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Thanks for the Memories. Now Be Gone.

After lurking the site for a couple of weeks, I...

After lurking the site for a couple of weeks, I thought it'd be nice to go ahead and log my own tummy tuck journey.

I've had the post mommy pooch for 12 years. I've had multiple abdominal surgeries for various issues, so at this point the pooch looks like a war zone. I've battled body image issues for as long as I can remember, and this stomach of mine certainly doesn't help matters. I long for my outside to match my inside. And it certainly would be nice to be able to stop all my clothes from doing the slow crawl up my waist :P. So, after weighing my options and talking it out with the surgeon, I'll be having a full TT with muscle repair and a decent bit of lipo.

I had my pre-op appointment last week, I'm raring to go, but the thing I'm wrestling with most right now is unexpected insomnia. Every night I try to sleep, but my mind just won't settle down. . .

So far the surgeon and staff have been amazing. I think I've made the right choice, this office feels like a fit for me. Just can't wait to be concentrating on the healing, and not the anticipation of the procedure itself!

Getting close!

This week completely flew past!

I am starting to get the pre surgery willies, and I'm still not sleeping well (I'm positive work is a factor there.). I'm still super excited though.

Got a pre surgery call from the office nurse - again, whole staff has been amazingly attentive!

I'm hoping to set up a couple pre surgery pics tonight, so you can see what we're working with here :). I find myself more and more frustrated with the way my pants and underwear fall/bunch the closer I get to surgery time.

Before the big day pics.

Oh goodness

No pain, no gain, right? Well, judging from this pain, I'm assuming my results are perfect :D

Surgery went great. They removed three-ish pounds of stuff, and now I'm a giant sausage.

Worst part at this exact moment? Labia swelling. I can tell that's going to be tender for a bit.

I've fallen into a routine of drinking water and eating crackers, and then evacuating said water and LOL fishing out crumbs from said crackers.

This is me - on the flat side!

Out of the frying pan...

Yesterday was shower day! And taking the garment off was weird! Thankfully no fainting, but I definitely sat back and held on.

More pain today than yesterday. I feel like I need a walker to get around - I'm fine as long as I'm bracing my arms on something, but the free floating hunch shuffle has my lower back in so much pain :(

On a happier note, labia swelling is down considerably! AND getting a look under the garment was such a neat moment :)

Did anyone else end up renting a walker or cane? Or is there some other way to ease the burden on the lower back?

We took some pictures, hopefully will be able to post a couple this evening.
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I've read a few profiles to where some used walkers. So ur not alone. For the shower I would definitely recommend a shower chair.
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Why are your labia swelling? Did you have thigh or mons lipo? Eat your yogurt! You don't want to add a yeast infection to that.
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I know I had flank lipo, but there was other lipo involved as well. I spoke to the ps a bit ago, he said it was expected, but will subside. And oh yes, all kinds of yogurt being consumed :)
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Are we all supposed to swell up down there???
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Well, my TT is drainless, which might account for more swelling - but looking through other reviews and in the forum, I think it might be a fairly common thing.
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So glad your procedure is finally done. Please make sure you rest and don't try to perform any strenuous task. The healing is a process and you didn't pay all that mommy to compromise your results. Patience in the healing process is definitely a virtue. Happy healing!!!
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Thank you for your support! I'm so very lucky to have a wonderful husband waiting on me hand and foot. He even constantly reminds me "legs and arms" when he helps me stand :)
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You're welcome. This forum provides some great advise and stories. Just glad you are able to have physical and mental support at home too. :)
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Aaaaah! You're so lucky to get this done finally! Best wishes! Good luck!
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Your turn's right around the bend! I'm excited for you :). Here goes nothing!
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Good luck tomorrow!! I know what you mean about trouble sleeping....I have dreams about this constantly and my nerves are starting to kick in. You will be in my thoughts and looking forward to a post op post letting us know you made it to the flat side!!
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Me too Rose! I dream about it when I do actually sleep.
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It is normal to be anxious you are about to subject your body to yet another surgery. Get you some chamomile tea and drink it about twenty minutes before bed so you can get some rest. Your rest is just as important before the as it is after. Know that everything will be okay. I look forward to following your blog after surgery. God speed!
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Congrats. ...can't wait to see b4 and after pics. Prayers
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Wow September 8! Mine is Oct 17th. It feels so close.
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Time's flying and crawling all at the same time :)
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You are not alone with the insomnia. I can't sleep either and haven't slept much for about 5 nights. I dream about the surgery and toss and turn an kick my legs all night. I have cut caffeine, taken Flexoril (muscle relaxer for my TMJ), tried melatonin with added valerian root, Benadryl...I cannot knock myself out enough to stay asleep. I'm very anxious about the surgery and worried I won't be helped much when I need it. Hopefully the insomnia stuff will cease pretty soon. It makes me depressed during the day. Good luck to you too!
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Sleepless sisters! I've tried a lot of the same, no luck. I hope you find you have more help that you could ever need, and that everything goes smooth as calm water for you!
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it's normal to be excited but don't let it be diverted to nervousness. You will love your result. Good luck and we are following your journey. ;)
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Thank you for your support!
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