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2 kids ~ 1 c-section 1990 105 lbs gained ~ 1...

2 kids ~ 1 c-section 1990 105 lbs gained ~ 1 natural birth 2000 30 lbs gained .... lost 60 lbs & 50 inches this past year .... current weight is 148 ;) ... Curves member for the past 16 months ... lower ab muscles torn ;(

I'm so excited and scared at the same time I can't even think straight anymore lol ... I have read so many tt stories on here I. Just had to share my journey with you all ;)

I look forward to sharing my feelings with everyone & I wish all you the best in your tt journey ;)

Only 3 more days ;) I'm so ready for the new...

Only 3 more days ;) I'm so ready for the new "funsize" that is my nickname lol little about me since I forgot to put in my first post. I'm 39 years young I'm 5' 3" and weigh 148 lbs. I have been married for 16 years (on 11-11-11 be 16 years) to the man of my dreams that I love with every breath that I take.

Well, got everything that I need for surgery thanks to this site there are several things that you all mentioned that I put on my list. We are just going to go out and about today. Take daughter to get her a pair of jeans and try not to worry about surgery (yea right that is not going to happen)

Well I will post later on today how I'm doing/feeling ;) have a GREAT day my tt friends!

2 more days ladies ;) getting so excited just...

2 more days ladies ;) getting so excited just really want this all behind me (I think) I'm not looking forward to the pain or just being down, and not working etc... maybe it will be a good thing to just chill and have someone else take care of me and do house work lol ... well, I will post later today going to stay home today clean house, laundry etc... oh yea and cry! Lol my emotions are all over the place

Thinking about you, Sunshine - wish I were going on the 1st - You'll be done & I'll be trying to stay calm for the next day,lol.I know you will do great! What part of NC are you in - I live on the NC/SC state line outside of Charlotte; well, actually, my backyard is IN Charlotte following annexation a few years back. I'm crossing over the line for surgery in Gastonia. Good luck, again

Welcome to RealSelf!

You are going to do just fine:)  It's all very exciting and almost your day.  I am so happy you are here with us and I look forward to following your journey.

I will be thinking about you on the 1st and waiting to read you update.


Good luck! I had the same thoughts you did about the pain and being out from work. I took 6 full days off from work and then working from home for 2 weeks. I have one more day off and I'll tell you it has been nice to be able to rest and take it easy. My poor hubby is drained from taking care of me, our 2 boys and the house. He's been awesome.

As far as pain goes, it wasn't as bad as I had prepared myself for and now I'm on Tylenol. I did get pretty nauseous from the anesthesia but that subsided within a day or two. I'm 6 days PO and what bothers me the most is my back and walking hunched over. I've been reading and been told it gets tons better once you straighten out. I totally believe it because I feel like I could do a lot more if I wasn't hunched over. Within 5 minutes of standing my back is killing me. Not to scare you but be prepared for that part of the recovery.

Looking forward to your updates and I think you are going to have fantastic results!

Tummy Tuck in the morning at 10:00 I'm totally...

Tummy Tuck in the morning at 10:00 I'm totally freaking out. Went shopping this morning to get some things and I couldn't for the life of me remember what I needed when I got in the store. My mind is so not with it today. I'm happy one minute and then crying the next minute. I can see me tonight going trick or treating walking ... crying ... eating all the canding in the bag LOL ...

Well, I will try to post some more later on tonight or in the morning before I leave. Going to go clean the bathrooms and wipe everything for the 10th time :) Have a GREAT day my tt friends

Just got back from trick or treating ;) had a...

Just got back from trick or treating ;) had a great time hubby helped me keep my mind off tt, but it was hard to not show how freaked out I am. Sitting on the couch right now watching Happy Days, and just praying that everything will go ok. I wanted to Thank everyone for making a comment and I wish you ALL the best in your tt journey. I will post in the morning before I leave going to try to calm down and watch tv. Night Night my tt friends ;)

You are going to be just fine Darlin:)  Take a deep breath and relax.  Try and sleep the best you can tonight and soon you will be done and back home resting.  

Good luck tomorrow - keep the table warm!
Thanks ;)

Good morning my tt friends ;) sitting on the couch...

