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I am a 48 year old breast cancer survivor . Prior...

I am a 48 year old breast cancer survivor . Prior to my diagnosis I was going to consider a breast lift, cancer surprise and I had mastectomy and implants. I an feeling great and love my PS., now I am ready for a TT. I am a bit scared, but want to feel sexy and joythful. Currently scheduled for nov 7. Trying to cram on exercise and good nutrician in the next bee weeks. I am 5'2" and 140lbs. Will post pictures soon. You stories have all be so inspiring!!

Hi girls, tomorrow it is my turn, I am feeling...

Hi girls, tomorrow it is my turn, I am feeling like a 5 year old on christmas eve! Just took measurements and my pictures, will need to post them when my kids are available for tech help. I could be up all night looking at all the wonderful pictures you all have posted. More later, get the last of the laundry done.

Today is my 3rd day post op, saw the PS and he...

Today is my 3rd day post op, saw the PS and he removed the dressings, so just steri strips and of course the drains. My pain is minimal if I am sitting or lying down, walking is another story. I am so hunched over, and he wants me to stay that way until friday (my next appt). The compression garment is full length, bra to my knees, hot and itchy. Hope all are doing well.

So today I am one week post op. Drain are out! I...

so today I am one week post op. Drain are out! I have a great deal of swelling (baby bump look), I did not look this way befor surgery and looked better when I had my appt on monday. My PS thinks I am not resting enough, this could be true (I am not good at sitting still). My PS knows me very well as he had done multiple breast procedures on me related to my cancer. I was planning on working some next week and looks like I will need to readjust my schedule. I am going to stay in bed as much as possible for the next few days and hope I start to look better. I am not having much discomfort, more back pain from walking hunched over. Wish I could get in my bath tub and soak (of course this is not an option). May go and get a massage of my arms, legs, neck and head. Feeling alittle grumpy, which is not like me, grrr.

Ok, so I posted a few of my shoots from today, not...

Ok, so I posted a few of my shoots from today, not the best quality, from my lap top. I swear I am the most technical illiterate person in the whole world. My 14 year old son helped me, kind of awkward asking him. Anyhow, I will later post some pre ops, they are on my camera, so that will be a new challenge. The ugly sports bra is for the fat grafting I had to my breasts, which looks great, at least I am happy about that! I had a smaller midsection prior to my TT, maybe pulling the muscles together and swelling explain the bloated look? As my husband tells me, it is just 9 days, and I am not as young as some of the ladies here. I did put on some jeans to go out to breakfast this am and they zipped, so that is good. I will need to go to the office for a few hours in the morning tomorrow, so we will see how that goes. Must tell you I am so thankful for this site, comparing notes, talking each other off the ledge, etc., really helps.

Tomorrow is 4 weeks, still compressing and feel...

Tomorrow is 4 weeks, still compressing and feel like my tummy sticks out, but look down and it's fairly flat. I am back to gym, no cardio or core, just isolated arms and legs, thank God for my trainer. Back to ps on Monday.

PS was pleased with my progress , tells me it will...

PS was pleased with my progress , tells me it will take months for final results. I continue with CG and may gradually increase activity. I guess this is good, but surprised that long until next visit unless I have problems.

I see slight improvement every day, crazy though,...

I see slight improvement every day, crazy though, but this time of the day I feel like I should look down and be 9 months pregnant, I guess it is the tightness. Still get up and takes a minute to straightness if I sit to long, I assume that is normal. Pictures today in the my old higher cut panties, maybe time for me to shop for some that are lower cut as my incision is at least 1-2 inches below on these! If I develop the same passion I have for shoe at VS, I may need to get a second job! Good luck to all you having surgery this month.

So here I am at 6 weeks, just seems like no...

So here I am at 6 weeks, just seems like no difference since last picture. I thinking I am expecting too much. I need to remember I am older and final results make take months. Saw surgeon yesterday and he was pleased. Did yoga this am and felt ok. Merry Christmas to all.

7 weeks yesterday, expecting to be flatter and...

7 weeks yesterday, expecting to be flatter and still feel tight and full (maybe to much fruitcake). PS is satisfied , see him back in 3 months for pictures. He says activity to tolerance? Still sore with trying a plank for 30 seconds. So not going to do core yet.

Thank you all for cheering me up! I am laughing at...

Thank you all for cheering me up! I am laughing at myself, got to tell you what I just did. I am wearing a crotchless CG, today I had panties over (sometimes I go commando), went to bathroom and totally forgot I was wearing panties! Only I could pee my crotchless CG! Resting this afternoon and enjoying laziness!

Hello all of my favorite peeps in TT land! I am...

Hello all of my favorite peeps in TT land! I am now 8 weeks post op and feeling good, my latest pictures are in jeans, I wore these before surgery, by much happier with fit now. I need to shop for newer jeans, but have been so busy with work and holidays. I continue to lift weights, still not much intense cardio or core. Only pain is if I try to run or engage my core with lifting, thank goodness I have a great personal trainer who has accommodated my needs. I really think being fit prior to surgery has helped in my recovery. Advice to those considering a TT would be get in shape before surgery and realize surgeon is not a magician. More later.

Also noticing more waist definition from immediate...

Also noticing more waist definition from immediate post op. still some swelling and feel bigger than I look at times, goal to lose 10 lbs in the next 3 months, I think that will get me there.

Well it has taken me 2 months to stop the CG and...

Well it has taken me 2 months to stop the CG and binder! Did plates class last night and even some of the core moves. Today I am a little sore and stiff but ok. Hope to run tomorrow. I will also post new post op pictures in the am!

