go from one extreme to the other about my feelings but I am excited about the results!
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