Good morning my tt friends ;) sitting on the couch and wanted to post a comment before I left. I'm doing really good this morning. Went to bed at 12:00 woke up at 5:00 I'm tired, but I will sleep during surgery lol lol I wish I could have something to drink (coffee) they told me not to drink or eat anything past midnight. Well I better get up and see if everyone is ready. Please keep me in your thoughts today my tt friends ;)

Phone is going to shut down at hospital I'm doing...

Phone is going to shut down at hospital I'm doing great I'm so happy ;) the only thing something happen to my left eye got cut or something can't blink hurts really bad feels lik a needle is stuck in the corner ;( I'm so hungry I swear I'm rating everything I see lol good food of course ... post a comment tomorrow. Stay over night at hospital they are so nice to me doctor come in and said to me I looked like a supermodel oh my he made me feel sp good he said noproblems during surgery bleeding etc.... he said I have no streatch marks he cut them all off have seen tummy I'm so tiny and flat it finally paid off all the hard work I have done this past year. Hope this all makes sence cause I feel pretty good lol have a great night and I wish you all the best on your tt journey you will love it ;)
Wishing you a speedy recovery!
Yea!!! Tha'ts what I needed to hear tonight. Way to go!
Thinking of you!!!

Hell my tt friends ... I made it just fine....

Hell my tt friends ... I made it just fine. Surgery went great had no problems what so ever and I'm feelin fantastic. My reults are so amazing I would have never thought I would have did as great as I doing. First night at hospital couldn't sleep think it was just more everyone coming in giving me meds checking blood presure etc... the only thing that happened is that come how my left eye got scratched and it hurt so bad I wouldn't blink without it feeling like a needle was in there. Still kind of hurts but not ass bad. Doctor gave me some meds and t seems to making it better ;) my cut is very low looks fantastic lipo went great no bruising ... all I can say is WOW I'm so thrilled with my doctor and how he listened to me and did exactly what I asked of him. Taking my pain meds and feeling fine. Right now sitting on couch getting ready to watch a movie we rent at redbox. Just hope it don't make me laugh cause it really does hurt to laugh. Oh I have cried several times just looking in mirror just seeing what I have wanted for over 20 years and I still can't believe it. I don't have 1 single streatch mark he cut everything away. I just can't say enough about my doctor he is fantastic ;) well off to watch our movie and relax. Oh asked doctor about binder he is totally against them he said that if wore not right to tight etc.. it can cause you blood flow to not flow as well and it can do more harm make your skin not get enough blood flow have dead skin ;( don't want that ... I just overall honestly feel fantastic and I'm so happy I did this for me. Have a great night my tt friends. I will post photos tomorrow when I can ;)
Wow Deb! Great to hear that you are doing well. Continue to allow your body to heal. Can't wait to see your pics!
Glad to hear you are doing well.

Hello all my tt friends ;) hope you all are doing...

Hello all my tt friends ;) hope you all are doing great in your recovery or are getting ready for surgery and all is going well ;) well I slept great last night (recliner) hubby woke me up every 4 hours to take my meds what a wonderful hubby ;) haven't had to much trouble getting around the hardest part is getting up to go to the bathroom seems like everything is so tight in my back and tummy. I'm really concered about eating cause everything that I see I'm eating lol doctor said its just fine just eat and drink water and I will be just fine. I'm going to have hubby take photos her shortly and I will post them as soon as I can. Hope you all are having a great recovery and I will keep you all in my thoughts on the ones that are having surgery. Again this is the best thing I could have ever done .... I just feel so complete and finally feel like a woman that I. Have always wanted ;) ok just made myself cry and it hurts to cry lol ....
Good to hear you are so happy with your tt! I feel the same had mine done one day after your! I also feel great and love my results so far! I know I still have to wait along time for the finally result! But this looks so good so far! Good luck with your recovery!
Yea for us!!!!!!!

I am glad you are doing so well.  Yes pictures please:)


Just a quick update thanks for all the messages I...

