Mom of 5 (1 Plus Quadruplets), new pics! - North Carolina

I'm a married, 37 year old mom of 5, and as...

I'm a married, 37 year old mom of 5, and as the title says, I'm the Mom of quads. My skin was so stretched out so quickly, I see no other way to get out of wearing these "granny panties" for the rest of my life. So ready to be able to wear semi-fitted shirts, tucked in if I want to, with normal panties! Scared of recovery, but I figure at least I won't be changing diapers and washing bottles while recovering like last time : ) The quads are almost 5 and my oldest is almost 10.

Getting closer everyday, and have told a few more...

Getting closer everyday, and have told a few more people. Forgot to put my stats, I'm 5'2 and usually around 118 lbs. My sister (a pain mgmt. nurse) is coming to help me for the first 5 days and she's had a TT herself a year ago so I'm so grateful for that. Praying for a safe surgery and quick recovery so I can get back to driving and helping with the kids. Dreading the sleeping in a recliner thing and hoping to be somewhat back to normal by Christmas, which is only 3.5 weeks after surgery! Is that unrealistic? Just don't want to be hunched over shuffling around for all the family activities on Christmas eve and day. Also, my recovery after the quads' csection was awful. My incision opened up (think in part to me throwing up soon after in recovery) and my husband and friend had to pack my wound for over a month...sorry, tmi! It was so gross, hope NOTHING like that happens again. Anyway, good luck to all of you coming up soon! I enjoy reading all about you, though don't have time to get on and post much. 25 more days!

Wow, time flies. I've been reading all your...

Wow, time flies. I've been reading all your stories and they're so encouraging to me. 11 days left to go for me. It's Saturday and my preop appointment is Monday! getting more excited and nervous by the day. I've told a few more close friends and most have been very supportive. Still feeling like I'm going to be imposing on people and I don't like that. Hoping that i can drive within a week or so? Got a couple of the kids things that I'll have to miss ( Christmas musical and probably parade, gymnastics, dance) I guess they'll forgive me? I have not told the kids. At age 9 and 4, not sure how much they'd understand and I don't want to scare them. Thinking of not telling them until it's over. Thinking of all you tts coming up this week and those of you recovering!

Well, had my pre-op today! Went

Well, had my pre-op today! Went bloodwork or anything yay! Got prescriptions for keflex,Valium, vicodin, and phenegran. 8 more days. He told me I was going to really be happy...I really hope so. Said he wants to put me on his poster in the office :) I guess he thinks I'm going to get great results so that makes me feel better. He estimated he'll take about 2 lbs off. Praying for all of you gals.

Well this time next week I'll be minus some flab!...

Well this time next week I'll be minus some flab! Woohoo! Happy thanksgiving everybody!

5 days to go! Went shopping last night...didn't...

5 days to go! Went shopping last night...didn't get as much done as I wanted but there's always online shopping . Going to try to get Christmas decor out this weekend. Getting excited!

36 hours and I'll be on the flat side ;) Getting...

36 hours and I'll be on the flat side ;)
Getting house and all the preparations ready. Started miralax last night..

T minus 9 hours and counting! Going in the morning...

T minus 9 hours and counting! Going in the morning...leaving home @ 520. I appreciate your prayers please! Surgery @ 730am.

Well, I made it! Surgery was @ 730, didn't get...

Well, I made it! Surgery was @ 730, didn't get home until about 330. Couldn't get woke up. No nausea:) gave me a patch behind my ear. Dr said he'd never seen muscles so far apart. Had to do 3 rows of internal stitches. Will probably go back Friday. Will check in then. Haven't seen myself yet except a peek down @ belly button.

4days post op. doing well. Have switched to Motrin...

4days post op. doing well. Have switched to Motrin during day and doing fine, had BM today yay! Not much of an appetite. 1 drain is hardly putting anything out so hopefully will come out Wednesday. Have been getting around, up and down unassisted. Still using Vicodin and Valium to sleep. Will update again after follow up on Wednesday and try to post pics. Hope all of you are healing well too!

1 week post op today. Had 1 drain removed and...

1 week post op today. Had 1 drain removed and other will be Friday. Dr says all looks well and since I'm off pain meds I'm free to drive! Will try to add pics soon, though still kind of gross looking I think ( belly button). Can stand up almost straight but feels really tight. Lack of energy still but maybe cause I'm not eating a appetite. Hope all is well with everyone else recovering!

9 days post op. Adding a couple pics taken 5 days...

