7 more days til my consult! Wish me luck!

PRE WARNING, I haven't gotten a nose job yet,...

PRE WARNING, I haven't gotten a nose job yet, but I am looking into it and I am 100% going to do it, I just don't know when! But I will provide you all with pictures of my side profiles, so you can tell me what you think in your honest opinion. I'm not the best looking thing, eh. I'll also put some photos in there that'll look like I've had a nose job but really I just went to facetouchup.com and I gave myself a virtual nose job. hehe.

I could tell you all the same reason why I don't like my nose, and how I didn't like it from a certain age which was around 11 or 12ish.

Which is ALL true.

I'm 20 now and I'll be 21 in March....I've really contemplated and wanted a nose job ever since I can remember and all my friends and family have known this as well.

I'm half italian, you can tell a lot by my nose, it's ethic looking, could be described as jewish/arabic nose. It kind of resembles a birds beak, most people tell me my nose fits my face, but I don't think so. I think it's too big and too harsh on my face, I feel like a nose that's more suitable to my face would soften my features and be more feminine.

Now, without a doubt, my nose is not my ONLY problem, it used to be but over the years I've started to be self conscious about everything on my face, but my nose has been the main problem and well, I'm sure you all believe that a nose can either make or break a face. I'd go on a 6 page essay but I don't feel it's necessary to explain how MUCH I hate my nose, because let's face it, if I'm HERE, I obviously hate it enough to be researching all this stuff on the computer instead of just brushing it off my shoulders.

I'm putting up more photos, I figured I'd...

I'm putting up more photos, I figured I'd show you guys what I look like from the frontal profile.

As you can tell, you can notice my nose is quite large, but you can't really tell much from the front until you see my side profile.
There will be pictures I upload that are from my wedding.

Okay, so...I've found two plastic surgeons so...

Okay, so...I've found two plastic surgeons so far that I'm really researching about and considering to have as my plastic surgeon.

One is located in new york, and the other is located in Miama Florida.
Now, here's the problem, I live in North Carolina...my husband is stationed here because he is in the Marines, I don't know when or if we will ever be stationed elsewhere, but I know that I want the best of the best rhinoplasty surgeon to do my nose, no matter where I'm located.

I know that traveling to a surgeon that's out of state will obviously cost much more, but I've already searched for plastic surgeons in the NC area and not really many come up that look like they'd be very good at rhinoplasty and I don't like their work they've done.

Now, I've broken my nose three times in my life, all of these events in which it happened were when I was under the age of 13, possibly even 10. (Ah, I probably should know when all the times they happened but sadly I don't)
I know that I do definitely have a deviated septum and I know that I was told I'll need surgery on it eventually. I'm not sure if having a deviated septum will somehow make my rhinoplasty surgery cheaper by any means, considering it may be considered medical and not cosmetic. However, I have to be honest, I know my nose has been broken 3 times and I have a deviated septum, I have no problems with my nose that I know of, I mean I broke it all when I was young, so even if I did have a problem, I'm sure I've passed it off as something normal, but so far. No problems, I don't even snore at night, I'm quiet as a mouse....

If any of you could help me with this kind of question, that would be greatly appreciated. Either way, if it's not covered under medical, I still will go through with it and save up the money, I believe it's worth it and I want to feel happy about my reflection in the mirror. :)

Here are the two doctors I am looking at...

Here are the two doctors I am looking at.



Check them out if you're on the east coast and if you've been searching but couldn't find any legit plastic surgeons that seemed skilled in this particular surgery.


So, I'm just gonna share a little bit on my...

So, I'm just gonna share a little bit on my thoughts and feelings about people around us that react to plastic surgery, especially Rhinoplasty...I'd say ever since Elementary school following up 'til Middle School and even into some of High School, I've always been teased about my nose...So, it really bothers me now that I'm older when people tell me my nose isn't "that big," or "your nose fits your face."

^^^ My above post didn't think it needed to finish...

^^^ My above post didn't think it needed to finish posting the 2989438732847 essay I wrote, so it just decided to take the first paragraph...Cool. I guess I'll keep my rant short and simple...back to people reacting about my nose job. I often hear stuff like..."You'll come out looking like Michael Jackson," ...."What if you come out looking worse," ......"What if this, what if that," I hear those statements and questions all the time...Basically just a bunch of people who don't support me and it's really ridiculous...Most of it's my family and friends.....it honestly really makes me wish and hope that I come out looking amazing so I can tell all those people to shove it. They really don't understand that I've done my research and have been wanting this surgery for so many years now....I think I know there's a bunch of negative possibilities that can happen, but I just hope and pray for a great outcome. I think that's all you can do in situations like this that you put yourself in. Some girls want to get a boob job, some want to get a face lift, some want liposuction, but all in all, it's Rhinoplasty that's the most judged. All because it can drastically "change," your face...well, practically every other Plastic Surgery out there does the same thing, you wouldn't have what you have now if you didn't get it done. Am I correct?