Just a quick update thanks for all the messages I have received ;) each one that I read means the world to me knowing how much you all care ;) went to doctors today and I was so surprised he took both drains out which I only figured one so I was a happy camper ;) let me just say the one didn't hurt the other one let me just say I said a few not so good words lol I'm doing great and I feel fantastic sleeping in the recliner which I'm really comfy to tell the truth lol .... I have 2 throw pillows behind my back one regular pillow on one side and a regular pillow on the other side a regular pillow under my legs and 2 blankets I'm just as comfy as I can be ;) doctor told me today to stay off my feet for at least 2 days bathroom and up to eat and that is it. He wants to make sure I get no fluid in my tummy since both drains was removed. He took off all tape today and my cut looks great ... I'm telling you I have never in my life been so happy with me. I have so much confidence in me know and when I left doctors office he wanted me to go to walmart to get me a binder ... the binder is like a pair of underware but has a high waist to cover tummy and hips ;) I will promise to post photos tomorrow I have been just taking it easy but I'm so excited to share them with you all ;) plus I will tell you all about what I have bought etc... so all the up coming tt will see what they may or may not need. Have a great night my tt friends I wish you all the best in your journey. Deb ~ Sunshine
Wow Deb - they took both drains out after 8 days? that is great!! So happy for you that you love your results!! I've just gotten word that I'm scheduled for Jan. 9th and I truly hope my experience is as wonderful as yours has been so far!!!
Continued success on your recovery! And I anticipate your recommendation list for us upcoming tt'ers! :)
Hey Debsunshine! How did your drs visit go. I hope you got a drain removed like you had hoped. I've heard those are the worst:/ keep me posted on how it's goin:) talk at ya soon.

Hello my tt friends :) Well here are the photos...

Hello my tt friends :) Well here are the photos that I promised. I had some up before, but they got deleted some how? They was the ones before my surgery YUCK LOL so I will post them all again. If you have any questions please leave me a comment I love to hear from you all :) I'm really swollen on both sides (hips) doctor said he took more then what he thought, but I can deal with the swollen part. I have NO stretch marks what so ever on my body, and trust me I had some that was 3" wide and like an 1" deep. That is why my sides (hips) are so swollen, cause he went all the way around and made sure to get all of them. I just LOVE my doctor he did a FANTASTIC job! Thanks Dr. Anthony J. DeFranzo fo Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center you are the best :) Going to go lay back down on the couch and watch tv and then go back to sleep. The meds do make me very tired :(

Wanted to post something really fast after I...

wanted to post something really fast after I uploaded all the photos. I noticed some of the photos was showing some stretch marks? Must have been the flash on the camera, cause I don't see any on my tummy. Oh another thing I looked at my before photos and after photos and I just had to tell you all that I cried and I'm so happy that I did this for me I feel so much better about myself & I can say I FEEL LIKE A WOMAN again and my confidence level will never be hurt again :) there are some really bad people in this world and I will never understand why they would hurt you the way they do, but I can say that what has happened to me made me a STRONGER WOMAN ... AMEN!
Deb, you look awesome!!! Your tummy is so flat and your incision is so low!! You look great ;-)
Thank you ;)
You look great! My surgery is scheduled for 11-18-11. Please wish me luck!

Well ladies not sure what is up with me, but went...

Well ladies not sure what is up with me, but went to bed at 5:30 last night cried all night woke up at 12:00 and started crying again. I'm having a really hard time with my hip/lipo area. I swear in my heart that I'm so much bigger. Yeserday was our 16 year anniversary and I didn't have one pair of pants in closet that fit me so needless to say we didn't go anywhere. The only thing that fit me was a pair of monkey pjs pants and I wasn't going out to dinner in that. I just feel so bad about myself I love my tummy it looks flat just perfect but doctor told me I would have some swelling on hipsbut this is just crazy! When I say this I mean it I can grab a full handful of fat to me its not nswelling its fat cause its the same fat well feels the same as day of surgery. I went the other day and bought me a half garment to wear to like undies that come up past my hips. I'm going to get ready shortly and head out and get me a full body garment maybe that will help me. I'm not sure if I'm just like having just like a moment but this really makes my confidence level at a 0 right now ;( I hope once I get a full bosy garment it will help hold in the hip ares so I can at least wear 1 pair of pants. Sorry for not such a happy post but it just seems that others can't understand that I want to look and feel like a woman and I feel like a big piece of dog dodo ;( xoxo
You look great and remember that this too shall pass. Many on this website have gone through some sort of depression or not feeling good. I had lipo years ago and the believe me when I say that you do see results later. Do not forget that you just had surgery and have to give your body time to heal . I'm glad your venting and that therapy in it self.
Deb - go get yourself a cute little dress, order some take out, and chill with your hubby with a nice glass of champagne or something. LOL! A cocktail ALWAYS makes me feel better! LOL!!
So sorry you got the post-op blues. I thought it was hoohah when I read the whole page about this phenomenon in my doctors pre-op pkg before my summer surgery-until about day 15 when the waterworks started! I was so glad hubby was out of town cause I felt like a fool. Lasted about 3 days. I had donated most of my bigger clothes before I even contemplated any plastic surgery, so I stayed in the 1 dress that fit. I know we all want to feel our new thinness right away, but that is just not how it works. The swelling can last 3 months or more & we feel bigger than before. 3 days after my arm lift/breast lift, my scale was up 11 pounds. A full month after I still weighed 5 pounds more than the day I went to surgery. It's a real bummer after how hard we have worked to get here. If I can make a suggestion, instead of buying more restrictive shaping garments, how looking for an inexpensive outfit or pants tha you can feel good in until the swelling subsides. Then you can donate or toss, just like those granny panties we needed for a short time. Anyway,i feel feel your pain & I'm braced for my turn in the barrel(day 10 post-op). Do whatever you need to to feel better. In such a short time you are going to love your results & wonder what all this was about. In the meantime, I'm sending happy beams your way!