Well I am just over 9 weeks, and things are going...

Well I am just over 9 weeks, and things are going well! I added new pictures taken this am while dressing, I looked in mirror and was happy at the tummy looking back. Lets face it most of the time I am in clothing so how I look dressed is most important. I still have fullness and mild swelling late in the day but improving. Gained about 4 pounds since TT so need to get serious about a diet. Back to the gym and running, I do have some soreness/burning after activity but tolerable. I am not doing crunches, but planks and light core. Hope all are well!

Hi girls! I am 12 weeks post op today. Feeling...

Hi girls! I am 12 weeks post op today. Feeling good about results, although it is easy to try and find minor imperfections. I am back to all my activity at the gym, including crunches with weight, etc. I feel tight and sore but in a good way. I have been over eating which is typical for me in the winter, trying hard to do better. My 49th bday is this weekend so I am sure I will overindulge. My waist is measuring abit smaller even with my weight up a few pounds, no loose skin and scar low, flat and thin. I have had no spitting stitches and really doing nothing for scar but lotion. Have a great weekend!

So I am on vacation skiing this week and lots of...

So I am on vacation skiing this week and lots of swelling. No new pictures but you can see from my last I had very minimal swelling. I skied all day today and actually had abdominal discomfort, frustrating! I plan to ski thru Sunday, I hope my new ski pants will still button, grrrr.

Sharing a picture if my belly button, I love how I...

Sharing a picture if my belly button, I love how I hardly have a scar, perfect innie and perfectly centered! Oh it is the little things I love.

I am now over 4 months post TT. I am grumpy and...

I am now over 4 months post TT. I am grumpy and mad at myself. I have gained 9 pounds in the last few months! I am so mad at me, I need to get a grip and put down my fork, I see most of the change in my legs, but also full feeling upper tummy, certainly hope not to ruin my results. I was to see my ps next week, I am calling in the am and rescheduling for next month. I would be embarrassed to go back at this point.

Ok girls, I don't want to be left out. I am now...

Ok girls, I don't want to be left out. I am now just over 5 months. Can't believe I just stopped everything to take pictures of my tummy sitting, lol. There is a reason none of the post op pictures our docs take are sitting, that skin must bunch up, and not so flattering. My butt and thighs also expand, yikes ! I am feeling good about things, finally back on diet track and have dropped a few pounds, but soo hard, best to you all!

Ok, now almost 6 months post op. feeling better,...

Ok, now almost 6 months post op. feeling better, back in control of my diet. I go back to the ps later this week. I feel like I eventually could use some lipo of my love handles, but don't want any loose skin. I still have a lot of tightness in my upper ab area centrally at mr, pulling sensation with weights doing incline crunches, etc. anyone else with tight feeling this far out? I am heading to the beach in a few weeks with moms group. I am thinking I might try a modest bikini top and board shorts, hoping I won't chicken out...

8 months post op, very happy, small revision in am.

So I am now 8 months post op...very pleased with results (I will post pictures tomorrow). I am having a very small dog ear removed tomorrow, I could live with it, but ps wants to remove and no cost to me. I have been to the shore several weeks and loving my almost 50 yo body in a 2 piece! Best to all, pictures this weekend pre and post dog ear!

Puppy ear is gone!

Had my small revision this am, watched the entire thing! I have posted a picture of the preop marking picture. No drain and just left side. Will post more in am! Have a great weekend my TT friends!

Pictures post minor revision, 2 days post op.

Revision on Friday. Slight soreness yesterday. Saw the PA and new dressing, looks great (remembering it was not a very big dog ear to start). I can take a real shower in the am!

Wearing my 2 piece, now 8+ months post op.

I am now over 8 months post op, had small dog ear removed in office 3 weeks ago. Very pleased with my tummy, I am still curvy, but for 2 kids and almost 50, I think looking just fine.

Update with pictures

Side view

15 months post TT with muscle repair, no lipo, still happy, scar is fading.

So I am now about 15 months post op, still very happy with results. I have gained a few pounds this winter and ready to shake them off. Just turned fifty !
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Not sure if you are still checking this Site seeing as how you look SO Amazing and all. I read your post with great interest and was encouraged by your progress. I know every body is different but I'm hoping my final results are in line with yours. A girl can hope! =)
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You make 50 look great! Congratulations.
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Scar looks great! :)
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You make 50 look fabulous! And where's your scar? Looks great!
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Thanks Melissa , hope you are doing well?
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You look so great! Love that your scar has practically disappeared!! Happy birthday!
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Thanks, hope you are still running!
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wow your scar look so amazing!! I dont see a puppy ear do you have any pics?
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You can see my revision back in the summer, now no more puppy ear ( it was on the left side).
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Happy 50!!!!
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You look awesome! Congratulations!
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Just saw your review, you look great!
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Thank you!
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Super results!!! Happy 50!!
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Great results!
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Congrats on being a survivor.... Your pictures are great Quite the journey Thanks for sharing! I'm two weeks post-op I'm 60 years old I'm living the dream.... I love my new belly.... I'm on the flat side of Oz It's our new reality... (Hugs) LiveLoveBelieve
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Yay you look great.
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You look great!!
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Ur results are great! Ur tt looks very natural. And ur bb is cute. I always feared that balloon not looking bb from a tt. That would be the first thing i would check out on a ps gallery. I giggled at ur peeing cg story cuz that sounds like something i would do. Hope u continue to recover well!
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I meant balloon knot
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Gotta love that auto correct! Your time is closer, no ballon or baboon knots!!
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Looking good Lady!!!!!!
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