I don't see what's so wrong for someone to want to improve their looks and their self-esteem.....Heck, girls do it all the time with makeup, and let me tell you....makeup can drastically change ones appearance as well, the only difference is they can wash it off......(Lol some don't, they just keep re-applying)

Any who...I'm tired of the negative comments towards me from friends and family for my decision. But, I'm sure everyone else on here has experienced the same.....I just felt like ranting about it. Thanks for reading :)

So, I'm getting more and more nervous as the days...

So, I'm getting more and more nervous as the days get closer to my first consultation. I feel like I know what I want done to my nose and at the same time I don't...like with my side profile, I want the hump obviously shaved down some and my nostrils to be smaller. I feel like they're too LONG.....and Idk I guess I just feel like the side profile won't be the hardest to really do, but imagining my frontal being changed...I guess I just don't know what would really look good from the front...you know I want my side profile to match my front profile...I hate when I see people who get their noses done and the side looks great but the front looks all disproportionate to the side. I feel like it's my nostrils from the front that need changing....they look big, I feel like people can see my BRAIN from my nostrils LMAO......I just feel like the front profile is a lot harder to FIX than the side.....does anyone know what I should do about my frontal??? I'm really hoping that the surgeon has some sort of idea and it's a good one......:)

My first Consultation update review with Dr. C.

Okay, so. Sorry I haven't updated you all on my Consultation. I went on the 1st of May earlier this month and well I'm not really sure how to explain how it went. I feel like it went ALRIGHT, but nothing really stuck out to me too much for me to really go "Oh wow, Dr. C seems really great." I honestly don't know how everyone else claimed he was really great, he just seemed really normal to me and he kind of took the consultation his way instead of really listening to what I didn't like about my nose.
For instance, everyone who I read about that went to him, basically said that he'll tell you bluntly what he thinks needs to be done to your nose....which is fine and all because I love honesty, but I just didn't get the professional vibe from him....I don't know, maybe it's just me but I just felt that maybe he isn't as cracked up as he's claimed to be. We did exchange some laughs and it was however a pretty nice experience considering the fact that I actually went to my first consultation, it was kind of a surreal moment, so maybe that's why I didn't feel everything that I thought I should've felt going into it. Money is kind of an issue for me, so I probably won't be getting my Rhino done anytime soon, but I figure I'll just wait it out and see how other peoples noses turn out on here that are getting the surgery done by him fairly soon.

I must comment on his office, it's pretty small, but it has an elegant taste to it...however the operating room and the room where I'd be "resting," at after surgery doesn't look too appealing. Idk, I'd just expect everything to look pretty brand new, not old and run down.....Honestly, the vibe that I got from his surgery area and post-op area gave me the feeling it was some sort of back alley surgery shop. LMAO....I feel like I might be being a bit too harsh but I feel like his surgery area could be a lot nicer looking, more professional, and clean. BUT, this is my first consultation and I'm not sure on how everything is suppose to look exactly.....I just think his surgery area looked a bit run down....I definitely think he needs to move his office or do some type of remodeling.......Any who. I feel like I might be critiquing way TOO much but I didn't really get the "OHMYGOD HE IS DEF YOUR SURGEON, PICK HIM!!!!" feeling....which really disappoints me....but who knows, he could be a really great surgeon, and I'm just judging too harshly.

Okay, so other than my consultation update...everything seemed to go fairly well I guess.
Sorry I haven't updated y'all in like a month...I've been up and down with my depression lately and I just recently lost my medication so I'm really withdrawing and feeling the effects. I won't be getting my meds until Tuesday, so I've got a little wait, and it feels like FOREVER........