Wanted to thank everyone for posting a comment to...

Wanted to thank everyone for posting a comment to me yesterday on me having a bad day I'm doing much better this morning. Started my period maybe that is why my emotions was off the chart cause I'm hardly ever in a bad mood let alone cry for 2 days. Again thank you all for your kind words you all really do help me. Even if I don't know you I know and can feel how much you all care in my heart. Again have a great day and thanks again wink wink ... xoxo deb ps going to layon couch all day and watch christmas shows they are playing them on the hallmark channel if you get it ;)
Hope you are having a good day and swelling is at bay!! :)
You look incredible! Sorry about your blue days, they haven't hit me yet (post op day 5 for me) but I'm anticipating they will. Knowing we're not alone in this journey helps I think.

Sending well wishes for an uneventful recovery from here on out!!
Hey Deb, hope you are doing better today:) been thinking about you and wondered how you have been doing. I hope your spirits are on the bright side as the days go on. Chin up and know that you have a great support system here. You are a sweet lady and can't wait to get to know you better. I'm greatful to know that you are human and you are having these thoughts and feelings and are expressing them so when it comes time for me to have my tt I can have an idea of what some of the things to expect are. Please continue to be honest with what your body is doing so I can have a idea of what will go on with mine. I know everybody is different and we experience different things but we still can share our stories and help support each other.
I hope you are having a wonderful day:)

Good morning ;) need some advise until I can get...

Good morning ;) need some advise until I can get talk to doctor. I think I have slept 2 hrs last night I'm in NO pain but my tummy feels like its on fire ... its like a burning feeling .. it don't hurt it just willnt let up and its driving me crazy! Ifeel great just the burning feeling? Hubby and I think it my the muscle repair cause the numbness has wore off? If anyone has had this can you tell me what uou did or what they said to you until I can talk to my doctor ;) thanks everyone hope all my tt friends are doing great! Xoxo deb
The only time I've felt burning is when my binder was too tight. perhaps some massage will help? It probably is the numbness wearing off and things reconnecting. Hope your doc can give you some comfort. You look great!
I had a tt in march and turned around and finished it with a body lift. So I had a complete lift done, just 6 months apart. The burning is swelling and MR. Depends on were the burn is. Lower and horizontal is swelling. Vertical is more than likely the mr. It gets better. I had a good recovery with the tt. After the body lift in Sept, three days later we had a visitation and funeral to attend. It was a rough weekend and I was in tears because of the burning. I couldn't sit, stand, ect. I couldn't get comfortable. I grab a bag of ice and number it, while taking pain meds. This only happened once, and I had been on my feet most of the day and the drains were already out. Swelling, learn to embrace it.
Deb, I had mine done on nov 4th but started feeling the same a couple of days ago! I could not sleep I would worry all nite long! What I did was took Tylenol pm it knocked me right out! I think it the musle repair and my nurse said the same! I had one drain out yesterday and Am having stabing pain on that side, every once in awhile. Scared the he'll out of me! But like you said it's really NO pain I think it's more my mind that makes it worst than it is! I try not to think about it to much and then it kind of subsides! I hope you get better!