9 days post op. Adding a couple pics taken 5 days post. Had last drain removed today yay! Dr. said I looked more puffy today than 2 days ago so he aspirated (ouch) some fluid from my stomach but didn't get much. He told me I need to wear my binder tighter and come back in a week to be checked out again. Other than that, I'm doing good. Wish I could sleep on my side/stomach. No pain meds needed now but still can't stand fully straight. Soo glad to have those drains gone.

Just added some pics from today, 13 days post op....

Just added some pics from today, 13 days post op. Healing pretty well. There is still some leaking (sorry, gross) coming from the drain hole they pulled 4 days ago. Is that ok? The first drain stopped leaking that night. There's also 1 area in front of my incision that he's watching that doesn't have tape on it. He called it an epi something or nother? It's dark and crusty looking. I still can't stand fully straight and seem really tight as the day goes on and back pain...yadayada. Overall, pretty pleased so far. I'll go back to dr. on Monday so we'll see how that goes. Sleeping on side now, so yay! Just motrin every now and then and 1 valium at night to help me sleep. Haven't refilled Rx but may just to have it. Hope you're all doing great.

Hi Ladies, I'm 5 weeks post today. Still feeling...

Hi Ladies, I'm 5 weeks post today. Still feeling tight and slightly swollen below belly button. Just started rubbing some palmer's oil on my scar and belly button yesterday. Will try to add an updated pic soon. Ready to get back to zumba, but scared to mess something up. Our class is pretty intense and high impact. My husband has started Insanity and wants me to join in, but I can't even imagine doing that right now. So much focus on core. I had 3 rows of internal stitches on the inside to pull my muscles back together, so definitey don't want to bust them open! Hope all of you are doing well.

So I'm 6 weeks as of yesterday! Went to zumba the...

So I'm 6 weeks as of yesterday! Went to zumba the other night and felt pretty good. Not sore, just tight and winded. I've added some 6 weeks pics. Go back to dr. on Monday so I'll see what he says. All is good : )

So had my 6 week checkup today. I'll actually be 7...

So had my 6 week checkup today. I'll actually be 7 weeks in 2 days. He says I'm definitely looking better and less puffy, but still wear my compression garment. I can exercise, but no ab work yet. I'll go back in about 2 months for another checkup. He said he may have to go back in and flatten out around the lower/middle part of my scar but that would be at the 1 year mark and it would be in office. Overall, I have no complaints and so glad I did this.

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Looking great! I am in NC too. What part of NC are you located in? I am in Charlotte.
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Looking good:)

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Absolutely amazing. Congradulations !
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You look so good, and your BB looks like it is healed, congrats!
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You look terrific! Congrats :)
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Looking good! I love the leaning side shot, I'm afraid to do that yet I still feel like something will be hanging lol
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You look great!! :)
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Looking good. I know what you mean about being afraid to mess something up. I reached into the back of the car today without thinking. It didn't hurt but when I turned around I realized I hadn't done that in a while. I bet I can do more than I think I can. I guess I should hit the gym.
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Wow, you're looking great! I can't believe you're sleeping on your side already. Congrats! I'm 4 weeks out and side sleeping is still a bit uncomfortable for me. I still have a scab in the middle of my incision. I guess it's because that's where the most tension is and may cause the delay in healing. It's getting smaller and smaller so I'm not too worried about it. Hope your healing continues to go well.
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Wow ur new tummy looks fab!
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Congrats, you look great!
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Wow! You look great!
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Congrats on your new flat tummy! =) what a transformation! Glad you're recovering well
I'm following you and several others too. It is helping reading how you are feeling during all of this. Thanks for the pics too. I haven't posted any yet but I will. I know how much it helps me to see the before as well as the after. Take care and all the best xxx
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Glad to hear you're doing well. I had mine the same day and my recovery is progressing just like yours. I had a couple of weepy, emotional moments today and yesterday but otherwise hanging in there. When's your post-op?
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Congrats!! Rest up :). I can't wait to see you pictures!
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Glad to hear all is going well. Happy healing.
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Yay! have a great recovery
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congrats!! hope your recovery is smooth
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Wonderful news..happy healing, can't wait to see some pics! :)
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So glad to hear all went well and that you're home. Happy healing!
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How exciting!! Cant wait to see your results!
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I pray everything goes smoothly for you. Good luck :-) This is going to change the way you feel about yourself!
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In my prayers as we speak. Cant wait for your updates. Hugs!
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Praying all goes well for you tomorrow.
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Good luck tomorrow I will keep you in my thoughts.
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