Another thing I'd like to comment on, without sounding too judgmental or harsh on the other girls who've gotten Rhinoplasties on here. I can't help but comment on the girls who were super GORGEOUS before they got their nose job and then when they got it, they HATE their new nose....I'm talking about the girls who legit post in their "about me," section on how attractive they were prior surgery and how they knew they were good looking and that pretty much everyone found them gorgeous and now they feel so ugly after surgery....I really just want to tell them they should've NEVER done anything to their nose, especially knowing how incredibly beautiful they already WERE. If it ain't BROKE don't fix it.....I feel like some girls who're already gorgeous feel the need to keep on IMPROVING their already gorgeous look and let me tell you, a serious surgery like Rhinoplasty isn't a good idea.....I feel like Rhinoplasty is for people like myself, who've been struggling with a nose that doesn't quite fit their face and distracts from all their other features that could appear nice but can't because their NOSE is in the way. Also for people like myself who've felt unattractive for many years because of that certain part on their body.....I mean, if you KNOW you were pretty damn good looking to begin with, why bother getting surgery? There's nothing attractive about a woman who's ALL perfect, sometimes it's their faults that really make them beautiful. It just makes me mad you know, because if I looked like how they looked prior to their surgery, I wouldn't of changed a thing and just kept myself the way I was.........

I'm sorry if I'm sounding too harsh for those who've had their noses done and are simply unhappy with it.....but I'm really aiming this to the ones who already knew they were gorgeous in the first place, but just couldn't help themselves but try to make themselves look even BETTER.
Tip: If you're already in the 90% area of accepting yourself the way you are without physically changing yourself, then DO not get plastic surgery, you run the HUGE risk of turning your already beautiful face into something less desirable.

Now if I get Plastic Surgery and mine turns out bad, I already thought myself as an unattractive person already...if I already thought I was pretty dang attractive, I would not be wanting to get the surgery.

More pix of my front view.

For some reason it won't show up on my phone that I posted this. Maybe it didn't upload so ill just post again. I apologize for my previous review. It was very harsh and I can't figure out how to delete it. I was feeling very out of it and depressed that day because I had been withdrawing from my meds. So I was practically a different person for about a week and a half. Now I got my meds back and the withdrawals went away. I can't believe how nasty I was in that post! I apologize if I offended anyone!

My nose

Just a picture of my nose facing down it reminds me of an arrow mark..... It also looks super crooked idk if its because of my lips or what
Name not provided

Okay, so I finally did it...I've set up my first consultation ever for my Rhinoplasty which takes place on May 1st 2013 of this year. Let me tell you, I'm pretty dang excited and nervous as well.....I think I've found a Rhinoplasty surgeon the east coast near me who is within driving distance (3.5) hours that seems like they rate when it comes to Rhinoplasty.....I'm however very nervous because I asked the lady at his office if he does computer imaging and what not...and she said he does not....that he doesn't believe it's an accurate portrait of his work, basically something along those lines. P.S. The doctor I'm consulting with is Dr. Robert Ciardullo....and when I heard that....my heart dropped.....My question is....IS that a red flag? The fact that he doesn't do computer imaging? OR is that just me being silly. I feel like most Surgeons these days do computer imaging, and ALTHOUGH they don't come out looking exactly like the picture, it obviously gives the patients a perspective of what the doctor is going for...you know? SO. I know there's quite a few people on here that have gone to Dr. C for a nose job, how did that make you feel when he didn't do computer imaging!? I'm sooooooooo curious.....PLEASE respond. Thank you. I just don't want to come out with a huge wide looking nose if I didn't have one to begin with.