Good Morning my tt friends :) Just a quick update...

Good Morning my tt friends :) Just a quick update on how I'm doing. Went to the doctors yesterday (3 weeks post op) and he said that I'm doing great & everything looks GREAT! YEA.....

I'm still really swollen on my hips & lower back (lipo) my incision looks WONDERFUL! I'm so happy. They removed the final tape yesterday & I get to leave my incision uncovered for the next 2 weeks & then I can start my scar strips & bio-oil :) I was so surprised at the incision/scar .... there are some spots that you can't even tell I was cut at all :)I just LOVE my doctor ... he is amazing and I told him so.

I haven't had any problems really just some burning and my tummy sometimes feels likes it cement (gets really hard at times) and really bothers me. He told me that was a sign of over doing it & I should be relaxing more ... so going to slow it down some. I totally want the best result possible so I will do anything that he tells me to do. Other then that I'm going GREAT and I LOVE my results.

At this time I going to start wearing a full body undergarment. He said that would help with the swelling I'm having. The tighter the better. I told him that I was concered about the swelling in my hips/lower back area he told me with time that would go down. I have went up 2 sizes in pants due to the swelling, but he told me that with time the swelling would go down. So just telling with that right now. It's just hard going up 2 sizes, but he told me it has to go somewhere & it ended up in my hips/lower back. He also told me that I looked TINY ... that just made me smile :)

Well, I hope everyone has a great day & Happy Thanksgiving to you all. Hope you enjoy the new photos. Deb

p.s. I feel like the pillsbury doughboy LOL ...
Thank you sooo much for posting! I think we have very similar builds so it was good to see your pics! Your results look amazing, I know you have to be so excited. My surgery is next week & I'm a nervous wreck, but reading about your surgery really helped calm me down! :)
Hey Deb, pics look good. I called my doctor and found out that the $6400 that he quoted me was his price only, that it did not include the hospital bill, putting to sleep etc. Sounds like your doctor was a little cheaper. Can you tell me exactly how much you had to pay before you had the surgery and how much you had to pay afterwards? I would like to have it as soon as possible, but I will probably have to wait until may where my mom can come and take care of my little girl. Another question that I have is, how long did it take you to be able to get around pretty good? I was thinking about taking summer classes but I didn't want to cripple in lol. Thank you for helping me out. You are looking good.

Hello my tt friends :) Hope you are all doing ok....

Hello my tt friends :) Hope you are all doing ok. I just wanted to update my forum with some new photos. I had hubby take my after photos (which these are 26 days) to match my before photos that way you can really see the difference. I have been doing really good this past week. I have listened to the doctor and have been sitting on the couch with legs up and not doing anything.

I'm not really having any problems right now (knock on wood lol) just some swelling in my hips and lower back, but I did purchase a new TIGHTER garment and WOW has it made a difference. I have noticed that my tummy is getting much softer not so hard, but I'm still really swollen so I'm not sure of the final results yet. So far I LOVE my new tummy.

I'm still sleeping on the couch/recliner. I start out in the recliner then by morning I'm laying over on the couch. This morning I woke up on my back and let me tell you it was really hard to get up. It felt like someone had just kicked me really hard in my lower back. I looked at my cat and was like you going to help me or not LOL ... to funny!

My incision/scar is looking really good to me. I'm not allowed to put anything on it until I go back to the doctors on Dec. 7th :( he wanted me to keep it dry with nothing on it no lotion or nothing. So I can't wait to start my scar treatment sheets and bio-oil.

The photo of my new garment below I have been wearing 24/7. I either wear my one piece garment under it or a tub tank top. I didn't like the way it felt on my skin and it was really leaving bad marks on me so this way I'm protecting my skin from it :) Also you will notice in one of th photos the metal strips that was in the garment there was like 6 of them. I put a small hole and pulled them all out .. and wow what a difference it made. With the metal strips in there it was really bad almost like a knife when I sat down so out they come :)
Well, if you have any questions just let me know. Enjoy the photos :)

I forgot to mention ... I'm still not into any of...

I forgot to mention ... I'm still not into any of my pants that I wore before surgery :( I'm still up 2 sizes even with the TIGHT garment on :( It makes me really sad, but I know it's part of healing etc.... it's just we try so hard to get at a size we are comfortable with and then we have surgery and we go up 2 sizes ... I know stop complaining LOL... I'm so swollen on the hips/lower back just hope it goes down
I love how you did the pic.. Very helpful.
P.S you look great
Thank you ;) I'm a graphic designe and I thought it would be neat to do before and after same way that way everyone could really see ;) thanks again
I love how you did the pic.. Very helpful.
P.S you look great

Hello tt friends :) Hope you all are healing well....

Hello tt friends :) Hope you all are healing well. Wanted to update you all ... doing GREAT on my end. Went this past Tuesday for my 1 month check up and he said that I looked GREAT :) YEA.... I have did everything that the ps has asked me to do no excercise, lifting, moving a lot in general just sit on my butt LOL ... I'm so glad that I listened to him it has made a world of difference in my healing :) It's been hard but I wanted the best results possible. My ps told me that I could start back to Curves 2nd week of January, but I'm going to go back the first of February. I'm really excited to see how my body will change after working out again I love how I look now I can only imaigne what I will look like when I start working out & walking again.

Haven't had any problems on my end feeling really great. Wearing my binder still all day & night don't bother me at all. Going to start on my scar gel & scaraway sheets tonight so look forward to seeing how the scar heals. I'm really happy how my scar/incision and bb turned out :) I told hubby today that I don't even feel like I have had a tt, cause I feel wonderful!

Well hope you like my 36 days post op photos. If you have any questions just let me know. Happy healing everyone .....

p.s. I'm still somewhat swollen on my hips area, but I'm so ok right now :)
Wow - you look fabulous - and at 26 days it doesn't look like you have a lot of swelling, even you do that means you just keep looking better and better.
Thanks for sharing. I am 5 days from TT and Lipo.
Thank You NC AuctionQueen ;) wish you the best in your new tt ... from another NC tummy tucker chick lol ... thanks again for the comment I told hubby what you said ... you put a smile on my face. At 36 days (photos I uploaded) I'm really happy with how I'm looking still swollen but with time that will go away ;)

Well just a quick update. I have decided to leave...

Well just a quick update. I have decided to leave Curves after 16 months ... I'm really not looking forward to telling them cause the lady that works at Curves has been with me for 16 months she is truely a special friend to me. Its going to break my heart to tell her, but its time for me to move on and do more ;) went to another gym today and I'm really excited about joining (feburary 1st) I'm going to be doing free weights, kick boxing, weight training, yoga, pilates, spin, cardio training in water, aqua fit in water, interval insanity, kettleball pump, metabolic effect, zumba, zumba toning ... this is just some of what I will be doing ;) this is going to be such a big change for me but I just know in my heart its time to move on and do more of what I know I can do ... well hope I can do! All I can do is try right ;) well until next time ... happy healing!
you look great! I love your pictures!
Deb Sunshine--- glad you are doing better....That's great news. Are you able to get back in your clothes. I wore a size 4 before surgery and they jeans I wore this weekend were an 8 :(
I am hoping this swelling goes down fast I will be 4 weeks this thursday

Hello my tt friends :) Hope everyone is healing ok...

Hello my tt friends :) Hope everyone is healing ok. I just wanted to share a photo with you all. Hubby took it this morning on his phone. This is the first photo I have took in my jeans without my binder on :) I just had to share. Sorry if it's fuzzy hubby phone not that good LOL...

I'm 43 days post op as of today 12-14-11 and I'm doing GREAT! I still have some swelling going on which ps told me that I could expect swelling up to 6 months or longer :( Really excited about starting a new workout program Feb. 1st. Started my scar gel & scar sheets .... looking better & better everyday.

Well, until next time ....
i forgot to ask you about the scar sheets???? what are they and where do i get them
I luv your library of pics Deb--- you are looking sooooo good these days!
Thank You so much :)

Good Morning my TT Friends :) Hope you all had a...

Good Morning my TT Friends :) Hope you all had a GREAT Christmas. I just wanted to update on how everything is going.

I'm 59 days today since my tt & I'm doing GREAT!