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Hello, I am also on my path searching for the perfect doctor !! I haven't gone to any appointments yet, but I am really ready to get it done and over with. Let me know if you have any luck with any doctors! Which ones did you find to be good so far? I like Sam Rizk too, but he is way too expencive:(
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p.s your alrdy pretty!
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Thank you so much! And yes I kinda want a tiny slope I think that would compliment my side profile
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Your nose is like mine from the front! But I understand why you want to get it done - I think if you get it lifted a tiny bit and slope it would look really nice considering you have a really nice chin!
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You are one of those girls who looks really good already from the front! From the front u have a great nose!!
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Your comment about girls not needing PS made me laugh because it shows how relative our opinions as women are. Like we can look at a photo and just say ' wtf why did SHE bother to get surgery?' but it all comes down to how she feels about herself. For example, you're gorgeous and technically you don't 'need' this procedure but you want it just to improve yourself and I completely get that because I'm in the exact same boat.
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Hhaha ah yes I was feeling really odd that day. But sometimes I don't understand some of the girls on here or anywhere that is who want to get this done. They're already flawless and then they just go and ruin themselves. Sometimes I just think maybe they're being too superficial or they feel just like me on the inside. Where I feel ugly and that there's no hope for me. It's sucky what we women have to go through to feel beautiful. We're always being compared to other women and told to look or be just like so and so. Maybe not directly but through the media and society.
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Hi there! I read some of your posts and think we have similar stories! I am also 21 and have not done my rhinoplasty yet, I am planning to do it at the end of the year. I am sure you get this all the time, but when I was scrolling through your pictures, I thought your front view was natural and pretty and I was not expecting your side view in the kitchen picture. It truly does not fit your face and I understand what you are saying about why you want your surgery. Stupid camera angles make me crazy! The pictures in the car don't look bad at all though! Anyway, I have the exact opposite problem, I like my side, but hate the bulbousy front. : ) I am just starting to get consultations scheduled. I have read from several sites not to go to a doctor who doesn't do imaging, but I am sure you know that! Do not settle for a surgeon, you deserve the best! Good luck!
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Hmm my surgeon doesn't do computer imaging either. Rather, he takes pictures and then draws on them to show the patient what he will be doing to improve the nose. That was enough to satisfy me because he was honest about what he could and couldn't do. I think some pictures, on computers or not, should be used to help explain what the plan is. Pictures communicate that better than words. Personally I would have felt uncomfortable not having a visual, but each person is different.
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I agree. After meeting with him I don't know if I'm going to choose him or not. So I might be pursuing another surgeon if I can't find any decent ones near Maryland or at least a state that isn't like an 8 hour drive. But after meeting with him I didn't get any good gut feelings or vibes. But like at the same time you can't really use your gut on whether or not your nose surgery will turn out good. But yeah I think the doctor being able to show me visually what he plans on doing is kinda a big deal.
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Hi! I went on a consult with dr. C and felt the same way as you!!! Unimpressed and the operating "suite" was ... Meh. Ive been reading more and more negative reviews on him, however I've seen really great results as well. Something else is he does not do computer imaging which can be scary. Ahh! Good luckkkk
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Hi! How did your consultation go??!?
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Hey! How'd the consult go?
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Hey! I am going to see Dr. C on Monday for a consult...how do you like him? I'm so nervous but excited too lol I've heard both good things bad things about him, so I don't know what to think anymore! Any advice or tips? Thanks :)
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Your nose looks absolutely flawless from the front, but i understand why you would like to have surgery for the profile. i think it will just enhance the natural beauty that you already have. I can't believe how many people on RS tell people they shouldn't have surgery, it's stupid. I thought one of the ideas of a site like this was to support people, not make them feel bad for not being so in love with every little flaw. I hope you're getting lots of support at home and that others on RS are helping you out :) Good luck
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I believe if you want to change something about yourself it should be up to you and it shouldn't matter what others think. I had a lot of people tell me there was nothing wrong with my nose and that I was beautiful and I shouldn't change myself and I should accept the way I was made. Like you I remember being made fun of from a young age about 11/12 I'm about to turn 25 in August now and just had rhinoplasty/ septoplasty done performed on the 26th. I paid 5400 cash for my surgery with a 1200 discount bc of my job. I have no insurance however if you need septoplasty your insurance company will cover the time for the or for that part and for the surgeons cost for the medical part. However you will be responsible for the OR and surgeon fee for the septoplasty. Good luck to you! You are beautiful but I can see where you would want to get this done. It was something I have wanted done so long and I can't wait to get my confidence renewed and have my cast removed Friday :)
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I had the same question to my surgeon regarding the frontal view. He told me by changing the profile the front automatically changes. I also had my nostrils cut back. I have a sewn line in my alar crease but you cannot even see it. I have been using Mederma gel like crazy!
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Good! Yeah, I want probably minor adjustments to my front view... like my nostrils appearing smaller from the front....because they're rather huge......Idk, just minor changes for the better. Nothing too crazy! I hope he has a great idea in mind. :)
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You definitely have to outweigh the good and the bad and ultimately it has to be based on your own personal feelings. It is a shame people can't me more supportive, but I am sure it is all out of love and they just can't imagine you looking different but still like yourself. I hope you are happy with your result and that it indeed does prove them wrong!
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Your nose actually reminds me of my own. Only I like it one you lol ;) But I TOTALLY understand wanting to get it done. I hope the best for you! Can't wait to see your results!
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I meant I like it "on" you oops.
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Your nose is so pretty! Wish I hate your natural nose, should have show ur nose pic to my surgeon! :)
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Lol.. I meant "wish I HAD not HATE your natural nose" typo
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u are so cute , definetley gonna look better after the nose job, im very much intrested in seeing ur results, i think all you need is a deprojection , good luck :)
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You are so pretty! I think a well executed subtle rhinoplasty would be awesome on you. Of course you don't NEED one, but I can see why you want one. I don't NEED one but I know I want it, and it will make me feel so much more confident. I can't wait to finally choose my doctor and go through with it! Thanks for all your photos and I'm looking forward to seeing your result and following your story!
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