I did have a scare last Tuesday the 20th ... woke up and felt like something was wrong with my tummy right above my belly button ... it hurt really bad. I couldn't get comfortable no matter what I did. So around 11:00 I had enough got in the truck & drove to my ps. Needless to say I cried all the way there felt like a needle was just poking me. When I got there I walked in and they took me straight back. My ps told me that I had moved the wrong way & my inside stitch (upper ab muscle repair) was poking into my tissue :( He said he wasn't poking my muscle just my tissue. Which that was a good thing. I guess I twisted etc... and caused the stitch to move and poke into my tissue. Let me just say it hurt! He gave me some pain meds and told me not to do anything but lay on couch and try not to move or twist my tummy. So I did what he said and I'm good to go :) It really scared me cause he said if it would have poked the muscle I would have know cause my tummy would turn black and blue due to the stitch poking my muscle it would cause it to bleed, but it never did I layed like a baby for a week on the couch LOL ...I feel like it never happened as of today.

Other then that I'm feeling GREAT today! I feel like I'm back to normal... well I will never be normal LOL I'm sleeping in the bed on my sides on my back no pain or nothing. My incision is looking wonderful I started my scar treatment on the 11th. I used the scar away silicone sheets (whole box) but I'm going to stick with the Mederma Scar GEL ... I love the results of this product and it's so much easier to use then the scar away silicone sheets. I put it on the incision 4 days a day ... morning, lunch, dinner & bedtime ... My incison is healing very nice there are some places you can't even see the incision :) I also put it around my belly button. My belly button is looking good and I'm so happy with how everyting turned out.

I never really had any problems along the way. I did what the doctor asked of me. I'm still wearing my binder all day I only take off when I take a shower & sometimes I leave off when I go to the grocery store (maybe 3 hours at the most) I do get swelling, but it's nothing I can't deal with :) I'm still not into my post op jeans due to the swelling of my hips. My ps told me at the 6 month mark if I wasn't happy with my hips he would do a revision and do more lipo so that put my mind at ease. I don't want to wait 6 months, but I have to keep telling myself that it was major surgery and everything will work out. My ps is WONDERFUL and he really listens to me & gives me answers to all my questions. It's still hard to accept that I'm bigger after a tt, but I know in time it will all work out & I will be 100% happy :)

Since my last post I mentioned that I was going to quit Curves after being a member for 16 months, but I'm going back to Curves Feb 1st and I'm also going to join another gym for body building. I'm going to be doing Curves Mon. Wed. Fri. and body building on Tues. Thurs. Sat..... I'm really excited about getting back to the gym and see what I can do to help with the results of my tt :) It's going to be hard to do it all, but I have decided that is what I want :) I have a business where I work out of my house, but I'm going to take a much needed break and work on me :)

Well until next time ... I hope you all are doing GREAT and all the up coming tt I wish you the best results :)

If you have any questions please let me know. I would be more then happy to answer them :)
Hi Flmommy :) Sweetie I updated my profile ... I used the "scar away silicone sheets" (whole box)just one time you can buy at Walgreens or CVS. My opinion I didn't like them you leave on for 12 hours take off wash them and then you can put back on. Just a pain for me. I'm going to stick with the Mederma Scar GEL you can purchase at Walmart. They have a smaller tube and a larger tube. The small tube is 15.00 and the larger tube is 30.00. I buy the smaller tube 1 every Friday it will last me a week. I put on 4 times a day morning, lunch, dinner & bedtime. If you purhcase it make sure to get the GEL one the one with no sunscreen in it :) After you put it over your incision just let it air dry for like 15 minutes and then you can pull panties up etc.... I really like the Mederma Scar Gel it really works GREAT! Got your message and sounds like you are just about like me at this point in the tt journey :)



Happy New Year Deb!  You look beautiful.

Oh Thank You Kimmers25 ;) you look beautiful also ... Happy New Year to you and your family. Deb

2 months today & a NEW YEAR! Going to make it the...

2 months today & a NEW YEAR! Going to make it the best that I can ;) good luck to all the upcoming tt for the new year. I wish everyone the best ;) Deb

Hello all my tt friends ;) just a quick update ......

Hello all my tt friends ;) just a quick update .... I'm doing great on my end. I stopped wearing any kind of binder/garment on Jan. 1st and feeling fine. Some swelling at times but I wanted to let my body just be ;) tummy still feels tight belly button healing very well scar/incision looks great doing scar gel 4 times a day and just moving right along. Haven't started back working out yet ... start back on the 24th at a new gym going to be weight training 3 days a week and Feb. 1st going back to Curves 3 days a week ;) I'm hoping with working out 6 days I will begin to loose the swelling/fluid I'm still holding on too ;) hope everyone is moving right along and enjoying the new YOU ... Deb

Going to try to post new photos tom. I will be 68 days tom. Wow time is flying by!
No need to suffer if you don't have to. Be sure to take your meds every 4 hrs. Set a timer if you have to.
Hey deb, muffintop4 here:) I was wondering how long in the very beginning did it take you to not be in too much pain so that you could just take Tylenol or something not as strong as the pain pulls from the doctor. This surgery is a lot more pain than I anticipated. I just want to get to the point of not having to take the pain meds.
I'm glad to hear that you are doin so well it gives me a lot of hope knowing of other peoples success. I know that I need to be patient and I am but the pain level needs to go down. Talk at ya soon:)
Good Morning Muffintop ;) sweetie read your post that you wrote as soon as I got up ... not sure what all meds ps has you on, but I took every last one of them that he gave me ... all 3 bottles was empty .. if I remember right the pain meds was every 4 hours and I took them every 4 hours made me just sleep and forget just about everything around me but sweetie its what you need for pain right now and plus the sleep its what your body needs right now ;) I did feel bad about sleeping all the time not being there for family but it was much better in the end after all pain meds was gone ;) after all pain meds was taken it was like 2 weeks post op I started taken tylonel pm and I only took them for 4 days twice a day and after that just took regular strength tylonel when I felt uncomfortable ;) the first week is the worst honey just trying to get use to the pain the tightness of the tummy etc.... just make sure to take your pain meds on time hubby set his alarm on his cell phone and woke me up every 4 hours even if I was asleep to keep me on top of them ;) and trust me at the end it worked out made me less uncomfortable and when they was all gone I felt so much better all rested up etc.... sweetiie you message me anytime I always have my cell phone on me so I can reply to you if you have any questions ;) I know exactly how you are feeling I can remember the first week so well ... I think my best week was week 3 if that helps ... xoxo

Hello all my tt friends ;) just a quick update. I...

Hello all my tt friends ;) just a quick update. I start my weight training tomorrow which I'm really excited about and scared at the same time. Just don't want to hurt myself in anyway. I'm feeling really good I'm 83 days today. Went to the doctors last Wednesday due to swelling getting worse. My doctor told me I did have some fluid build up but he couldn't drain cause it wasn't all in a pocket (one area) its like the fluid is all in my hips and lower back area. Its like just spreaded all out ... hope you understand what I'm trying to say. He told me to walk, walk and more walk and it will go away ;) other then the swelling I'm doing really good on my end and I wish you all the best in your recovery and to all the up coming tt I wish you the best. I will post new photos sometime this week. Deb

Hello all my tt friends ;) just a quick update. I...

Hello all my tt friends ;) just a quick update. I start my weight training tomorrow which I'm really excited about and scared at the same time. Just don't want to hurt myself in anyway. I'm feeling really good I'm 83 days today. Went to the doctors last Wednesday due to swelling getting worse. My doctor told me I did have some fluid build up but he couldn't drain cause it wasn't all in a pocket (one area) its like the fluid is all in my hips and lower back area. Its like just spreaded all out ... hope you understand what I'm trying to say. He told me to walk, walk and more walk and it will go away ;) other then the swelling I'm doing really good on my end and I wish you all the best in your recovery and to all the up coming tt I wish you the best. I will post new photos sometime this week. Deb
Hey,,,,I was just nosing around the site i ran across your story & pics! You look great! I bet now....4-5 months out, you even look better!! =)
Hey deb:) I'm so excited for you to start your exercise routine. Im going to try walking next week at my one Month mark and see how that goes.

Glad to hear that you are doing so well. Are you still having your swelling issue with your pants being 2 sizes bigger? Or is that getting better? Your pics look great. I'm going to post more pics in the next day or two. I'm post op 19 days so maybe I will at my 3 week mark.
Please continue to update for I am one of the many women on here that come to your page as a referral to compare to:)
Yaaaay!!! you look amazing!! congrats on such beautiful results. I find reviews like yours very inspiring as I wait to see mine! (6 days PO but still wrapped up and compressed)
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